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World Book Day 2003 - Winning Book Review - 3rd Class

The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales From Around The World Retold by Naomi Alder
Published by Barefoot Books, 2002

This book is a collection of traditional stories from all over the world. In each story animal have lots of adventures.

My favourite character was the rabbit. She was in a story from India called “The Rabbit in the Moon”. She was the kindest of all the animals. She was so kind she offered to jump into a fire so a hungry man could eat her. A spirit saved her and put her on the moon.

I didn’t like the snake from “Magic in the Rainforest” because he stole the jaguar’s eyes.

I really enjoyed this book because the stories were very interesting. I most liked the story “The Monkey’s Heart”. The monkey tricked the crocodile! You see the crocodile pretended he needed the monkey’s heart to cure his Chief. He was going to kill the monkey. The monkey tricked the crocodile and pretended he had left his heart up in the mango tree so the crocodile let him go!

I was born in Somalia, some of the animals in the stories were from my country. The story “The Monkey’s Heart” is from Kenya which is near Somalia.

I really loved this book!

Reviewed by: Ummy Ahmed Salum, 3rd Class, Ennis Educate Together School.

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