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Measle and the Wrathmonk by Ian Ogilvy
Published by Oxford University Press, 2004
ISBN 0192719521

Reviewed by Shannon Children’s Book Club

Measle Stubbs, the hero of this book, is a very unfortunate boy. He lives with his slithery guardian Basil Tramplebone in his dark cold house. Basil is a nasty creature, who starves and neglects Measle while spending his inheritance on himself. Measle’s only relief from this miserable existence are trips to the attic to watch Basil play with his elaborate train set.

His adventure begins when he decides to lure Basil out of the house so he can play with the train set himself. But Basil returns in a fury realising he has been tricked and shrinks Measle down to the size of one of the little train set people. Measle soon realises that this is no ordinary train set and that Basil has an even more sinister and magical side to him. Measle and the people he meets in the train set must defeat Basil and free themselves before its too late.

After a slow start this book is a page turner, a great adventure story with just the right amount of scary bits and magic thrown in. The group enjoyed “Measle”, the range of characters he encounters and they way they work together as a group. They did feel however that the plot was predictable and that, the lonely orphan defeating his evil guardian, may have been done one time too many. Well worth reading 7 ½/10

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