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Talking Books Catalogue (in Alphabetical Order by Author)

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‘Talking Books’ as of August 2012


Aaronovitch, Ben
Rivers of London
My name is Peter Grant and until January I was just another probationary constable in the Metropolitan Police Service. My only concerns in life were how to avoid a transfer to the Case Progression Unit and finding a way to climb into the panties of WPC Leslie May. Then one night, I tried to take a statement from a man who was already dead.

Abbott, Jeff
The last minute
Sam Capra is an ex-CIA agent, an ex-husband and a devoted father - to a child stolen from him by Novem Soles, an intelligence agency as mysterious as it is powerful. In exchange for his abducted son, the group commands Sam to commit a high-profile assassination - and his only assistance is an equally desperate woman.

Ackroyd, Peter
The death of King Arthur
An immortal story of love, adventure, chivalry, treachery and death brought to new life for our times. The legend of King Arthur has retained its appeal and popularity through the ages - Mordred's treason, the knightly exploits of Tristan, Lancelot's fatally divided loyalties and his love for Guenever, the quest for the Holy Grail.

Adams, Jane
Fragile lives
The battered body of Patrick Duggan is washed up on a beach a short distance from Frantham. To complicate matters, Edward Parker, who worked for Duggan's father, disappeared at the same time. Coincidence? Mac, a police officer, and Rina, an interested outsider, don't think so.

The power of one
Why was Paul de Freitas, a games designer, shot dead aboard a luxury yacht and what secret was he protecting that so many people are prepared to kill to get hold of? Rina Martin takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of things, much to the consternation of her friend, DI McGregor.

ADICHIE, Chimamanda Ngozi
Half of a Yellow Sun
The setting is the lead up to and the course of Nigeria's Biafra War in the 1960's, and the events unfold through the eyes of three central characters who are swept along in the chaos of civil war. There is Ugwu, the houseboy of a university lecturer; Olanna, the lecturer's partner; and Richard, an English journalist who lives with Olanna's twin sister. They are forced together and separated in unexpected ways throughout the war, each witnessing events that affect them deeply.

Adie, Kate
Fighting on the Home Front
Best-selling author and award-winning former BBC Chief News Correspondent Kate Adie reveals the ways in which women's lives changed during World War One and what the impact has been for women in its centenary year.

ADIE, Kate
Into danger
Ever since her days as a reporter on the front line, Kate Adie has earned her reputation as one of the most intrepid women of her day. This has given Kate a curiosity about the people who do the kind of work where an error is probably lethal. What is really dangerous? Dealing with unexploded bombs? Trying to milk a king cobra for its venom? On her fascinating quest she has sought out prostitutes, stuntmen and landmine exploders. All of them can live knowing they may not make it through the next day - so why do they do it?

ADLER, Elizabeth
The House in Amalfi
Once Lamour Harrington was a carefree little girl, following her charming, hard-up, writer father to Italy: first Rome, then the lovely Amalfi coast. Lamour will never forget the tiny cottage where they spent the happiest years of her life. Now, nursing a broken heart, she decides to leave Chicago and her career as a landscape architect to rediscover the Italy of her memories. In Amalfi, the Castello Pirata with its Japanese garden still stands; their cottage still waits for her. It even seems as though love has come back into Lamour's life as the heir to the castello- glamorous Nico Pirata - sweeps her off her feet. But why does his father Lorenzo hate a woman he only ever knew as an innocent child? As Lorenzo plots to make Lamour leave Amalfi forever, long-hidden secrets come to dangerous life again.

Adler, Elizabeth
It all began in Monte Carlo
Sunny's relationship with Mac is in jeopardy and Monte Carlo beckons. Soon Sunny is pulled into a web of intrigue involving a series of robberies of high-end jewellery stores. Then there's her wannabe-new-friend, who turns out to be a sociopath.

ADLER, Elizabeth
Sailing to Capri
When English tycoon Sir Robert Waldo Hardwick dies mysteriously in a car accident, he leaves behind a note naming six people he suspects might have wanted him dead. Daisy Kean, and P.I. Harry Montana team up to take the suspects—and also six ‘red herrings’—on a fabulous Mediterranean cruise, all expenses paid by the late Sir Robert. As they call at Monte Carlo, St. Tropez and Sorrento, the mystery deepens. And the unexpected twists are just the beginning.

ADLER, Elizabeth
Summer in Tuscany
Gemma, an overworked ER doctor, her mother, Nonna, a typical Italian widow who spends her week cooking the Sunday supper, and daughter Livvie, a punked-up but well-adjusted teen, are living normal, unexciting lives in New York City until Nonna receives a letter informing her of an inheritance in her childhood village of Bella Piacere. The letter launches the Jerichos into situations both delicious and funny in a novel in which romance is detailed as vividly as the landscape of Tuscany.

The Winter Queen
Shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger Award. Moscow, May 1876: What would cause a talented young musician from a wealthy family to shoot himself in front of a promenading public in the Alexander Gardens? The commander of the Criminal Investigation Division thinks that decadence and boredom are the reasons. But he still finds it curious enough to send Erast Fandorin, the newest member of the division, to the precinct for more information. The bizarre and tragic suicide is soon connected to a clear case of murder. But there are many unresolved questions. Why have both victims left their fortunes to an orphanage run by the English Lady Astair? Who is the beautiful "A.B.", whose signed photograph was found in the suicide's apartment? Relying on his keen intuition, Fandorin plunges into an investigation that leads him across Europe and to the centre of a terrorist conspiracy with world wide proportions.

Alison, Rosie
The very thought of you
England, 31st August 1939: the world is on the brink of war. As Hitler prepares to invade, thousands of children are evacuated from London to escape the impending Blitz. Eight-year-old Anna Sands is relocated to a large Yorkshire estate opened up to evacuees by a childless couple. Soon Anna gets drawn into their unravelling relationship.

Allen, Diane
For a mother's sins
It is 1870 and railway workers and their families have flocked to the wild and inhospitable moor land known as Batty Green to build a viaduct on the Midland Railway Company's ambitious new Leeds to Carlisle Line. Among them are three very different women - tough widow Molly, honest and God-fearing Mary Pratt, and Helen Parker, downtrodden by her husband and seeking a better life. When tragedy strikes, the lives of the three women are bound together, and each is forced to confront the secrets and calamities that threaten to tear their families apart.

Allen, Diane
For the sake of her family
1912 in the Yorkshire Dales and Alice Bentham and her brother Will have lost their mother to cancer. Alice gets work at Whernside Manor looking after Lord Frankland's fragile sister Miss Nancy. For a while everything runs smoothly, but corruption, attempted murder, and misplaced love are just waiting in the wings.

ANAM, Tahmimi
A Golden Age
In this striking début novel, set in the nineteen-seventies, a young widow and her children become caught up in Bangladesh’s war for independence. Rehana exists on the edge of things: a native of Calcutta, she was resettled in Dhaka by her husband and speaks Urdu, the language of West Pakistan, as fluently as Bengali, the language of restive East Pakistan—soon to be Bangladesh. Her children, though, are fervent patriots, joining in student marches and making speeches; as rhetoric becomes revolution, her son joins a guerrilla group and her daughter decamps to Calcutta to write tracts exposing the atrocities committed by the Pakistani Army.

Across a Summer Sea
Mary McGann's marriage has always been difficult, thanks to her husband Frank's drunken, jealous nature. Only because the little money he earns in the docks keeps food in the mouths of their children is Mary prepared to put up with him. But when Frank throws them all out on the street, Mary flees to her family in Dublin. There she meets Richard O'Neill, a handsome though solitary man. Despite the attraction between them, Mary's not looking for love, and when she hears that Frank needs her, she returns to Liverpool, foreseeing a future of yet more hardship. But there are surprises in store. Though tragedy and danger are looming, a brighter horizon lies beyond - if Mary's prepared to be strong and take the chances that come her way.

Angels of Mercy
Blue-eyed, blond-haired, full of smiles and sweetness, even as babies twins Kate and Evvie Greenway captured the hearts of Liverpool's Scotland Road slumlands. But now they are almost adults the two girls find that being pleasant, popular and blessed with a loving family isn't quite enough. For they've both fallen for men who will break their youthful hearts! But these sorrows are nothing compared to the tragedies that await them and so many others when the Great War breaks out. Determined to do their part, Kate and Evvie sign up for nursing training and are dispatched to the Front, a terrible world far from the life-affirming energy of their homes. Can anything, hope, love or the bond that has always united the sisters, survive all that lies in store for them?

Beyond a misty shore
It is 1945 and the war is finally over. For sisters Sophie and Maria, though, the upheaval is just beginning. For they have no choice but to leave their beloved home on the Isle of Man. And, without the men they love, will the sisters ever find happiness?

Andrews, Lyn
Days of hope
As the Second World War ends, Pat Conroy proposes to 18-year-old Chrissie. Against her mother's wishes, Chrissie runs away to Ireland to marry Pat. But life as a housewife isn't what she expected and she finds herself trapped in an unhappy marriage.

Every Mother’s Son
It's been a good few years since Molly and Bernie left their native Ireland, and settled in Liverpool. Now, they're both being courted by fine young men, and the future looks bright. But, 1945 is rapidly approaching, and soon war is changing everything - destroying homes and lives, and snatching away long-held dreams...The beautifully evoked backstreets of Liverpool are the perfect setting for a tale of grit, friendship - and love.

Friends Forever
Best friends Bernie and Molly are just seventeen when they set off from Ireland in 1928, heading for Liverpool. They quickly find jobs and rooms; soon both women are in love with local men. Tragically, though, Biddy is widowed when she's still barely an adult, while Molly has chosen a bad 'un and faces the deepest shame when he deserts her. But this bad start only reinforces the bond between the women, and gives them the strength to build a brighter future.

Andrews, Lyn
From Liverpool with love
In 1920s Liverpool, Jane, her little brother Alfie and their mother Ellen have faced the horrors of the workhouse together. But when Ellen dies, two very different paths open up for the siblings. Jane is sent to work in the Empire Laundry and builds a new life for herself with the neighbours who take her in. She finds solace there and the promise of a happy future when she falls for Joe, their eldest son. But Alfie absconds from the workhouse and embarks on a life of crime. When their paths cross once more, Alfie turns on his sister. His plans will jeopardise every happiness she hoped for.

Andrews, Lyn
Liverpool angels
Born at the turn of the 20th century, Mae Strickland is only a few days old when her mother suddenly dies. Her aunt Maggie brings Mae up together with her own children, Eddie and Alice, and the girls become like sisters. In spite of Mae's unhappy start, life feels full of promise. Then, as the First World War looms, everything changes. While the local men - including young Eddie - leave to fight, Mae and Alice train as field nurses. As they travel to the front line in the wake of family tragedy, nothing can prepare them for the hardship that lies ahead.

Love and a Promise
Maddy Kiernan knows her situation is desperate. With her parents dead, her brother Thomas is left as guardian to her and her sister Carmel, and Thomas, Maddy is all too aware, only cares about himself. When his plans to marry the daughter of the Protestant canal agent backfire Thomas takes off to Liverpool, leaving the girls to fend for themselves. Taking the momentous decision to follow their brother, Maddy leaves for Liverpool. Within days the girls are destitute, reduced to living in a cellar, their money gone. Eventually, Maddy finds work as a maid to an old lady, becoming her unpaid companion and sole beneficiary of her will. But Maddy has to promise not to marry until the woman who has rescued her and her sister dies. When Maddy meets a young seaman she realises she may have to choose between love and that promise.

A Mother’s Love
Eve and Eddie Dobson have been running the George pub in Liverpool for over twenty years. Now the Depression is taking hold and, with money in short supply, it's galling for Eve that the barmaid they can barely afford spends the day making eyes at Eddie rather than pulling her weight behind the bar. At least her three daughters have never been a worry to Eve. Lily's dreams of going on the stage haven't led her into trouble, so far. Sarah seems content to slog away as a waitress, while Maggie's gently directing her devoted boyfriend to the altar. But when Eddie's flirtation with the hired help takes an unexpected turn, everything changes, leaving none of Eve's family untouched! and calling on all the strength of a mother's love.

The Queens Promise
An historical epic set in the Tudor court about the most infamous woman of the age - Anne Boleyn - and the man who loved her before she became queen. From the moment Henry Percy first glimpses Anne he is captivated and quickly proposes marriage. But a match of the heart has no place in a world where marriage is a political manoeuvre.

My Sister’s Child
For the inhabitants of Liverpool's Milton Street a steady income and a roof over their heads are luxuries. The Ryan family have barely grown accustomed to such things when a fire destroys their father Jack's modest coal haulage business, leaving Jack broken and his family facing ruin. They're forced to turn to Conor, Jack's brother from Ireland, a man whose noisy joviality seventeen-year-old Ellen Ryan suspects hides a mean viciousness. She's right, and with her mother sick and her half-sister Annie becoming increasingly feckless; it's down to Ellen to fight Conor's tyranny. But when Annie disappears, leaving her baby on their doorstep, Ellen begins fear for herself and for the life of the innocent child she has learnt to love...

A Secret in the Family
Dee Campbell and Jean Williams have just left school. They're looking forward to the future as Liverpool enters the swinging 60s. Living in a rundown part of the city, soon both their families are reluctantly re-housed out in Kirkby. But this is just the first of many changes in their lives.

Andrews, Lyn
Sunlight on the Mersey|
The Great War is over, and sisters Iris and Rose are adjusting to life in their modest Liverpool home after their brother Charlie has returned from the front. But when their mother sends Rose to the beautiful Welsh village of Tregarron to recover from an illness she discovers a new world of possibility at her feet.

Andrews, Lyn
To love and to cherish
Life in 1920s Liverpool for sisters Gloria and Betty Jenkins is secure and comfortable. Elder sister Gloria finds romance with the boy next door, until her wealthy, but snobbish and interfering Aunt Sybil steps in, offering her the opportunity of a lifetime. A trip to New York gives Gloria everything she desires.

A Wing and a Prayer
For Mary Callaghan marriage has brought heartaches and disappointment. But with it have come joys, the greatest of which are her daughters, Daisy and Nell. Mary longs for them to have the one thing denied to her -- a husband who will offer them kindness, security and love. But when Daisy confesses she's pregnant, Mary knows the future looks grim, for the father's a rough, pleasure-loving man. As Nell watches her sister sink into bitter poverty, and as the world around her grows more uncertain, with war more likely by the day, risking all for love seems to Nell a foolish game...

The Sisters O’Donnell
Three Irish sisters, red-haired and tempestuous, leave Tipperary for the Liverpool of the 1920s to seek their fortunes. Their idealism is soon dashed by the realities of life, and their dreams fade as time and money begin to run out.

Take these Broken Wings
Thrown into the workhouse at the tender age of 6, Hannah Peckham soon learns how hard the world is, but she emerges determined to make the most of what little life has given her. But the deprivations of workhouse life have left her ill-prepared to fulfill her new position in a prosperous Liverpool household. Naively she falls in love with a man she can never have. And when her illusions are finally shattered, she rushes into the arms of hard-drinking Alfie Duggan and a violent, poverty-stricken marriage from which there seems no escape.

When Daylight Comes
Maddy and Martin Brennan have a good marriage and two healthy children, Jess and Patrick. When Martin's lost at sea, though, Maddy's in for a shock: it transpires that her home is mortgaged and the family's finances are in a perilous state. Beaten down by a bitter feud with her brother and by her son Patrick's troublesome behaviour, Maddy carelessly steps in the path of a runaway horse and loses her life. It's left to young Jess to make something of the future. From near destitution she launches a business of her own, earning back the prosperity and respect her mother had in the end lost. But heartache lies ahead, and when love is on offer, is the man who wants Jess's heart worthy of it?

Days of Hope
This is a heartwarming story set in 1940s Ireland and Liverpool about the hurdles two sisters, Chrissie and Grace, must cross on their journey to finding the happiness they seek. At eighteen, Chrissie runs away to Ireland to marry the man of her dreams. But life as a housewife isn't what Chrissie expected and she finds herself trapped in an unhappy marriage. When Grace goes to visit Chrissie, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with her sister's husband! Soon all their lives are changed for ever.

ANDREWS, Virginia
Heart Song
When Melody Logan's mother died in a car accident, Melody lost the last shred of family she had ever known. She was practically a stranger to the Logans, her wealthy relatives on Cape Cod, where she now drifted on a sea of dark secrets. In the eyes of gentle Aunt Sara, Melody was a replacement for her dead daughter, while for Uncle Jacob she was a reminder of the family's shameful past. Only good-hearted Cary seemed to care, and since it was revealed that she and Cary weren't truly cousins, the affection that had always surged between them now crested in thrilling waves. But Melody knew she could never truly echo Cary's loving promises until she discovered her own buried identity.

ANDREWS, Virginia
"All for one and one for all" was the girls' motto. In the grim foster home for orphans run by Louise and Gordon Tooey, at least Brooke, Crystal, Raven, and Butterfly had each other. Calling themselves "sisters," together they could forget the past and dream of a new chance...a real home. Then they discovered a secret even more haunting than Gordon's heavy boots pounding on the wooden floors. Their fragile hopes of a better life shattered, they escaped the only way they could. Soon they were runaways in a borrowed car, desperately wishing to wake up one morning in a place of sunshine and love.

Angelou, Maya
I know why the caged bird sings
In this, the first volume of her autobiography, writer and poet Maya Angelou reflects on her childhood spent growing up in the American South of the 1930s. There she learned the power of the white townsfolk and suffered the trauma of rape.

ARCHER, Jeffrey
A Prisoner of Birth
A man cannot chose his background, but he can shape his destinyIf Danny Cartwright had proposed to Beth Wilson the day before, or the day after, he would not have been arrested and charged with the murder of his best friend. And when the four prosecution witnesses are a barrister, a known actor, an aristocrat and a partner in an established firm, who is going to believe his side of the story? Danny is sentenced to 22 years in Belmarsh prison - the highest security jail in the land. But it seems that everyone has underestimated Danny's determination to seek revenge and Beth's relentless quest to win justice, forcing all four protagonists to fight for their lives.

Archer, Jeffrey
Be careful what you wish for
'Be Careful What You Wish For' opens with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rushing to hospital to learn the fate of their son Sebastian, who has been involved in a fatal car accident. But who died, Sebastian or his best friend Bruno? When Ross Buchanan is forced to resign as chairman of the Barrington Shipping Company, Emma Clifton wants to replace him. But Don Pedro Martinez intends to install his puppet, the egregious Major Alex Fisher, in order to destroy the Barrington family firm just as the company plans to build its new luxury liner, the MV Buckingham. Back in London, Harry and Emma's adopted daughter wins a scholarship to the Slade Academy of Art where she falls in love with a fellow student, Clive Bingham, who asks her to marry him. Both families are delighted until Priscilla Bingham, Jessica s future mother-in-law, has a visit from an old friend, Lady Virginia Fenwick.

Armstrong, Campbell
This 'private' investigation leads DS Lou Perlman into some places he could never have anticipated - into illegal surgical operations, and finding corpses whose bodies have been stripped of their organs and dumped. And all the while, it's drawing him closer to gang boss Reuben Chuck.

White Rage
When a young Asian entrepreneur dies in a suspicious fall from his high-rise apartment in Glasgow, and an Indian kindergarten teacher is gunned down in front of her class it's clear to Detective Sergeant Lou Perlman that he is dealing with racially motivated murder. The emergence of a group called White Rage and a growing sense of fear across the city of Glasgow mean that Perlman needs some answers quickly. At the same time, he needs to make sense of a crime that is closer to home -- the mysterious shooting of his own brother Colin. Lou's conviction that the killing is connected to the underworld boss Leo Kilroy nags at his mind almost as much as his unspoken love for Colin's widow Miriam. And when Lou Perlman looks beneath the glittering new surface of the city in which he was born, he finds all sorts of ancient connections, some of them painful, some of them shocking, many of them disturbing.

Armstrong, David
A pact of silence
In the long, hot summer of 1969, two young men are involved in the accidental killing of their boss in a Shropshire market town. Traumatized, they conceal his body, but leave behind a vital clue.

Armstrong, Kelley
Spell bound
Savannah Levine is in danger. Caught in the grip of a disturbing and violent murder case, Savannah swore to give up her unique gifts if it would save an innocent young girl. Little did she know that someone - or something - was listening. Now she has no idea how to restore her powers, just when she needs them the most.

Armstrong, Kelley
Waking the witch
Columbus is a small, fading town untouched by the 21st century. When three women are found dead - victims of what appear to be ritual murders, things get very dark & dangerous. PI Savannah Levine can handle 'dark & dangerous'. She is the daughter of a black witch & has a lot of power running through her veins, & she's not afraid to use it.

Asher, Michael
The flaming sword
October 1942 - Egypt. The battle for North Africa rages fiercely along the length of the Egyptian coast. Punching their way deep behind enemy lines, the newly formed SAS - under the enigmatic Lt. Col. David Stirling - carries out daring raids against the Germans.

Ashford, Brenda
Tuppence for paper and string
It is 1945, and victory marches fill the streets of London. Before long Brenda's skills as a real life Mary Poppins are in demand again. Moving from house to house, Brenda never stays long, but just enough time to sprinkle a little magic. Word quickly spreads of this wonder nanny, who gets up to feed fretful babies in the middle of the night, who delivers quiet wisdom, and calmly restores order and happiness. Facing tragedy in her own life, Brenda never gives up on her quest to help the most troubled homes, changing hundred's of children's lives forever.

Ashford, Jeffrey
Criminal innocence
Steven Drury, a respectable barrister, is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Returning to his car in a deserted car park after a late night party, he is taken by surprise and knocked to the ground. As the assailant opens his own car door, whose light comes on, a partially conscious Drury catches a glimpse of his attacker's face.

Ashworth, Elizabeth
The de Lacy inheritance
Using characters known to recorded history, Elizabeth Ashworth weaves a tale of loves lost and found during the exile of Richard the Lionheart.

Muddy Waters

This is the story of Stella, an advice columnist for a teenage magazine. Stella's friends assume she doesn't have any problems of her own and deluge her with their woes. Abigail, deserted by her husband, moves in with Stella, but then starts to move in on Stella's husband.

Orphan Kate Fox is determined to make her mark in the world, and what better way to secure her future than to marry money? When she attracts the attention of media mogul Marcus Broder, it seems as though all of Kate's dreams have come true. But marriage to Marcus isn't everything she imagined.

Texan honey Sally Lassiter, English rose Jane Morgan, and exotic Jordanian beauty Helen Yanna meet at an exclusive girls’ school in L.A. and vow that nothing will ever tear them apart. But when catastrophe strikes, two of the young women find themselves grieving and penniless, and the third will be forced into a fate she could never have foreseen. In their struggle to rebuild their lives, Helen, Sally, and Jane come together to create a high-end department store called Glamour. But as money and recognition rocket them into the spotlight, they quickly discover what happens to promises when money is no object, lust has no bounds, and glamour is worth everything in this seductive rags–to– riches saga.

Orphan William Hyde and professor's daughter Melissa Elmet fell passionately in love as teenagers at Oxford. But, after her family intervenes, their secret marriage is annulled. Heartbroken, Melissa retreats into her shell, now a shy academic. Will, on the other hand, joins MI6 - then becomes a millionaire in New York, with a model girlfriend and only dark memories of the young woman who broke his heart. Their lives are completely different. They'll never meet again. And then the killings start. Only Will notices the link to all four high-profile murders: Melissa's late father, the secretive professor who died working on a confidential project. And now he fears the next hit will be Melissa - unless he can get to her first.

Set in the glittering world of international diamond dealing, Flawless follows the fortunes of idealistic young designer Scarlett Drummond Murray as she battles her way through the snake pits of greed and corruption in the jewellery business. From London to Beverly Hills, New York to Cape Town, Scarlett finds herself plunged into a world of ruthless mine owners, shady diamond dealers, and the stunningly beautiful women for whom they all compete, in business and in bed. All of them, in their different ways, are prepared to sell their souls and sacrifice everything in pursuit of that one, elusive, perfect stone, no matter what the cost.

Mad Joy
In the beginning a small girl runs into a wood, and two years later walks out of it and into the nearest house. Gracie, the childless spinster who finds her curled up on her armchair, takes her on as her own, seeing her as a feral gift of fate. Known as Joy in the Cotswold village that adopts her, there is endless speculation about her wild past and comical ways. In this moving and passionate tale, Joy grows into a young woman at the advent of World War II, and when she becomes romantically involved with a fighter pilot the extraordinary mystery of her past slowly unravels.

Another Part of the Woods
One would imagine that camping in a lovely cottage in the Welsh countryside would result in a heavenly holiday for this group of adults and children. Michael Tudor Barnes provides suspense as he creates the backdrop for impending disaster. As tension builds among the vacationing eccentrics, Barnes stays well abreast of their irritating habits, problematic relationships, and dysfunctional behaviors as they become more and more miserable, despite the idyllic setting. His performance reflects mounting tension as their squabbles and self-centered behaviors distract them from a child's severe personality disorder, resulting in a disastrous culmination of events.

Winter Garden
Quiet and reliable, Douglas Ashburner has never been much of a womaniser. So when he begins an extra-marital affair with Nina, a bossy, temperamental artist with a penchant for risky sex, he finds adultery a terrible strain. He tells his wife that he needs a rest, so she happily packs him off for a fishing holiday in the Highlands. Only, unknown to her, Douglas is actually flying off to Moscow with Nina, as a guest of the Soviet Artists' Union. It is then that things begin to get very complicated indeed...

Baker, Anne
Daughters of the Mersey
With the scars of World War I still fresh, the Dransfield family face further challenges. When Steven Dransfield loses his fortune in the Depression, his wife Leonie is forced to save the family from ruin. But Steve resents the success of her dressmaking business and, trapped in a loveless marriage, Leonie is drawn into the arms of another man.

When Eustacia Hope is jilted at the altar, her parents decide to save her reputation by sending her to stay with her godmother, Lady Agatha Rayner, a clergyman's widow. Eustacia's mother warns her to have nothing to do with Lady Agatha's brother, the notorious Lord Ashbourne, nor with his son, Lord Ilam. Soon after her arrival, Eustacia meets Lord Ilam. The two are attracted to one another, and Ilam even takes her to meet his foster family, who farm locally. But it is only after the arrival of Eustacia's estranged fiancT and the unexpected appearance of Lord Ashbourne that matters can be resolved in a way that is satisfactory to all parties.

Baker, Anne.
Let the bells ring
Hannah and her mother Esme are lucky to escape when their home is destroyed during a bombing raid. Forced to move in with Esme's sister-in-law, they make the best of things. Soon Hannah falls for Eric Goodwin. Is innocent Hannah being drawn into an unpredictable and dangerous world of crime?

Baker, Anne
A Liverpool legacy
On a spring day in 1947, Millie and Pete Maynard take their daughter Sylvie on a boat trip that is to end in tragedy. Poor Sylvie blames herself for the accident and Millie needs all her strength to comfort her children and overcome her grief. Then Pete's Will is read and further heartache lies in store. Meanwhile, Pete's younger brother and his good-for-nothing sons try to take control of the family business, but they've underestimated Millie's indomitable spirit. She's worked in Maynard's perfume laboratory for 18 years and is determined to protect her husband's legacy no matter what obstacles are thrown in her way.

Baker, Anne
Liverpool love song|
When Helen Redwood is tragically widowed, she and her daughter, Chloe, move to Liverpool to be closer to her family. But it is tending her beautiful garden with her handsome young gardener, Rex Kenwright that ultimately saves Helen from grief.

Love is blind
Patsy Rushton's brother Barney doesn't know the meaning of hard work, so when their father tragically dies, Patsy has no choice but to save the family's business. Meanwhile, Barney has got his girlfriend pregnant and, feeling trapped, he abandons her and leaves Merseyside altogether.

Nancy’s war
When Nancy Seymour's RAF pilot husband, Charles, is killed, her life falls apart. Not only has she lost the man she loved so dearly, but she also loses her home and must find a way to support herself and their little girl, Caro, on her own.

Evangeline Granby is so tired of her aunt's lectures on morality that she allows a handsome young gallant to take her to an inn where they indulge in a desperate and very improper flirtation. Never expecting to see him again, Evangeline is horrified to discover that he is the Reverend Michael Buckleigh.

Theodora in love
After her father's death, Theodora Buckleigh's new adopted family want to give her a London season. But though she is a pretty girl, Theodora has limped from birth, and dreads exposure to the social round. She accepts an invitation from Dorothy Wordsworth to stay with her and her poet brother, William, in Dorset.

Baker, Anne
Wartime girls
It is the day of the Grand National, 1933, when Susie Ingram's fiancé, Danny, is killed in a tragic accident. In a cruel twist of fate, Susie discovers she is carrying Danny's child and, shunned by his parents, she turns to her mother for support. Louise Ingram, widowed during the First World War, knows how hard it is to bring up a family alone, but with the help of her eldest daughter, Martha, who lives next door, they manage to survive. When little Rosie is born there is no doubt that she is Danny's daughter, but it is destined to take many more years of heartache before the two families are united again.

The View From Here: Life at Seventy
Built loosely on her much-loved Guardian column, Just 70, The View from Here is Bakewell's discerning and heartwarming account of life at 70 and beyond. A household name and a popular radio and TV broadcaster, Bakewell is the ideal ambassador for challenging what being 70 can mean for women today. All of life, including the taboos of old age, are here - work, family, love, sex, body and death - written about with humour, warmth, and Bakewell's characteristic verve and intelligence.

The Best of Fathers
Childhood sweethearts Mary and Jonty have battled against the odds to be together. Forced to run away from home because Mary's father disapproved of their relationship, they've built a happy new life for themselves. Now they long for a child, but it seems that's not to be. Until one stormy night when a yacht is dashed upon the rocks near their home. Mary and Jonty rush to the rescue and, amid terrible carnage, save a baby. They name her Charlotte - and keep her as their own.Charlotte grows up to be devoted to her parents. But fate intervenes when she decides to train as a nurse in Liverpool. For Liverpool is where her 'real' family lives: and it seems that past secrets are to be uncovered -- with shocking consequences.

Echoes across the Mersey
It is August 1914 and the threat of war weighs heavily on the people of Liverpool, but not on Sarah Hoxton. Sarah risks everything for love, faces what seem to be insurmountable obstacles, and discovers a light at the end of the tunnel and it shines from a different direction to what is expected.

Goodbye Liverpool
A dramatic and gripping Liverpool saga. When Suzy Lunt's widowed mother Josie marries Luke Palmer, it's mainly to keep a roof over their heads. But soon Josie realises she's made a mistake, and she and Suzy flee Liverpool and a man they now fear. But will they be safe from the past in Birkenhead? Nostatgic scenes of Liverpool life enhance this touching portrayal of a mother and daughter bound by love and danger.

Keep the Home Fires Burning
Lovely young Cathy is left pregnant with her first child when her husband is killed in the war. For a while she lives with her in-laws, but she leaps at the chance to return as a maid to the household where she worked before her marriage. With the birth of her daughter she is compelled to return to her parents-in-law, a less than ideal situation, particularly when in due course Cathy is being courted by dear old friend. When Cathy marries again and sets up in the antiques business with her husband, it looks like at last she will find the happiness she deserves, but she has made an enemy who can't bear to see Cathy enjoying her life...

BAKER, Anne.
Echoes Across the Mersey
It’s August 1914 in Liverpool and the threat of war is looming over everyone’s minds. But Sarah Hoxton has entirely different concerns to deal with. She will risk everything for love, and must face obstacles that seem insurmountable. But Sarah has strengths within her that she is yet to discover, and when eventually she does find the light at the end of the tunnel it comes from a different direction that is expected..

BAKER, Anne.
Goodbye Liverpool
When Josie Lunt is tragically and suddenly widowed on the eve of her daughter’s eleventh birthday, she turns to her husband’s colleague Luke Palmer for comfort and support. Luke is handsome and compassionate but, unbeknownst to Josie, he has few friends and many secrets. Luke proposes to Josie – and with a growing daughter to feed and a single income to survive on, she eventually decides to accept. But it is not long before she comes to regret her decision.

