Sarah Dunant

Hannah Wolfe is a private eye of a distinctive type. Less vigorous than Sara Parestskyís V.I War-shawski, she nevertheless shares her (and otherís) independence and inability to provide herself with fresh food. Introduced in Birth Marks, she becomes more interesting in Fatlands and Under My Skin, which includes an entertaining description of a health farm. Dunnat abandoned Hannah and the confines of the classic detective story for her fifth novel, Transgressions, which was shortlisted for the 1997 Gold Dagger Award. It tells the story of Elizabeth Skvorecky, who is troubled by a presence in her house. Almost persuaded that it is a poltergeist called up by her own emotional disturbance, she wakes one night to see a masked man. She refuses to let him rape her and turns an act of violence into almost pleasurable sex.

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