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Reading the Rising for Children

Reading the Rising for Children (pdf file)

Reading historical fiction is an excellent way for young people to find out about the past. This collection of books specifically chosen for children and teenagers will introduce them to and immerse them in one of one of the most important events to ever happen in our country’s history, the Easter Rising of 1916.

Reading the Rising for Children was developed as part of Clare County Library’s commitment to placing children and young people at the centre of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme. We are delighted to offer a selection of books covering the events that took place one hundred years go reflecting the run up to the Easter Rising and what happened during the Rebellion. Historical fiction is the perfect way for young people to identify with children of the same age from times past. It gives them a real understanding of what life was like during times of major historical significance.

Multiple copies of each title will be available for borrowing. This promotion runs concurrently with one for adult readers entitled Reading the Rising which is available to borrowers in all branches of Clare County Library.

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