BAKER, Keith
When retired RUC officer Bob McCallan is blown up in a gas explosion, his son Jack inherits an unexpected fortune. He also inherits a key to the past. The violence in Northern Ireland has been over for 20 years, but there are still secrets that could shatter the peace.

Ballantyne, Lisa
The guilty one
A little boy is found dead in a children's playground. Daniel Hunter has spent years defending lost causes. But his life changes when he is introduced to Sebastian, an 11-year-old accused of murder. As he plunges into the muddy depths of Sebastian's troubled life, Daniel thinks back to his own childhood in foster care.

No man’s mistress

Lord Ferdinand Dudley is accustomed to getting what he wants - that is, until he appears at the door of Pinewood Manor, attempting to claim his rightful estate, and is met by the bewitching fury of Lady Viola Thornhill. She refuses to relinquish the home she calls her own. He refuses to leave and so the contest begins.

Dead Air
Iain Banks' daring new novel opens in a loft apartment in the East End, in a former factory due to be knocked down in a few days. Ken Nott is a devoutly contrarian vaguely left wing radio shock-jock living in London. After a wedding breakfast people start dropping fruits from a balcony on to a deserted carpark ten storeys below, then they start dropping other things; an old TV that doesn't work, a blown loudspeaker, beanbags, other unwanted furniture...Then they get carried away and start dropping things that are still working, while wrecking the rest of the apartment. But mobile phones start ringing and they're told to turn on a TV, because a plane has just crashed into the World Trade Centre.

Banks, Iain
The quarry
Kit doesn't know who his mother is. What he does know, however, that his father, Guy, is dying of cancer. Feeling his death is imminent, Guy gathers around him his oldest friends - or at least the friends with the most to lose by his death. But what will happen to Kit when Guy is gone? And why isn't Kit's mother in the picture? As the friends reunite for Guy's last days, old jealousies, affairs and lies come to light as Kit watches on.

Stewart Gilmour is back in Stonemouth. After 5 years in exile his presence is required at the funeral of patriarch Joe Murston, and even though the last time Stu saw the Murstons he was running for his life, staying away might be even more dangerous than turning up.

Banks, Iain
Surface detail
Lededje Y'breq is one of the Intagliated, her marked body bearing witness to a family shame, her life belonging to a man whose lust for power is without limit. Prepared to risk everything for her freedom, her release, when it comes, is at a price, and to put things right she will need the help of the Cult.

The Sea
Max Morden has reached a crossroads in his life, and is trying hard to deal with several disturbing things. A recent loss is still taking its toll on him, and a trauma in his past is similarly proving hard to deal with. He decides that he will return to a town on the coast at which he spent a memorable holiday when a boy. His memory of that time devolves on the charismatic Grace family, particularly the seductive twins Myles and Chloe. In a very short time, Max found himself drawn into a strange relationship with them, and pursuant events left their mark on him for the rest of his life. But will he be able to exorcise those memories of the past?

Lady of Lincoln
Emily Whittaker’s life in Lincoln is one of good works and the closest thing to romance in her experience is her lukewarm relationship with Dr. Boyle. A new friendship with Nathalie Fanshawe brings interest to her life and makes possible a visit to the seaside which will change everything.

Blood runs cold
When the body of FBI agent Jean Transom is found on the frozen slopes of Quandary Peak, the nearby town of Breckenridge, Colorado, becomes the focus of a major investigation. A quiet, dedicated agent on the surface, it soon becomes clear there was another side to Jean Transom, and who better to uncover it than special Agent Ren Bryce, an expert in violent crime and a woman with secrets of her own; secrets that could compromise the entire investigation and put an end to her distinguished career. Ren needs to know who she can trust - because the last person she can trust is herself.

Barclay, Alex
Time of death
FBI agent Ren Bryce's work chasing some of the most-wanted killers in the country becomes a nightmare when family tragedy rears its head. But there's unfinished business between Ren and those she's pursuing. One of her closest friends disappears in suspicious circumstances, and suddenly Ren's biggest secrets are about to be laid bare.

A Better Class of Person
Former crown prince Gregory of Hirtenstein (known as just plain Gregory Crowne after his father was deposed), and his girlfriend, Liz, have been invited to an exotic birthday bash on a remote Greek island. The birthday girl is Elissa Paroskolos, whose recently deceased father was one of the wealthiest men in the world. Elissa will come into her inheritance now that she's turning 25, thus the extravagant birthday celebration. But when Greg and Liz arrive, they sense something's not right. Greg has known Elissa since she was a child, and she's always been a bad-tempered, selfish brat. The Elissa who's being feted seems sweet, mild, and slightly disoriented. And she's grown much taller since Greg saw her a few years ago. Puzzled, Greg and Liz begin investigating, only to find a bizarre plot involving elaborate disguises, fraud, and scandal.

The Champagne Girls
They are Champagne Girls, two cousins who enjoy the finest things in life in France in La Belle Epogue. Yet riches have their responsibilities and, for Netta, propriety demands that she abandon her one passion - her -music - to make a socially acceptable marriage. And for the younger Gaby, wealth cannot protect her from the pain of a broken heart....The second novel in the sequence that began with The Wine Widow stands on its own as a dramatic saga of fluctuating family fortunes. From the 1880s to the end of the Great War, we follow the lives of the Tramont champagne family as they face the threat to the vineyards posed by the phylloxera beetle - and the consequences of their involvement in the Dreyfus affair, a scandal that shakes France to its roots.

Diamonds in Disguise
Gregory, the former crown prince of Hirtenstein, can't say no to his grandmother, that country's ex-queen mother (who's presently working as a decorator for a well-known but unpopular Italian politician), when she asks him to leave Geneva for Rome to investigate the loss of some valuable diamonds. Viewing the trip as a chance also for a romantic getaway, Gregory invites his girlfriend, Liz Blair, to join him, in spite of his grandmother's dislike of Liz and her commoner status. When a female cousin living in the politician's villa is found dead, the police conclude death by accidental poisoning, but as Gregory and Liz delve into the lives of family, guests and staff, it becomes clear the cousin was a victim of foul play. Whodunit fans will enjoy trying to figure out the puzzle before the dramatic conclusion.

Farewell Performance
Concert agent Gregory Crowne (a.k.a. crown prince Gregory of Hirtenstein) organizes the Edinburgh Festival, during which an international audience will hear a work featuring eight cellists. The most famous of these, Talik Edder, discovers that someone has stolen the Stradivarius cello that he had just purchased at an Edinburgh auction. The suspects include an adamant Japanese industrialist, a spurned soprano soloist, an emotional Brazilian groupie, and others staying at the musicians' hotel until murder eliminates one of them. Much satisfying entertainment arises from this conglomeration of musical egos and clever confusion of cellos

A Final Discord
Gregory Crowne, the former Crown Prince of Hirtenstein, might not know anything about jazz, but he does know that when Auguste Guidon, the president of one of Switzerland's largest banks, asks him for a favor, the answer is yes. So despite the fact that Gregory's business involves classical music, he agrees to help Auguste's son Gilles put together a jazz band. Gregory is able to engage four other musicians, but things quickly get complicated. When one of the musicians turns up dead, Gregory finds a last-minute replacement, but the man shows up with his beautiful sister, Morena Ferigiano, who soon has Gilles bewitched, bothered, and bewildered. Then one of the band's most vocal critics, Auguste's old family nurse, goes missing, and Gilles "disappears" with Morena, leaving Gregory to try to discover who is trying to break up the band, permanently.

Barclay, Tessa
Richer than rubies
When millionaire businessman Ivan Digby asks jewellery designer Jo Radcliffe to create a necklace using precious stones from the priceless 'Fieldingley Necklace', Jo is intrigued. But when the stones are found to be fakes, it's Jo who finds herself under attack.

Ties of Affection
The Moorfield family was the worst client in the history of Housecare Helpers. Already four of Olivia Fletcher’s employees had refused to ever go back to their home, and now Olivia is at her wit’s end. After Philip Moorfield insists that she honor the yearlong contract his family has with her firm, Olivia has no option but to take on the task of cleaning the Moorfield’s home herself. When Olivia arrives at the Moorfield’s Victorian mansion in Ashgrove, her plan is to stick to simply cleaning, but before she knows it, Olivia not only finds herself tidying up the Moorfield’s home but also helping them to tidy up their disorganized lives.

Barker, Ann
Evangeline Granby is so tired of her aunt's lectures on morality that she allows a handsome young gallant to take her to an inn where they indulge in a desperate and very improper flirtation. Never expecting to see him again, Evangeline is horrified to discover that he is the Reverend Michael Buckleigh.

Still Voices

Three lives converge...Charles, a respected professor of History, is writing a book on a Victorian crime of passion. Lotte is unhappily married to Gordon, a bully of a man who has reduced her self esteem to an almost irretrievable low. She stays for the sake of the children, but when she finds out he has been having an affair that is no longer reason enough. Annie Taylor has been newly promoted to Detective Inspector, but has had to move from the Met to the provinces in order to get the job. She is under pressure to perform, her team are antagonistic, her personal life a mess. Then a student disappears, Claire Thompson, one of Charles' tutorial group, a loner who has problems dealing with reality. DI Taylor heads the investigation and Charles finds himself in the frame for abduction…

BAUER, Belinda
Steven Lamb digs holes on Exmoor, hoping to lay to rest the ghost of his uncle, who disappeared aged 11 and is assumed to have fallen victim to the serial killer Arnold Avery. Only Steven's Nan is not convinced her son is dead. Steven is determined to heal the widening cracks in his family before it's too late. And if that means presenting his grandmother with the bones of her murdered son, he'll do it. So the boy takes the next logical step, carefully crafting a letter to Arnold Avery in prison. And there begins a dangerous game between a desperate child and a bored serial killer. A game that will have more terrifying consequences than Stephen could ever imagine...

Bauer, Belinda
Shipcott in bleak mid-winter: a close-knit community where no stranger goes unnoticed. So when an elderly woman is murdered in her bed, village policeman Jonas Holly is doubly shocked. How could someone have entered her house, killed her, and left no trace?

Baxter, Lily
Spitfire girl
It is 1940 and 18 year-old Susan longs to do her duty. Her secret ambition is to learn to fly. She meets Tony, a flying instructor, and friendship blossoms into love. Susan is forced to flee London and is taken in by a kindly innkeeper. She then receives news that Tony is missing in action. Will she realise her dreams of love and flying?

BEEVOR, Antony
The Battle for Spain

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War’s outbreak, Antony Beevor has written a completely updated and revised account of one of the most bitter and hard-fought wars of the twentieth century. With new material gleaned from the Russian archives and numerous other sources, this brisk and accessible book provides a balanced and penetrating perspective, explaining the tensions that led to this terrible overture to World War II and affording new insights into the war—its causes, course, and consequences.

A mother’s spirit
Gloria Sullivan and her Irish husband moved to London after the Wall Street crash to start again. World War Two was raging and her husband became injured while fighting fires at night. When an American base begins recruiting civilians to help in the war, Gloria tells everyone it's her chance to do her bit but will she be tempted to do more?

A Mother’s Only Child
Maria is a girl with a great talent for fabric design, and while the world becomes embroiled in war, all she can think of is her scholarship to the prestigious Grafton Academy. But then her father has a dreadful accident and her mother breaks down in guilt and grief. Maria, the only child, must care for them. Her hopes are dashed, not only of her career, but of marrying the one who's loved her for years. Reluctantly, Maria is driven into the arms of the supposedly reliable Barney. But he's no such thing. This is a superb saga of love, loss and family closeness, set against the tumultuous years of the war and its aftermath.

Bennett, Anne
To have and to hold
Carmel Duffy is the eldest child of a brutal and abusive marriage, and she can't wait to leave home. She's equally determined to have no husband or children of her own - what she wants more than anything is to be a nurse. As soon as she turns 18, she heads to Birmingham and begins her training.

A Child of her Time

A Child of Her Time is a story of prejudice, passion and one woman's struggle to fight for what she really wants in life - against all odds. At twenty-five, teacher Phyllis Bird is still living with her parents in a quiet Hampshire village. With so many young men lost in the Great War, including her own brothers, her life is empty and her future without hope. Until, desperate to break out of her mundane existence, she decides to take up the position of nursery maid in the London home of acclaimed playwright Harold Berridge.

Betts, Charlotte
The chateau on the lake
As a teacher at her parents' Academy for Young Ladies in the heart of London, Madeleine Moreau has lived her life sheltered from the outside world. But on the night of a dazzling Masquerade, tragedy strikes and she is left alone in the world. Desperate to find the family she never knew, Madeleine impulsively travels to France in search of them. But with war around the corner, and fearing for Madeleine's safety, the enigmatic Comte Etienne d'Aubery offers her shelter at his home, Chateau Mirabelle. As the Revolution gathers momentum and the passions of the populace are enflamed, Madeleine must take control of her own destiny and unravel events of the past in order to secure a chance at future happiness.

Billingham, Mark
The bones beneath
Stuart Nicklin, the most dangerous psychopath he has ever put behind bars, promises to reveal the whereabouts of a body he buried 25 years before. But only if Thorne agrees to escort him. Unable to refuse, Thorne gathers a team and travels to a remote Welsh island, at the mercy of the weather and cut off from the mainland. Thorne is determined to get the job done and return home before Nicklin can outwit them. But Nicklin knows this island well. Soon, new bodies are added to the old, and Thorne finds himself facing the toughest decision he has ever had to make.

Billingham, Mark
The dying hours
It's been 25 years since Tom Thorne last went to work wearing the 'Queen's cloth' but now, having stepped out of line once too often, he's back in uniform. He's no longer a detective, and he hates it. Still struggling to adjust, Thorne becomes convinced that a spate of suicides among the elderly in London is something more sinister. His concerns are dismissed by the Murder Squad he was once part of and he is forced to look into it alone.

Good as dead
Police officer Helen Weeks walks into her local newsagent's on her way to work. Little does she know that this simple daily ritual will change her life forever. It's the last place she expects to be met with violence, but as she waits innocently at the till, she comes face to face with a gunman.

Billingham, Mark
Time of death
Two schoolgirls are abducted in the small, dying Warwickshire town of Polesford, driving a knife into the heart of the community where police officer Helen Weeks grew up and from which she long ago escaped. But this is a place full of secrets, where dangerous truths lie buried.

Billington, Rachel
Maria and the admiral
Valparaiso, June 1822. Thomas Cochrane has led the Chilean fleet to victory, and as the news spreads of the country's independence from Spain, a British woman, Maria Graham, watches from her house near Valparaiso Bay. In Maria Graham Cochrane meets a woman whose intelligence and spirit of adventure match his own.

One Summer

K, a middle-aged painter, has returned from a hermit-like existence in Chile to attend the wedding of a girl he once loved to the point of obsession. He arrives at the English country church to find it empty and silent. The wedding has been postponed. He drives back to his hotel - a place he'd visited many years before - opens a bottle of champagne and with it, a door to the past. When K first saw Claudia fifteen years before, he fell instantly and dangerously in love. He managed to forget. He had a wife and a life already full. It was a coup de foudre; he became consumed by her. But Claudia was little more than a child then, twenty-four years his junior, beautiful but unformed. Perhaps it was no surprise that their love proved to be so destructive and ultimately tragic. Now, years later, he returns to find this new bride, his old love, is on the verge of a very different future. But the past, inevitably, awaits them both - and he is determined to take her back there...

Theo and Matilda
A love story played out over the ages, this is a compelling novel about five couples whose romances span more than twelve centuries. In the year 1770, a young man named Theo is taken into the Abbeyfields monastery, where he finds his love, Princess Matilda. In 1540, a young woman named Matilda Whitfield meets Brother Theodore, a monk who has nearly lost his faith. In 1880, Theo and Matilda are the proprietors of a sprawling mansion, Abbeyfields Hall. A hundred years later, Abbeyfields has become a psychiatric hospital, where Theo and Matilda are patients. Today, a new Theo and Matilda have come home in search of a new page of history on which to write their story.

Nights of Rain and Stars
Four strangers on holiday in Greece band together after witnessing a tragic boating accident to become friends, and lovers, in an enchanting story that explores the mercurial nature of friendships and the elusive meaning of family. Residents of different countries, the four vacationers discover a commonality: a desire to escape contentious family situations back home. Serendipitously, two locals, Andreas and Vonni, befriend the travelers and help them gain perspectives that will put their unsettled lives in order.

Set in Castlebay, a village on the coast of Ireland, where class lines are strictly observed and morals publicly monitored. The youngest daughter of a shopkeeper, Clare O'Brien is determined to move beyond her present circumstances. Hard work and the guidance of an irreverent, caring schoolteacher bring the resolute scholar to a college in Dublin. There, her steps falter when she enters into an ardent affair with David Power, the son of Castlebay's only doctor. Although David returns her love, their devotion is sorely tested when they are forced to marry and return home. As a wealthy, new-fledged doctor, David easily resumes his privileged position, but Clare is trapped between her mother-in-law's cold fury and the town's unease.

BINGHAM, Charlotte
Distant Music
Life was tough in England after the Second World War -- at least it was for those who were not part of some particular elite, the fabulously wealthy or the tiny coterie of British film and theatre stars. Little wonder then that Elsie Lancaster, the granddaughter of a theatrical landlady, thinks of nothing else but trying to become one of that shining constellation. Surprising therefore, given their very different origins, that Oliver Plunkett shares the same ambition, for his is the pampered background of old money. Groomed from an early age by his father's theatre-mad butler, there is no other world to which he aspires. No such ambition infuses his best friend, the kooky Coco Hampton. Theatre for her is all about costume, costume, costume. That they all become involved with Portly Cosgrove -- sometime manager, and soon-to-be-agent -- is part of the inevitable flow of theatrical life, as is the fact that they become emotionally entangled with each other.

Bird, Dickie
80 not out
Dickie Bird remains the most famous umpire of them all and is still highly respected throughout the world. Here, as he approaches his 80th birthday, he recalls the highlights of his life in cricket, while also providing an insight into what he has been up to since his retirement.

Bishop, Patrick|
Bomber boys
Patrick Bishop looks back at the lives, human realities and the extraordinary risks that the painfully young pilots took during the strategic air-offensive against Germany from 1939-1945.

Bishop, Patrick
From one of Britain's bestselling historians comes a compelling narrative history of the Royal Air Force. Studded with eye-witness accounts of the epic actions of 20th century aerial warfare, 'Wings' marks the centenary of this great British institution.

Black, Benjamin
The black-eyed blonde
It is the early 1950s. In Los Angeles, private detective Philip Marlowe is as restless and lonely as ever, and business is a little slow. Then a new client arrives: young, beautiful, and expensively dressed, Clare Cavendish wants Marlowe to find her former lover, a man named Nico Peterson. Soon Marlowe will find himself not only under the spell of the black-eyed blonde, but tangling with one of Bay City's richest families and developing a singular appreciation for how far they will go to protect their fortune.

Black, Benjamin
Holy orders
1950s Dublin. When a body is found in the canal, pathologist Quirke and his detective friend Inspector Hackett must find the truth behind this brutal murder. But in a world where the police are not trusted and secrets often remain buried there is perhaps little hope of bringing the perpetrator to justice.

Black, Benjamin
The silver swan
Time has moved on for Quirke, the world-weary Dublin pathologist. It is the middle of the 1950s, that low, dishonourable decade; a woman he loved has died, a man whom he once admired is dying, while the daughter he for so long denied is still finding it hard to accept him as her father.

Black, Sean.
The devil's bounty
A blood-soaked woman stumbles into Ryan Lock's hotel, desperately seeking his help. To bring her attacker to justice, Lock will have to enter the no-man's land of the Mexican borders, where life is cheap and death comes quickly.

Black, Tony.
Truth lies bleeding
Four teenagers find the mutilated corpse of a young girl stuffed into a dumpster in an Edinburgh alleyway. Who is she? Where did she come from? Who killed her and why? Inspector Rob Brennan is still shocked by the senseless shooting of his brother. The case of the dumpster girl looks perfect for getting him back on track.

Blædel, Sara
Blue blood
In an idyllic neighbourhood of Copenhagen, a young woman, Susanne Hansson, is discovered in her apartment bound and gagged, the victim of an extraordinarily brutal rape attack. Detective Inspector Louise Rick soon learns that Susanne met the rapist on a popular online dating site, something Susanne shamefully tries to hide. Events quickly spiral out of control as a horrified Louise realises that the rapist is using the website to target specific women for future attacks.

Blair, Jessica
The road beneath me
When Kate Swan's overbearing father demands that she marry a man she despises, she refuses and is cast out of her comfortable home in Whitby. Fortunately, a kindly local widow is looking for a lady companion and, for the moment, Kate's future is assured.

BLAIR, Jessica
Wings of Sorrow
Jane, unhappy with her life spent at home, sees an opportunity to escape when Nell invites her to visit her family. Nell’s friends Simon and Ewan accept Jane as one of their own, but the threat of war soon alters their friendships irreparably. Simon and his ship are involved in mine sweeping, Ewan joins the air force and—feeling frustrated at their helplessness—Nell and Jane join the Land Army so that they can do something positive for the war effort while remaining together. It is only when both girls fall for the same man that the strength of their friendship is pressed to its limits.

The final reckoning
Tom Byrne has fallen from grace since his days as an idealistic young lawyer. So when the UN call him in to do their dirty work, he accepts without hesitation. A suspected bomber shot by UN security staff has turned out to be a harmless old man and Tom must placate the family.In London, Tom meets the dead man's alluring daughter, and learns that her father was not as innocent as he seemed. He unravels details of a hidden brotherhood, united in a mission that has spanned the world and caused hundreds of unexplained deaths.Pursued by those ready to kill to uncover the truth, Tom has to unlock a secret that has lain buried for more than 60 years.

The house of special purpose
Russia, 1915: At the age of 16, Georgy Jachmenev steps in front of an assassin's bullet, intended for a senior member of the Russian Imperial Family and is instantly proclaimed a hero. Before the week is out, his life as the son of a peasant farmer is changed for ever when he is escorted to St Petersburg to take up his new position - as bodyguard to Alexei Romanov, the only son of Tsar Nicholas II. Sixty-Five years later, visiting his wife Zoya as she lies dying in a London hospital, memories of the life they have lived together flood his mind. Their marriage, while tender, has been marked by tragedy, the loss of loved ones and experiences of exile that neither can forget.

BRADFORD, Barbara Taylor
Act of Will [2 copies]
This story deals with the often-troubled lives of three generations of strong-willed women. Artistically talented orphan Audra Kenton leaves nursing to serve as nanny to precocious Theo Bell. Soon she meets and weds handsome Vincent Crowther, and they begin a long but unstable life together. Obsessively determined to give her daughter the best art education possible, Audra toils long and hard only to see Christina forsake painting for haute couture as a way to repay her mother's untiring sacrifice. At length Christina must allow her own headstrong daughter, Kyle, to determine the direction her own life will follow.

BRADFORD, Barbara Taylor
Being Elizabeth
The final novel in the bestselling Ravenscar seriesElizabeth Turner carries the red-gold hair of her ancestors, but that's not all she has inherited from Edward Deravenel. She is charismatic and ambitious, with the same ruthless streak. Aged just 25, she stands to inherit the family business, Deravenels, a bastion of male chauvinism. Her greatest ally is her married childhood friend, Robert Dunley. He is her match in every way - and there is a spark between them that is impossible to resist. When they begin an affair it scandalises those around them. From the family seat perched high on the Yorkshire moors to the glamour of London as the twentieth century draws to a close, Elizabeth fights for her birthright and her inheritance.

BRADFORD, Barbara Taylor
Emma’s Secret
At the bequest of her dying grandmother, young American Evan Hughes arrives at Emma's magnificent English clothing store, Hartes, only to find out that Emma has long since died. She is soon hired as a store assistant to Linnet O'Neill, Emma's great-granddaughter, who can't help but notice the American's resemblance to her own mother, Paula. Evan and Gideon Harte, Paula's cousin, fall in love amid whispers that Evan might be the descendant of one of Emma's husbands. The truth lies in Emma's diary, but Paula is reluctant to read it. Curiosity finally gets the better of her, and the journal takes Paula to Emma's life during World War II, and at least partially answers the family's questions about Evan's heritage. It is up to Paula to figure out the rest.

BRADFORD, Barbara Taylor
Three Weeks in Paris
As students at the prestigious Anya Sedgwick School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Alexandra Gordon, Kay Lenox, Jessica Pierce and Maria Franconi share the challenges and excitement of developing their artistic talents to the fullest under Sedgwick's caring and demanding guidance. But once best friends, they part enemies, and after graduation they go their separate ways, pursuing careers and establishing lives in different corners of the world. For each of them, the arrival of an invitation to Paris to celebrate Anya Sedgwick's eighty-fifth birthday stirs up complicated feelings…

BRADFORD, Barbara Taylor
Where You Belong [2 copies]
A contemporary novel about a young woman finding herself and her place in life, in love and in the world. Valentine Denning is a courageous photojournalist on the frontline in Kosovo. Her colleagues -- Tony Hampton and American Jake Newberg -- are her comrades-in-arms, men whom she loves and trusts. One is her best friend; one her lover. In a nightmarish ambush, all three are shot, Tony fatally, and for Val an even worse nightmare begins. For there are memories and lies -- lies which force Val to find herself again by leaving her past life of heart-breaking war-danger for what seems like the gentler world of celebrity-shoots: but this too brings danger…

BRADFORD, Barbara Taylor
Heirs of Ravenscar
As the First World War draws to a close, all seems golden for young Edward Deravenel, charismatic head of the family empire and master of Ravenscar. Yet beneath the surface lies discord. Elizabeth Deravenel, his beautiful wife, is jealous and her lies and gossip damage the family name. Worse still is Edward's brother George. His reckless behaviour and treachery lead to blackmail and betrayal. The fortunes of the house of Deravenel begin to suffer. It is up to Edward's daughter Bess, and her son Harry to secure the Ravenscar inheritance - whatever it takes.

A Corruptible Crown
It is 1648, and the Civil War has been resurrected by a king still determined to be an absolute ruler and a parliament unable to agree how to govern without him. Jamie Hudson is weary but faced with prison if he refuses to re-enlist. Meanwhile, Jamie's wife Lucy is struggling to survive as a lone woman in London.

Bradshaw, Rita
Beyond the veil of tears
As an only child, 15-year-old Angeline Stewart is heartbroken when her beloved parents are killed in a coaching accident and she is given into the care of her uncle. Naive and innocent, Angeline is easy prey for the handsome and ruthless Oswald Golding who is looking for a rich heiress to solve the money troubles his womanizing has caused. On her wedding night, Angeline enters a nightmare from which there is no awakening. Oswald proves to be more sadistic and violent than she could ever have imagined. On learning she is expecting a child, Angeline makes plans to run away and take her chances fending for herself and the baby. But then tragedy takes over.

Break of dawn
Her mother's death in childbirth leaves Sophy Hutton at the mercy of her cruel aunt and uncle. At 16, Sophy learns the shocking truth behind her birth and escapes to London to forget her past. But life for women at the turn of the century is fraught with danger and Sophy soon discovers the darker side to the capital.

Bradshaw, Rita
Dancing in the moonlight
On her deathbed, Lucy Fallow's mother makes her 12-year-old daughter promise to look after her four younger siblings and keep house for her father and two older brothers. When the Fallow men folk lose their jobs they take work wherever they can. But it's not long before they are working on the wrong side of the law and under the watchful eye of Tom McKenzie. Meanwhile, through the hardship, Lucy begins to form a relationship with Jacob McKenzie, the boy next door. However, as their love grows, so does the resentment from Jacob's older brother, Tom.

Bradshaw, Rita.
Forever yours
A tragic house fire kills her parents, but Constance Shelton escapes, rescued by her 8-year-old neighbour, Matt Heath. She is brought up by her grandparents, but the two children become inseparable and these strong feelings turn into love. But Matt sees her only as a sister and Constance can do nothing when he proposes to another girl.

Gilding the Lily
Lily and Sarah Brown's childhood is an unhappy one. Sarah escapes by marrying Ralph Turner, a Sunderland dock worker, but Lily doesn't trust Ralph - a dark volatile man with a hidden cruel streak. When he tries to seduce Lily on his wedding day, her worst fears are confirmed. Ralph's younger brother John is cut from a different cloth, though, and Lily is increasingly drawn to him. But just when Lily sees a future for them, a terrible incident destroys her happiness. Heartbroken, Lily agrees to accompany the family she works for as a nursemaid to New York. As Lily boards RMS Titanic little does she realise that her decision will change the course of her life for ever...

Bradshaw, Rita.
The rainbow years
Born during World War 1, Amy Shawe gets off to a bad start as her unmarried mother dies in the 1919 flu epidemic and Amy is only spared the workhouse because her uncle takes her in. Her cousin torments her and when she gets the chance to marry a man she seizes the chance to escape a dangerous situation.

Brand, Max
Bad Man's Gulch
During his writing career, Max Brand penned some 30,000,000 words, enough to fill 530 ordinary books. These stories are amongst the best work of this prolific author.

Brand, Max
The Black Muldoon
On a stormy night in title story, 'The Black Muldoon', a notorious outlaw shows up at the home of the storekeeper, Jefferson Peters. The Black Muldoon has strange cargo, an infant boy. This Western trio includes Max Brand's sequel to 'Iron Dust', 'When Iron Turns to Gold'.

Brand, Max
Red Rock's secret
'Red Rock's Secret' contains three of Max Brand's finest short novels. The stories included are 'Cuttle's Hired Man', 'The Girl They Left Behind Them', and 'Red Rock's Secret'.

Bredow, Hasso von
In the blink of an eye
In May 2000 Hasso von Bredow's life was forever changed. The young and active father of three suffered a massive stroke at the base of his brainstem, leaving him totally paralysed and unable to speak. With his mind as cognitive and as active as always, his body became his painful prison. This is Hasso's life-affirming memoir.

Brockmann, Suzanne
Love with the proper stranger
FBI agent John Miller was on the trail of a notorious female serial killer, and he couldn't blow his cover to anyone. Not even the beguiling Mariah Carver, who had unwittingly entangled herself in a web of deadly deceit. The daring lawman couldn't deny his feelings for Mariah, but he was poised to wed another woman: the ruthless Black Widow, who marries - then murders - her victims.

Brogan, Alan.
Not without you
Powerful and moving, this is the remarkable true story of two children who helped each other survive their cold, unloving children's home only to be cruelly separated. Forty-five years on, they have found each other again and are happily married.

Golden Summer
Jean had loved Adrian with the happy simplicity of a child. Four weeks before their wedding day, he was lost to her, and in circumstances which she did not understand. If the answers lay anywhere, they lay in the West of Ireland, in that enchanting country to which he had been so devoted. She went there expecting nothing beyond finding out what had really happened; only then, she felt, could she accept the situation. By the end of the summer, a new future opened up. None of it had been easy, but now she could put the past behind her. Somehow, she had reached the point where she could truthfully say she would not have changed places with anyone in the world.

BRONTE, Charlotte
Set during the Napoleonic wars at a time of national economic struggles, Shirley is an unsentimental yet passionate depiction of conflict among classes, sexes, and generations. Struggling manufacturer Robert Moore considers marriage to the wealthy and independent Shirley Keeldar, yet his heart lies with his cousin Caroline. Shirley, meanwhile, is in love with Robert’s brother, an impoverished tutor. As industrial unrest builds to a potentially fatal pitch, can the four be reconciled?

BRONTE, Charlotte
With neither friends nor family, Lucy Snowe sets sail from England to find employment in a girls’ boarding school in the small town of Villette. There she struggles to retain her self-possession in the face of unruly pupils, an initially suspicious headmaster, and her own complex feelings, first for the school’s English doctor and then for the dictatorial professor, Paul Emmanuel. Charlotte Brontë’s last and most autobiographical novel is a powerfully moving study of isolation and the pain of unrequited love, narrated by a heroine determined to preserve an independent spirit in the face of adverse circumstances.

