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Words of War  

Words of War

Words of War (pdf file)

To mark the centenary in 2014 of the outbreak of World War One, this book promotion gathers together a selection of the best fiction and non-fiction titles that reflect the tragedy of the Great War. This promotion features fiction, poetry, memoir and history.

Many books – both fiction and non-fiction – were written by those with first-hand experience of life at the front describing both the horror and misery of the fighting but also the great loyalty and camaraderie among the men in the trenches. Some of these firsthand accounts are written as memoirs and some are fictionalised versions. A number of the novels are concerned more with the effect of the war on those left behind and the huge social changes caused by the conflict.

The two poetry anthologies included in this promotion contain poetry by famous war poets such as Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon as well as writings by the less well known civilian poets. The history books in the promotion vary from those which examine the causes and early days of the war to those that look at the conflict in its entirety.

100 years after the start of this war which resulted in millions of casualties and transformed society forever, these books will help readers gain a greater understanding of the conflict and the immense impact it had on Europe and on the world at large.

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