Bisto Book of the Year Award

Bisto in association with Children’s Books Ireland introduced this award to recognise talent in the field of children’s literature by Irish authors or authors living in Ireland. The awards which have developed into highly regarded and prestigious book awards bring new children’s books to the attention of children, parents, teachers and librarians. Between the years1990 to 1993 additional awards were given for various categories of books as well as the overall Bisto Award and these are listed below.

Year Title Author
2000/2001 Izzy and Skunk Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
1999/2000 Faraway Home Marilyn Taylor
1998/1999 Tales of Wisdom and Wonder Niamh Sharkey
1997/1998 Dream Invader Gerard Whelan
1996/1997 Sisters….No Way! Siobhan Parkinson
1995/1996 The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Twoomey P.J. Lynch
1994/1995 Blaeberry Sunday Elizabeth O’Hara
1993/1994 When stars stop spinning Jane Mitchell
1992/1993 The Blue Horse Marita Conlon McKenna
1992/1993 Teenage Fiction Category  
  Put a saddle on the pig Sam McBratney
1992/1993 Historical Fiction Category  
  Strongbow Morgan Llywellyn
1991/1992 The Summer of Lily and Esme John Quinn
1991/1992 Historical Fiction Category  
  Wildflower Girl Marita Conlon McKenna
1991/1992 First Children’s Book Category  
  The Secret of the Ruby Ring Yvonne MacGrory
1990/1991 The Island of ghosts Eilis Dillon
1990/1991 Best Emerging Author  
  Brian Boru Morgan Llywelyn
1990/1991 Books for Young Readers Category  
  Grandma’s Bill Martin Waddell

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