Wuthering Heights
The classic tale of the all-encompassing and passionate, yet thwarted, love between Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw, and how this unresolved passion eventually destroys them and many around them.

Brown, Benita
Counting the days
After the fall of France, Hazel, Irene and Carol are sent from the east end of Newcastle to the safety of a country village. Billeted in a grand house with a spinster and her niece, the three young evacuees' futures will be irrevocably changed by their new lives. When peace is declared, and Hazel and Irene return to the families they were forced to leave, they find Newcastle very different to the home they remembered. Mourning the people they loved, they try to leave the past behind and start again. But it's never easy to forget.

Brown, Benita
Dreaming out loud
When Kay Lockwood is left a small inheritance by her mother's old friend, actress Lana Fontaine, she travels to London, leaving behind her Northern hometown and the boyfriend she doesn't quite trust. She falls in love with Lana's ramshackle house, and the excitement of post-war London, but soon discovers a deeper mystery - who was Lana, and why was Kay so important to her? As she unravels the past, her handsome new neighbour Tom seems to offer her a bright future, but when his own dark secret is revealed, Kay feels hurt and betrayed. Can she ever forgive him?

BROWN, Benita
I’ll be seeing you

Village girl Linda Bellwood has always been in awe of the glamorous Hylton family. So when they hire her as companion to the grandmother, she's thrilled. However, when her friendship with the youngest son Florian blossoms into something more, the rest of the family are not so welcoming.

BROWN, Benita
Memories of You
Following the death of their parents, the Norton siblings are tragically split up. While Helen is taken in by their selfish aunt, her twin brothers find themselves in a soul-destroying orphanage while their younger sister is adopted by the wealthy Partingtons. Years later, Helen begins the long and difficult search for her lost family.

Brown, Bill.
Billy Brown, I'll tell your mother
By the time he was 10-years-old Billy Brown was running a successful little business on the black market: whatever you needed, from bricks & fire wood to condoms & dress material, Billy Brown could get it - or knew a man who could. This is the entertaining and eye-opening memoir of a young boy growing up in 1950s post-war London.

The Lost Symbol
Robert Langdon flies to Washington after an urgent invitation to speak in the Capitol building. The invitation appears to have come from a friend with copper-bottomed Masonic connections, Peter Solomon. But Langdon has been tricked: Solomon has, in fact, been kidnapped, and (echoing the grisly opening of the last book) a macabre mutilation plunges Langdon into a tortuous quest. His friend’s severed hand lies in the Capitol building, positioned to point to a George Washington portrait that shows the father of his country as a pagan deity. The ruthless criminal nemesis here is another terrifying figure in Brown’s gallery of grotesques: Mal’akh, a powerfully built eunuch with a body festooned with tattoos. Mal’akh is seeking a Masonic pyramid that possesses a formidable supernatural power, and a pulse-pounding hunt is afoot, with Langdon stalled rather than aided by the CIA.

Deception Point
When a new NASA satellite detects evidence of an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory...a victory that has profound implications for U.S. space policy and the impending presidential election. With the Oval Office in the balance, the President dispatches White House Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton to the Arctic to verify the authenticity of the find. Accompanied by a team of experts, including the charismatic academic Michael Tolland, Rachel uncovers the unthinkable - evidence of scientific trickery - a bold deception that threatens to plunge the world into controversy...

Brown, Sandra
A medical miracle gives TV personality Cat Delaney more than a new heart. She trades Hollywood for San Antonio, where she hosts a TV show for children with special needs. Here she meets Alex Pierce, an ex-cop turned crime writer - and the first man since her surgery to see her not only as a survivor but as a woman.

BROWN, Sandra
The thrill of victory
Stevie Corbett's life is on the line but her fate rides on keeping the truth a secret. Judd Mackie's job is to uncover secrets and after dogging Stevie for years, he now has the story of the year. He only has to betray her trust.

BROWN, Sandra
Tempest in Eden
Read by Renée Raudman

Brown, Sandra
Temptation's kiss
Megan, young widow and workaholic at a television station, desperately tries to avoid her late husband's former boss - with whom she once shared a kiss - but Josh wants her again and will stop at nothing to have her.

BROWN, Sandra
Tomorrow’s promise
Read by Renée Raudman.

A boy has been crucified in Galway. People are shocked. The Church is scandalised. Jack Taylor agrees to help search for the killer. His investigations take him to many old haunts, where he encounters ghosts - dead and living. Everyone seems to want something from him, but Jack isn't sure that he has anything left to give. Then the sister of the murdered boy is burned to death. Jack knows that he must persevere and hunt down the killer, if only to administer his own brand of rough justice.

The guards
Still stinging from his unceremonious ouster from the Garda Siochana, and staring at the world through the smoky bottom of his beer mug, Jack Taylor is stuck in Galway with nothing to look forward to. He is teetering on the brink of his life's sharpest edges, his memories of the past cutting deep into his soul and his prospects for the future non-existent. Until a dazzling woman walks into the bar with a strange request and a rumour about Jack's talent for finding things. Odds are he won't be able to climb off his barstool long enough to get involved, but when he surprises himself by getting hired, Jack has little idea of what he's getting into

BURGH, Anita
The Heart’s Citadel
It is 1913 and the world is on the brink of war. Yet on the estate of Cresswell Manor in Devon, the summer seems endless. Hannah, only daughter of the Cresswells, becomes involved with the suffragettes and dreams of falling in love; headstrong and spoiled Esmerelda deceives her husband for the strangest of reasons; Lettice longs for freedom from her brute of a husband; young Mortimer Cresswell appalls his mother by falling in love with an estate worker's daughter, while his brother, Felix, causes heartbreak in his pursuit of pleasure. Caught up in their own lives, the Cresswells seem ignorant that war is looming, and that soon the world will alter beyond their wildest dreams - or fears...

BURGH, Anita
The Stone Mistress
The casual society and relationships of 1940s Britain suit the wilful Juniper. Spoilt as a child in New England, emotionally crippled by marriage and motherhood, Juniper continues her frenetic search for distraction and love. Once again, she betrays her friendship with Polly Frobisher, and threatens the fragile contentment of her remarkable grandmother Alice Tregowan. Through it all, Gwenfer, the magnificent granite house at the end of the Atlantic, endures, exerting its implacable hold on those who love and covet it, as Juniper is launched into a helter-skelter of passion and betrayal which is dangerous not only to lovers and family, but to herself.

The visitor
Following her wonderful nineteenth century saga THE HOUSE AT HARCOURT, Anita Burgh has written another soaring, dramatic tale of innocence and passion, money and love. A young girl from Devon, Phoebe Drewitt, has escaped her brutal father and a hard life on Dartmoor, her head full of dreams. She is rescued by the reclusive, middle-aged Kendall Bartholomew, whose motives may not be as innocent as they appear. For Arnold Randolph-Smythe, life is more than satisfactory. His shop is successful and his daughter adores him, though his rich wife does not. When Dulcie, his wife, meets Phoebe she invites her to their home. The arguments, hatreds and loves that follow have profound repercussions for all involved.

Burnett, Frances Hodgson
The secret garden
A young British girl born and reared in India loses her neglectful parents in an earthquake. She is returned to England to live at her uncle's castle. Her uncle is very distant due to the loss of his wife ten years before. Neglected once again, she begins exploring the estate and discovers a garden that has been locked and neglected. Aided by one of the servants' boys, she begins restoring the garden, and eventually discovers some other secrets of the manor.

Burns, Patricia.
Follow your dream
'Follow Your Dream' is an enthralling saga, bringing 1950s Southend-on-Sea to dazzling life.

BUTLER, Gwendoline
Coffin on Murder Street
Big trouble in the Docklands area of London where Chief Commander John Coffin heads the Police Force, living nearby in an old church that's been converted into apartments and a theater complex. His neighbor is actress Stella Pinero, longtime friend, onetime lover, who runs the repertory company recently joined by TV and stage actress Nell Casey, just back from the US with small son Tom and nanny Sylvie. Here, Coffin's problems start with the disappearance of a tour bus, passengers aboard, all of them found drugged--and one of them dead- -when the bus surfaces. The fatality is elderly loner Jim Lollard. He lived on Regina Street, whose murderous history and present-day perfidies were his life's work. Then Nell Casey's son is kidnapped, climaxing a series of chilling minor incidents, amid rumors of a known child molester in the area. Days later, Nell vanishes--and Coffin's job is on the line. A hard look into the past uncovers a lurid secret, and teamwork does the rest.

The Rule of Four
Two Princeton University Seniors are struggling to solve the mysteries of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, a cryptic text that has baffled scholars for 500 years. When a long-lost clue surfaces, they have a chance to decipher the final secret. But when a fellow scholar of the text is murdered for knowing too much, Tom and Paul make a frightening realization: they know even more.

Campbell, Karen
Proof of life
The girl in the foyer could not hear them, could not possibly have heard Anna, or know that she was there through two thick doors, but her pale neck flexed and her head came up, longer and higher as her profile turned, as her face took form to stare directly at the camera. And Anna's life, her future, froze.

CAREY, Peter
True History of the Kelly Gang
Set in the desolate settler communities north of Melbourne in the late 19th century, the novel is told in the form of a journal, written by the famous outlaw and "bushranger" Ned Kelly, to a daughter he will never see.The salty, colloquial, unpunctuated style of Kelly's journal is reproduced with great skill, as Carey recounts the outlaw's early life with a cross-dressing, Irish immigrant sheep worker, and a beautiful but headstrong mother, always on the wrong side of the law. Inadvertently causing the arrest and death of his father, Ned realises that "there were a drought and nothing flourishing there but misery I were the oldest son I thought it time to earn my place", a decision that ultimately leads him into conflict with the law, and to form the notorious Kelly Gang.

CARR, Irene
Orphaned at a young age, Rachel is left penniless and alone in the streets of turn-of-the-century Newcastle. In the depths of despair, she is delighted to learn that her eccentric Uncle Joshua has left her his house in Sunderland. But it comes with a strict provision—she must marry her sworn enemy Martin, or her dangerous cousin Saul Gorman will inherit the lot. And Saul will stop at nothing to claim inheritance.

A Month in the Country
Protagonist Tom Birkin is a broken man. Haunted by his experiences in the trenches of World War I and recovering from a divorce, Birkin accepts a job restoring a medieval mural of the apocalypse in a church located in a remote corner of Yorkshire. It is here, however, that Birkin, though alone with only an interpretation of the world's end for company, learns to live again.

Scott Nolan enjoys a flourishing career as a doctor, a rising media profile as a campaigner against drug abuse, and a beautiful new wife. But one wintry Dublin morning Scott’s is changed forever when a contract killer and his team of assassins attempt a daring double strike on Ireland’s anti-drugs minister and his medical spokesman. Scott vows revenge. But how can one man take on Ireland’s notoriously ruthless drug barons.

Etiquette Handbook
Written nearly 50 years ago, this handbook conjures up a period when addressing work colleagues by their first names was frowned upon, wives could expect to receive a weekly allowance from their husbands, and hats were ubiquitous. Laced throughout is Barbara Cartland's wit and wisdom, this is a wonderfully evocative insight into manners that have largely disappeared

Carver, Tania.
Detective Inspector Phil Brennan and criminal psychologist Marina Esposito have just returned from their honeymoon and are spending the Easter weekend in Suffolk. But their rural idyll is cruelly destroyed by a devastating arson attack and a kidnapping.

Casey, Jane
The kill
When a police officer is found shot dead in his car, DC Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent take on the investigation. But nothing about the case prepares them for what happens next: a second policeman dies - and then another. The Metropolitan Police struggle to carry out their usual duties, but no one knows where or how this cop killer will strike again. While London disintegrates into lawlessness, Maeve's world starts to fall apart too. For if the police can't keep themselves safe, how can they protect anyone else?

The missing
When Sarah Finch was a little girl, her older brother went out to play and never came back... Not knowing what happened to Charlie has ripped her family apart. Now a teacher, Sarah's back living at home, trapped with an alcoholic mother who keeps her brother's bedroom as a shrine. Then twelve-year-old Jenny Shepherd disappears and it's Sarah who discovers her pupil¡s body, abandoned in the woods near her home. As Sarah becomes more involved in the inquiry, suspicions are aroused. But it's not just the police who are watching her...

Casey, Jane
The stranger you know
He meets women. He gains their trust. He kills them. That's all Maeve Kerrigan knows about the man she is hunting. Three women have been strangled in their homes by the same sadistic killer. With no sign of a break-in, every indication shows that they let in their attacker. But the evidence is pointing at a shocking suspect: DCI Josh Derwent, Maeve's colleague. Maeve refuses to believe he could be involved, but how well does she really know her partner? After all, this is hardly the first time Derwent's been accused of murder.

Midnight crystal
For many earthly centuries, a legendary curse has plagued the Winters family, stemming from the tumultuous founding of the Arcane Society. But now, on the futuristic world of Harmony, the curse's final mystery will be unravelled.

CHADWICK, Elizabeth
The Greatest Knight
William Marshal, the younger son of a wealthy family, shows early prowess with a sword and uncommon chivalry, which he puts to good use saving the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Afterward, she makes him arms tutor to her sons, the young princes. Marshal pledges his service to heir Henry and stays with the prince, out of loyalty to Eleanor, throughout Henry's turbulent manhood and rebellion against his father. When Henry dies, Marshal swears loyalty to Henry's brother Richard, putting him at odds with his own brother, who is loyal to Prince John. When Richard leaves on crusade and John conspires to take the crown, Marshal must decide between family and honor. A true historical hero, if little known, William Marshal served under some of England's most famous kings and proved himself again and again throughout the troubled 12th century.

CHADWICK, Elizabeth
Lady of the English
Two different women are linked by the struggle for the English crown. Matilda, daughter of Henry I, is determined to win back her crown. Adeliza, Matilda's stepmother, is now married to William D'Albini, a warrior of the opposition. How can Adeliza obey her husband while supporting Matilda, the rightful queen?

Chadwick, Elizabeth
Lords of the white castle
This novel is based on a true story of honour, treachery and love spanning the turbulent reigns of four great medieval kings. A violent quarrel with Prince John disrupts Fulke's life ambition and leads him to rebel.

Chadwick, Elizabeth
The summer queen
Young, golden-haired and blue-eyed Eleanor has everything to look forward to as the heiress to wealthy Aquitaine. But when her beloved father dies suddenly in the summer of 1137, her childhood is over. Forced to marry the young Prince Louis of France, she barely adjusts before another death catapults them to being crowned King and Queen of France. Leaving everything behind, Eleanor must face the complex and vivacious French court. She is only 13. Barely out of childhood, and forced to deal with great scandals, fraught relationships and forbidden love at every turn, Eleanor finally sees what her future could hold if she could just seize the moment.

CHADWICK, Elizabeth
The time of singing
One woman forced to make a heartbreaking sacrifice...When Roger Bigod, heir to the powerful earldom of Norfolk, arrives at court in 1177 to settle a bitter inheritance dispute with his half-brothers, he encounters Ida de Tosney, young mistress to King Henry II. A victim of Henry's seduction and the mother of his son, Ida is attracted to Roger and sees in him a chance of lasting security; but in deciding to marry Roger, she is forced to make a choice. As Roger's importance as a mainstay of the Angevin government grows, it puts an increasing strain on his marriage. Against a volatile political background the gulf between them threatens to widen beyond crossing, especailly when so many bridges have already been burned.

Chadwick, Elizabeth
The winter crown
It is the winter of 1154 and Eleanor, Queen of England, is biding her time. While her husband King Henry II battles for land across the channel, Eleanor fulfils her duty as acting ruler and bearer of royal children. But she wants to be more than this - if only Henry would let her. Instead, Henry belittles and excludes her, falling for a young mistress and leaving Eleanor sidelined and angry. Frustrated at Henry's hoarding of power, Eleanor is forced into a rebellion of devastating consequences.

CHAPPLE, Margaret
Cookley Green
When a new school teacher settles in Cookley Green with her young son Sammy, she finds herself neighbours with old Pearl, a former workhouse inmate whose memory goes back to the Great War, when Cookley Green was a village nestling innocently in the Suffolk countryside.

In the Ravine
Anton Chekhov is regarded by many as the most outstanding short story writer. This may be a surprise at the first encounter with even his most famous stories, because they are rarely driven by plot or anticipation. They are often gentle in character, elusive in purpose; but they create a resonance in the imagination that rings long. Here are 12 stories, from the brightly comic to the overtly tragic, each full of the sharpest observations of personality and situation, and with implications beyond their brief form; the dying actor, the children playing a game, the cabman with his tragedy, the orator's mistake and, perhaps most richly of all, the family laid bare in 'In The Ravine'.

Girl with a Pearl Earring
One of the best-loved paintings in the world is a mystery. Who is the model and why has she been painted? What is she thinking as she stares out at us? Are her wide eyes and enigmatic half-smile innocent or seductive? And why is she wearing a pearl earring? Girl with a Pearl Earring tells the story of Griet, a 16-year-old Dutch girl who becomes a maid in the house of a painter Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer slowly draws her into the world of his paintings and the chaotic household run by his volatile wife. Their intimacy soon spreads disruption and jealousy within the ordered household and even – as the scandal seeps out – ripples in to the world beyond.

Falling Angels [2 copies]
When Maude Coleman and Lavinia Waterhouse, both five years of age, meet at their families' adjoining cemetery plots on the day after Queen Victoria's death, the friendship that results between sensitive, serious-minded Maude and narcissistic, melodramatic Livy is not unlikely, despite the difference in social classes. But the continuing presence in their lives of a young gravedigger, Simon Field, is. Far too cheeky for a boy of his age and class, Simon plays an important part in the troubles that will overtake the two families. Other characters are gifted with insights inappropriate to their age or station in life. Yet Chevalier again proves herself an astute observer of a social era, especially in her portrayal of the lingering sentimentality, prejudices and early stirrings of social change of the Victorian age. When Maude's mother, Kitty, becomes obsessively involved with the emerging suffragette movement, the plot gathers momentum.

Child, Lee.
The affair
March 1997. A woman has her throat cut behind a bar in Carter Crossing, Mississippi. Just down the road is a big army base. Is the murderer a local guy - or is he a soldier? Jack Reacher, still a major in the military police, is sent in undercover.

Bad Luck and Trouble
Bad Luck and Trouble is your typical Jack Reacher novel from author Lee Child. Once again Reacher, our hard as nails, itinerant former Military Policeman hero, gets caught up in a twisting plot involving murderous and irredeemable bad guys, a hidden conspiracy (this time with links to the global war on terrorism) and a mounting body count. This time the twist is that events require Reacher to reunite and work with former colleagues from his army days; colleagues almost as hard nosed and capable as he is.

The Enemy
Child's usual protagonist, the tough and resourceful Jack Reacher, is in North Carolina on New Year's Day, 1990. Elsewhere, world-shaking events are underway, such as the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. But Jack's job as a Military Police Duty Officer has him concerned with what initially seem to be less significant happenings: a soldier has been found dead in a sleazy motel and when Jack goes to the house of the soldier (a two-star general) to inform his wife, he finds her also dead. Needless to say, events in another part of the globe are having fatal repercussions in the US, and Reacher is soon up to his neck, with the body count rising.

First Thrills
New York Times bestselling author Lee Child has teamed up with the International Thriller Writers for 'First Thrills', a showcase of many of the organization's bestselling authors as well as rising stars in the genre.

Gone tomorrow
Suicide bombers are easy to spot. They give out all kinds of tell-tale signs. Mostly because they're nervous. By definition they're all first-timers. There are twelve things to look for. No one who has worked in law enforcement will ever forget them. Riding the subway in New York at two o'clock in the morning, Reacher knows the signs. Watching one of his fellow passengers, he becomes sharply aware: one by one, she ticks off every bulletpoint on his list. The train brakes for Grand Central Station. Will Reacher intervene, and save lives? Or is he wrong? Will his intervention cost lives - including his own?

Child, Lee,
Make me
Jack Reacher has no place to go, and all the time in the world to get there, so a remote railroad stop with the curious name of Mother's Rest seems perfect for an aimless one-day stopover. He expects to find a lonely tombstone in a sea of nearly-ripe wheat, but instead there is a woman waiting for a missing private investigator, a cryptic note about 200 deaths, and a small town full of silent, watchful people. His one-day stopover looks about to turn into something more complicated ...

Child, Lee
Never go back
After an epic journey all the way from South Dakota, Jack Reacher has finally made it to Virginia. His destination: the headquarters of his old unit, the 110th MP. Why? He wants to meet the new commanding officer, Major Susan Turner. He liked her voice on the phone. But the officer sitting behind Reacher's old desk isn't a woman. Reacher doesn't expect what comes next: he is accused of homicide. And he certainly doesn't expect to hear these words: 'You're back in the army, Major. And your ass is mine.'

Nothing to Lose
After having Reacher team up with his former army colleagues in "Bad Luck and Trouble", Lee Child has gone back to Reacher's loner roots. "Nothing to Lose" opens with Reacher literally walking into the small town of Despair, Colorado, where he's promptly arrested and run out of town. What are the secrets that the residents of Despair are so desperate to keep hidden? Reacher is equally determined to find out...

Child, Lee
One shot
A lone gunman unleashes pandemonium when he shoots into a crowd of people in a public plaza in Indiana. Five people are killed in cold blood, shot through the head. But he leaves a trail of evidence behind him, and soon the local police chief tracks him down. The shooter says he wants Jack Reacher.

Child, Lee
Jack Reacher walks alone. Once a go-to hard man in the US military police, now he's a drifter of no fixed abode. But the army tracks him down. Because someone has taken a long-range shot at the French president. Only one man could have done it. And Reacher is the one man who can find him.

Jack Reacher, the taciturn ex-MP, returns in this explosive tale of an undercover operation set up by the FBI to rescue an agent investigating Zachary Beck, a reclusive tycoon believed to be a kingpin in the drug trade. The novel begins with a bang as Reacher rescues Beck's son from a staged kidnapping in order to get close to his father--and trace the connection between Beck and Quinn, a former army intelligence officer who tried to sell blueprints of a secret weapon to Iraq but was murdered before he could pull it off. Or so Reacher thinks, until he spots Quinn in the crowd at a concert in Boston...

A Wanted Man
Nebraska - and Jack Reacher, huge, hulking and with a freshly busted nose, is still trying to hitch a ride east to Virginia. He's picked up by three strangers - two men and a woman. Immediately he knows they're all lying about something.

61 hours
Winter in South Dakota. A bus skids and crashes and is stranded in a storm. There's a small town 20 miles away, where a vulnerable witness is guarded around the clock. There's a strange stone building five miles further on, all alone on the prairie. There's a ruthless man who controls everything from the warmth of Mexico.

And Then There Were None
Considered the best mystery novel ever written by many readers, And Then There Were None is the story of 10 strangers, each lured to Indian Island by a mysterious host. Once his guests have arrived, the host accuses each person of murder. Unable to leave the island, the guests begin to share their darkest secrets--until they begin to die

Murder in Mesopotamia
When nurse Amy Leatheran agrees to look after American archaeologist Dr Leidner’s wife Louise at a dig near Hassanieh she finds herself taking on more than just nursing duties – she also has to help solve murders. Fortunately for Amy, Hercule Poirot is visiting the excavation site but will the great detective be in time to prevent a multiple murderer from striking again?

Poirot Investigates
A capital collection of Poirot mystery stories, ingeniously constructed. What do a movie star, an archaeologist, a French maid, a prime minister, a wealthy dowager, and an Italian count have in common? Half of them have fallen victim to a terrible crime. The others have fallen under suspicion. Leave the deductions to Hercule Poirot.

Sad Cypress
The story concerns Elinor Carlisle, accused of murdering another young woman while in a jealous rage. The evidence against Elinor is overwhelming, and she seems destined for prison until a friend and admirer engages Poirot. What follows is the usual Christie puzzle, which readers/listeners are invited to help solve.

Clancy, Tom
Locked on
Although his father had been reluctant to become a field operative, Jack Ryan Jr. wants nothing more. But what neither father nor son knows is that the political and the personal have just become equally dangerous.

Clancy, Tom
Threat vector
Jack Ryan has only just moved back into the Oval Office when he is faced with a new international threat. An aborted coup in the People's Republic of China has left President Wei Zhen Lin with no choice but to agree with the expansionist policies of General Su Ke Quiang. They have declared the South China Sea a protectorate and are planning an invasion of Taiwan.

The other hand
'The Other Hand' is a novel by Chris Cleave, the author of 'Incendiary'. Deeply moving, yet light in touch, it explores the nature of loss, hope, love and identity with atrocity as its backdrop.

The glass room
DI Vera Stanhope is not one to make friends easily, but her hippy neighbours keep her well-supplied in homebrew and conversation so she has more tolerance for them than most. When one of them goes missing she feels duty-bound to find out what happened. But her path leads her to more than just a missing friend.

Raven Black
On the remote island of Shetland, teacher Fran Hunter is walking home when she spots a splash of red in the deep, white snowdrifts, with black ravens flying above. What a perfect picture it makes, she thinks. But on closer inspection, she finds that the "perfect picture" is the dead body of local teenager Catherine Ross, whose red scarf has been used to strangle her. Suspicion immediately falls on recluse Magnus Tait, who was accused--but never convicted--of kidnapping another girl eight years earlier. Policeman Jimmy Perez, assigned to the case, isn't convinced of Magnus' guilt. As he investigates, he uncovers a web of sinister secrets, strange superstitions, petty rivalries, thwarted love, and illicit affairs--the dark underbelly of Shetland's tight-knit community.

Cleeves, Ann
Murder in paradise
The honeymoon was over and Jim and his English bride, Sarah, had come home to Kinness to settle down. But first there was to be one huge celebration for the newlyweds, with the whole island present. And before the party was over, there would be a shockingly unexpected death. Somehow, in the dark of the night, Jim's young sister, Mary, slipped off Ellie's Head to the rocks below. A terrible end to a boisterously cheerful evening. But did Mary fall, or was she pushed? George Palmer-Jones, retired birdwatcher and amateur detective, suspected the latter, but proving it would be difficult: no one wanted to upset the balance of the island's ancient relationships. Yet those with something to hide inevitably try to hide it, and George, helped by Sarah, began to piece together a tragic story he wished he had never heard. Kinness was a paradise lost.

CLEVERLY, Barbara.
The Blood Royal
On his return from India, Commander Joe Sandilands, now adept at the arts of dynamic diplomacy, finds himself up to his neck in a tricky political situation. A war-weary London is reeling from IRA atrocities and Joe is further plagued by the machinations of a spy-ring being run under his nose by a Russian emigree princess.

Cliff, Ann
Summer by the sea
When Helen Moore gets a job in a charming seaside guesthouse she expects a life of smooth domestic routine, but there is trouble in store. James is writing a book about the fishing community and he asks Helen to help him with his research. Thus it comes to pass that Helen meets some of the fisher girls and is drawn into their harsh lives.

COBEN, Harlan
Hold Tight
Tia and Mike Baye never imagined they'd become the type of overprotective parents who spy on their kids. But their sixteen-year-old son Adam has been unusually distant lately, and after the suicide of his classmate Spencer Hill - the latest in a string of issues at school - they can't help but worry. They install a sophisticated spy program on Adam's computer, and within days they are jolted by a message from an unknown correspondent addressed to their son: "Just stay quiet and all safe." Meanwhile, browsing through an online memorial for Spencer, Betsy Hill is struck by a photo that appears to have been taken on the night of her son's death and he wasn't alone. She thinks it is Adam Baye standing just outside the camera's range, but when Adam goes missing, it soon becomes clear that something deep and sinister has infected their community...

COLE, Martina
The business
Imelda Dooley is scared. She's pregnant and now she's on her own. Her father, not a man to mess with, will see that somebody pays. So Imelda Dooley tells a lie that literally causes murders. When Mary Dooley's husband is killed, she knows she must graft to keep the family afloat. And graft she does, becoming a name in her own right. But she still has to watch her daughter's life spiral into a vicious cycle of drugs and prostitution. Caught up in the carnage are Mary's grandchildren, Jordanna and Kenny. Jordanna isn't yet three and she already knows far too much. All she can do is look after her baby brother, and try not to draw attention to herself.

COLE, Martina
Dangerous Lady
Ducking and diving is a way of life down Lancaster Road; all the Ryans are at it. But Michael, the eldest, has ambitions way beyond petty crime. Then his little sister Maura decides to follow her beloved brother into the family firm. At 17, she's tough, clever and beautiful - a dangerous lady.

COLE, Martina
Eleven years ago Marie Carter was convicted of killing her two best friends. And she's paid the price. Now she is being released from prison. It's time to go home. But life has moved on, and Marie has nowhere to go. Her parents have disowned her, her friends have abandoned her, even her kids don't want to know. But some people out there are watching her, following her every move - they know that Marie Carter wants retribution.

Cole, Martina
The faithless
To the outside world, Cynthia Tailor is a woman to envy; she has a devoted husband, a lovely home and two children. But Cynthia is deeply unhappy; she has always craved the best things in life, and is determined to get them. She will let nothing stand in her way, even if it means devastation and tragedy for those nearest to her.

Cole, Martina
The good life
Cain Moran wanted Jenny Riley more than he had ever wanted anyone or anything before in his life. But loving Jenny Riley was the easy part; it was telling his wife he wanted a divorce that was going to be the killer. Jenny is not just any girl. She cares nothing for Cain's hard-man reputation - she just wants to be with him. But Cain is not a free man. And he's about to find out that when his wife Caroline said 'til death us do part, she meant it. When Cain is sentenced to life in prison it seems that Caroline might have got her wish. All Cain and Jenny know is that if their love can survive such separation, then one day they will have a chance at the good life together again. But there are greater trials ahead than either can foresee. They're about to learn the hardest lesson of all: live the good life, pay the price.

COLE, Martina
Hard girls
When a prostitute's body is found mutilated and brutally raped, DCI Annie Carr has never seen anything like it. Kate Burrows, retired DCI now consultant, has plenty of experience when it comes to murder - after all she caught the Grantley Ripper and broke the biggest paedophile ring in the South East. She is determined to help put the killer behind bars. But when another girl's body is found, even more disfigured than the last, it's clear the killer is just warming up... In a ruthless world where everyone's out for themselves, Annie and Kate must dig deep if they hope to catch a callous serial killer who knows no limits. For some, prostitution is seriously big business. But how many people will pay the ultimate price?

COLE, Martina
The Know
Joanie Brewer' s children meant the world to her. She'd do anything to protect them, even resorting to prostitution and petty crime in order to feed and clothe them. So when her beautiful teenage daughter is raped and murdered, only one thing will stop Joanie's pain - seeing her daughter's killer brought to justice. Joanie knows who he is and she'll do whatever it takes to nail him...

Cole, Martina
Michael Flynn is untouchable in a world of power, money and violence. He fights for what he wants and he takes it, whatever the cost. He learns the rules of the Life from the best and when his mentor, legendary Face Patrick Costello, is taken out, no one questions that Michael Flynn is his natural successor. For Michael, loyalty - and crime - pays. Michael rises to heights beyond anything the criminal underworld has seen. He owns everyone and he rules his empire with an even but fierce hand. No one would dare challenge him. Then the unthinkable happens.

COLE, Martina
The Runaway
When Cathy Connor and Eamonn Docherty are thrown together as children in the East End their fate is sealed. Cathy's miserable life as a prostitute's child changes forever when she's forced into care. The ordeal that follows leaves her with no choice but to run away to Soho, and she learns to survive in the violent heart of London's underworld. Meanwhile, Eamonn, who fled to New York, has gained a reputation as a ruthless villain. But when their paths cross again, Cathy's an equal match for Eamonn.

COLE, Martina
Patrick Brodie knows exactly how far he's prepared to go to get what he wants. And he wants it all. Now. Before long, Patrick has become a legend in his own lifetime. Violently. Lily Diamond is different from the kind of woman Patrick is normally attracted to. But together they are determined that their children will have everything they didn't. Until the unthinkable happens and Lily is left on her own to look after their family in a dangerous world. The Brodies must stay close to survive. But as everyone knows, your sins will find you out.

