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The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson
Published by Corgi Yearling

Reviewed by Shannon Library Children’s Book Club

The mum in The Illustrated Mum is called Marigold. She has two daughters, Star and Dolphin. She often gets into funny moods and sometimes she doesn’t act like an average Mum. Her daughters are always trying to help her but it is hard for them.

Star thinks she’s a bad Mum and tries to change her. Dolphin admires Marigold and wants to make her happy.

This book is about a family struggling with everyday problems and learning to get along with and accept one another. Jacqueline Wilson is a great storyteller and she makes all her characters come alive for the reader.

The reading group enjoyed this book. They felt that it dealt with issues that girls would be interested in but the book appealed to the boys in the group also. They awarded it marks of eight out of ten.