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The Drumshee Rebels by Cora Harrison

This is one of the best books I have ever read. For anyone who likes history this is the book to get. Everything about it is unique. It has beautiful illustrations, breathtaking events, a few nasty surprises but most of all it has a brilliant story line.

"The Drumshee Rebels" is a story about a girl called Bridget McMahon and her family. The story is set in the year of 1921. Bridget’s father, Mike McMahon, is in the IRA and is secretly fighting against the English.

One day, Michael Collins pays a visit to the McMahon’s household. He spends the entire time in whispered conversations with Mike McMahon. Bridget finds out that Michael Collins has entrusted her father with a letter. The names and addresses of every man in the IRA is listed in this letter. Bridget is absolutely delighted! She knows her father loves Ireland and would do anything for it. All the same, she feels frightened of what would happen if the letter was found. Then disaster strikes.

A group of men that included Bridget’s father were in a mission to blow up the railroad near Ennistymon but the Black and Tans find them. Bridget is at the railroad when they are captured. She knew her father was supposed to be with them but she can’t find him. She starts to panic. Bridget tells her mother and they are desperate to find Mike. The Black and Tans are tipped off that the McMahons have something very important - something of great value to the English. Will they find the letter?

I would give this book a definite ten out of ten. It is suitable for readers aged between 9 and 14.

Reviewed by-
Ann McMahon,
Sixth Class,
Caherea National School,

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