Bilbury Village
A young doctor arrives to begin work in the small village of Bilbury which is home to some memorable characters who have many a tale to tell. Vernon Coleman weaves a superb story full of humour and anecdotes transporting you back to the days of old-fashioned village life where you never needed to lock your door, and when a helping hand was only ever a moment away.

Colgan, Jenny
Christmas at Rosie Hopkins sweetshop
Rosie Hopkins is looking forward to Christmas in the little Derbyshire village of Lipton, buried under a thick blanket of snow. Her sweetshop is festooned with striped candy canes, large tempting piles of Turkish delight, crinkling selection boxes and happy, sticky children. She's going to be spending it with her boyfriend, Stephen, and her family, flying in from Australia. She can't wait - but when a tragedy strikes at the heart of their little community and all of Rosie's plans for the future seem to be blown apart. Can she build a life in Lipton? And is what's best for the sweetshop also what's best for Rosie?

Colgan, Jenny
The Christmas surprise
Rosie Hopkins, newly engaged, is looking forward to an exciting year in the little sweetshop she owns and runs. But when fate strikes Rosie and her boyfriend, Stephen, a terrible blow, threatening everything they hold dear, it's going to take all their strength and the support of their families and their Lipton friends to hold them together. After all, don't they say it takes a village to raise a child?

Welcome to Rosie Hopkins

Rosie Hopkins' elderly aunt Lilian needs her help, so Rosie is moving to the depths of the countryside for a few months to look after her. Lilian has spent her life running Lipton's village sweetshop. As she struggles with the idea of selling up, she also wrestles with the secret history hidden behind the jars of sweets

Collier, Catrin
Bobby's girl
1968. British students Penny & Kate and Americans Bobby & Sandy have a wonderful summer on Cape Cod. Then Bobby's car crashes, and a bitter old woman takes control, changing the survivors' lives forever. One was killed, another damaged and a third disappeared. 20 years later, a letter arrives, stirring up old memories.

Mother of the bride
What could be more exciting than planning a daughter's wedding? But as the countdown to the Big Day begins, and mother and daughter throw themselves into creating the wedding of their dreams, not everyone's prepared for the commotion this involves.

The rose garden
Molly's perfect life comes crashing down following the unexpected death of her husband David. She is left alone with a big old house to maintain, finances in disarray and her hopes for happiness in a heap. But Molly is a survivor. Despite objections from her two daughters, Molly fears that the only solution will be to sell their beloved home. But as she finds herself drawn to the old neglected and overgrown walled rose garden and the dilapidated gardener's cottage attached, she suddenly sees a future as she decides to restore them. As the rose garden takes on a new life and starts to bloom again, Molly finds that she can look to the future with new confidence and hope.

The Stone House
Everything changes for Kate, Moya and Romy when they receive word that Maeve Dillon, their mother, is critically ill. It is time to return from Dublin, London and New York to Dunmore and the old stone house overlooking the Irish Sea where they grew up. But ancient jealousies surface as each sister confronts the past and the decisions they have made. For work-driven Kate it is time to take stock of her role as a high-flying ambitious lawyer and single parent; life is a battle between work and looking after Molly with little time for a proper relationship. Even Patrick, the man she once fell for, has ended up marrying her sister. Beautiful and intense Moya must take a hard look at her marriage to the charming but unfaithful Patrick and consider her own worth. For wild child Romy who has travelled the world and hasn't put a foot on Irish soil for years, it is time to finally stop running and find the courage to confront her family. A good and caring mother, Maeve Dillon has somehow over the years labelled each of her three daughters: Moya the beautiful, Kate the brains, and Romy, the bold and wild one. Now it is finally time for all three to break out of the box.

Conlon-McKenna, Marita
A taste for love
Chef Alice loves to cook. When she married Liam she was happy to cook only for family and friends. But now her marriage is over, and Alice finds herself struggling not only emotionally but also financially. She decides to open a cookery school and begins to teach a group of strangers how to create food that is tasty and delicious.

Conlon-McKenna, Marita
Three women
Kate has kept a secret for 25 years which is about to be discovered. Erin is discovering who she really is. Nina's daughter is running off to find a woman she doesn't know. There is no escaping the past. Kate, Erin and Nina all have to come to terms with what happened so many years before, and to find a way of dealing with it.

The Black Echo
When the body of a former ``tunnel rat'' from Vietnam is found in a drainpipe, Harry is the detective on duty and is called to the scene. His identification of the body begins an investigation that leads to more murder, bank robbery, heroin, diamonds, and betrayal. Connelly's descriptions of autopsies, murder scenes, and police procedure are vivid and realistic. The use of acronyms and police jargon puts readers in the middle of the action. A real page turner with gutsy realism and an unusual twist.

Bad Men
The small island of Sanctuary, off the coast of Maine, was once the scene of a bloody massacre. Now, three centuries later, evil has again come to the island, a modern-day evil with strange, eerie connections to the events of the late 1600s. Do two police officers have even a remote chance of stopping the carnage? This is one of those novels that refuses to be pigeonholed. It's a thriller; it's a mystery; it's a tale of the supernatural (sort of). At its center is Joe Dupree, the (literal) gentle giant of a cop, a man whose kindness and compassion would appear to make him a bad choice to defend the citizens of Sanctuary from the marauding evil that approaches.

Connolly, John
The burning soul
Randall Haight has a secret: when he was a teenager, he and his friend killed a 14-year-old girl. He did his time and built a new life in the small Maine town of Pastor's Bay. Now somebody has discovered the truth and he is being tormented by anonymous messages. He hires private detective Charlie Parker to make them stop.

The gates
The gates of hell are about to open...mind the gapSamuel Johnson has a number of problems. Samuel's dad cares more about his car than his family, Samuel's mother is lonely, and only Samuel's dog, Boswell, truly understands him. Oh, and as if things couldn't get any worse, Samuel's neighbours, led by the villainous Mrs Abernathy, are trying to open the gates of hell. It's up to Samuel to stop them, except nobody will believe him, and time is running out... Now the fate of humanity lies in the hands of one small boy, an even smaller dog, and a very unlucky demon named Nurd...

Hell’s bells
Samuel Johnson - with a little help from his dachshund Boswell and a very unlucky demon named Nurd - has sent the demons back to Hell. But the diabolical Mrs Abernathy is not one to take defeat lying down. When she reopens the portal and sucks Samuel and Boswell down into the underworld, she brings an ice-cream van full of dwarfs as well.

The reapers
A Charlie Parker novel. They are the Reapers, the elite among killers - men so terrifying that their names are mentioned only in whispers. The assassin Louis is one of them. But now Louis and his partner, Angel, are themselves targets. And there is no shortage of suspects. A wealthy recluse sends them north to a town that no longer exists on a map - a town ruled by a man with very personal reasons for wanting Louis's blood spilt. There they find themselves trapped, isolated and at the mercy of a killer feared above all others. Thanks to former detective Charlie Parker, help is on its way. But can Angel and Louis stay alive long enough for it to reach them?

The Unquiet
Daniel Clay, a psychiatrist alleged to have worked with a child-abuse ring, is missing and presumed dead. His grown daughter, Rebecca, is being stalked by an ex-con whose own daughter is missing. Rebecca hires Portland, Maine, investigator Charlie Parker to protect her and dissuade her stalker, a former contract killer named Merrick who is intent on either finding his daughter or avenging her death. The case leads to a very dark chapter in Maine's rural history and to the still-operational remnants of a syndicate of highly organized child abusers. Connolly weaves elements of the supernatural into a disturbing, very dark tale.

Connolly, John
The wolf in winter
The community of Prosperous, Maine has always thrived when others have suffered. Its inhabitants are wealthy, its children's future secure. It shuns outsiders. It guards its own. And at the heart of Prosperous lie the ruins of an ancient church, transported stone by stone from England centuries earlier by the founders of the town. But the death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter draw the haunted, lethal private investigator Charlie Parker to Prosperous.

CONNOR, Alexandra
The Face in the Locket
A spoilt child learns the lessons of life the hard way, in this warm family saga set in Wigan from 1920s to 1950s. Our heroine is brought to live with her maiden aunts as a young child. They are formidable sisters, counting themselves a cut above the neighbours, because they run a genteel hairdressing salon. They dote on their pretty niece, although they're also devoted to their brother -- something not right with him, but nobody likes to talk about it. The girl grows into a beautiful woman, who knows how to make the most of her charms. But when tragedy, family shame and betrayal force her to confront the real world, she shows everyone that there's more to her than a pretty face after all.

Connor, Alexandra
Mask of fortune
Zoe Mellor seems to have everything - looks, money and a top job in a Bond Street gallery. Yet life hadn't always been this way. Motherless at 15, Zoe had spent her teens looking after her father and adored brothers in Lancashire. It was there that she and her brother Victor had learned to exploit her talent for painting and art appreciation. Her meteoric rise in the glamorous world of international art is mirrored by her phenomenal but highly illegal success as a forger.

CONNOR, Alexandra
The Soldier’s Woman
When Faith Granger-s husband Samuel comes back from the First World War he is a changed man. Although still loving to his wife and daughter, Samuel struggles to settle down to normal, civilian life, and Faith seems unable to re-ignite their old passion. Then Leonie Bonnard, a shy young Frenchwoman, arrives, telling Faith she is a war widow looking for a room to rent for herself and her young child. Faith takes her in, but when Samuel comes face to face with the -lodger- he realises that his past has caught up with him: he is the father of her child. Leonie threatens to tell Faith everything, and insists that Samuel leave his family for her. How will Faith react when she realises her life has been wrecked by a trusted interloper?

Connor, Alexandra.
The well of dreams
A saga of determination and hope, 'The Well of Dreams' is the story of one woman's fight to inherit her dreams.

COOK, Claire
Best Staged Plans
As a professional home stager, Sandy Sullivan is an expert at transforming cluttered rooms into attractive houses ready for sale. If only reinventing her own life were as easy as choosing the perfect paint colour. She's eager to put her family's suburban Boston home on the market, to downsize, and to simplify her own life.

COOK, Gloria
Holding the light
Seth Kivell is furious when he loses out in the race to buy the Poltraze estate, but when Poltraze Farm is bequeathed to his 16-year-old daughter, Clemency, he sees his chance, moving the family there and renaming it Trenbarvear. But his vindictive bullying causes anguish and tragedy, and one by one, the family deserts him.

Cook, Gloria.
Leaving shades
After a miscarriage, Beth Tresaile returns to Owles House, the place of her miserable childhood, accompanied by her best friend, Kitty Copeland. Beth feels she can no longer go on unless she gets revenge on her estranged mother, who neglected and abandoned her on a cold winter's night. But there are many shocks in store for Beth.

COOK, Gloria
A Whisper of Life

Life in the small Cornish village of Hennaford is still difficult in 1948, as the latest dramatic installment in Cook's family saga begins. Several new characters have entered the scene, among them 16-year-old Kate, who limps owing to a childhood bout with polio that left one leg longer than the other and who has just been cruelly cast off by her unloving family because they want her room, miserable as it is. Jonny Harvey, Tristan's son and an RAF officer maimed in the war, has returned home to consider his options. He finds himself attracted to worldly Abbie Rothwell, a recently widowed artist and distant connection. But he is equally drawn to Kate's unspoiled innocence as she finds her way among the kind folk at Ford Farm who have taken her in after Jill Harvey's ectopic-pregnancy miscarriage.

Murder at the Laurels
Elderly Eeanor Bridges dies on her birthday at The Laurels nursing home, no-one except her niece, Fran Castle, suspects anything. But when the will goes missing, and Fran s newly discovered relatives appear to be doing everything in their power to hamper the investigations, she enlists the help of her friend Libby Sarjeant. Together, they uncover sinister events in the past, greed and elements of witchcraft, all of which provide a multiplicity of motives, and it isn t until a second body is discovered that the murderer is unmasked.

Murder in the green
Libby Sarjeant and her friend Fran become involved in the strange rituals of the local Morris Men after one of them is found dead on May Day and another seems to have vanished into thin air.

COOKSON, Catherine
The Branded Man
Fourteen-year-old Marie Anne Lawson, youngest daughter of a prosperous Northumbrian family, fleeing from something she couldn't bear to see, fell and broke her ankle. She was discovered by a local man who, because of a disfigurement, was known thereabouts as 'the branded man'. Her mother impatiently awaited her recovery, for she had already planned to send her wayward daughter to London, where her Aunt Martha could encourage the child's natural talent for the piano. But Aunt Martha's regime was so harsh that only the friendship of her aunt's companion, Sara Foggerty, stopped Marie Anne from plunging into despair--that and the encouragement she received from her music tutor. Why, then, did his sudden disappearance make it necessary for her to return to Northumberland, this time into the care of her grandfather?

COOKSON, Catherine
Just a Saying
From the earliest poem included here, written in 1925 when she was 19 years old, to poetry written just before her death in 1998 at the age of 91, this anthology spans the gamut of Catherine Cookson's life and work. The collection draws on many themes that will be familiar to the readers of this well-loved writer: love, work, class and the beauty of nature. She also shares more personal thoughts, reflections on her own writing, marriage to her beloved Tom and life in the north of England.

COOKSON, Catherine
This story explores the complicated relationship between a younger man and an older woman. After a difficult childhood, Riley lands a job at the Little Palace Theatre, where he forms a bond with the actress Nyrene Forbes-Mason; all manner of complications ensue.

COOKSON, Catherine
A Ruthless Need
The main character is a young girl, Lizzie, whom we meet at the age of 14. She is step-daughter to a woman who is quite disreputable. The step-mother allows Lizzie to go out on an errand to deliver a pie to a man living in a secluded cottage in the county of Durham. The man tries to rape her. She is rescued by a corporal named Geoffrey Furham. He is just about to be shipped out to the Suez Canal to serve in World War II. He finds the conditions of Lizzie's home life so deplorable that he appeals to his invalid mother, to take the girl into the house as a servant. Lizzie goes to stay with Mr. and Mrs. Furham while Geoffrey goes off to war. In the ensuing time during his absence, she grows up into a beautiful and fine young woman. Several men vie for her attention, including Geoffrey, when he returns. A fast read with many a good plot twist.

COOKSON, Catherine
Tilly Trotter
Beginning in the reign of the young Queen Victoria, the three Tilly Trotter novels tell the story of a beautiful girl growing to womanhood amid hardship and despair. Pitting her wits against the local Tyneside villagers, who hate her and accuse her of witchcraft, Tilly's strong instinct for survival leads her to become, in turn, the loving mistress of a wealthy man, and then the wife of his son, travelling to the strange and perilous land of America. When her husband is killed, Tilly returns to take possession of his estate. The villagers prove even more hostile and suspicious, but Tilly is supported by faithful friends and warm memories. Life still has much in store for Tilly Trotter, old loves and enmities providing fresh challenges to a woman as spirited as ever.

Shy, dreamy, and incurably romantic, Harriet Poole was shattered when her brief affair with Simon Villiers, Oxford’s leading playboy undergraduate, ended abruptly, leaving her penniless, alone and pregnant. She becomes a nanny to the children of an eccentric scriptwriter and a whole host of visitors begin to arrive to disrupt her routine including of all people, Simon.

COOPER, Natasha
Gagged and Bound
Trish Maguire, the London barrister agrees to take on a libel case concerning a politician newly raised to the House of Lords who's been named as the instigator of a bombing that killed a busload of children 30 years earlier. When Trish asks her friend Insp. Caro Lyalt for help, she learns that Caro is in need of her aid as well. An informant has told Caro that a candidate for a job for which she's also vying has organized crime connections. The murder of Caro's informant catapults Trish deeper into Caro's case and Trish's 11-year-old half-brother, David, into danger. Putting at risk her seven-year relationship with boyfriend George Henton, a prominent solicitor, the smart, caring and driven Trish delves for information and puts together all the pieces for a satisfying conclusion.

Envy is a uniquely absorbing novel focusing on two teenage girls. Isabel the charmed, golden daughter of a wealthy, devoted daddy, and Diane, whose bitter, downtrodden mother lives on a rented cottage on Isabel's family's land. They become friends and Diane, our compelling narrator, driven by her loveless childhood and terrible envy, manoeuvres her way into the family, and slowly begins to break them apart.

High Hopes
The autobiography of one of Britain's best-loved entertainers.

Nathaniel Starbuck is a Northerner, the son of a Boston minister who becomes caught up in the South at the start of the Civil War and joins the Rebel cause, captivated more by the challenge and peril of war than the righteousness of either side. New-forged loyalties entice him to stay with the rebels even after his life and his family ties are put at risk when he must act as a spy to save his best friend from charges of espionage. Nate is a beguiling hero and Cornwell's balance of battle, romance, and historic scenes are neatly paced in this novel set against the 1862 battle for Richmond.

CORNWELL, Patricia
The front
Massachusetts State Investigator Win Garano is given one of his most challenging cases yet when he is asked to investigate the death of a British woman murdered over 40 years ago. Assumed to be a victim of the Boston Strangler, blind Janie Brolin was raped and left for dead in 1962. With no DNA and sketchy police records, this is a case that will test Garano to his limits. It will take him on a journey through the archives, into the latest forensic technology innovations, and into partnership with senior officers at New Scotland Yard. And as Garano unearths deadly secrets, his hard-nosed boss Monique Lamont is putting both their lives in jeopardy with her lust for power and success.

COURT, Dilly
The Best of Sisters
Twelve-year-old Eliza Braggs lives a comfortless life above her uncle's chandlery on the banks of the Thames, her brother Bart her only protection. But when Bart accidentally kills a man and is forced to flee to New Zealand, Eliza's very survival is at stake.

Court, Dilly
The beggar maid
From the age of eight, sixteen-year-old Charity Crosse has been living rough with her grandfather and begging on the streets. When her grandfather passes away, Charity is helped by a kindly doctor who introduces her to bookseller, Jethro Dawkins. He takes Charity in to help in his bookshop and keep house in their one room behind the shop. Charity sleeps under the counter and is not well treated, but Jethro instills in her the love of books that began when her grandmother taught her to read. And she starts to hope of a better future for herself.

COURT, Dilly
The Constant Heart
Despite living by the side of the Thames, with its noise, disease and dirt, eighteen-year-old Rosina May has wanted for little in life, until her father's feud with a fellow bargeman threatens to destroy everything. To save them all, Rosina agrees to marry Harry, the son of a wealthy merchant, but a chance encounter with a handsome river pirate has turned her head and she longs to meet him again. When her father dies a broken man, Harry turns Rosina out onto the streets, but in spite of her hardships she cannot forget her pirate. Is she really prepared to risk everything for love?

Court, Dilly
The ragged heiress
On a bitter winter’s day, an unnamed girl lies dangerously ill in hospital. When two coarse individuals come to claim her, she can remember nothing, not even her name. According to the men, she is their young sister, Lucy. As her health improves and her memory gradually returns and she realises she’s been kidnapped.

Craig, Jennifer
Yes sister, no sister
Based on the author's own experiences, this is the fascinating story of one young nurse who enters training in 1952 and eventually progresses to become ward sister.

Crosse, Tania Anne.
A bouquet of thorns
Dartmoor, 1877. Rose Chadwick is desperate to help Seth, the wrongly convicted man who has touched her heart, but she feels it is beyond her control. Her husband had promised to help clear the prisoner's name, but he scorns her sympathy for the vicious way the prisoners are treated.

Crosse, Tania Anne.
Cherrybrook Rose
The year is 1875, when life in Dartmoor is harsh and unforgiving. Rose could have any husband she chooses, but she is devoted to one man, her father. When tragedy strikes, it seems that despite Rose's determined efforts, there is only one way to hold the family together. But it is a solution that requires the greatest sacrifice.

The Stanford Lasses
In the small Yorkshire town of Cottenly — dominated by the steel works and surrounded by beautiful countryside — Isaac Stanford lives with his wife Emily and their three lovely daughters, known locally as the Stanford lasses. Alice, the eldest, lives only for her work as a secretary and chapel on Sunday. Fair and loving Lizzie is content with her job making umbrellas — until she falls in love. And headstrong Ruth, the merry one, is intent upon marrying a handsome charmer despite warnings from friends and family. As the years pass, each sister is forced to confront her greatest challenge…

Over five novels, Clive Cussler has brought readers into the world of the Oregon, a seemingly dilapidated ship packed with sophisticated equipment, and captained by the rakish, one-legged Juan Cabrillo. Now the Oregon and its crew face their biggest challenge yet.

Cussler, Clive.
Dark watch
Juan Cabrillo and his motley crew aboard the clandestine spy ship Oregon have made a very comfortable and very dangerous living from working for high-powered Western interests. But their newest clients have come from the east, the Far East, to ask for Cabrillo's special brand of assistance.

Cussler, Clive.
Devil's gate
A Japanese cargo ship cruises the eastern Atlantic near the Azores when it bursts into flames. A gang of pirates speeds to take advantage of the disaster when their boat explodes. What is happening in that part of the world? Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and the rest of NUMAs Special Assignments Team rush to investigate.

Lost Empire

While scuba diving in Tanzania, Sam and Remi Fargo come upon a relic belonging to a long-lost Confederate ship. An anomaly about the relic sets them off chasing a mystery - but unknown to them, a much more powerful force is engaged in the same chase.

Plague Ship
The Oregon crew, captained by Juan Cabrillo, has just completed a top-secret mission against Iran in the Persian Gulf, when they come across a cruise ship adrift in the sea. Hundreds of bodies litter its deck, and as Cabrillo tries to determine what happened, explosions rack the length of the ship. Barely able to escape with his own life, Cabrillo is plunged into a mystery as intricate - and as perilous - as any he has ever known. He finds himself pitted against a cult with monstrously lethal plans for the human race...plans he may already be too late to stop.

Sacred Stone
In the remote wastes of Greenland, a young scientist has unearthed an artifact hidden in a cave: a fifty thousand year-old meteorite known as the Sacred Stone, which he soon discovers possesses potentially catastrophic radioactive power. The astounding find places him in the crossfire of two opposing terrorist groups who seek the stone for themselves. One is a group of Muslim extremists who have stolen a nuclear device - with the power of the meteorite they could vaporize any city in the West. The other group is led by a megalomaniacal industrialist who seeks to carry out the utter annihilation of Islam itself... Caught between two militant factions bent on wholesale slaughter, Juan Cabrillo and his ship of high-tech mercenaries, known as the Corporation, must fight to protect the scientist and the Sacred Stone - and prevent the outbreak of World War III.

Spartan Gold
Thousands of years ago, Xerxes the Great was said to have raided the Treasury at Delphi, carrying away two solid gold pillars. In 1800, Napoleon Bonaparte and his army stumble across the pillars. Unable to transport them, Napoleon created a map on the labels of twelve wine bottles. Treasure-hunters Sam and Remi Fargo are exploring the Great Pocomoke Swamp in Delaware when they are shocked to discover a German U-boat. Inside, they find a bottle taken from Napoleon's 'lost cellar'. Fascinated, the Fargos set out to find the rest of the collection. But another connoisseur of sorts has been looking for the bottle. Hadeon Bondaruk - a millionaire who claims descent from King Xerxes himself. And the treasure will be his, no matter what...

Cussler, Clive
The storm
Like a horde of army ants, a swarm of black particles suddenly attacks a NUMA research vessel, killing everyone on board, while the ship itself goes up in flames. A few hours later, Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are on their way to the Indian Ocean to investigate.

Trojan Odyssey
A daring rescue sends Dirk Pitt
on an adventure that will determine the future of the planet … When a hurricane unexpectedly blows up off the coast of Nicaragua, a giant floating hotel lies in its path. With no escape for the helpless passengers and crew, it’s left to Dirk Pitt and NUMA to launch a rescue and save the day. But in the storm’s wake, Pitt and his team discover clues that point to an ancient mystery with shocking implications for today. As Pitt investigates further, he uncovers a plot by a mysterious billionaire called Specter to dramatically alter the Earth’s climate, leaving him in control of the only solution. With foes attempting to stop him on every side, Pitt is in a race against time to prevent global catastrophe …

Cussler, Clive
Zero hour
A new energy source holds the promise to change the world. It's called zero point energy, and it really exists - a state of energy contained in all matter everywhere, and all but unlimited. Nobody has ever found a way to tap into it, until one scientist discovers a way - or at least he thinks he has. The problem is his machine causes great earthquakes, even fissures in tectonic plates. One machine is buried deep underground; the other in an ocean trench. If Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala and the rest of the NUMA team aren't able to find and destroy them, the world will be on the brink of catastrophe.

Daly, Willie.
The last matchmaker

Monday Girl
After her father's death, 10-year-old Renee and her mother are forced to take in two lodgers. Renee grows up weaving romantic fantasies around them, firstly the dependable Jack and later the charming Fergus. He cements her obsession with him by seducing her, then breaking her heart. With the advent of the Second World War, Renee is thrown into further turmoil as the two men are sent into action, leaving her to a whirlwind of RAF sergeants stationed in the area. She meets and falls in love with Glynn, and the pair decide to marry. However, something remains wrong in Renee's world...could her secret fear be the reason for her inability to find lasting happiness?

DEAN, Anna
A Gentleman of Fortune
It's Richmond, 1806. Miss Dido Kent has developed rather a taste for mysteries, having solved the riddle at Belsfield Hall. When her quiet holiday with her cousin Flora is disturbed by the suspicious death of a neighbour, Miss Dido is once more at the centre of an unusual investigation. All eyes have fallen on the late Mrs. Lansdale's nephew 'for it has not passed without notice that he has lost a remarkably tyrannical relation and gained a very fine inheritance'. Miss Dido is intrigued by the rumours and, at Flora's behest, starts a little investigation of her own. And as she does so, she brings more to light than even she could have imagined.

DEAN, Anna
A Moment of Silence
Who better than a discerning maiden aunt to comfort a lovelorn niece and solve a vexing mystery? No sooner has Miss Dido Kent arrived at the Montague family estate of Bellfield Hall in 1805—at the behest of her beloved niece, Catherine, whose fiancé, Richard Montague, has just departed under mysterious circumstances—than a woman is found shot in the shrubbery. Meanwhile, Lady Montague’s two nieces are being wooed by gentlemen whose motives turn out to be less than sterling, a situation about which Miss Kent also offers advice. Her primary quest, however, remains investigating the murder and young Montague’s leave-taking, and determining whether the two events are connected, which leads her to uncover long-buried family secrets.

Dean, Ellie.
Keep smiling through
June 1940. Despite losing her mother at a young age and her father away on important war work, 17-year-old Rita Smith has plenty of people to turn to in the close-knit community of Cliffhaven. Until Italy sides with Germany and Rita's closest friends and neighbours are interned as enemies of the state.

Dean, Ellie
While we're apart
It is 1942 and England is at war. Mary Jones has just celebrated her eighteenth birthday and said goodbye to her childhood sweetheart Jack, when she learns that a bombing raid has killed her parents and destroyed her home. Her father's trunk is still intact amid the ruins, and Mary discovers a shocking secret amongst his diaries. Mary travels to Cliffehaven on the south coast in search of answers.

Dear, Helen-Alice
My family is all I have
Helen-Alice Dear was only 15 when she left London to visit Bulgaria. Soon, she found herself unable to leave & struggling to survive. Her marriage to a Bulgarian man bore her four children. Despite the hardships, Helen refused to give up hope & managed to protect & raise her family. This is the tale of her courage & resilience.

DEAVER, Jeffrey
The Bone Collector
New York City is thrown into chaos by the assaults of the Bone Collector, a serial kidnapper and killer who gives the police a chance to save his victims from death by leaving obscure clues. The cops go to Lincoln Rhyme, an ex-NYPD forensics expert left paralysed after an accident on the job. Rhyme reluctantly postpones his ambitions towards suicide and puts together a forensic investigation team, enlisting as his eyes and ears young police officer Amelia Sachs.

DEAVER, Jeffrey
The Bodies Left Behind
When two masked men break into the isolated lakeside weekend house of Steven Feldman, who works for the Milwaukee Department of Social Services, and his wife, Emma, an attorney who may have stumbled on union corruption in the course of some corporate research, Steven has just enough time to phone 911 before the intruders shoot him and Emma dead. That interrupted plea for help brings Deputy Brynn McKenzie, who possesses a set of predictable emotional baggage (an abusive ex-wife, a troubled teenage son), to the scene. A protracted and less than suspenseful game of cat-and-mouse between McKenzie and the hired guns responsible for the murders ensues.

DEAVER Jeffrey
The Broken Window
When the quadriplegic detective's cousin is arrested for murder, it seems to be an open-and-shut case, as plenty of forensic evidence links him to the crime. But Lincoln discovers that the real killer is framing others for his killings by manipulating intimate computer information. A deadly game of cat and mouse pits Lincoln; his partner, Amanda Sachs; and the rest of his NYPD crew against an adversary who is consistently one step ahead of them.

DEAVER, Jeffrey
The Vanished Man
The novel opens with the murder of a young female student at a music school on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Caught in the act, the killer vanishes from a sealed room. Forensic and eyewitness clues point to a culprit with magic training. Looking for expert help, Sachs encounters an aspiring illusionist, who goes by the stage name of Kara, who agrees to help her and Rhyme.

Mr. Gutenberg and Other Tales
A collection of favourite tales

Six great tales

Delinsky, Barbara.
The real thing|
They were complete strangers searching for the same thing - solitude. But thanks to a matchmaking friend, Deirdre Joyce and Neil Hersey found themselves stranded on an island of the coast of Maine. Forced to coexist, they discovered that there was no escaping the inevitable - irresistable attraction.

Girl Next Door
Autobiography of Anne Diamond - a popular journalist and television presenter, regularly appearing on Richard and Judy, The Wright Stuff and ITV News's Life with Anne Diamond. She writes for Woman's Own and is the new agony aunt on the Daily Mail. She is the author of the bestselling A New You: Start your life today, Lose a Stone in a Month and A Gift from Sebastian: Story of a cot death. She presents the video The Diamond Plan. She lives in Oxfordshire with her children.

DIBDIN, Michael
After a decomposed body is discovered in an abandoned military tunnel, Inspector Aurelio Zen travels north to the Italian Alps to investigate. At first glance, the death appears to have been an accident. But when Zen takes a closer look, a mysterious tattoo begins to tell a much more sinister tale, especially after the body is snatched from the morgue. As Zen races to discover the inner workings of a clandestine military organization named Medusa, he is reminded of just how lethal Italian history can be.

Dickinson, Margaret
The clippie girls
Rose and Myrtle Sylvester look up to their older sister, Peggy. She is the sensible, reliable one in the household of women headed by their grandmother, Grace Booth, and their mother, Mary Sylvester. When war is declared in 1939 they must face the hardships together and huge changes in their lives are inevitable.

Dickinson, Margaret
Fairfield Hall
Ruthlessly ambitious Ambrose Constantine is determined that his daughter, Annabel, shall marry into the nobility. A fish merchant and self-made man, he has only his wealth to buy his way into society. During the London season, Annabel is courted by James Lyndon, the Earl of Fairfield, whose country estate is only a few miles from her grandfather's farm. Believing herself truly loved at last, Annabel accepts his offer of marriage. It is only when she arrives at Fairfield Hall that she realizes the true reason behind his proposal - and the part her scheming father has played.

Jenny’s war
Is it possible for a ten-year-old girl to fall in love? Jenny Mercer thinks so. Evacuated to Lincolnshire from the East End at the outbreak of war, she is frightened of the open spaces and the huge skies. But the Thornton family soon makes her feel welcome. And no one more so than Georgie, the handsome RAF pilot.

Suffragette Girl
When Florrie Maltby defies her father by refusing to marry Gervase Richards, she sets off a chain of events that will alter her life. Instead she goes to London and becomes involved with the suffragette movement. She's imprisoned for her militant actions, and goes on hunger strike. With her health deteriorating, there is one person who can save her - Gervase. After a brief stay in the countryside to recuperate, Florrie returns to London to continue her fight for women's rights. Only the outbreak of the Great War puts a halt to her activities. It is when James, her younger brother, is shamed by their father into volunteering, that Florrie enlists as a nurse and is sent to the Front. Amidst the fear and horror of the hospital close to the trenches, she finds love. But when her beloved brother is accused of desertion, help comes from a very unexpected source.

