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Denyse Woods - Overnight to Innsbruck
Sitric Books

On a journey from Florence to Innsbruck, the narrator of Denyse Woods’s mesmerising first novel feigns sleep as two lovers are unexpectedly reunited. Separated on a train in the Sudan four years earlier, lovers Frances and Richard recount their tales following their abrupt parting.
Extraordinarily accomplished, it is hard to believe that Overnight to Innsbruck is a first novel. The structure is ambitious and clever, with trains providing a perfect backdrop for the action and transient friendships. Overnight to Innsbruck is a rare delight: a literary novel so brimming with atmosphere and interest, yet with page-turning appeal too. I feel we will be hearing a lot more from her.
Review by Sue Leonard, Books Ireland.

Overnight to Innsbruck by Denyse Woods

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