Launched September 1992

. . . the best in contemporary THRILLERS

WELL WORTH READING continues to bring you the best in modern novels, personally recommended by librarians.

In better read than dead we bring you a selection of books by some of our finest contemporary thriller writers. Many feature detectives, some professional, some amateur: there’s a wisecracking woman working in downtown Chicago; a private informer in first century Rome; a GP tracking down a murderer in a quiet Scottish town; a gourmet Spanish private eye. Others step outside the detective genre: a South African Psychologist speculates on his client’s guilt; a murderer unfolds his own story in a compelling monologue; a girl holidaying in the Caribbean is caught up in sinister revolutionary politics...... Many are funny; some unbearably tense. ALL of them are taut, intelligent and wonderfully written. Happy midnight reading!

Better Read Than Dead is sponsored by the Mill Book Company Ltd.

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