Launched June 1993

Clare County Library in association with Well Worth Reading, a scheme run by the County Libraries of Dorset, Hampshire and West Sussex to promote fiction in libraries, provided this book promotion specifically for teenage readers in 1993.By presenting them with suitable material on subjects of interest to them, Clare County Library hopes to assist teenagers in their progression from child to adult readers. In this collection teenagers are presented with a collection of books divided into three main categories;

This collection of fiction covers everything from adventure to fantasy, history to horror and science fiction to romance.

The Day they came to arrest the Book


Prove Yourself a Hero


A Midsummer Night's Death

One More River


Long Journey Home

Basketball Game

Girls are Powerful

Taking the Ferry Home

A Fit of Shivers

The Cry of the Wolf

Empty World

The Endless Steppe

The Call and other stories

The Watch House

Echoes of War

The Scarecrows

The Windeye

Break of Dark

Urn Burial

Don't Look Behind You

Killing Mr. Griffin

Summer of Fear

Locked in Time

The Twisted Window

A very long way from anywhere else

The Twelfth Day of July

Brother in the Land

A Serpent's Tooth


The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde


Collision Course

Mightier than the Lipstick


The Underground Conspiracy

Wuthering Heights


Divide and Rule

Calling all Monsters

The Language of Love

So long at the Fair


The Seventh Raven

The Best Little Girl in the World

Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

The Road to Memphis

Let the Circle be Unbroken





Little Women

Culture Shock

Mischling, Second Degree

Lorna Doone

Jane Eyre

The Comic Book of First Love

Live Album

The Thirty-Nine Steps

Out to Lunch

The Friends


The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Round behind the Ice-House

The First of Midnight

A Long Way to Go

Noah's Choice

The Wave


The Tiger in the Well


A Handful of Stars

Sweet Frannie

Never Pa's Girl

State of the Heart

A Foreign Affair

Noah's Castle

My name is not Angelica


Tales of Mystery and Terror

The Greengage Summer


A Parcel of Patterns

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