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The Beach House by James Patterson & Peter de Jonge
Published by Headline, 2002

Jack Mullen is the main character in this action-packed thriller. He is the law student grandson of a County Clare emigrant. Jack's grandfather moved to the east coast of America to find a better life. The story begins with the untimely death of Jack's younger brother. Not convinced that his brother died due to suicide or an accident, Jack sets out to prove his fears. This turns out to be the toughest job of his young life.

This story is wound tightly with corruption and crime. The rich and powerful will do everything they possibly can to protect themselves and stop Jack from discovering the truth. James Patterson and Peter de Jonge team up well to take you on the rollercoaster ride that is Jack's experience of love, life and loss. Fans of Patterson will not be disappointed. Those who haven't discovered him yet will want to read anything else he has written. Do the "little" people win out and is justice done? I guarantee that you will relish finding out!

Reviewed by a Clare County Library staff member.