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Changing Gardens by Susan Stephenson
Published by Hamlyn, 2001

Whether you are an armchair gardener, content to browse through gardening books and dream of long cool drinks on sunny patios or exotic roof gardens, or a green-fingered genius, digging, mulching, pruning and talking to your plants, this is the book for you.

It gives the plans for twenty different types of garden. These include detailed layouts and a list of plants for each garden. This book might even convert the armchair gardener to a little activity when s/he sees the possibilities of a glorious peaceful retreat (to peruse gardening tomes at leisure) for a minimum of activity. There are colourful sketches which give a good idea of what each finished garden should look like. The author includes tips on how to achieve particular effects in the garden even if the garden is only a pot or a window box.

For committed gardeners there are ideas that can be borrowed and adapted to your own garden. This is a book that is written and presented in a way that will appeal to both the expert and the amateur.

Reviewed by a Clare County Library staff member.