Dickinson, Margaret
Welcome home
Edie Kelsey and Lil Horton have been friends for over 20 years. So it was no surprise that their children were close and that Edie's son, Frank, and Lil's daughter, Irene, would fall in love and marry at a young age. But the declaration of war in 1939 changed everything. Frank went off to fight, and Irene and baby, Tommy, along with Edie's youngest son are sent to the countryside for safety. With Edie's husband, Archie, fishing the dangerous waters in the North Sea and daughter Beth in London doing 'important war work', Edie's family is torn apart. Friendship sustains Edie and Lil, but tragedy follows and there's also concern that Beth seems to have disappeared. But it is Irene's return, during the VE day celebrations, that sends shock waves through the family and threatens to tear Edie and Lil's friendship apart forever.

Wish Me Luck

Fleur Bosley didn't believe in love at first sight, at least not until she bumped into Robbie Rodwell on a railway station in the blackout of wartime Britain. Posted to a newly-built Lincolnshire airfield, Robbie as a wireless operator on bombers and Fleur as a R/T operator in the watch office, their only escape is to the little cottage in the nearby village where Fleur is billeted with another WAAF, Ruth. The two girls become good friends, but Ruth, already hurt by the loss of one of the pilots, does not approve of wartime romances. And Ruth is not the only one to disapprove…

Dobbs, Michael
First lady
Ginny is wife of MP Dominic Edge, and is content with her life in the constituency home. When she overhears gossip of her husband's affair, it's a shattering blow. She decides there's only one way to stop being a victim of the system, and that's to become its master. She will not be satisfied until she's the wife of the Prime Minister.

Donachie, David
Honour redeemed
In this, the second of Connery's great 19th century sea adventure novels, he continues the dramatic story of the Royal Marines - the Lobsters - during the Napoleonic wars.

The Devil’s Own Luck
During the Napoleonic Wars, Harry and James Ludlow are aboard the Magnanime, a gunship under the command of Oliver Carter. Oliver and Harry are old rivals and when James is found near the dead body of the First Lieutenant, Carter assumes James is the murderer. Harry has to prove otherwise.

Donoghue, Emma
Set in London and Monmouth in the late 1700s, this novel is the story of Mary Saunders, the young daughter of a poor seamstress. Mary hungers for the finer things in life, but her ambitions lead ultimately to tragedy.

Donoghue, John
The Death's Head Chess Club
SS Obersturmführer Paul Meissner arrives in Auschwitz from the Russian front. After being badly wounded he is fit only for administrative duty and his first and most pressing task is to improve flagging camp morale. He sets up a chess club which thrives, as the officers and enlisted men are allowed to gamble on the results of the games. However when Meissner learns from a chance encounter that chess is also played by the prisoners and that one is unbeatable, he sets out to discover the truth. But what he finds will haunt him to his death.

For Many A Long Day
Doughty's Hamilton saga continues in Armagh, in the north of Ireland, in 1932. Ellie Scott has lived here all her life and has known neighbor George for almost as long. The two want to marry, but given the depressed economy, they can't afford to set up housekeeping. So George decides to work for his uncle's timber business in Canada. As soon as he has saved enough money, he says, he'll send for her. But time goes by, with no date and precious little contact forthcoming. Meanwhile, Ellie is enjoying her job at the draper and time spent socially with her coworkers, including Sam Hamilton who had been nursing a broken heart until he meets Ellie...

Stranger in the Place
Elizabeth, Belfast student and daughter of hardline Protestant parents, goes on a study visit to the remote west coast of Ireland. She is delighted with what she finds, and discovers she has more to learn. But her relationship with an older Catholic man forces her to decide what she really wants.

A Few Late Roses
A woman in her mid-twenties is offered a job as Head of English at her Belfast school. Conflicting desires and loyalties hold her back: can she accept the post and support her ambitious husband? Over the course of a weekend, when she revisits her roots in the countryside, the decision must be made.

The Hamiltons of Ballydown
Rose and John Hamilton have come up in the world. Once very poor, they now are enjoying middle-class life in late-nineteenth-century Ireland after Rose saved the lives of a gentry family, who graciously gave John a job helping run four mills. Their two sons are apprenticed, and their daughters are soon to be out of school. No one knows just how fickle fate can be like the Hamiltons, and Rose is especially grateful for all their good fortune. As in most families, the Hamiltons have a few hardships in store and heartache to bear, including illness and estrangement.

Jess Raeburn is hired to work in the box office at the Princes Street cinema in Edinburgh and thinks her dreams have come true when she marries Rusty MacVail. But with the Second World War looming, her happiness is short-lived.

Douglas, Donna
Nightingales at war
As the war takes its toll, the Nightingale nurses must do their bit for king and country. Dora is the devoted mother of twin babies but, determined to help the war effort, she goes back to work at the Nightingale Hospital. More used to nights out in the West End, Jennifer and Cissy volunteer in the hope of tending to handsome soldiers. They soon find out that nursing isn't quite what they were expecting. For shy and troubled Eve, the hospital provides an escape from the pressures of home, but the life of a nurse is never easy, especially at wartime. Can the nurses rally together while war rages all around them?

Douglas, Donna
A nightingale Christmas wish
As Christmas 1938 approaches, the staff at the Nightingale Hospital has their own wishes for the festive season. Ward sister Frannie Wallace is hoping she won't have to live through another war like the one that claimed her beloved fiancé. But with bomb defences going up all around London, it seems as if her hopes are in vain.

Douglas, Donna.
The Nightingale girls
January 1936 and three very different girls sign up as student nurses. Dora is a tough East Ender. Helen is the quiet one. And the third is naughty, rebellious Millie, an aristocrat on the run from her life of convention.

Douglas, Donna
The nightingale nurses
It's the final year of training for three young nurses at the Nightingale Hospital. Helen is at a crossroads in her life as she battles with her domineering mother over both her love life and her future career. Dora can't stop loving Nick, who is married to her best friend, Ruby. But Ruby is hiding a dark secret with the potential to destroy Ruby's marriage. Millie is anxious about her fiancé, sent to Spain to cover the Civil War, and things get worse when a fortune teller gives her a sinister warning. With war looming in Europe, the three women face their own challenges, at work and in love.

Douglas, Donna
Nightingales on call
1937 sees new challenges for the trainee nurses. Dora and her old enemy Lucy are paired up on the children's ward for the final three months of their training. The two nurses couldn't seem more different, but they may have more in common than they think, as each hides a secret heartache. Jess is the feisty eldest daughter of a notorious East End family and determined to prove herself as a ward maid. And new trainee nurse Effie can't wait to escape her small Irish village, and make her way as a nurse in London. But Effie's sister Katie soon begins to worry that Effie's behaviour is out of control.

Douglas, Donna
The Nightingale sisters
The lives and loves of young nurses at the Nightingale Hospital in the 1930s entwine with the stories of the ward sisters, each with her own heart-rending secrets.

Douglas, Louise.
In her shadow
One ordinary morning at work Hannah Brown glimpses a young woman with dark hair, wearing a green coat spattered with rain. The woman is identical to her childhood best friend, Ellen Brecht. But Hannah believes Ellen is dead. Could it really be her?

Dowling, Clare
Can't take my eyes off you
Clara's been away for too long. So, after ten great years in London, and with boyfriend Matthew in tow, she arrives home in small-town Castlemoy. The family welcomes her with open arms: her diet-shy mother, her closet-living sister and her actor brother who scratches a living doing voiceover ads for chicken. But Jason, her long-ago ex, seems to have old scores to settle. Soon Clara finds herself being watched, followed and manipulated from afar.

Just the three of us

Debs is having an affair with a married man. Not that she meant to, but while she was hanging around waiting for Mr Right, Bob just kind of happened. Lovely, kind, sexy Bob. OK, he's also a rampant cheat, but when you've been starved of affection, it's hard to say no. Geri is married to Bob. She also thinks he's lovely, kind and sexy, even if the last bit has worn a bit thin after 17 years of marriage. And two kids. When Geri starts to suspect that things aren't right, she tries to ignore the signs. Surely Bob would never do anything to hurt her...So for now it's just the three of them - but how long can that last?

DOYLE, Evelyn
Desmond Doyle, 29, a painter and decorator, is married with six children and living in the infamous Fatima Mansions in Dublin in 1953. One day he comes home to find his wife has left him. He decides to go to England to find work and is advised to put his children into the state Industrial Schools system for a short time until he returns. When he returns he is told, to his horror, that the children have been consigned to the state until they are 16. This is the story of how Desmond Doyle fought the Irish legal system to change the law and win back his family. Told through the eyes of Evelyn, Desmond's nine-year-old daughter, this is a heartrending true story beautifully told.

The Siege
The year is 1941, and the good people of Leningrad are squeezed between fear of Stalin's secret police and rumors that the Germans are rapidly advancing on their great city. When the inevitable happens, 22-year-old Anna, an artist and the sole support for her young brother, invalid father, and the latter's former mistress, learns to survive the devastation and mass starvation that the siege brings. In the worst days of winter, Anna falls in love with a doctor, Andrei, who returns her passion, creating an oasis of emotional privacy within the hell of war.

Ice Cream
Collection of short stories which are all quite short and have in common a remarkable ability to encapsulate character, situation and landscape in prose that shimmers with sensuous detail. Dunmore's touch is light, but her stories slice through her readers' defenses like laser beams.

Dunn, D. M
Bread, jam and a borrowed pram
Bread, Jam and a Borrowed Pram' tells the compelling and heart-warming story of a young nurse's life and work in 1950s England.

The Geneva Mystery
From 1938 to 1969 the fictional crime novelist and detective Paul Temple, together with his Fleet Street journalist wife Steve, solved case after case in one of BBC radio's most popular series. Sir Graham Forbes, of Scotland Yard, usually needed Paul's help with his latest tricky case. Paul is contacted by one Maurice Lonsdale, whose brother-in-law was apparently killed in a car accident whilst abroad. His widowed sister Margaret is increasingly convinced that her husband is still alive - and she wants Paul Temple to investigate.

EDEN, Dorothy
Sleep in the Woods
Beautiful Briar Johnson had set her cap at gentle Peter Fanshawe, her friend Sophie's suitor, hoping to trap him into marriage. But her plot was unexpectedly thwarted by the most eligible bachelor in town.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
Families have secrets they hide even from themselves... It should have been an ordinary birth, the start of an ordinary happy family. But the night Dr David Henry delivers his wife's twins is a night that will haunt five lives for ever. For though David's son is a healthy boy, his daughter has Down's syndrome. And, in a shocking act of betrayal whose consequences only time will reveal, he tells his wife their daughter died while secretly entrusting her care to a nurse. As grief quietly tears apart David's family, so a little girl must make her own way in the world as best she can.

The serpent pool
DCI Hannah Scarlett is determined to uncover the truth behind Bethany Friend's mysterious drowning in the Serpent Pool. Though the evidence at the time did not rule out suicide, why would Bethany, so afraid of water, choose drowning to end it all?

Waterloo Sunset
When somebody circulates a notice that Liverpool lawyer Harry Devlin has died, Harry is a little miffed. He also wonders which of his numerous enemies might be planning to get even. After someone he knows is murdered, Harry realizes he might not have much time to figure out who is gunning for him—and whether the anonymous death threat has anything to do with a serial killer operating in the Liverpool area. The eighth Devlin novel is exactly like the ones that came before it, but that’s not a criticism: the series is known for its wit, solid plotting, and likable lead.

A Double Deception
In September 1939, aristocratic Andrew Korwin has arranged for his younger sister and brother to leave their Warsaw home before the Nazis march in. The brother is killed, sister Christina gets away and we last see Andrew trying to escape from a burning hospital. In 1967 Christina's American daughter, Stefanie, appears in London in search of her uncle. She enlists the aid of Campbell Parker of the Foreign Office, and clues point to Polish emigre Arthur Kershaw, successful manufacturer of a new laser-equipped gun. Other players include a seedy PI, a German con man, a newly released war criminal and even Simon Wiesenthal. People disappear and/or turn up dead, Stefanie and Campbell are in grave danger and their burgeoning affair is threatened by mutual distrust.

A Falcon for the Hawks
In 1917 a convoy of Zeppelins is dispatched from Germany to bomb London. One of them runs into trouble but against advice its commander decides to press on. In Hertfordshire the injured plane is spotted by an air defence squadron led by Matthew Farr who has his own reasons for wanting to shoot it down.

Assassination Day
Ross Frazer - Ex-Intelligence - Ex-Assassin - and dead - Or is he? SIS officer Will Landon assumes he has a simple case ahead of him when asked to investigate the sensational autobiography by the mysterious Ross Frazer. It gets complicated when two people associated with the book are murdered. With only silence from his superiors and two bogus intelligence officers on his tail, one girl's recollection of the original document is all Landon has to go on. With time running out he needs to start making some connections! And fast.

At No. 57 Langham Place, an outwardly ordinary house in a quiet suburban street, two men waited. After a year of preparation and negotiation, the end was in sight. Outside, a boy was playing with a cine camera. Fascinated with cars, he focused...

The Honey Trap
The cold war is over, but men like Peter Ashton of the British SIS still face extraordinary dangers as they confront multinational terrorism that can strike anywhere, at any time, with powerful weapons. And in the world of spies, counterspies, traitors, double agents and backbiting bureaucrats convincingly described by Egleton, the dangers from one's friends seem as great as from one's enemies.

ELGIN, Elizabeth
The Linden Walk [2 copies]
After six long years the Second World War is finally finished. Rationing may remain, but hopes and dreams are in good supply. At Rowangarth, deep in the Yorkshire countryside, there is more good news for the Sutton family and wedding preparations are underway. Lyndis Carmichael has finally won the heart of Drew Sutton, the man she has secretly cherished for years. Still, Lyndis has doubts. Haunted by the memory of Drew's fiancee Kitty -- killed during the Blitz -- she wonders if she can ever take her place in Drew's heart, and if she truly belongs in the close-knit Sutton clan. And other ghosts still linger…

ELLIS, David
Breach of trust
Attorney Jason Kolarich investigates the murder of a key witness in a criminal case that he tried. Jason had forced the witness to testify and believes that this led to his murder. When the evidence leads to an obscure agency in state government, Jason goes to work for the agency to dig deeper.

Ellis, Kate
The cadaver game
When the decaying body of a murdered woman is discovered in a suburban house, DI Wesley Peterson has problems establishing her true identity. But as he tries to find out more about the mysterious woman, he has another more disturbing case to investigate.

Ellis, Kate
The death season
When DI Wesley Peterson is summoned to investigate a killing, he assumes that the case is a routine matter. But soon dark secrets and deadly deceptions start to emerge from the victim's past, and Wesley begins to realise that a simple incident of cold-blooded murder is altogether more calculated and complicated that he could ever imagine. Meanwhile, archaeologist Neil Watson is pulled from the historic Paradise Court to a ruined village from the First World War. Even with the help of the attractive and enigmatic Lucy, Neil cannot shake the feeling that something is missing from his explorations: a cryptic clue that might have been lost when Sandrock tumbled into the sea many years ago. A clue that could help Wesley solves his most puzzling case to date.

The flesh tailor
When Dr James Dalcott is shot dead in his cottage it looks very much like an execution. However, as DI Wesley Peterson begins piecing together the victim's life, he finds that the well-liked country doctor has been harbouring strange and dramatic family secrets.

Sizzling sixteen
Vinnie, of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds, has run up a gambling debt of $786,000 with mobster Bobby Sunflower and is being held until the cash can be produced. Nobody else will pay to get Vinnie back, leaving it up to Stephanie, office manager Connie and file clerk Lula to raise the money if they want to save their jobs. Being in the business of tracking down people, they have an advantage in finding Vinnie. Finding a safe place to hide Vinnie turns out to be harder than raising the money. Between a bonds office yard sale, Mooner's Hobbit-Con charity event, and Uncle Pip's mysterious bottle, they just might raise enough money to save the business, and Vinnie, from ruin.

Evans, Pamela,|
The apple of her eye
It is February 1945 and April Green wonders if the war will ever end. Then the local pub takes a direct hit and April's father is killed in the blast. Life without him is hard and April and her brother do all they can to help, particularly when their mother announces she is pregnant. Volunteering to tend her father's allotment, April discovers a passion for growing vegetables. Meanwhile, Winnie Benson is coming to terms with her husband's spinal injuries. He may never walk again and, until their son, George, returns from the Merchant Navy, Winnie must run their greengrocer's on her own. Once the war is over and George is home, things start to improve but rationing remains in force and fresh vegetables are hard to find. April's supply of home-grown produce couldn't be more welcome. And, before long, George can't help wishing he was the apple of her eye.

EVANS, Pamela
Harvest nights
It's 1920, and ex-land girl Clara Tripp is back home in West London with her family. Despite her engagement to local boy Arnold, Clara is feeling trapped in her dead end job and longs to return to the countryside. An unexpected meeting with old flame Charlie Fenner leads to a temporary job at his family's orchard in Kent.

Evans, Pamela
On her own two feet
Bringing the keep fit movement vividly to life in 1940s' London; Pam Evans' family saga will inspire and enthral anyone who has ever dared to dream of a better life. In the middle of a party to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V in 1935, Mollie Fisher's good-for-nothing husband walks out on his wife and baby girl. Luckily, Mollie has a loving family to turn to for help. Mollie's mother, Marge, is delighted to look after baby Esme while Mollie goes out to work. Meanwhile, her Nan, Nora, encourages Mollie to join a local keep fit class, which opens her eyes to a whole new world.

EVANS, Pamela
Whispers in the Town
For West London girls Sal and Ann Storey, their world is turned upside down in 1957 when two family tragedies strike. They are left to run the family's sweetshop with their grandmother. Then Sal meets Bob Beck and falls in love. As Ann uncovers the guilty secret she's been carrying for so long, Bob's scheming ex-fiancee Kate reappears.

EVANS, Penelope
The Weight of Water
I had the dream again. And there she was. The little girl. She was standing, as she always stands, on the bank of the river. Grass green beneath her feet. Little red shoes, little white dress. Sara and Tom Ravenscroft need to escape London after a traumatic event nearly kills Tom. Their search for a safer, simpler life in the country takes them to the edge of Cornwall, to a house deep in its own valley, and the river that runs through it. But the locals are hardly welcoming, and it is not long before Sara begins to struggle with the isolation; the haunting dream that has plagued her since childhood starts to creep into the everyday - does the past hold the key to her dream or is it the present she needs to be wary of?

EVANS, Pamela
The Pride of Park Street
Before she could walk, Jess Mollitt knew she wanted to dance and when she gains a place with the famous Burton Girls dance troupe it seems her dreams have finally come true. But then a family outing ends in tragedy, killing her mother and leaving her father a broken man, and Jess is forced to give up the career she loves. Life now is a far cry from the glamorous existence she has left behind and she seeks solace from neighbour Don Day. But when the brother Don hates arrives on the scene, it seems Jess’s problems may be only beginning.

EVANS, Pamela
Second Chance of Sunshine
Angie has everything that Molly lacks. But when Angie’s father dies and leaves Molly a share in the Beckett pottery, it’s on the condition that she takes a job there. Forbidden by her husband to work outside the home, she nevertheless seizes the opportunity to explore her new-found independence.

EVANS, Pamela
Part of the Family
Lizzie Smith has practically become part of the Carter family, and it is only fitting that she should eventually marry Stan, one of the Carter boys. Much as she loves Stan, Lizzie senses a dark side to him that his mother cannot see, and it is clear that his bitterness will only lead to tragedy.

Fairbairns, Judy
Island wife
A memoir of a woman's life on a remote Scottish island - from 19-year-old girl to wife of one to mother of five, hotelier, domestic miracle worker, to empty nester to writer.

Next to Love
Babe, Grace and Millie have been best friends since their first day at their small town's only kindergarten. Despite their differences, they've played together, grown up together, shared each other's secrets. And, when World War Two becomes a reality for America, the girls begin a new phase of their lives together.

Felton, Jennie
All the dark secrets
When terrible tragedy strikes at the local colliery, the residents of Fairly Terrace's ten houses suffer more than one loss and for Maggie Donovan the world turns upside down. Turning for comfort to the one man she can trust, she finds a sudden and undeniable passion instead. But any future with Josh Withers seems a betrayal of her past, and Maggie realises the only way to survive is to conceal a very dark secret of her own.

Fenwick, Liz
Under a Cornish sky
Demi desperately needs her luck to change. On the sleeper train down to Cornwall, she can't help wondering why everything always goes wrong for her. Having missed out on her dream job, and left with nowhere to stay following her boyfriend's betrayal, pitching up at her grandfather's cottage is her only option. Victoria thinks she's finally got what she wanted: Boscawen, the gorgeous Cornish estate her family owned for generations should now rightfully be hers, following her husband's sudden death. After years of a loveless marriage and many secret affairs of her own, Victoria thinks new widowhood will suit her very well indeed. But both women are in for a surprise. Surrounded by orchards, gardens and the sea, Boscawen is about to play an unexpected role in both their lives. Can two such different women find a way forward when luck changes both their lives so drastically?

FERRIS, Gordon
The Unquiet Heart

Danny McRae, private detective scraping a living in ration-card London; Eve Copeland, crime reporter, looking for new angles to save her career. It's an alliance made in heaven... Until Eve disappears, a contact dies violently and an old adversary presents Danny with some unpalatable truths. Danny's desperate search for Eve draws him into a web of black marketeers, double agents and assassins, and hurls him into the shattered remains of Berlin, where terrorism and espionage foreshadow the bleakness of the Cold War.

FFORD, Katie
Recipe for Love
When enthusiastic amateur Zoe Harper wins a coveted place in a televised cookery competition, she's thrilled. The first task has hardly begun when she finds herself with more than she bargained for. Not only does she have to contend with the fiercely competitive Cher, but she's fast developing a crush on one of the judges.

Cause Celeb
Rosie Richardson, the administrator of Safila, a refugee camp in the fictional African country of Nambula, needs funds fast. The usual relief agencies are tied up in diplomatic knots, a long-promised supply ship is always 10 days away and it looks as though thousands of refugees are about to come streaming over the border. If they arrive before the food does, hundreds of people will starve to death. Rosie, desperate, does the only thing she can think of: she quits her job, returns to England and organizes a celebrity fund drive. This effort is complicated by the fact that her ex-boyfriend, a manipulative TV presenter named Oliver, is her only access to celebrities…

FIENNES, William
The Snow Geese
In The Snow Geese, a model of artful, elegant prose, William Fiennes, a young convalescent, follows migrating snow geese on their annual 3,000 mile journey to the Arctic Circle. Fiennes's own journey, a wide loop he hopes will return him to his pre-illness life, is no less arduous. Fiennes travels to south Texas, and leapfrogs the birds--by car, bus, train, snowmobile, and foot--en route to their nesting grounds on Baffin Island. His journey's log is freckled with pungent lessons. Most moving are his meditations on restlessness--the primal, contradictory human impulses to leave and return and leave and return.

FINE, Anne
Taking the Devil’s Advice
Oliver, a successful British philosopher, spends the summer with his ex-wife and his children, as well as her new husband, while he writes his autobiography. This he does sitting in the airing cupboard, where a well-placed flue carries up the sounds of conversation in the kitchen.

The War Widows
The death of her brother Freddie in the Second World War hit Lily Winstanley hard. But little did Lily know that her brother’s death would change her life – and the life of her family – forever. For when shocking news comes to light that Freddie had met a woman called Susan in Burma and fathered a daughter with her called Joy, Lily realizes that it’s up to her and her mother Esme, to open the doors to their house, and welcome the woman Freddie had sought solace in during those terrifying final months of his life.

Fleming, Leah.
Winter's children
Grieving widow Kay Partridge and her daughter Evie, unable to face the oncoming Christmas festivities, move into a cottage at majestic Wintergill Farm in the Yorkshire Dales. Kay wants to shut the door and forget about everything. Evie, struggling to come to terms with the concept of death, just wants her Daddy to come home for Christmas.

Flynn, Gillian
Gone girl
Nick Dunne's wife Amy suddenly disappears on the morning of their 5th anniversary. The police immediately suspect Nick. Amy's friends reveal that she was afraid of him. He swears it isn't true. A police examination of his computer shows strange searches. He says they aren't his. Then there are the persistent calls on his mobile phone.

FLYNN, Katie
A Kiss and a Promise

Michael Gallagher, an Irish seaman in the Navy, falls in love with Stella Bennett when his ship docks in Liverpool for repairs. When Stella gives birth to a ginger haired baby, he thinks it isn't his and goes back to sea. As baby Ginny grows up she must find him if she is to escape the slums.

FLYNN, Katie
Beyond the Blue Hills
Laura Collins, a widow, is struggling to make a good life for her daughters, Tess and Tina. When Laura is offered a good job, with accommodation, she is delighted. Life is very different for the Brewsters, living on Manor Farm in Herefordshire. Danny and his girlfriend, Sophie, intend to marry one day so that they can run Manor Farm together but his cousin and bet friend, Phil Ryland, feels differently. He longs to get away from farming and intends to escape as soon as he can. Then war comes and changes everything.

FLYNN, Katie
The Bad Penny
One wild night midwife Patty Peel is called to attend a birth on the opposite side of Liverpool. She pedals off into the storm and delivers a baby girl in a filthy slum dwelling, just as the mother dies. The drunk and violent father tells Patty to get rid of it, so she takes the child away, meaning to deliver it to the nearest orphanage. But Patty had spent her entire childhood in an institution, except for the frequent occasions when she ran away, and cannot bear to hand the baby over. She has no idea how the baby will affect the attitude of those around her…nor how her life will change as a result…

FLYNN, Katie
Christmas wishes
It is the autumn of 1945 and identical twins Joy and Gillian Lawrence are on their way home to Liverpool. Their mother has been killed in the blitz, but the girls hope that their beloved father will be able to manage without assistance. All goes well until there is a terrible accident, causing Joy to lose her sight.

FLYNN, Katie
The Cuckoo Child
When Dot McCann, playing relievio with her pals, decides to hide in Butcher Rathbone's almost empty dustbin, she overhears a conversation which could send one man to prison and the other to the gallows - and suddenly finds herself in possession of stolen goods. Dot lives with her aunt and uncle, the cuckoo in the nest, abandoned to these relatives after her parents died. She feels very alone ...until she meets up with Corky who has run away from a London orphanage. They join forces with Emma, whose jeweller's shop has been burgled and with Nick, a handsome young newspaper reporter who is investigating the crime. The four of them begin to plot to catch the thieves. But Dot and Emma have been recognised, and soon both are in very real danger ...

FLYNN, Katie
A mother’s hope
Along a blacked-out wartime street a girl is scurrying, a basket on one arm. As sirens begin and bombs crash down, she is filled with panic and, with a heavy heart, abandons her burden in a sheltered doorway, meaning to return later. Even as she disappears in the resulting chaos, the bundle in the basket begins to wail. Years later, two young unfortunates meet on a November day. Martin has been desperately trying to hitch a lift along the lonely windswept road and when he sees a weeping girl in front of him, he hurries to catch her up. Rose and Martin become unlikely companions until they go their separate ways, not expecting to meet again. However, fate decrees otherwise.

FLYNN, Katie
No Silver Spoon
Finola O'Casey's family live on the West Coast of Ireland, her father Michael working hard in his boat. When he loses his fishing partner, the family rows about whether Finola's brother should give up his place to study law and work in the boat. So Finola offers to help, but is sent to Liverpool.

FLYNN, Katie
The Runaway
Running away from her comfortable home in Ireland, a young girl struggles to survive in Liverpool as war approaches.

Flynn, Katie
A Christmas to remember
A few days before Christmas, Tess Williams rushes into Albert Payne's tobacconist shop, with two boys in hot pursuit, saying she's a thief. Albert chases the boys away, and though Tess does not realise it, this incident changes her life.

Flynn, Katie
A family Christmas
Jimmy Trewin and his little sister are devastated by their mother's death and horrified to find themselves entrusted to the far from tender care of a hated neighbour, Mrs Huxtable. They hope their father will rescue them when his ship comes into port but this does not happen and when Cyril Huxtable is seen by the children hiding 'a wad of notes' away, a wad which subsequently disappears, they realise they are in deep trouble. Cyril accuses them of theft and threatens a terrible revenge so they decide to leave Liverpool and try to find their mother's family in Wales. Soon, they meet Miss Trent, a school teacher who has been unfairly dismissed, and agree to join forces since Miss Trent also hopes to find relatives in Wales. But Cyril has promised to pursue them until they hand over his property, and soon they realise he has picked up their trail.

Flynn, Katie
The forget-me-not summer
Miranda Lovage and her mother have a blazing row when Arabella tells her daughter that she can no longer afford their present lifestyle. Miranda goes to bed angry and upset and is awoken at midnight by a strange sound, but when it is not repeated she goes back to sleep. When she awakes next morning, however, it is to find that her mother has disappeared.

Flynn, Katie
A summer promise
Maddy lives with her grandmother in a tumbledown farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales. The house has been in the family for generations, but her grandmother is struggling to cope. Determined that no matter what happens, the two of them will not be forced into the workhouse. Though life is tough, Maddy manages to gain a scholarship to the local school. As war is declared, Maddy and her friends join up, leaving the beautiful Dales for the dangerous work of manning the ack-ack sites.

Flynn, Katie
Time to say goodbye
It's 1939, and three ten-year-old girls meet on a station platform. Imogen, Rita and Debby all missed the original evacuation and now the authorities are finding it difficult to place them. When Auntie and her niece, Jill, who run the Canary and Linnet Public House, offer to take them in, the billeting officer is greatly relieved. The countryside is heaven to the three little townies, especially after they meet Woody and Josh, also evacuees. They find that by climbing to the top of the biggest tree in the beech wood they have a perfect bird's-eye view of the nearest RAF station and are able to watch the comings and goings of the young fighter pilots as the Battle of Britain rages. Then they find an injured flier and the war becomes a stark reality.

Code to Zero
Set in 1958 shortly after the Soviets beat the Americans into orbit, the story tracks the frantic movements of Dr. Claude Lucas, who wakes up one morning in Washington, D.C.'s Union Station, dressed as a bum. A victim of amnesia, he has no recollection that he is a key player in the upcoming launch of Explorer 1, the army's latest attempt to get a rocket into space. While Lucas slowly unravels the clues to his identity, the CIA follows its own agenda. The agency, led by Lucas's old Harvard buddy Anthony Carroll, has its own murky reasons for wanting Lucas to remain amnesic, and will kill him if he tries to interfere with the launch.

Hornet Flight
It is June 1941 and Denmark is under German occupation. On the rocky coast of Denmark, two brothers, Harald and Arne Olufsen are straining against the rigid confines imposed by their elderly parents. Meanwhile, a network of MI6 spies is attempting to decipher an encrypted Luftwaffe radio signal which mentions the new Freya-Ger’t - a rudimentary form of German radar equipment. Arne's relationship with Hermia Mount, an MI6 analyst draws him into underground politics, putting him under surveillance by the Danish security forces - and by one man in particular who has a personal motive to see Arne fall. It is only a matter of time before the brothers' paths converge in a united effort to overcome the Nazis.

Ex-policewoman Antonia "Toni" Gallo, head of security at a boutique pharmaceuticals company, has discovered that two doses of an experimental drug—developed as a potential cure for the deadly Madoba-2 virus—have vanished from her top-secret laboratory. This mystery is a precursor to a more serious crime being planned by Kit Oxenford, the gambling-addicted son of the company's founder, Stanley Oxenford. Kit, deeply in debt to mobster Harry Mac, sees a raid on his father's lab as a chance to score enough money to disappear and start anew in another country.

No Mercy
As Tweed and his team risk their lives against a new and potentially deadly enemy they realize that they are being betrayed at every turn. The appalling realization that the traitor could be part of the team finally dawns on them.

