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Jennifer Johnston - The Gingerbread Woman

A new Jennifer Johnston is always a treat. I have loved every one of her exquisitely written books through-out her long career. I adore her effortless style, and her characters, who are endearingly happy in their oddness and isolation.
This is a novel of loss. Lar has fled the North, and the sympathy of his parents. Clara, who is ‘post operative’, and grieving for a lost love affair, is irritated yet compelled by her mother’s concern. The story unfolds through a seamless mixture of first-person flashbacks, the third person present, and a novel that Clara is writing.
The Gingerbread Woman is a glorious study of the way loss can affect people. It is one I will return to again and again.
Review by Sue Leonard, Books Ireland.

The Gingerbread Woman by Jennifer Johnston

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