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Spirit of the Titanic by Nicola Pierce

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Spirit of the Titanic by Nicola Pierce
Published by O’ Brien Press, 2011

Reviewed by Miltown Malbay Library’s Children’s Bookclub

This book is based on a fictional character named Samuel Joseph Scott. At the very young age of 15, Sam plunges to his death whilst working on the construction of Titanic. Now as the greatest ship in the world sets sail across the Atlantic Ocean, Sam remains on board as a ghost.

Throughout the book we see Sam’s spirit roaming the great ship from the posh first class to the simpler yet comfortable surroundings of third class. It is here in third class where he comes across Jim, Isobel and their two young children Sarah and Joseph. When the ship hits the iceberg and starts to sink Sam fears for the safety of this family. He goes down to third class only to realise that the gates are locked and knows that the family will not be able to reach the lifeboats on the upper deck. He decides that he must try to get the family to the upper decks through a different route.

As we read through the remainder of the book we see Sam’s ghost following key characters around and see how different people start to come to terms with their fate.

Though this is a very familiar story and we all know how its going to end it still does not fail to grip the reader from the very first page. The language is very descriptive throughout the book and it’s easy to form a picture in your mind of what conditions were like on board the ship right up to the very end.

The bookclub group thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and felt that it was one of the best Titanic fiction books that they have read. They thought that the Author’s Notes at the very end was a nice way to end the book.

The group gave it 10/10.