Sinister Tide
The wave of the future confronts Tweed - carrying death for at least a hundred million people. With Paula Grey and Bob Newman, Tweed tracks the creator of the supreme weapon, Dr Goslar. Identity unknown - man or woman? The trail leads from the coast north of Dartmoor to London. Two mysterious women appear - Serena Cavendish, then Trudy Warner, just arrived from the US. Can Tweed trust either?

The Rose
In spite of a humble background, a girl can dream...Maid-of-all-work Alice Finlay is 17 when her employer dies and, seeking advice about her future, Alice goes to see Miss Lennox, her teacher at the orphanage, her former home. Alice has a talent for drawing and Miss Lennox finds her a position with Simpson's, where she is taught the art of decorating pottery. As she learns her craft, Alice becomes involved in the lives of her friends at work, and even has her own romance, but she is determined to be a 'proper artist' - a dream which is realised in the sale of her first picture, a Scottish rose.

Under the bridges
It was September 1962, and the building of the new Forth Road Bridge was bringing excitement to the small community of North Queensferry. But Nancy and Joe's daughter, Lorna, has become very secretive lately, reluctant to say who she was meeting.

Fossum, Karin
The murder of Harriet Krohn
Charles Olav Torp has problems. He's grieving for his late wife, he's lost his job, and gambling debts have alienated him from his teenage daughter. Desperate, his solution is to rob an elderly woman of her money and silverware. But Harriet Krohn fights back, and Charlo loses control. Wracked with guilt, Charlo attempts to rebuild his life and regain his dignity. But the police are catching up with him, and Inspector Konrad Sejer has never lost a case yet. Told through the eyes of a killer, 'The Murder of Harriet Krohn' poses the question: how far would you go to turn your life around, and could you live with yourself afterwards?

Tilly’s Story
After an argument with her elder sister, Tilly Moran decides it is time to fly the nest and moves across the Mersey to Liverpool. As the ferry slips through the murky water, Tilly prays that her strike for independence will not land her in trouble. Having found lodgings and a part-time job, Tilly begins to settle in to her new life. But working undercover for a detective agency brings Tilly into contact with the seedier side of the city and she uncovers rather more than she bargained for. And it is only when her life is put in danger that she discovers where her heart truly lies.

Back hander
Things are not great for jockey Alan Morrell. He can't get the rides he needs and when he sets up a bloodstock partnership, a tragic accident robs him of the business and his best friend Lee. Now Alan owes £100,000 and his only asset is a racehorse who has yet to be put to the test. But all that fades into insignificance next to the suspicion that Lee's fatal fall was more than an accident. Fellow-jockey Max Ashwood is struggling with the backlash from his affair with a trainer's wife and the little matter of his gambling. There's also the convenient death of another man to whom Max owed money. Two riders, two unexplained deaths - but overshadowing both is a conflict that dwarfs the cosy world of racetrack winners and losers. As the noose closes round the neck of one man's criminal empire, just how many others will swing?

Dark horse
What kind of person are you? If you caused a death - but no one else saw - would you confess? Five years have passed since former jockey Mark Presley chose to stay silent about the hit-and-run accident that left a young woman dead. But when his wife is killed in an incident with cruel echoes of that earlier tragedy, it seems justice has come calling. A broken man, he is driven by grief to clear his conscience at last. Mark has nothing left to lose - but there are others he'd implicate by confessing. In the world of flat racing, everything rides on reputation, and some people will do anything to keep theirs intact. Anything - even murder..

Fraser, Emma
We shall remember
Rena is a young medical student living in Warsaw when the German army invade Poland. Those closest to her are dying and when Irena realises that no one is coming to Poland's aid, it's clear that she is alone. Forced to flee to Britain, Irena meets Richard, a RAF pilot who she's instantly drawn to and there's a glimmer of happiness on the horizon. And then the war becomes more brutal and in order to right a never-forgotten wrong Irena must make an impossible decision. Decades later, Sarah's mother is left a home in Skye and another in Edinburgh following the death of Lord Glendale, a man she's never met, and only on the condition that Magdalena Drobnik, a woman she's never heard of, is no longer alive. Sarah's only clues to this mystery are two photographs she doesn't understand but she's determined to discover the truth, not knowing that she's about to begin a journey that will change her life.

The Resurrection Men
Still finding his way in his new role as constable, the hapless Thomas Potts gets hit from all sides when a string of grisly murders, gruesome body snatchings, and ghastly robberies has the villagers of Tardebigge Parish in an uproar. Although a nefarious criminal gang known as the Rippling Boys is believed responsible, Potts lacks the means to gather evidence to make an arrest—until he develops the rudimentary techniques for collecting fingerprints, then a novel investigative process that astounds his superiors and alarms the criminals. As the body count rises, Potts not only finds his reputation, job, and life in jeopardy but also stoically faces the rejection of his erstwhile girlfriend and heroically endures the vituperative haranguing of his hot-tempered mother.

See Charlie Run
Charlie Muffin is the world's most unusual, unlikely, yet somehow believable secret agent. As in the earlier novels in this engaging series, Charlie is on the bad side of everyone in his agency except the director. That may or may not hinder him when he is sent to Japan to help the wife of a KGB assassin who is about to defect to the CIA, in order to defect to the British secret service. An elaborate double cross? Perhaps. But Charlie, irreverent, disreputable, and disrespectful as he is, is most of all, very good at what he does.

Land of the Living
A horrifying premise catalyzes this fast-paced, suspenseful thriller: A woman wakes up in a darkened room, bound, disoriented, unable to recall the recent past. She is terrorized and abused by a strange man who taunts her with the names of other victims. But for Abbie Devereaux, a 25-year-old Londoner, the nightmare really begins after she escapes. Recovering in a local hospital, she must confront the fact that no one believes her story. Her doctors think it's all a fantasy, "a cry for help." Det. Insp. Jack Cross can't find a crime scene. And when Abbie's well enough to go home, she discovers that her life-her job designing office interiors; her boyfriend, Terry; the flat they shared-has been destroyed, but she hasn't a clue as to how or why. Has she had a breakdown? Is she still in danger from the kidnapper?

Secret Smile
Miranda Cotton has an ideal life in London, doing work she loves (building and contracting; she always seems to have a spot of paint in her hair), with no current love interest but lots of dating opportunities. Then a short, nasty liaison with a man who calls himself Brendan Block rips her comfortable world apart. A charming and dangerous psychopath, Block worms his way into the Cotton family claiming that he dumped Miranda (when in fact it was she who tossed him out when she caught him reading her diaries); he immediately wins the trust of her flustered parents and does serious damage to her older sister, Kerry, and her mentally fragile younger brother, Troy. The trouble is that nobody believes the rather rough-edged Miranda when she tries desperately to stop Block's rampage.

French, Tana
The secret place
The photo shows a boy who was murdered a year ago. The caption says, 'I KNOW WHO KILLED HIM'. Detective Stephen Moran hasn't seen Holly Mackey since she was a 9-year-old witness to the events of Faithful Place. Now she's 16 and she's shown up outside his squad room, with a photograph and a story. Even in her exclusive boarding school, in the graceful golden world that Stephen has always longed for, bad things happen and people have secrets. The previous year, Christopher Harper, from the neighbouring boys' school, was found murdered on the grounds. And today, in the Secret Place - the school notice board where girls can pin up their secrets anonymously - Holly found the card.

FULLERTON, Alexander
The Waiting Game
It was madness to send a wartime submarine to the Arctic in summer, when there is no darkness to surface in. On this hazardous expedition, hunter becomes hunted and tension turns to cold terror.

Dark Voyage
E.M. DeHaan, is recruited by Dutch Naval Intelligence to smuggle arms and spies past the watchful eyes of the German Navy. DeHaan is at first a reluctant hero, certain that disguising the Noordendam as a Spanish freighter won't attract the attention of the Nazi authorities will never work. The plot takes DeHaan, his crew and a handful of passengers that include a refugee family, a beautiful woman, and a mysterious Russian through the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean, the North Sea, and the Baltic.

Galbraith, Robert
The silkworm
When novelist Owen Quine goes missing, his wife calls in private detective Cormoran Strike. At first, she just thinks he has gone off by himself for a few days - as he has done before - and she wants Strike to find him and bring him home. But as Strike investigates, it becomes clear that there is more to Quine's disappearance than his wife realises. The novelist has just completed a manuscript featuring poisonous pen-portraits of almost everyone he knows. If the novel were published it would ruin lives - so there are a lot of people who might want to silence him. And when Quine is found brutally murdered in bizarre circumstances, it becomes a race against time to understand the motivation of a ruthless killer, a killer unlike any he has encountered before.

Gangel, Alison.
The sun hasn't fallen from the sky
Seven-year-old Ailsa Dunn's Ma is prettier than all the other mothers; her Da is the most handsome man in the world. They're made for each other. But the grown-up world is more complicated than that, and when alcohol intrudes, violence becomes the norm and unpredictability reigns - and the ground shifts beneath Ailsa's small feet.

The killing hour

Summertime and the killing is easy... For three summers, the residents of Atlanta have been gripped by terror when the temperature creeps up to a hundred. For with relentless heat comes a vicious killer. Each time, he takes two girls. Each day, he waits for the first body to be discovered, a body that contains all the clues investigators need to find the second victim, who waits, prey to certain death. The police are never in time; bodies are always found months later in remote and isolated places. As a heatwave of epic proportions descends, the game begins again. Girls are going missing and the clock is ticking. Rookie FBI agent Kimberly Quincy stumbles across the first body in the grounds of the Bureau's training facility at Quantico. This time he's raising the stakes. He wants the FBI's finest to come out and play...

The Perfect Husband
Jim Beckett was everything she'd ever dreamed of...But two years after Tess married the decorated cop and bore his child, she helped put him behind bars for savagely murdering ten women. Even locked up in a maximum security prison, he vowed he would come after her and make her pay. Now the cunning killer has escaped—and the most dangerous game of all begins.... After a lifetime of fear, Tess will do something she's never done before. She's going to learn to protect her daughter and fight back, with the help of a burned-out ex-marine. As the largest manhunt four states have ever seen mobilizes to catch Beckett, the clock winds down to the terrifying reunion between husband and wife. And Tess knows that this time, her only choices are to kill—or be killed.

Honor’s Splendour
In the feuding English court, gentle Lady Madelyne suffered the cruel whims of her ruthless brother, Baron Louddon. Then, in vengeance for a bitter crime, Baron Duncan of Wexton - the Wolf - unleashed his warriors against Louddon's main.

GEORGE, Elizabeth
Believing the Lie
Detective Inspector Lynley is approached by business magnate Bernard Fairclough for a confidential review - not a formal investigation - of the circumstances of his nephew's demise. The coroner's verdict is accidental death. Still grieving for his murdered wife, Lynley has personal reasons for welcoming a spell away from London.

GEORGE, Elizabeth
The Evidence Exposed
The Evidence Exposed is a collection of three short stories. In the first, a motley group of anglophiles are on a two week course at Cambridge studying the "Great Houses of Britain." Within their microcosm, jealousy, sexual tension and infidelities abound, so when one in the party suddenly dies, everyone is suspect. That is, until Inspector Lynley arrives on the scene.
The second tale, I, Richard, creeps into the mind of Malcolm Cousins, a bitter, middle-aged teacher with one goal: to obtain a priceless document that could clear the name of Richard III. If Cousins succeeds, he will re-write history and live like a king--but with one catch. He must murder his best friend.
In the third story, Surprise of His Life, Douglas Armstrong thought he was just killing time before a prostrate examination when he first consulted psychic Thistle McCloud. However, her divinations strike at the core of his marital insecurities, fuelling a jealous passion. Six weeks and four consultations later, his cosmic obsession culminates in a dangerous lesson: Playing with destiny can have shocking results.

Girl missing
The first body is a mystery. She's young. She's beautiful. And her corpse, laid out in the office of medical examiner Cat Novak, betrays no secrets - except for a notebook clutched in one stiff hand, seven numbers scrawled inside. When a second victim is discovered, Cat begins to fear that a serial killer is stalking the city streets.

Surgical resident Abby DiMatteo is on the fast track at Boston's fictional Bayside Hospital. But after she disobeys orders so she can give a heart transplant to a failing 17-year-old instead of to a failing middle-aged, rich woman, her career options look slim. Fighting back against hospital administrators, shyster lawyers and violent thugs, Abby, spunky but angst-ridden and also rather whiny, finds major discrepancies in the records of Bayside's organ-transplant procedures. Shocked, she finally learns the truth, experiences a major betrayal and, in the climax, must herself face the final harvest.

Ice cold
Maura Isles is in serious danger, cut off and isolated in a village where all the inhabitants have disappeared, Jane Rizzoli is out looking for her - and unknown to both, someone is watching.

Gerritsen, Tess.
In their footsteps
The quiet scandal surrounding her parents' deaths twenty years ago has always haunted Beryl Tavistock. Now she's asking dangerous questions, and the answers are proving that old secrets die hard.

Life Support
Dr. Toby Harper works the night shift in an emergency room. More comfortable with the steady horror and tedium of emergency care than with a normal lifestyle, Toby alienates herself socially from her peers and from her sister. She spends her daytime hours alone with her mother who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. When elderly Alzheimer's patients from the same retirement home start dying mysteriously, Toby is the only one suspicious enough to investigate. As a result she finds herself, her mother, and her own sanity at risk.

The silent girl
In the murky shadows of an alley in Boston's Chinatown a hand has been discovered. On the rooftop above lies a woman's severed head. Two strands of silver hair - not human - cling to the body that lies nearby. These are Detective Jane Rizzoli's only clues, but they are enough for her and Dr Maura Isles to make a startling discover

GILL, Elizabeth
Home to the High Fells [tapes]
It's 1958 in Durham, a small mining town in northern England, and Rosalind West can't wait to start her new job in London--until she discovers that she'll be working for a young man who also lived in Durham. Jack Neville is an up-and-comer who has made a name for himself as a car designer, and he's always had a soft spot for Rosalind. But, despite its size, Durham has social class distinctions, and Rosalind has a hard time not thinking of Jack as beneath her. Shortly after they begin working together, they meet a popular driver, Freddie Harlington, heir to a title and an estate in Northumberland. Rosalind is smitten with Freddie, who sleeps with her even though he knows that they'll never marry, while Jack steadfastly remains Rosalind's friend.

GILL, Elizabeth
The Secret
As England hunkers down under the onslaught of World War II, Ailsa Gray's wedding anniversary comes round again. Her marriage hasn't been great, but she has 14-year-old twins, and at least her husband isn't off fighting. But the war does find him when a bomb drops on a house while he's in another woman's bed. Ailsa leaves London with the children and has nowhere to go except north to live with her husband's family. She has recently discovered that prior to marrying her, her husband had gotten a local girl pregnant. Her children make friends with some teens in the village, and when Ailsa's daughter grows close to a certain young man, Ailsa is forced to reveal their connection.

Children of War
Were you a child, toddler or teenager during the War? If so, please share your memories and anecdotes: the blackout, bombing, evacuation, shortages, absent fathers! and the fun. Need YOUR help. It's important, for those of us still around -- and for the future.' This was the wording of a boxed ad Susan Goodman placed in a number of local newspapers -- and the response was colossal: she had touched a dormant nerve. And this remarkable book is the result -- a rich tapestry of the dramatic, amusing, poignant and everyday during the twentieth century's greatest conflict, through a child's eyes.

Goodwin, Daisy
The fortune hunter
In 1875, Sisi, the Empress of Austria is the woman that every man desires and every woman envies. Beautiful, athletic and intelligent, Sisi has everything - except happiness. Bored with the stultifying etiquette of the Hapsburg Court and her dutiful but unexciting husband, Franz Joseph, Sisi comes to England to hunt. She comes looking for excitement and she finds it in the dashing form of Captain Bay Middleton, the only man in Europe who can outride her. Ten years younger than her and engaged to the rich and devoted Charlotte, Bay has everything to lose by falling for a woman who can never be his. But Bay and the Empress are as reckless as each other, and their mutual attraction is a force that cannot be denied.

Dancing Till Midnight
Grace Collins, orphaned as child, has been brought up by her severely religious aunt, Emily. Starved of love, she falls for the first man who shows her affection. When she finds she's pregnant, Emily turns her out. Grace and Barry's marriage starts well, but life in a small council house with two children is hard, and Grace feels she's somehow missed out on her youth. Then she discovers the joy of ballroom dancing. At first Barry is happy to indulge her passion, until she meets Philip, who sweeps her off her feet and promises to show her a better way of life...

Goodwin, Rosie
The misfit
Rebecca's adopted, but her new father can't warm to her, and her mother can't succeed in turning her into the princess she longs for. When her adoptive mother dies, her aunt takes her in, and soon Rebecca's life is worse than ever. She longs to escape to the circus that visits her town - but will she ever find happiness?

The old manor house has stood empty for years, left to rot since the last master of the Fenton family died. Until Jess Beddows steps inside, and feels she has come home. Against her family's wishes, she buys the house, promising to bring it back to life.

Just Julie
For twenty-five years, Julie Goodyear became part of everyone's family when she played Bet Lynch, the brassy barmaid in Coronation Street. Now, at sixty-four, she says - 'I am ready to stand up and be counted and set the record straight'. From her impoverished Manchester upbringing she rose to become one of the most-loved actresses on TV. Her personal life beyond Coronation Street has included three marriages, a nervous breakdown, being diagnosed with cervical cancer, and being charged with fraud. She talks frankly about her same-sex relationships, and the betrayals she suffered and wonderful friendships she made during her career.

Mad About the Boy?
It’s the height of summer, 1923. At a ball in Sussex, former Royal Flying Corps pilot Jack Haldean investigates an apparent suicide, but everything is thrown into chaos when a group of Russian revolutionaries becomes involved in the affair. In a case involving deception, greed, jealousy, kidnapping, torture, and more murder, Jack will face an agonizing choice.

GOULD, Judith
Misha Levin is a man who seems to have everything. A world-famous pianist nurtured by loving Russian parents for whom no sacrifice was too great, he has a devoted wife, an adoring son, and the adulation of millions. Then, on a street in Vienna, only hours before his most important concert, he sees the woman he loved and lost eight years before. Desperate to reclaim the happiness he has denied himself for so long, Misha begins a secret affair that will jeopardize all that he has accomplished and force him to choose between two women.

A Royal Ambition
King Henry V's beautiful widow, Catherine, is determined to marry Owen Tudor, a Welsh gentleman-at-arms. But her life decisions are not her own, overshadowed as she is by more powerful men who are closer to the Throne. The Duke of Bedford would marry her off to a foreign prince; her son, the King, is a weak child who turns like a straw in the wind. Henry Beaufort would give his allegiance in exchange for a cardinal's hat; and the handsome and ambitious Duke of Gloucester, brother of the dead king, openly desires her.

The Sea Witch
Catherine Llewellyn has always lived quietly and safely with her beloved grandmother. But everything changes when old Mrs Llewellyn dies and Catherine finds herself alone in the world. Her inheritance means she will not be destitute, but her grandmother's will states she must go to the family home, Langland Hall, to live with her two unknown cousins, Garth and Jonathon. Only Jonathon seems happy to welcome her to her new home. But no sooner has she arrived than she begins to realise that danger is waiting for her. Faced on all with secrets and falsehoods, Catherine must decide not only who is trustworthy, but who is worthy of her heart...

M is for Malice
M is for malice - and malice kills. M is for Malek Construction and the embattled family who still control it: four sons now nearing middle age who stand to inherit a fortune - four men with very different temperaments and needs, linked only by blood and money. M is for Millhone, now hired to trace the missing black sheep brother. But will the prodigal son be welcomed at his family's table? And, in brutal consequence, M is for Murder.

R is for Ricochet
When wealthy octogenarian Nord Lafferty hires Kinsey Millhone to help his newly paroled daughter find her way back to the straight and narrow after doing time for embezzlement, the Santa Teresa P.I. has no idea what she's getting into.

U is for undertow
In 1960s Santa Teresa, California, a child is kidnapped and never returned. Twenty years later, Michael Sutton contacts private detective Kinsey Millhone for help. He claims to have recalled a disturbing memory which might just provide the key to the mystery. He now believes he stumbled across the kidnappers burying Mary Claire Fitzhugh's body... Michael's account is indistinct and even members of his family try to discredit his evidence. But Kinsey is certain there is something vital within Michael's recollections. As the protagonists of the tragedy are gradually brought to light, the truth finally begins to emerge. And while stepping back into the past, Kinsey uncovers more about her own history too...

V is for Vengeance

Las Vegas, 1986. A young college graduate is murdered when he is unable to pay back a loan from notorious criminal Lorenzo Dante. Two years later private investigator Kinsey Millhone finds herself assisting to apprehend a shoplifter, Audrey Vance. Events take a much darker turn when Audrey's body is found in a local suicide spot.

Grafton, Sue
W is for wasted
Two dead bodies changed the course of my life that fall. One of them I knew and the other I'd never laid eyes on until I saw him in the morgue. The first was a local PI of suspect reputation. He'd been gunned down near the beach at Santa Teresa. It looked like a robbery gone bad. The other was on the beach six weeks later. He'd been sleeping rough. Probably homeless. No identification. A slip of paper with Millhone's name and number was in his pants pocket. The coroner asked her to come to the morgue to see if she could ID him. Two seemingly unrelated deaths, one a murder, the other apparently of natural causes. But as Kinsey digs deeper into the mystery of the John Doe, some very strange links begin to emerge. And before long at least one aspect is solved as Kinsey finds the key to his identity.

Playing with the Moon

Shattered by a recent bereavement, Minna and husband Tom retreat to an isolated village on the Dorset coast, hoping to find the solitude that will allow them to cope with their loss and rebuild their foundering marriage. Walking on the beach one day, they unearth a human skeleton. It is a discovery which will plunge Minna into a mystery which will consume her for months to come. The remains are soon identified as those of Private Lew Campbell, a black American GI who, it seems, drowned during a wartime exercise in the area half a century before. Growing increasingly preoccupied with the dead soldier’s fate, Minna befriends a melancholy elderly woman, Felix, who lived in the village during the war. As Minna coaxes Felix’s story from her, it becomes clear that the old woman knows more about the dead GI than she initially let on.

Crooked Pieces
Maggie seems to be going up in the world. Compared to living with her large and impoverished East London family and watching her mother being worn down by life and childbearing, working as a maid is a big improvement. Meeting very different people like the Pankhursts, Maggie is introduced to a completely different world, one in which people talk about women getting the vote and organize impressive rallies and demonstrate at Parliament. Then when she meets and beings 'walking out' with a handsome police officer, it seems like a whole new horizon has opened up for her. Drawn into the workings of the suffragette movement, Maggie is soon caught up in a darker side of the increasingly militant cause. The brutal treatment she and her fellows suffer might make them all the more determined to achieve their goal, but how much is Maggie prepared to sacrifice?

Green, Hilary
Harvest of war
1916. Working as a volunteer with the Red Cross, feisty young Englishwoman Leonora Malham Brown has secretly become the lover of the dashing Colonel Sasha Malkovic. Meanwhile Leo's fiancé Tom is engulfed in the horrors of the Somme, where he discovers a shocking secret about Leo's brother Ralph.

Green, John
The fault in our stars
Despite the tumour-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.

GREENE, Giselle
Pandora’s Box
According to legend, when Pandora's box is opened it unleashes dark secrets and terrible consequences! Rachel Wetherby's life has been on hold since the diagnosis of her teenage daughter Shelley with a debilitating - and fatal - illness. So when Rachel's mother offloads a box of her old possessions, including a diary, Rachel feels compelled to escape into a past which - on the surface - was care-free. However, opening up the box unearths secrets and memories best left uncovered. Shelley, meanwhile, is juggling a secret romance with planning her own death. Not for her an undignified and painful end - she'd rather hold her fate in her own hands. Convincing Rachel that she'd like to spend her 15th birthday in Cornwall where she spent so many idyllic childhood summers, she devises her plan. But nothing is as it seems and heartache and surprises lie in store for both mother and daughter!

GREGORY, Philippa
The Constant Princess
Katherine of Aragon is born to parents who are both rulers and warriors. Aged four, she is betrothed to Arthur, Prince of Wales and is raised to be Queen of England. She never doubts that it is her fate to rule that far-off, wet, cold land. Her faith is tested when her prospective father-in-law is rude to her: Arthur seems litle better than a boy; the food is strange and the customs coarse...Slowly she adapts and life as Arthur's wife grows ever more bearable. But when Arthur dies, she is determined to fulfil her destiny by marrying his spoilt younger brother, Henry. His father and grandmother are against it; her powerful parents prove little use. Yet Katherine has a fighting spirit: she will do anything to achieve her aim - even if it means telling the greatest lie and holding to it.

GREGORY, Philippa
The Little House
Ruth Cleary is carried along on a tide of family actions that leave her living in the little house she never wanted with a baby she hadn't planned to have. As Ruth struggles with postpartum depression and unresolved feelings about the premature deaths of her own parents, her mother-in-law, Elizabeth, manipulates information and situations to take control over Ruth and her family. The character of Elizabeth and her relationship with Ruth are developed carefully, drawing the reader through a range of emotional responses to reach the inevitable conclusion that Elizabeth is waging psychological warfare on Ruth.

GREGORY, Philippa
The other queen
A dramatic novel of passion, politics and betrayal from the author of The Other Boleyn Girl Mary is Queen of Scotland but has been forced to flee her land and take refuge in an England that is ruled by her cousin Elizabeth. But England, precarious in its Protestant state, doesn't need a charismatic Catholic figurehead at large. So Elizabeth's chief advisor, Cecil, devises a plan in which Mary will live under guard with his trusted accomplice: Bess of Hardwick. Bess is a self-made woman, a shrewd survivor. She is newly married to her fourth and most distinguished husband, the Earl of Shrewsbury. But what marriage can withstand the charms of Mary? Or the threat of rebellion that she always carries?

Gregory, Philippa
The red queen
The Red Queen' tells the story of the child-bride of Edmund Tudor who, although widowed in her early teens, uses her determination of character and wily plotting to infiltrate the house of York to ultimately ensure that her only son, Henry Tudor, triumphs as King of England.

Gregory, Philippa
The white princess
The beautiful eldest daughter of Edward IV, the young princess Elizabeth faces a conflict of loyalties between the red rose and the white. Forced into marriage with Henry VII, she must reconcile her slowly growing love for him with her loyalty to the House of York, and choose between her mother's rebellion and her husband's tyranny.

GREGORY, Philippa
Zelda’s Cut
Unable to admit to her sick husband that she has spent everything they have in her attempt to find a cure for his mystery illness, Isobel is tempted by her agent, Troy, into writing a trashy popular novel under the assumed name of Zelda Vere. Zelda's first novel is a smashing success, but by the time the royalties come through, her husband has spent them. In the meantime, Isobel has been spending more and more time in the company of Troy, who helps her become Zelda for her fans. When Isobel confesses her love for Troy (who prefers men), everything falls apart, and she soon finds herself entangled in a complex web of lies and half-truths.

Close Call
The residents of Gurney Close have nothing in common except that they have all recently moved into the new development. When resident Rosemary Lennox proposes that they get to know each other better at a street party, everyone agrees it's a good idea. The party is a success, but the next morning, Robin Durkin, who hosted the event, is found strangled to death. Detectives Hook and Lambert, out of the good cop-bad cop school, are called in to investigate.

GREY, Patricia
Balaclava Row
Balaclava Row seems just like any other north London street in 1940, its inhabitants making the best of things as they struggle to earn a living and cope with the effects of war. But when local jeweller James Donald is found dead in his flat, DCI Jack Stamford and his able sergeant, Sarah McNeill, soon realise that no one in the Row is quite what they seem. As in most close-knit communities, neighbours' lives are inter-linked in countless ways - some known to all, some desperately secret. It is down to Jack and Sarah to unearth the secret that will reveal the killer - but time is running out...

Hainsworth, Tessa.
Up with the larks
Having given up a high-powered job & the lifestyle to match, Tessa Hainsworth had no idea how hard she would struggle when, full of optimism; she fulfilled her dream of moving to rural Cornwall with her young family. Within months, she is almost ready to return to London, tail between her legs. This is her story.

HALL, Patricia
Sins of the Fathers
A young boy running for his life through the snow, his sister hovering between life and death in intensive care: it seems that another father has been driven to the edge and turned on his family when DCI Michael Thackeray reluctantly enters a family home turned blood-stained charnel house. But as he and his lover Laura Ackroyd dig deeper the tragedy becomes darker and much more dangerous.

Last Lullaby
Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond has spent the day at LAX, shadowing a U.S. Customs Supervisor who's got his eye on an incoming flight from Beijing via Seoul and Tokyo. The flight's packed with the usual mass of humanity, ranging from the elegant Asian woman in the raspberry silk suit who emerges from first class carrying a tired toddler, to the scruffy students who have spent the long flight in economy. Suddenly, shots ring out. Three people are dead, including the silk-clad woman. The man who was booked on the flight as the dead woman's husband is missing. And the sad little toddler is left behind. Who is this child?

That Liverpool girl
In the backstreets of Liverpool, Eileen Watson lives with her mother Nellie, daughter Mel and her three tearaway sons. Life isn't great, but they love each other. Then, on the third day in September 1939, Britain declares war on Germany and lives change forever.

Hamilton, Ruth
A Liverpool song
Letting go of the past to grasp the future. Andrew Sanderson, brilliant surgeon and renowned musician, is still grieving the death of his beloved wife Mary when his younger daughter turns up on the doorstep having left her wealthy and philandering husband. It's not long before the house is overrun with daughters, grandchildren, sons-in-law and a boisterous stray dog called Storm. At Andrew's time of life, is this really what he needs? One thing is sure; home is a lot more interesting than it once was. As he reminisces about his past and the love he once shared with his wife, Andrew starts to realize that there is indeed a new road to be travelled; he just has to let go of his grief and embrace tomorrow.

Hamilton, Ruth
A Mersey mile
In 1955 Scotland Road residents fear for their futures when government plans threaten to demolish their road and tear apart their community. Polly's Parlour cafe is the centre for action, where strategies are formed to fight back. But when local priest Father Brennan attacks little Billy Blunt, minds are instead turned to vengeance. Frank Charleson, business entrepreneur turned local hero after saving Billy's life, finds himself increasingly fond of Polly Kennedy. But his past won't leave him. After his mother's harsh behaviour towards his previous wife, can he put Polly through the same?

Hamilton, Ruth
Meet me at the Pier Head
Comfortably settled into his expatriate life in post-war Britain, Headmaster Theodore's secrets are set to remain deeply buried. Until she breezes in. Tia Bellamy: vivacious, intriguing, a nuisance. Tia cuts through his reserve and, for the first time in years, Theodore finds himself able to confront his past and reveal the events carved into his heart and seared into his soul. Together, they form a strong bond with the residents of the Lady Streets, closely befriending Maggie Stone and her granddaughter, little Rosie. Unable to protect the child from her abusive mother, they decide to take drastic action.

Cold Relations
Edinburgh s gorgeous Detective Sergeant Honey Laird had finally cleared her overflowing desk and was looking forward to spending some time with her husband when an email from her old school friend provoked yet another difficult case. Honey soon finds herself trying to babysit her friend’s ex-husband Andrew: a trigger-happy, former SAS officer with a temper, a head injury and a penchant for attractive women. Cold Relations wriggles through twist after turn and guarantees a slew of unforgettable characters led by the delightful Honeypot and her trusty crime-solving labrador, Pippa.

Broken Bodies
Tough little cookie Daisy Lane returns to seek her revenge on London gangster Roy Kemp. Set in Gosport, Hampshire in the 1960's, after a period away abroad Daisy returns, sets herself up running a bookshop opposite the cafe where she found and lost the love of her life. With newfound knowledge, Daisy begins the long process of revenge against Roy, with twists, turns, happiness and sadness all down the line.

