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The Meanwhile Adventures by Roddy Doyle

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The Meanwhile Adventures by Roddy Doyle
Published by Scholastic Ltd., 2004

Reviewed by Aoibheann McNamara, Ennis

Mr Mack has lost his job as a biscuit tester and wants to become an inventor instead. His first invention is a saw shaped like a machine gun. Unfortunately, he gets arrested for walking around town carrying what the guards think is a gun.

Meanwhile, his wife, Billie Jean has disappeared off to become the first woman ever to circle the globe without telling anyone. The only people left to save Mr Mack now are his children, Jimmy, Robbie, Kayla and their talking dog Rover. Will they succeed?

This book is THE BEST BOOK I`VE EVER READ (I mean it). It's also hilariously funny. Roddy Doyle has also written some other brilliant books like The Giggler Treatment and Rover Saves Christmas.