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Positive Ageing: A Reading List from Clare County Library

Positive Aging: A Reading List from Clare County Library

Positive Ageing: A reading list from Clare County Library (pdf file)

The Clare Age-Friendly County Strategic Plan provides the foundations for a county where older people are supported, connected and valued for their contribution to community and family. In line with this strategy Clare County Library has devised a bibliotherapy project on the topic of ageing positively.

We know that reading broadens the mind and introduces us to people and places we would never otherwise encounter. Getting lost in a work of fiction affords us a temporary respite from the challenges of life, no matter what age we are. However, using literature as an escape mechanism is only one of the benefits of reading. Self-help books have been used for therapeutic purposes for many years and the effectiveness of bibliotherapy has been well established in clinical trials. Hundreds of books are published every year offering advice on how to stay happy and healthy while also dealing with the inevitable aspects of ageing.

It can be difficult to choose suitable material from the vast array of publications out there. Clare County Library has therefore compiled this reading list of book titles to make the selection task
easier. The books selected are a combination of non-fiction and fiction titles. They highlight the emotional and practical effects of growing older, while also celebrating the fact that ageing can be an actively enriching time of immense growth. All of the books featured are available for borrowing from Clare County Library.

Happy reading

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