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Colin Bateman - Shooting Sean
Harper Collins

Colin Bateman has become the master of the fast-paced improbable satire. Shooting Sean is his fourth novel to star the Belfast ex-journalist Dan Starkey and like the others is packed full of humour and specializes in one liners. As in other Bateman novels the plot is so much larger than life as to be totally unbelievable, but in the hands of such a skilful writer this adds to the fun. I love Bateman’s work for its strong construction, sharp satirical writing and inventive characterization. I love his attention to detail, and witty observation. But the main reason that Bateman had become a ‘must read’ for me is that I can’t resist Dan Starkey, the chaotic, diet-coke addicted anti-hero who makes a mess of everything.
Review by Sue Leonard, Books Ireland.

Shooting Sean by Colin Bateman

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