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Time Stops for No Mouse by Michael Hoeye
Published by Puffin, 2002

Reviewed by Newmarket-on-Fergus book club

In this first Hermux Tantamoq adventure the author introduces us to an average watchmaker, Hermux. He is a brave, intelligent and likeable mouse who lives a very dull and boring life with his caged pet ladybug, Terfle. This all changes one day when the beautiful aviatrix and adventuress, Ms. Linka Perflinger, visits his shop to get her watch repaired quickly. He falls for her and this event changes his life forever.

When his beloved fails to appear to reclaim her watch and a nasty rat comes in her stead, Hermux becomes suspicious. He refuses to give him the watch without the claim receipt, and following his instinct, pursues him back to Ms. Perflinger’s house. He sees her bundled into a Limo, and Hermux finding her front door open, lets himself in. Inside he finds a mysterious letter and an over-turned spicy-smelling plant, which mark the start of his adventure to find the kidnapped Ms. Linka Perflinger. He tries to establish the connection between the clues and becomes entangled with Tucka Mertslin, his greedy and eccentric cosmetic tycoon neighbour, the sinister plastic surgeon, Dr. Mennus, a gang of vicious lab rats, and a persistent newspaper reporter.

This is a very imaginative, suspenseful action adventure, in which Hermux gets in way over his head in detective work. The elaborate plot, evocative descriptions, and interesting characters keep the reader in suspense to the very end. This multilevelled story becomes complicated at times.

Marks: 7 out of 10.

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