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Murder at Drumshee by Cora Harrison
Reviewed by Kilmihil Children’s Book Club

This book is one of the Drumshee Timeline Series. It is set in Drumshee, Co Clare in the 5th century. Ita, Mahon and their friends are scholars at a Brehon school. The Brehon laws were the laws that the Irish people used to live by. Ita’s father, Flann is the Brehon, and has to go to courts all over the area. When he goes, Gabur his assistant is in charge. Gabur is an evil man and is very cruel to the students, especially Mahon.

He beats Mahon at every opportunity. Mahon hates him, but he is not the only one in the area who hates him. Gabur has many enemies and not many people have a good word to say about him.

When Gabur is found dead, by Mahon, a lot of people think that it’s Mahon who has murdered him. It’s up to Ita and her friends at the Brehon school to find out who really did kill Gabur and prove Mahon’s innocence.

This is a fast paced, exciting book and all members of the book club really enjoyed it. The children would recommend it, and liked the suspense of the story, as none of them guessed who the killer was. They did however think that there were quite a lot of characters in the story and found it hard to keep track of who they all were.

Rating: 8 out of 10.