HANNAH, Sophie
The other half lives
Ruth Bussey knows what it means to be in the wrong and to be wronged. She once did something she regrets, and her punishment nearly destroyed her. Now Ruth is rebuilding her life, and has found a love she doesn't believe she deserves: Aidan Seed. Aidan is also troubled by a past he can't bear to talk about, until one day he decides he must confide in Ruth. He tells her that years ago he killed someone: a woman called Mary Trelease. Ruth is confused. She's certain she'd heard the name Mary Trelease before, and when she realises why it sounds familiar, her fear and confusion deepen - because the Mary Trelease that Ruth knows is very much alive...

HANNAH, Sophie
A room swept white
TV producer Fliss Benson receives an anonymous card at work: 16 numbers arranged in four rows of four - numbers that means nothing to her. On the same day, Fliss finds out she will be working on a documentary about miscarriages of justice involving cot death mothers. The documentary will focus on three women: Helen Yardley, Sarah Jaggard and Rachel Hines. All three are now free, and the doctor involved, is under investigation for misconduct. For reasons she has shared with nobody, this is the last project Fliss wants to be working on. And then Helen Yardley is found dead at her home, and in her pocket is a card with 16 numbers on it, arranged in four rows of four...

Hannah, Sophie
The telling error
Stuck in a traffic jam, Nicki Clements sees a face she hoped never to see again. It's definitely him, the same police officer, stopping each car on Elmhirst Road. Keen to avoid him, Nicki does a u-turn and makes a panicky escape - or so she thinks. The next day, Nicki is pulled in for questioning in connection with the murder of Damon Blundy, controversial newspaper columnist and resident of Elmhirst Road. Nicki can't answer any of the questions detectives fire at her. She has no idea why the killer used two blunt knives in a way that involved no spilling of blood, or why 'he is no less dead' was painted across Blundy's study. And she can't explain why she avoided Elmhirst Road that day without revealing the secret that could ruin her life.

HARDY, Thomas
Tess of the D’Ubervill
After her impoverished family learns of its noble lineage, naive Tess Durbeyfield is sent to make an appeal to a nearby wealthy family who bear the ancestral name d'Urberville. Tess is seduced by dissolute Alec d'Urberville and secretly bears a child, Sorrow, who dies in infancy. Later working as a dairymaid she meets and marries Angel Clare, an idealistic gentleman who rejects Tess after learning of her past on their wedding night. Emotionally bereft and financially impoverished, Tess is trapped by necessity into giving in once again to d'Urberville, but she murders him when Angel returns. After a few days with Angel, Tess is arrested and executed.

HARRIS, Joanne
Set on a small, blustery fishing island off the coast of France, it tells the story of Mado, a young woman who returns to her childhood home to find the local community torn apart by family feuds, bad tides and murky political machinations.
Passionate, stubborn Mado, whose "head is full of rocks" tries to save the livelihoods of the villagers of Les Salants by urging them to work together to save the beach from erosion, both natural and man-made. The villagers are an eccentric, curmudgeonly bunch, who eventually cooperate with the help of Flynn, a charismatic stranger with a shady past…

HARRIS, Joanne
Five Quarters of the Orange
Beyond the main street of Les Laveuses runs the Loire, smooth and brown as a sunning snake - but hiding a deadly undertow beneath its moving surface. This is where Framboise, a secretive widow named after a raspberry liqueur, plies her culinary trade at the creperie - and lets memory play strange games. Into this world comes the threat of revelation as Framboise's nephew - a profiteering Parisian - attempts to exploit the growing success of the country recipes she has inherited from her mother, a woman remembered with contempt by the villagers of Les Laveuses. As the spilt blood of a tragic wartime childhood flows again, exposure beckons for Framboise, the widow with an invented past.

HARRIS, Joanne
Holy Fools
Holy Fools is set in 17th century France, and the central character is Juliette, a former actress and rope dancer who has given up her travelling life to become a teaching nun at a remote abbey. Juliette has settled with her young daughter into an existence very different from that she knew, and she finds comfort from the advice of the wise and friendly abbess. Things change radically when the abbess dies and her place is taken by an 11-year-old girl whose appetite for reform quickly destroys much that Juliet has come to love in her new life.

Can You Tell What it is Yet?
Tracing his life path from humble beginnings in a Perth suburb, Rolf Harris takes his reader along a journey of wonder towards his 71st achievement-packed year. Songwriter, comic, superb artist (and no we don't mean just cartoons), Harris has nestled in the a heart of his adopted nation by turning his creative brush to any subject... Contained within Can You Tell What It Is Yet? is the same easy style and disarming honestly which is the cornerstone of Rolf's screen secret success.

A Spell of Swallows
Vivien Mariner loves her husband, and is adored by him in return. So why does she find herself so strongly drawn to John Ashe, the enigmatic stranger who appears in Eadenford, as if from nowhere, the summer after the Great War ends? Helping around the house and garden, Ashe quickly makes himself indispensable at the vicarage, insinuating himself ever deeper into village life. As the vicar's wife, Vivien must be above suspicion, but will the dark, dangerous pull of passion prove too strong for her to resist?

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
Blood never dies
Bill Slider and his team face yet another mystery when an unidentifiable man is found dead. It 'appears' that he has committed suicide but all the signs point to murder.

Country Plot
One Monday, Jenna loses her job, boyfriend, and home. Her family recommends a holiday, but she can't afford it. The next best thing is a job cataloguing books for an elderly cousin, Kitty Everest, at her country mansion. She is soon horrified to discover that Kitty may be forced to sell Holtby House and throws herself into saving it.

The Flood Tide
In the Morland Dynasty series, the majestic sweep of English history is richly and movingly portrayed through the fictional lives of the Morland family. It is 1772, and England is peaceful under George III, and Morland Place flourishes under the careful tending of Jemima and her loyal husband Allen. Their seven children often bring them heartache, but they are sustained by their love for each other and their absorbing interest in improving the estate lands. But beyond England’s shores things are not so calm. Morland cousins find themselves embroiled in the American war for independence, and the family’s bastard offshoot, Henri, disports himself in the salons of Paris while outside revolution creeps closer.

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
Hard going
The murder comes much to Slider's family's disgust during his week off, saving him from the horrors of a trip to the shopping centre with his two older children. The late Mr Lionel Bygood, who looks, to all intents and purposes, like an old-fashioned sort of gentleman, has been bashed in the head with a bronze statue, in what Doc Cameron describes as 'our old friend the Frenzied Attack'. It soon emerges that Mr Bygood was a philanthropist, well-known locally for giving help and advice to all who needed it, from all walks of life. But with all signs pointing to the victim knowing his killer, Slider and his team find themselves embroiled in an investigation that provides scant evidence or possible motive, but all too many suspects.

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
Keep the home fires burning
The year is 1915, and the war is raging on. The war was not 'over by Christmas' after all and as 1915 begins, the Hunters begin to settle into wartime life. Diana, the eldest Hunter daughter, sees her fiancé off to the Front but doesn't expect such coldness from her future mother-in-law. David's battalion is almost ready to be sent to the Front, but how will Beattie's fragile peace of mind endure? Below stairs, Ethel, the under housemaid, is tired of having her beaux go off to war so she deliberately sets her sights on a man who works on the railway, believing he won't be allowed to volunteer. Eric turns out to be decent, honest and he genuinely cares about Ethel - is this the man who could give her a new life?

Kill my darling
When Melanie Hunter goes missing, the men in her life come under suspicion. And there's plenty to suspect: lies, half-truths, deceptions. When you pull one thread, the whole fabric of family life can come apart. There are secrets in Melanie's past, and pain she tried to hide from the world.

Harry, Lilian
Celebrations in Burracombe
It's the late 1950s and change is in the air. For the Napier family, up at the big house, the old ways are shifting. Hilary must discover if reaching out for a chance of happiness must mean breaking away from the life expected of her, while Patsy, their young housekeeper's help, is facing motherhood without her own family around her. Down the hill from the Napiers, villagers young and old are setting out on adventures - Stella and Felix begin married life, change comes to the village school and the Tozer family continue to find surprises in their midst.

Harry, Lilian
Weddings in Burracombe
Devon, 1954. The villagers of Burracombe pull together to help each other though the tough times but, this summer, it's time to celebrate love and new life. There are a few surprises to come, however, before anyone can walk up the aisle. It's been a long, hard winter in Burracombe. At Burracombe Barton, Hilary Napier is doing her best to care for her father and keep the estate ticking along, all the while longing for a man she cannot have. She welcomes the young Patsy Shillabeer onto her staff with open arms, but little does she realise that Patsy, flourishing away from her parents' watchful eye, is more headstrong than she first appears, and there's trouble brewing.

Greenwich, south-east London Detective Inspector Jack Caffery - young, driven, unshockable - is called to one of the most gruesome crime scenes he has ever seen. Five young women have been ritualistically murdered and dumped on wasteland near the Dome. Subsequent post-mortems reveal a singular, horrific signature linking the victims. Soon Caffery realizes that he is on the trail of that most dangerous offender: a serial killer. Beset by animosity within the police force, haunted by the memory of a very personal death long ago, Caffery employs every weapon forensic science can offer to hunt him down. Because he knows that it is only a matter of time before this sadistic killer strikes again...

In the pitch dark, nine feet under water, police diver Flea Marley closes her gloved fingers around a human hand. The fact that there's no body attached is disturbing enough. Yet more disturbing is the discovery, a day later, of the matching hand - indications suggest that the victim was still alive when they were removed. Flea and DI Jack Caffery soon establish that the hands belong to a boy who has recently disappeared. Their search for him - and for his abductor - lead them into the darkest recesses of Bristol's underworld, where drug addiction is rife, where street-kids sell themselves for a hit, and where an ancient evil lurks.

HAYDON, Elizabeth
In RHAPSODY Elizabeth Haydon tells a story that encompasses a world and centuries of time and which introduces three characters who have already captured a new generation of fantasy fans in the US. They embark on a journey through the centre of their world only to reach its end and find that centuries have passed and the land faces the awaking of a demon. Haydon's world building is unusually well thought out and vivid, her magic system is rigorous, her battle scenes realistic and massively exciting. But it is her characters, the intelligent and resourceful Rhapsody, the enigmatic assassin Achmed and the gruff but dependable Grunthor that have captured the imagination and affection of thousands of readers. This is a trio of characters who will carry the first great fantasy series of the 21st century on their shoulders.

HELLER, Mandasue
The Charmer
Maria Price has inherited a big house in the best part of Manchester, and more money that she could have ever dreamed. An orphan since 11, she thought she would never again have a family or security. Then she meets handsome, charming Joel Parry, and he just happens to need a place to stay. Before long, Joel has moved into Maria’s new house and has begun spending her money. But Joel is deep in Manchester’s drug scene, and his terrifying past is about to catch up with him—and the naïve girl who trusts him.

The Fog
A peaceful village in Wiltshire is shattered by a disaster which strikes without reason or explanation, leaving behind a trail of misery and horror. A yawning, bottomless crack spreads through the earth, out of which creeps a fog that resembles no other. Whatever it is, it must be controlled.

Hermiston, Roger
The greatest traitor
Drawing on hitherto unpublished records from Blake's trial, as well as original interviews with former spies and the man himself, 'The Greatest Traitor' sheds light on this most complex of characters, and presents a fascinating shadow history of the 20th century.

Bad Company
Former IRA assassin Sean Dillon--and his various allies in British Intelligence and the London underworld--find themselves having to cope again with the consequences of earlier actions. German millionaire Berger and his illegitimate Mafioso son Rossi are determined to avenge Kate Rashid, who was herself killed trying to take revenge for her brothers, whom Dillon killed for entirely good reasons of national security. Berger is, however, a more problematic enemy, since he was the last man out of the Berlin fuhrerbunker and is the repository for Hitler's genuine, and extremely compromising, diaries. Specifically, he is the man who can prove that there were peace negotiations between the Nazis and the father of the current US president.

The killing ground
For intelligence operative Sean Dillon, it is a routine passport check. But the events it leads to are as bloody as any he has ever known. The man he stops at Heathrow airport is Caspar Rashid, born and bred in England, but with family ties to a Bedouin tribe fiercely wedded to the old ways - as Rashid has just found out to his distress. His 13-year-old daughter, Sara, has been kidnapped by Rashid's own father and taken to Iraq to be married to one of the Middle East's most feared terrorists. Dillon has had his own run-ins with the tribe, and when the distraught man begs him for help, he sees a chance to settle some old scores.

Just Take My Heart
When Natalie Raines, famous Broadway star, is found in her home in Closter, New Jersey, dying from a gunshot wound, her former husband, Gregg Aldrich, whom she was in the process of divorcing, is the chief suspect. What no one knows is that, only days before she was murdered, Natalie accidentally came face to face with the man who killed her former roommate, Jamie Evans. Two years later, career criminal Jimmy Easton, comes forward to claim that Aldrich hired him to kill his wife, but he turned the job down…

Kiss Me Quick
Tim’s own life is in chaos, but he’s paid for his qualification as a life coach, and he’s going to use it. When his new, and only, client tells him she’s had a windfall, he believes he really could turn his—and, of course, her—life around. But he doesn’t know that there’s more to Debbie than the scruffy, overweight drudge she appears to be. Journalists have to find a story somewhere, and Debbie’s found hers among the eccentric residents of the little seaside town of Shelcombe…

Hill, Melissa
The charm bracelet
Every charm bracelet tells a story and Holly O'Neill knows this better than most. So when one day, she stumbles across a bracelet that somebody else has lost, she recognises a lifetime spelt out through the very different charms, and knows she must try to reunite it with its owner. She uses each charm to help discover more about them.

HILL, Melissa
Something from Tiffany’s
Two very different men are shopping for gifts for the women they love. Gary is buying his girlfriend Rachel a charm bracelet whereas Ethan's looking for something a little more special - an engagement ring. But when the two men's shopping bags get confused, the couples' lives become intertwined.

Hislop, Victoria
The sunrise
In 1972, Famagusta in Cyprus is the most desirable resort in the Mediterranean. Tourism and commerce boom in the city, with Greek and Turkish Cypriots living and working harmoniously side by side. Elsewhere on the island, there has been a decade of unrest and violence between the communities and in 1974, following a Greek military coup, Turkey invades the island to protect the Turkish Cypriot minority. As Famagusta is shelled, its population flees. In the now deserted city, just two families are left behind. 'The Sunrise' tells the story of this small group living in hiding.

HISLOP, Victoria
The Thread
Thessaloniki, 1917. As Dimitri Komninos is born, a devastating fire sweeps through the Greek city where Christians, Jews and Muslims live side by side. 5 years later, Katerina Sarafoglou's home in Asia Minoris destroyed by the Turkish army. Losing her mother in the chaos, she flees across the sea to an unknown destination in Greece.

HOAG, Tami
The Alibi Man
Elena Estes, former policewoman, former member of the elite of Palm Beach, Florida, is thrust back into both aspects of her former life when she discovers a woman's body in a canal. Physically healed from the wounds she sustained while working on a meth-lab bust, she has yet to recover emotionally from causing another officer's death and has been living and working at her best friend's horse farm. When she realizes that the victim is the farm's beautiful, vibrant young groom Irina, Elena is determined to bring her justice no matter what.

Hoag, Tami
Cold cold heart
Dana Nolan was a promising young TV reporter until she was kidnapped by a notorious serial killer. A year has passed since she defeated her attacker, but Dana is still physically, emotionally, and psychologically scarred by her ordeal. In an attempt to put herself back together after surviving the unthinkable, Dana returns to her hometown. But it doesn't provide the comfort she expects. Dana decides to use her investigative skills to piece together her past and learns of the event that made her become a reporter in the first place: the disappearance of her best friend, Casey Grant, the summer after high school graduation. Looking at her past and the unsolved mystery through the dark filter of PTSD, old friends seem to be suspects, authority figures part of a cover-up. Dana begins to question everything she knows.

Hoag, Tami.
Cry wolf
All attorney Laurel Chandler wanted was a place to hide, but returning to her home town doesn't give her the serenity she craves - she is pursued by a murderer who enjoys the hunt as much as the kill. Hoag also wrote Still Waters and Lucky's Lady.

HOAG, Tami
Deeper than the dead
California, 1985. Four children stumble upon a woman's body, eyes and mouth glued shut. Close behind them is their teacher, Anne Navarre. Vince Leone, a pioneering FBI investigator, is called in to try to unlock the mind of the killer using the fledgling technique of profiling - a strategy that pulls him ever deeper into the lives of the children and their young teacher. Vince and Anne know the lives of more women are at stake - but they soon realise they are also fighting to save the futures of these children. After all, growing up in the shadow of a killer leaves its marks. Perhaps evil binds as tightly as love...

HOAG, Tami
Still Waters
When Elizabeth and her son start looking for a new home, Still Creek seems the answer to their dreams. But on their arrival the locals are distinctly cool, and when Elizabeth gets involved in a murder case she finds there is more to it than meets the eye.

Hobbs, Pam
Don't forget to write
In 'Don't Forget to Write', Pam Hobbs describes a time during the Second World War that was full of overwhelming hardship and devastation - yet also of kindness and humour, resilience and courage.

Holden, Wendy,
Born survivors
Among millions of Holocaust victims sent to Auschwitz II-Birkenau in 1944, Priska, Rachel, and Anka each passed through its infamous gates with a secret. Strangers to each other, they were newly pregnant, and facing an uncertain fate without their husbands. Alone, scared, and with so many loved ones already lost to the Nazis, these young women were privately determined to hold on to all they had left: their lives, and those of their unborn babies. That the gas chambers ran out of Zyklon-B just after the babies were born, before they and their mothers could be exterminated, is just one of several miracles that allowed them all to survive and rebuild their lives after World War II. 'Born Survivors' follows the mothers' incredible journey.

Holt, Anne
The lion's mouth
Less than six months after taking office, the Norwegian prime minister is found dead. She has been shot in the head. But was it a politically motivated assassination or personal revenge?

Holt, Hazel
Death is a word
Eva Jackson is Rosemary's cousin and she has moved back to her childhood home in Taviscombe after the untimely death of her beloved husband Alan. As is the way of the village, Eva has been pounced upon by the local charities, and it is during a coffee morning that she mentions to Sheila Malory that she fears Alan might have died an unnatural death. Sheila is intrigued and sets out to find out more. But when Eva's body is discovered after a supposed insulin overdose, Sheila wonders if the killer might still be at large in the charming Devon countryside.

HOLT, Hazel
A Time to Die

When Sheila Malory's young granddaughter starts riding lessons at the local riding school, Sheila is happy to have the excuse to spend time there with her friends who run the place. The affable Charlie Hamilton, former Olympic showjumper and owner of the school, and his wife Josephine seem to have bounced back from previous incurred debts and to be living a charmed existence teaching the local children to ride. But is everything quite as it seems? When Charlie's body is found in the stables the inhabitants of Taviscombe are left appalled and disturbed. His death is the first of a succession of unexplained sinister happenings, and with the local police at a loss, it is left to Sheila, at her most persistent, to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The Portable Door
Starting a new job is always stressful, but when Paul Carpenter arrives at the office of H.W. Wells he has no idea what trouble lies in store. Because he is about to discover that the apparently respectable establishment now paying his salary is in fact a front for a deeply sinister organization that has a mighty peculiar agenda. It seems that half the time his bosses are away with the fairies. But they're not, of course. They're away with the goblins.

HOOD, Evelyn.
A Certain Freedom
After the death of his wife, Hamilton Forsyth scandalises the small Ayrshire town of Saltcoats by departing for pastures unknown. His three adult children are left reeling with shock – and with the family ironmongery shop to run. Walter, son and heir, looks set to manage the business and marry the suitable Clarissa Pinkerton but drops a bombshell on his sisters by saying he’s going to marry the housemaid Sarah who is pregnant.
Unable to tolerate the housemaid becoming a mistress of their house, the girls find there are few choices within their social structure and they must struggle to make it on their own two feet.

HOOD, Evelyn
Birds in the Spring
Paisley, 1920. In the post-war decade of peace, uncomfortable new conflicts are looming. Women no longer take a back-seat in the business community and one, Fiona MacDowall, has made it clear she intends to inherit her father's furniture emporium. Her half-brother Alex, although born out of wedlock, has other ideas. But it's Alex's wife Rose who objects most. A businesswoman in her own right, she owns Harlequin, the town's grandest and most successful dressmaker's. She is sure Fiona will stop at nothing to get what she wants. And on Fiona's list is a husband and, she suspects, Rose's own business.

Hopkins, Billy
Kate's story
Its 1897 when 11 year old Kate Lally's world falls apart. Her family is evicted from their home in Manchester, and Kate has to grow up fast. A journey of hope and heartache follows, and Kate fights on resolutely.

HORTON, Lesley
The Hollow Core
Behind closed doors, every family has its secrets. The Ingleby family must look to theirs, when Diane Ingleby is shot after a family outing. DI John Handsford and DS Kahlid Ali are called in to investigate and it soon emerges that Diane's husband, Maurice, is widely suspected to be the money behind the local branch of the BNP. He's been on the receiving end of threats before, and it seems his wife might have been caught in the middle. It's a sensitive case, and Handsford and Ali are joined by trainee DC Parvez Miah - son of an influential local Muslim community leader. But when Aisha, Miah's wife, is found badly beaten, it seems that the Inglebys may not be the only family with skeletons in the cupboard.

Early One Morning
Lottie is just three years old when her mammy dies and she is sent to the workhouse; only thirteen when a 'place' is found for her with a miner's family, looking after three young boys and their invalid mother; and still a mere lass when she runs away from the Green household to escape her abusive employer. A childhood spent in poverty has left no opportunity for education. Yet Lottie is bright, and has ambitions to write. When Josiah Bateman, a kindly Methodist preacher, introduces adult literacy classes at the Chapel. Lottie seizes her chance - and a new door opens...

A Thousand Splendid Suns
This is a breathtaking story set against the volatile events of Afghanistan’s last thirty years—from the Soviet invasion to the reign of the Taliban to the post-Taliban rebuilding—that puts the violence, fear, hope, and faith of this country in intimate, human terms. It is a tale of two generations of characters brought jarringly together by the tragic sweep of war, where personal lives—the struggle to survive, raise a family, find happiness—are inextricable from the history playing out around them.

Scandal in Prior’s Ford
Prior's Ford's Women's Rural Institute finds itself on the verge of a civil war when Moira Melrose is defeated in her bid to become president for the third time by newcomer Alma Parr. Moira seeks revenge by trying to outdo the Parrs' extravagant Christmas outdoor decorations, and the feud escalates from there.

HUGHES, Declan
All the dead voices
Ed Loy has made some changes. He has moved into a flat in Dublin's city centre, leaving the family home behind. Maybe now he can break free from the ghosts of his past - the drinking, the dirty deals, the sleazy underworld. But when a 15-year-old murder case is reopened, Loy is hired by the victim's daughter to investigate the suspects ignored by the first investigation: a rich property developer, an ex-IRA man and Loy's least favourite sociopath, George Halligan. Loy has to watch his back: in the murky world into which he has fallen, he can't tell which threats come from the IRA and which from the police protecting their old case

The Time of Terror
The first of a trilogy features Royal Navy officer Nathan Peake, a 23-year-old mariner whose misadventures had convinced him early on that he was born to hang. In 1793, Nathan is plucked from the deck of his warship and sent to Paris on a secret mission, disguised as an American sea captain smuggling tobacco into France. He is unwittingly involved in a British plot to ruin the French economy by flooding France with counterfeit banknotes and to provide gold to bribe French revolutionaries. Our hero survives sea battles, assassin attacks, and torture, but his schemes often tragically fail.

The Deverell Woman
Maura Deverell is a young Irish peasant girl whose mother is dying of consumption. Their cruel landlord threatens to throw them out of their cottage unless Maura agrees to marry his young son, Liam Riordan. But before Maura can decide, she is brutally raped by Liam's brother Padraig, who gloats that once she is under their roof, Maura will be at his mercy - his sexual slave. Weak though she is, Maura's mother does not let this vicious act go unavenged. She curses the Riordans and then, on her deathbed, makes Maura promise to leave Ireland for good. Maura ends up in Birmingham, after many narrow escapes from rape and death. Even when she makes staunch friends, and discovers a protector in the shape of Aiden Shanley, she longs to go home, stopped only by her promise to her mother. Eventually the wicked Riordans meet a well deserved sticky end and Maura is persuaded to return and marry Liam after all.

For the Sake of her Child
Raped and left pregnant by her drunken father, Anna Bradly abandons her baby. Over the years, Anna manages to build up a successful business, but when she is robbed of both her husband and her livelihood, fate leads her back to her roots - and a confrontation that could break her heart.

Heritage of Shame
Anne Corby flees from Russia when her mother dies in the wild savagery of the steppes. Pregnant with an illegitimate child - the result a brutal rape, Anna returns to Darlaston with nothing but a mysterious talisman, wrapped in a black velvet cloth, in which the peace of nations resides. But a return to Darlaston holds no sanctuary. For it is home to Anne's aunt Clara, who sees the girl's bastard as a threat to her ownership of Glebe Metalworks. As war clouds gather, Clara resolves to remove the usurper by fair means or foul, and enlists her depraved son Quenton in her evil plan.

Pauper’s Child
Increasingly desperate poverty after her beloved father's suicide forces a crisis for Callista Stanford. For vicious rent collector Oswin Slade, will accept only the girl's body in payment for the rent due. Repulsed by his advances, Callista postpones the evil day until it is too late. Homeless and destitute, Callista finds refuge with Abigail and Daniel Roberts, a kindly couple, potters by trade. Taught by her father to appreciate beauty, Callista proves to have a feeling for the clay and with Daniel's help comes to be mistress of the Leabrook Pottery. But there is no happy ending yet; an unseen enemy, a depraved woman, lurks in the shadows, intent on harm to the pauper's child.

A Penny Dip
One of five sisters, Margaret Rose Astbury grew up in Wednesbury during the first half of the twentieth century. Despite the constant struggle to make ends meet, and the hardship and worry of wartime, life in the Black Country was not all doom and gloom. In the crowded terraced houses and teeming communal yards, there was love and laughter aplenty. With no money to spare for toys, the Astbury girls had to make their own amusement, whether it be street games or a backyard panto. Meg was no angel, and was often 'up to her armpits in mischief'. But she knew she could rely on her sisters to stick up for her - and her mom and dad were too soft-hearted to punish any of their beloved daughters.

Peppercorn Woman
Tyler Cadell's cruel order to throw their baby to the dogs breaks his wife's heart - she flees to save herself, but is haunted by the fact that she could not save her baby. Now, Cadell is back - he has linked his fortune with an aristocrat and must prevent the return of his legal wife.

Ties of Love
If only she had heeded her ten-year-old sister's words! But Amber Neale returns from India to the devastating news of Bethany's death and her brother's disappearance. The man she holds responsible is mine-owner Uriah Buckley, a powerful man in Darlaston, and Amber knows he will make her life a living hell if crossed. But loyalty to her siblings prevails, and she determines to seek out the truth. Amber's only ally is Rani, the gentle Indian girl who owes Amber her life. Together they create a line of floral face creams and cosmetics, and go on to found a successful beauty salon. But wealth and success do not fill the heart.

Hutchinson, Meg.
The seal
Kate Mallory comes across a foreign banknote and a drawing of an ancient talisman in a local churchyard. Richard Torrey is haunted by a young woman. Together, Kate and Richard decide to investigate a possible link between these random clues.

The Wanton Redhead
This is the story of a young woman who must suffer many violent wrongs before being saved by her own virtue, and by the love of a good man. When her selfish, flighty sister leaves home to become the wife of a wealthy sugar plantation owner, Alyssa becomes solely responsible for her poor, deranged mother as well as for Thea's bastard son. Viciously raped, then thrown out of the family home, the girl goes on the run, fleeing her cruel rapist. Alyssa's journey is a perilous one. It will take her far from the Black Country to the wild shores of the Caribbean and put her in the path of evil men determined to despoil the young girl. For the palm-fringed island of Jamaica is home to a pernicious trade: white slavery...

Iggulden, Conn
King Henry V - the great Lion of England - is long dead. In 1437, after years of regency, the pious and gentle Henry VI, the Lamb, comes of age and accedes to the English throne. His poor health and frailty of mind render him a weakling king. Yet there are those who believe England must be led by a strong king if she is to survive. With England's territories in France under threat, and rumours of revolt at home, fears grow that Henry and his advisers will see the country slide into ruin.

Silence of the Grave
A human bone is discovered at a construction site near Reykjavik. Inspector Erlendur Sveinnson is on the case, but the trail, which leads back to World War II, has gone very cold indeed. Erlendur (Icelanders use first names) has a very personal reason for his abiding interest in missing persons, and that--combined with the fact that his drug-abusing daughter is in the hospital in a coma--opens the door for plenty of backstory regarding the detective's troubled history. With a narrative that jumps between the 1940s and the present--without giving away whodunit--the novel generates a sort of emotional claustrophobia, its characters trapped in a world where the pain of the past, though often submerged, is always with us.

Jackson, Lisa
Close to home
Sarah McAdams has come home to the shores of Oregon's wild Columbia river to renovate the old Victorian mansion where she grew up. Her daughters, Jade and Gracie, aren't impressed by the rundown property, and Sarah too is beset by uneasy memories - of her cold, distant mother, of the half-sister who vanished without a trace, and of a long-ago night when Sarah was found outside, feverish and delirious. Ever since the original mistress of the house plunged to her death almost a century ago, there have been rumours that the place is haunted. As a girl, Sarah sensed a presence there, and soon Gracie claims to see a lady in white running up the stairs. But there's a new, more urgent menace in the small town. One by one, teenage girls are disappearing.

Jackson, Lisa.
Sail away

Bright Day Dawning
Gwynna had fallen from grace once, bearing a stillborn child out of wedlock. Determined to have a respectable future, she finds a position for herself as a nursemaid at Hungerton House. But just as she begins to find her feet, the secrets of her past are revealed. She is swiftly dismissed but not before she becomes the target of a lascivious groom. And even afterwards she is pursued by Hungerton, an evil old man who wishes to send her back to the gutters. She returns home to Hedderby, only to find the small Lancashire town reeling after the arson attack on the local pub and music hall, The Pride. Her only ally is a talented carpenter, also once employed by Hungerton. His former employer will stop at nothing, however, to bring him back to the estate. Will money buy revenge and destroy two lives, or will the young lovers find a way to achieve their dreams?

Calico Road
Calico Road runs through a tiny Lancashire hamlet up on the edge of the moors, miles from anywhere. Its folk are an independent breed – and in 1827 they are a thorn in the side of the vicious mill owner in the valley below.
Toby Fletcher’s father ignored his bastard son while alive. Now Toby is the new owner of the rambling old inn, an unwitting keeper of its secrets. Then Meg Staley comes to Colico, a woman who was strong enough to survive one tragedy but found it harder to withstand a second blow. Toby finds her wandering the moors, cold and starving, and brings her back to the inn. Working there, Meg starts to rebuild her life and finds a fragile happiness. But then the secrets of Colico Road come crashing down on her and those she has grown to love…

Chestnut Lane
When novelist Sophie Carr rescues a man hiding in her garden from a group of paparazzi, she finds that her new neighbour is ageing pop star Jez Winter, whos had a tough time lately. Lifes not been easy for Sophie either, losing her husband and having difficulties with her children. And Sophie also has a secret to hide. One that makes her very wary of getting involved with Jez . . .

Elm Tree Road
In the sequel to 'Cherry Tree Lane', Nell the second Willitt sister, leaves her brutal father and moves with new husband Cliff to Lancashire. But Nell's happiness is short-lived and when tragedy strikes, Nell, mad with grief, runs away.

Family Connections
When Gina Porter discovers she may have family on the other side of the world, she determines to travel to England and meet these unknown relatives. At her home near Blackpool, Peggy Wilkes wakes every day to her bullying husband. She too has decided to make a new start. As these two women embark on their voyages of self-discovery, they forge bonds that reinforce the value of family connections.

Jacobs, Anna
Heir to Greyladies
1900. The death of her father forces Harriet out of her home to escape the advances of her stepbrother, the rule of her stepmother, and into service at Dalton House. Over time Harriet develops a friendship with the Dalton's crippled son Joseph but her life is changed completely when she inherits Greyladies, a haunted house.

