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Four Stupid Cupids by Gregory Maguire
Published by O’Brien Press, 2002
ISBN 0862787408

Reviewed by Kilmihil Library Children’s Book Club

Four Stupid Cupids is based in Canada around St. Valentines Day. Fawn Petros is sent a vase from her aunt in Greece. She brings the vase to school for show and tell and unfortunately the vase is broken. Astonishingly, from inside the vase come four cupids who were put in there thousands of years before by a witch whom they had annoyed (they made a herd of goats fall in love with her!).

Her teacher, Miss Earth, does not like St. Valentines Day as it reminds her of her fiancé who was killed in a tragic accident. The children want to help her find someone new to love and with the help of the cupids they set out to solve all her love problems. However, things do not go as planned and Miss Earth, thanks to the bad aim of cupids’ arrows, falls in love with some very strange and amazing things.

After much confusion and chaos things are sorted out and the children send the cupids back to Greece to the heat where they belong.

The children enjoyed the humour in the book and thought it was quite good. Many thought that they would not like it before reading it, because of the title, and they thought it would be a ‘soppy love story’, but enjoyed the chaos created by the stupid cupids. They did however find that the book contained quite a lot of characters and this was quite confusing at times.

This book is one of Maguire’s Tattletales vs. Copycats series. Others in the series are Six Haunted Hairdos, Five Alien Elves and Seven Spiders Spinning.

Rating: 7 out of 10.