. . . the best in contemporary novels about OBSESSION

Launched March 1995
Well Worth Reading continues to bring you the best in contemporary novels, personally reviewed and recommended by librarians. Obsession is funny, disturbing and tragic. It is people being outrageously comic or wildly dangerous. It is a doorway into the worlds of inner experience which may be dark and frightening but can also be flooded with the certain light of truths that can be reached in no other way.

In this selection of stories there is fear as parents fight to save their daughter from starving in her pursuit of ideal beauty, there is a rich sense of rightness in the obsessive, destructive and beautifully transforming revenge of a betrayed housewife, there is the comic but victorious dignity of the man who will not be replaced by a machine and the sad case of the murderer who kills everyone except his intended victim. There is this and much, much more.

Every book in the selection really is well worth reading. We hope you enjoy them all.

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