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Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

Reviewed by the deValera Library Children's Book Club

Almost every member of the deValera Library Children's Book Club enjoyed this book. However, the children, ranging in age from 8 to 13, felt that it was too easy for their age-group. They give it marks of eight and a half out of ten.

Charlotte's Web describes how Charlotte, the pretty but rather large and hairy spider, saves Wilbur's life, using words she weaves in her web. The words she uses describe how extraordinary Wilbur is. This ensures that everyone believes he really is an extraordinary pig, and consequently he becomes famous. He is not like any other pig and, therefore, will never share their fate.

Favourite Characters
The children's favourite characters were Wilbur and Charlotte. The story is centred mainly around these characters but they are also the most likeable and most genuine.
Fern and the Gander follow closely behind in that Fern is gentle and caring and always vigilant in looking after Wilbur. She is trusted by all the animals. The gander gives constant humour to an otherwise serious story.
Templeton, the rat is the least-liked of all the characters as he is both crafty and cunning and cannot ever be trusted.

Favourite Parts
A favourite part of the story was when Fern initially saved Wibur from imminent death, and continued to care for him like a baby.
Children loved the description of Wilbur escaping from his pen and looking for Fern and the chaos which ensues is hilarious.
Finally, at the end of the book Avery, Fern's brother, is at the fair. He takes the stage and believing himself to be very funny, pretends to wash himself in front of a large audience. Everyone found this part the funniest.

Readers were relieved that Wilbur was finally famous and was not going to be killed.