In focus
When a new feature on Pete Newbury's popular TV programme shows his adult image digitally transformed to that of a young child, Beth is shocked to realize he's her 'baby' brother, who vanished without a trace 38 years ago. Things begin to get complicated as Beth falls for Pete's cousin and manager, Edward.

Jacobs, Anna
In search of hope
An unexpected inheritance offers Libby Pulford the chance to escape her abusive marriage with her young son Ned. Just as she's beginning to settle into her new life, her troubled past catches up with her. The one person she can turn to for help is her new neighbour, former police detective Joss Atherton. But Joss has troubles of his own.

Kirsty’s Vineyard
Four years ago Kirstys husband was killed in a car accident. Kirsty has put her life on hold since. Then she meets Ed James, a cancer-ridden old man, who leaves her his estate, an Australian vineyard, when he dies. But there is a condition attached to his legacy: she must live at the vineyard in a remote corner of New South Wales for at least one year . . .

Jacobs, Anna
Legacy of Greyladies
Olivia Hanbury's work brings her to Greyladies, where she meets Phoebe, who seems to be the owner. She loves the old house on sight and becomes friendly with Phoebe. But not everyone approves of what Olivia is doing and she makes enemies as well as friends. Will she manage to make a life for herself in her new home in Wiltshire or will her family and those who don't approve of her work stop her?

Jacobs, Anna
Mistress of Greyladies
During WWI Greyladies is requisitioned by the government as a POW internment centre. Harriet is now a widow, as she has always known she would be with such a frail husband, but now has a son and daughter to care for. The three of them go to live with Joseph's family when Greyladies is requisitioned. Harriet is worried that all her careful renovations will be destroyed and her search for other Latimer women has to be abandoned temporarily because of the war.

Moving on
Molly Peel has been downtrodden for years; bullied by her husband and now a slave to her two grown-up children. When she is late for her daughter's wedding after a taxi is involved in an accident, her daughter refuses to listen to her explanations. Molly then decides to take control of her own life.

A Pennyworth of Sunshine

Keara Michaels doesn't want to leave her family in Ireland, but fate sends her first to Lancashire, then across the sea to Australia, pregnant and penniless. And Theo Mullane, the man who loves her, is married, with an ailing baby son, so cannot follow her as he longs to. Mark Gibson leaves Lancashire to avoid marriage. But gold prospecting is a dangerous pursuit, and when his gentle young wife dies in childbirth, his father-in-law kidnaps the baby. So Mark runs away again, this time to Western Australia, where he employs Keara in his country inn. But danger threatens them all.

Jacobs, Anna
Peppercorn Street
Three women find new hope in Peppercorn Street, a small village in a beautiful corner of Wiltshire with a mixture of homes and people.

Jacobs, Anna
A place of hope
When Emily Mattison falls victim to a near-fatal accident shortly after receiving an unexpected inheritance from a distant cousin, her ruthless nephew seizes the opportunity to take control of his aunt's assets. Awaking from a coma, Emily finds herself locked up in a geriatric care unit. She must rely on her wits to escape.

Saving Willowbrook
When Ella discovers that her husband Miles is secretly planning to sell their farm, it's the final straw: her marriage, already on the rocks, is over. Determined to save Willowbrook, and to protect her daughter Amy, Ella embarks on a mission to transform the farm into a successful bed-and-breakfast business. But Miles is an ambitious and ruthless man, and he has other plans for the property .

Seasons of Love
Helen Merling yearns to be loved. When she meets an actor - a common and dishonest profession, in the eyes of her father - Helen succumbs to the young man's charms. Pregnancy and marriage follow, but Robert Perriman is a cheating philanderer. Will Helen suffer a lifetime of drudgery?

Spinners Lak
When mill-owner Frederick Hallam dies in 1860, his widow Annie plans to build Spinners Lake, a project that will keep her from destitution. But then artist Tian Gilchrist walks into her life, awakening disturbing memories. Can Annie love another man the way she loved Frederick?

Three Penny Dreams
Recently widowed, Hannah Firth is still young - young enough to dream of a new life. When her spiteful daughter-in-law uses her as an unpaid servant, Hannah tries to leave, but she is unaware of the depths that Patty's spite will lead her to.

Jacobs, Anna
A time to remember
1945 - The war in Europe is over. Most women can't wait for their men to return, but in the small town of Rivenshaw in Lancashire, Judith Crossley fears having her husband back in the house. He'd grown into a bully and a drunkard, and on the occasions he'd come home from leave, he'd hit her. He wasn't a good father either - when their eldest daughter Kitty won a prestigious scholarship to the private girls' grammar school, Doug had tried to stop her going, saying it would turn her into a snob. Luckily Judith had help from an unlikely ally - Maynard Esher, from an old aristocratic family on the other side of town - but Judith knows that when her husband returns, she'll be blamed for letting Kitty take up her school place. She decides that for the children's sake, she must leave her husband. But with the house rented in his name, and other accommodation scarce, where on earth can they go?

Jacobs, Anna
The trader's dream|
Bram Deagan dreams of bringing his family from Ireland to join him in Australia, where he now runs a trading business. But when a typhus epidemic strikes Ireland, it leaves the Deagan family decimated. And, with other family members scattered round the world, it's left to Maura Deagan to look after her orphaned nieces and nephew.

Jacobs, Anna
The trader's gift
Bram Deagan has a thriving trading business, a beautiful wife and a growing family. Since he has a gift for matchmaking and wishes to see his friends Dougal and Mitchell happily married too, he doesn't hesitate to suggest they find wives. In England, Eleanor Prescott has not forgotten the ship's captain who was a true friend to her. Dougal McBride told her to come to him if she was free. When her ailing husband dies, she wonders if she dare return to Western Australia. Will Dougal still want her after nearly a year?

Jacobs, Anna
The trader's reward
When Fergus Deagan's wife dies, leaving him to care for their small children, he doesn't know how to manage. He's always been envious of his older brother Bram's good fortune but now he reluctantly knows he needs his help, and sets off with his family for Western Australia. When he gets there, he finds that the problems with Bram's ice-making venture are threatening to ruin his brother. Can Fergus help find a solution and make amends with Bram at last?

The trader’s wife
Singapore in the 1860s is exotic and yet terrifying for a penniless Englishwoman, alone and vulnerable after her mother's death. Too pretty to obtain a governess's job, Isabella Saunders accepts an offer from a Singapore merchant to teach him English and live with his family.

Winds of Change
Miranda Fox has devoted much of her life to caring for her elderly father. But when he dies after a descent into Alzheimer's she knows she must leave the dilapidated family home and make a clean break. Can Miranda find the happiness she deserves?

Jacobs, Anna.
Yew Tree Gardens
1910. Sisters Mattie, Nell and Renie all managed to escape their oppressive and bullying father, but now separated, the girls must draw upon their strength and courage to build new lives for themselves.

JARDINE, Quintin
Deadly Business
It's the Fiesta de San Juan in Spain, a celebration of the Summer Solstice, and there's much excitement about a huge firework display. But Primavera Blackstone is more inflamed by the appearance of a mysterious writer, Duncan Culshaw, who is determined to rake through the ashes of her past.

Jardine, Quintin
Mathew's tale
In this, his landmark fortieth novel, Quintin Jardine tells the remarkable story of a man's quest for justice - at any cost. 1818, Carluke, Lanarkshire. Mathew Fleming returns home to Scotland following heroic service at the Battle of Waterloo. After seven years away, he is a ghostly presence to those he left behind. But Mathew is ambitious and soon becomes a man of influence in his county and beyond. Yet through all his success, he still hides the loss of his one true love. When a terrible act of murder occurs, Mathew must choose between the rule of blood and the rule of law. And as a man of honour with a warrior's instincts, he embarks on a journey of vengeance that will test every sinew of his faith in mankind.

JARDINE, Quintin
Unnatural Justice
Oz Blackstone is enjoying the success of his latest smash hit movie. But when blackmailers threaten Oz's father with a sleazy scam, the dream begins to turn to nightmare. And as Oz prepares to fight back, he knows he's being sucked into a vortex of evil.

JECKS, Michael
A Moorland Hanging
Cold-blooded murder has transformed Simon Puttock's official obligation into something horrid -- and he will need the able assistance of his friend, Sir Baldwin Furnshill, to draw a criminal out. A former Knight Templar, Sir Baldwin knows much of duty and servitude - and of evil freely indulged in the name of godliness or greed. Now justice must be served, even if their search exposes extortion, foul corruption, rule by fear…and killers willing, even eager, to shed more blood.

JECKS, Michael
The Prophecy of Death
It is 1325 and there is turmoil in England, but the Prophecy of St. Thomas's Holy Oil just might save King Edward II. It is believed that the king who is anointed with the oil will be a lion among men: he will conquer France, unite Christendom, and throw the heathens from the Holy Land. Edward’s reputation has been sullied following his rejection of his wife—Queen Isabella—after which he confiscated her income, exiled her servants, and took away her children. Having escaped her husband and traveled to France, Isabella attempts to negotiate peace with her brother, King Charles IV…

JECKS, Michael
The oath
1326. In an England riven with conflict, knight & peasant alike find their lives turned upside down by the warring factions of Edward II. Yet even in such times the brutal slaughter of an entire family, right down to a babe in arms, still has the power to shock. Three further murders follow, & bailiff Simon Puttock is drawn into a web of intrigue.

JEFFREY, Elizabeth
Traveller’s Inn
Bethany and her mother are left destitute following the scandalous death of her father. Forced to leave their beloved home with little more than the clothes they are stood up in, their last hope is to prevail upon their only living relative, Bethany's Great Aunt Sarah, who runs a coaching inn. But when they arrive at the inn, they realise it has seen much better days and they are hardly welcomed with open arms by Sarah, who is initially unsympathetic to their plight. Bethany is quick to adapt and impresses Sarah with her attitude to hard work. She soon manages to convince Sarah to build up the business again, and trade at the inn increases. Their future begins to look secure, but trouble lies ahead…

JEFFREY, Elizabeth
The Weaver’s Daughter
When Anna discovers her father's plans to marry her off to an old widower for financial gain, she determines to escape. Her mother is sympathetic and secretly helps her to flee Holland and she elopes with her childhood sweetheart Jan, to England. They go to Colchester, the hub of the thriving cloth trade, where there is a substantial Dutch immigrant community. However, settling in is not as easy as the young lovers had imagined....

An Artistic Way to Go
It's not very surprising that art dealer Oliver Cooper disappears from his home on Mallorca shortly after mob-connected enforcer Ernest White turns up to demand $1,350,000 for two paintings that White's employer, who purchased them from Cooper, says are forgeries. What's surprising is that (a) Cooper soon turns up dead, and (b) so many of his associates actually wanted him dead. It's up to imperturbable Inspector Enrique Alvarez to smash the killer's broken-watch alibi before his short-fused superior blows a gasket.

A question of motive
The Mallorcan police receive an anonymous call to say a body has been found at the foot of a steep wall of rock. Hoping it is an accident rather than a crime, Alvarez makes cursory enquiries only to find that the medical evidence reveals this could be a murder case.

Murder Needs Imagination
Inspector Enrique Alvarez of the Mallorca police scorns the island's wealthy expatriates, mainly because their wrongdoing takes him away from his three great loves: food, siestas, and cognac. This time one of those expats, notorious womanizer Jasper Vickers, has been found dead, apparently the victim of a fall after a drinking binge. But Alvarez suspects murder, thanks to some mysterious scratches on Vickers' throat.

31 Dream Street
Leah and Toby have lived across the street from one another for years without meeting ... and Leah has been itching to peek behind the front door of Toby's eccentric house, always packed to the rafters with weird and wonderful tenants. When fate finally lets her in, Leah finds that Toby needs her as much as she is surprised to realize she might need him. Sometimes life needs a helping hand and with a sprinkle of romance and their own special magic, Toby and Leah's dreams show the glimmer of a chance of coming true.\n\n31 Dream Street is a wonderfully warm and insightful novel that will capture the imagination and soothe the soul.

Johnson, George
The last British Dambuster
Johnny Johnson is 92 years old and one of very few men who can recall first-hand the most daring and ingenious air raid of all time. On 16th May 1943, Johnny, alongside 132 specially selected comrades, took off from Scampton airbase in Lincolnshire. For six weeks they had been trained to fulfil one mission that was near impossible: to destroy three dams deep within Germany's Ruhr Valley. It was a daring task but, against the odds, Johnny and his crew survived. For the first time, Johnny relives every moment of that fatal night - and the devastating aftermath.

JOHNSON, Jeannie
Bitter Harvest
Two brothers—Walter the older, is ruthless and driven; William, the younger, is more honorable but ineffectual—spend their lives building the Shellard family wine business without counting the cost in human terms to those they mistreat along the way. Among the most affected is young Catherine, Walter’s illegitimate daughter with his longtime Portuguese mistress, who suddenly loses all that she holds dear when her father marries again, and her distraught mother commits suicide. Seven years later, Catherine reenters the Shellard sphere of influence when Walter arranges her marriage to Robert Freeman for business reasons.

JOHNSTON, Jennifer
This is not a Novel
Johnny, an outstanding young swimmer, went missing nearly thirty years ago: drowned, or so everyone except his sister Imogen believes. How could this have happened? Encouraged, pushed even, from a child by his father, Johnny could have made the Olympic team, couldn't he? As Imogen gradually pieces together bits of her family history, we hear the tragic echoes that connect her with the Great War and Ireland in the nineteen-twenties.

JONES, Catherine
The Eye of the Storm
It's June 1944, shortly after Normandy, and the English are anxious to secure a small airstrip close to the front line in France. In the course of a few days, we are privy to the lives of several people. There's Colonel David Clarke, who is preparing his troops for the invasion; his young wife, Gwen; and her lover, George, a member of the Royal Air Force. In France, there's Martine, struggling to keep her small farm going, and her lover, Otto, a German soldier who has to decide if he is going to desert. Also in France is the sadistic SS officer, Jochen Peiper, who, despite the fact that victory is in sight for the Allies, is determined to do anything necessary to reach his goal.

JONES, Dylan
Unto the Wicked
Criminally insane Colin Heggarty, is behind bars, thanks to Natalie Vine. He takes his revenge by arranging the abduction of one of his recovering victims. Natalie is given seven days to save her life and each day brings a grisly reminder that time is running out.

JONES, Kathleen
Seeking Catherine Cookson’s “Da”
This is a real life detective story, tracking down the missing father of one of Britain's most famous authors - the father she didn't want anyone to know about! Best selling author Catherine Cookson created a profoundly affecting literature out of the personal tragedies of her working class upbringing and early life in the industrial North East. Her biographer gives this account of her search to discover the truth of Cookson's childhood and the mystery of her father's identity. As the story unfolds, the reader is led to a deeper understanding of the demons that drove Cookson to become one of the most popular novelists of her day. It is a story of terrible poverty, of harsh lessons learnt generation after generation, but also of hope and eventual reconciliation.

I’ll Be Your Sweetheart
Not a day goes by without Molly Bennett and Nellie McDonough counting their blessings. But when an elderly neighbour, Flora Parker, is robbed of her most treasured possession, and left without a penny to her name, the two mates jump at the chance of setting their detecting skills in motion. Meanwhile, Molly's youngest daughter, Ruthie, and her best friend, Bella, are making plans for their joint sixteenth birthday party. Ruthie is determined to look glamorous, a real knock out, to catch the eye of a certain boy for whom she's got more than a soft spot.

Man of the House
On VE Day the whole population of Liverpool turned out to celebrate, and Eileen Gillmoss was the life and soul of the party. After five long years, her husband would be coming home. But the man who returns feels like a stranger to her, and Eileen fears their relationship can never be the same.

One Rainy Day
Nineteen-year-old Poppy Meadows enjoys life! The only blot on her happiness is her dreadful boss, with his roving eye and roving hands. Vowing to find another job, she enrols in a shorthand class at night school. One rainy day, she is knocked to the ground by two people bounding down the steps of an office block, but her pride will not let her accept the young man's offer to replace her ruined raincoat. When Andrew Wilkie-Brook tells his sister Charlotte 'I wish she'd let me help', someone is listening and decides to take a hand. Her name is Fate.

When Wishes Come True
Evelyn married Charles just hours before he left for war, unaware that she would never see him again and that she was already carrying his child. When Amelia is born, Charles's parents won't accept that she is their grandchild, but poor as they are, Evelyn and her daughter find happiness.

You Stole My Heart Away
Molly Bennett and Nellie McDonough are very happy with their lot in life. Their expanding families and abundance of friends always keep them busy. And as they walk arm in arm to the shops every day, they are greeted with warmth by their neighbours, for wherever they go they bring fun and laughter with them. Their rock-solid friendship has lasted over 20 years, through good times and bad, and never once have Molly and Nellie fallen out. And they are always up for a bit of excitement and any excuse for a laugh. So when they learn there is a wedding in the offing, which will bring the Bennett, McDonough and Corkhill families even closer, it gives the intrepid pair a good reason to save up for a visit into Liverpool and to the shop selling wedding hats. They just hope that the wedding itself lives up to the grandeur of the hotel.

Jordan, Penny.
Desire for revenge
Sarah believed in love at first sight. But after meeting the man of her dreams, and spending a night of passion in his arms, she was scared the magic couldn't possibly last. So she left before he awoke. Joshua Howard had met his perfect woman, and lost her again in one night. Now, he vowed to get his own back on her, and his revenge was going to be slow and sweet. It would begin as soon as he introduced himself as Sarah's new boss!

Fantasy for Two
Just what had impulsive Mollie Barnes and powerful landowner Alex Villiers, Earl of St Otel, got in common? Mollie always championed the underdog, while Alex represented the privileged classes. He'd declared she was stubborn and wilfully determined to believe the worst of him, while she thought he was simply amusing himself with her.So, why had she confessed her secret fantasy to him? It soon became clear that they shared the same dream - and Alex was perfectly happy to make it come true.

Perfect marriage material
Saul Crighton was every woman's dream - head of a thriving law firm, devoted single father to three young children, and the sexiest man alive. Even Tullah couldn't deny that Saul made her heart beat faster. But, even though she was tormented by erotic fantasies about him, Tullah was determined to resist his family's matchmaking plans.

Silk opens in Cheshire the 1920s, a time of great glamour and decadence, high living and loose morality. We follow an immensely powerful family who have made their considerable fortune from silk, clothing Queen Victoria in her lengthy widowhood and supplying top fashion houses the world over - a dynasty that hides a scandalous past behind its glamorous facade...

KAINE, Margaret
Friends and Families
As a child, Josie Ford, fiery and ambitious, sees from a distance the affluent lifestyle of young Georgina Hawkins, and is filled with envy. But Georgina is lonely, and longs to experience the warmth of working-class family life. Beneath the shadow of Georgina's father, the domineering William Hawkins, the two girls meet in secret. From this forbidden friendship grows a bond so strong nothing can break it. And then the men enter their lives…

KAINE, Margaret
Ring of Clay
Despite an early life marked by tragedy and hardship, Beth Sherwin dreams of staying on at school and even going to university - a heady ambition for a Potteries girl in 1956. Then, a brutal encounter leaves her pregnant at seventeen. Unwilling to break her widowed mother's heart, Beth bears her secret alone and gives up her baby daughter for adoption. It seems her desperate gamble has succeeded. She finishes school, takes on a challenging job and meets Michael, charming eldest son of the wealthy Rushton family. She has to fight both class prejudice and the jealousy of her old enemy Ursula to win him - but when he asks her to marry him, Beth faces a dilemma. Does she dare tell Michael her guilty secret and risk losing him? And even if he stands by her, can she bear the certainty that the brutal stranger who fathered her child will be at her wedding?

Street Dreams
When Cindy Decker, Peter's LAPD officer daughter (who had a big role in 2000's Stalker), finds an abandoned baby in a dumpster, she sets out to track down the developmentally disabled mother, suspecting that the child may have been the product of a rape. Her fellow officers discourage her efforts, while an attempt on her life sparks conflict with an alarmed Peter.

The Burnt House
At 8:15 in the morning, a small commuter plane carrying forty-seven passengers crash into an apartment building in Granada Hills, California. Shock waves ripple through Los Angeles as L.A.P.D. Lieutenant Peter Decker works overtime to calm rampant fears of a 9/11-type terror attack. But a grisly mystery lives inside the plane's charred and twisted wreckage. The fate of an unaccounted-for flight attendant—twenty-eight-year-old Roseanne Dresden—remains a question mark more than a month after the horrific event, when the young woman's irate stepfather calls, insisting that she was never onboard the doomed plane. Instead, he claims, she was most likely murdered by her abusive, unfaithful husband. But why, then, was Roseanne's name included on the passenger list?

Billy Straight
Twelve-year-old Billy Straight, a precocious homeless kid with a taste for reading, flees Los Angeles in terror after witnessing a murder in Griffith Park. The homicide inquiry is headed by Petra Connor, a determined, intuitive detective, and her partner, Stu Bishop, who is distracted by a family tragedy. The murder victim turns out to be Lisa Ramsey, ex-wife of the famous, and abusive, Cart Ramsey, who plays a private eye on a late-night television series.

Dr. Death
A series of well-publicized gentle deaths are the work of self-appointed angel of mercy Dr. Eldon Mate, who attends to the terminally ill in cheap hotel rooms or in the back of his van. Now Mate himself is dead, carved up and found by two joggers and their dog on a high road above Los Angeles. Psychologist Alex Delaware, whose self-righteous pomposity blends neatly into a narrative liberally dosed with psycho-angles and agreeably warped murder motives. This time out, Delaware works with cop Milo Sturgis and counsels Stacy and Eric Doss, two teenage children getting over their mother Joanne's death, which Dr. Mate seemingly helped to hasten. In his dual role, Delaware encounters a rogue FBI agent tracking a killer obsessed with Mate; Mate's disturbed son; and Richard Doss, the kids' father, who by slipping cash to a shady character in a dark bar is marked as a prime murder suspect.

The Conspiracy Club
A psychologist at City Central Hospital, Jeremy Carrier, is attempting to put his life back together after the brutal murder of his girlfriend, Jocelyn, when he is approached by elderly Dr. Arthur Chess with an offer of friendship. Jeremy, still too traumatized by Jocelyn's death to attempt even the most casual of relationships, initially rejects Chess's solicitation. After further conversation, he accepts an invitation to an elegant dinner at a very private club with Chess and five other older men and women of high intellectual and social rank, all of whom have an extreme interest in crime and the nature of evil. Just as a halting, tentative rapport with fellow doctor Angela Rios begins to develop, Jeremy receives the first in a series of mysterious, anonymous messages. By piecing these messages together with other clues from Dr. Chess, he comes to understand that someone is trying to point him toward the killer of his beloved Jocelyn and a number of other local women.

KELLY, Sheelagh
Secrets of our Hearts
Niall may be poor but he is a good man. He does his best for his wife and their five children, in difficult circumstances in their small, cramped house in the back streets of York. But this loving home is torn apart when his wife dies in a tragic accident and Niall finds himself alone with only his mother-in-law and his sisters-in-law for company. His five children run him ragged and, seeking solace, he finds refuge at the Angel pub. Here he catches sight of Boudicea, the Angel's beautiful and bubbly barmaid. With his wife only gone a few months, he must supress his feelings of passion but, he finds himself unable to tear himself away from her warm charm and alluring looks. But Niall's mother-in-law, the aptly named Mrs Beasty, is determined to do all she can to keep Niall from finding happiness again. And when she discovers that Boudicea's past is far from perfect, she conspires to bring about her downfall…

The Honour and the Shame
Many years after becoming the youngest person ever to be awarded the Victoria Cross—for attacking a company of Panzer Grenadiers on his own, an action that proved a turning point in one of the major battles of War II—John Kenneally made an extraordinary confession. The courageous hero of the Irish Guards, who had taken on a whole company single-handed was not, in fact, John Kenneally at all, but Leslie Jackson, the illegitimate son of Neville Blond and Gertrude Robinson, who had deserted his former regiment, the Honourable Artillery Company. He tells his story with great verve and frankness—a story of riotous living, great courage on the front line, and intense loyalties.

Kent, Alison
The second chance café
Kaylie Flynn was luckier than most children left to the Texas foster care system, blessed with a foster mother who taught her the comfort of home and the healing power of the perfect brownie. Now, Kaylie has journeyed back to Hope Springs to open a café in the charming Victorian she once shared with her foster family - and to finally find answers about her past and where she came from. Yet Kaylie's carefully laid plans quickly become complicated. The house needs far more work than she realized, and Tennessee Keller, the carpenter Kaylie hires, stirs up feelings she hasn't felt in a long while. When an unexpected crisis threatens to unravel her dreams, Kaylie seems to have all the ingredients for a perfect disaster - or quite possibly the perfect love.

KERR, Peter
The Cruise Connection
A strong cast of sharply-drawn and colorful characters gives Bob Burns and his two unlikely sidekicks plenty to cope with in an intriguing story of greed, guile, deceit and double-dealing that's sparked off by the discovery of a severed finger in a cruise ship passenger's quiche lorraine

KEYES, Marian
The Brightest Star in the Sky
A mysterious spirit is hovering over the building at 66 Star Street in Dublin, and this spirit is on a mission to change someone’s life. The spirit, however, is unclear on whom this someone will be. It could be Matt and Maeve, the newlyweds suffering with a terrible secret. Or Lydia the cabbie, who rooms with two sullen Polish nationals and spends most of her time worrying about her mother. Or maybe Katie, the newly 40 PR person with a flash job and a flashier boyfriend but who is still unfulfilled. Or Jemima, the elderly psychic, currently hosting her adopted son, Fionn, while he auditions for a TV show. The spirit slides back and forth between floors, hiding in shoes and peeking at photographs, learning all it can about the Star Street residents, and in doing so unknowingly interlocks each person’s life with his or her neighbors’, whether they like it or not.

KEYES, Marian
Rachel’s Holiday
Rachel Walsh is definitely not a drug addict. Everyone does cocaine every now and then, right? But her roommate, Brigit, and semi-boyfriend, Luke, see a problem. Simply to pacify her friends and family, Rachel checks into an Irish rehab center called the Cloisters, expecting daily massages and seaweed wraps. Rachel is devastated to learn that she is enrolled in a real drug treatment center! We follow Rachel as she confronts her addiction and learns a lot about herself. The story is funny, fast paced, and sometimes intense.

King, Catherine
Her mother's secret
Lettie Hargreaves wants more than her simple, uncomplicated life with her grandmother. She longs for excitement and love and she's determined to make something of herself. There's something about Lettie's mother that Ivy has kept hidden from her granddaughter, something that would shatter her world. Ivy has shielded her from the truth over the years so when Lettie suggests going into service for the ailing Lady Laughton, Ivy knows she must do something to stop it.

The poisonwood bible
A fiery evangelist takes his family and mission to the Belgian Congo in 1959, carrying all they need from home, but find it is calamitously transformed on African soil. The tale recounts the family's tragic undoing and reconstruction.

Gates of Paradise
An illuminating and touching novel about the life of William Blake, the famous poet, engraver and illustrator. The story focuses on Blake's life when he moved to the small rural village of Felpham in Sussex, where he spent three hard-working years until the dramatic events which led him to court: in 1803 he was charged with sedition, at Chichester, for being too vocal in his response to a soldier he found trespassing in his garden. Half a century later, Alexander Gilchrist arrives, intent on discovering all that he can about the 'mad poet's' time there in order to compile a biography. Beginning his he starts questioning people about their memories of their now departed neighbor. But he soon encounters hostility when the court trial is mentioned just what do the locals have to hide?

A home of our own
Meg and Steven toast the new year of 1951 and look back at the good fortune they have enjoyed since their marriage. Then Steven's mother takes in a lodger, Ruth, a vulnerable young woman with a small daughter. Steven and Meg are shocked to learn that Avril is Steven's half brother's illegitimate child, born as a result of rape.

Kirkwood, Gwen.
Mistress of Fairlyden
As Mistress of Fairlyden, and happily married to William Fairly, Sarah feels her life complete. But, longing to share the news of her pregnancy with her friend, Beatrice Slater, Sarah goes alone to Muircumwell Mill, where she is attacked by the vengeful Edward Slater. The consequences of the day haunt Sarah, and force her to become the keeper of a disturbing secret.

Secrets in the Heather
Victoria is the darling of her great-grandmother and the last of her line in a family that has served the lairds of Darlonachie faithfully for centuries. But much has changed in the years following the Great War, and when Victoria is suddenly left alone in the world, Mr. Luke's wife makes her life as cook's assistant miserable. Andrew Pringle, her best friend, is several years older and hopes to make her his wife when she is grown, but he fears competition in the form of young Mark, closer to Victoria's age and sharing her interests.

When the Heather Blooms
When Victoria Pringle receives a request to visit Catriona in the hospital, she discovers that her long-dead twin, Mark, left a teenage son. Peter is invited to Langmune and soon becomes popular with the entire extended family but most especially young Mimi, seven years his junior. While Libby and Billy are adjusting to marriage, fortysomething Victoria and Andrew suddenly find themselves proud parents for the fourth time. As the youngest generation of Pringles grows into adulthood in the 1960s, change comes slowly but inevitably to Darlonachie.

77 Shadow Street
Old Silas Kinsley is the self-appointed resident historian of The Pendleton, a 19th-century building which has now been converted into a number of highly desirable condominiums. He has discovered that there is a cycle of strangeness and tragedy in The Pendleton's past - and it is about to head into another of its disturbing cycles.

Larkin, Mary A
Shades of deceit
When her mother leaves the family home in Belfast for her lover, Louise McGuigan is left feeling betrayed. It is up to Louise to look after her brother and sister while her father loses himself to alcohol. Returning to work at the local linen factory, she has to endure the cruel gossip about her so-called righteous mother and when Conor O'Rourke, the man of her dreams, continues to drag his heels about their future together, Louise doesn't know how much more she can take. Louise's luck appears to change when she finds alternative employment in a local bookshop, but her family troubles still weigh heavy on her mind. And when she seeks solace in the arms of a man who isn't Conor, things become even more complicated.

Sworn to Secrecy
1971, and troubles in Belfast are at their height. Tess Maguire yearns for a happy domestic life, but political and social unrest sends ripples of uncertainty through every aspect of her existence – and the lives of her family, friends and colleagues.
Even Tess’s business seems under threat. While her partnership with Theresa Cunningham in a dressmaking firm is successful, it’s beginning to affect her romantic interests. Theresa’s boyfriend, Bob, always seems to be a little too near and before long Tess is questioning her mixed-up emotions and Bob, her ever-faithful boyfriend Tony and a proposal of marriage.
Trouble is stirring for Tess’s widowed mother, Alice, and her soon-to-be-husband Dan. Free at last of his troublesome wife Anne, Dan is looking forward to life with Alice and his beloved grandson Jackie. But when Jackie’s estranged mother, unexpectedly returns to claim her son, cracks in every relationship start to widen.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Cases rarely come much colder than the decades-old disappearance of teen heiress Harriet Vanger from her family's remote island retreat north of Stockholm. This first of a trilogy introduces a provocatively odd couple: disgraced financial journalist Mikael Blomkvist, freshly sentenced to jail for libeling a shady businessman, and the multipierced and tattooed Lisbeth Salander, a feral but vulnerable superhacker. Hired by octogenarian industrialist Henrik Vanger, who wants to find out what happened to his beloved great-niece before he dies, the duo gradually uncover a festering morass of familial corruption…

The Girl who Played with Fire
The highly intelligent computer hacker Lisbeth Salander, is a confrontational young woman. In the second book in the Millennium sequence, Lisbeth's closest ally is the older journalist Mikael Blomqvist, even though she has abruptly ended her emotional relationship with him. Lisbeth has left all she knows behinds her and has begun a relationship with a gauche young lover. But after a grim revenge run-in with a man who has abused her, she becomes a suspect in three murders, and is the subject of a nationwide search. Blomqvist, however, is convinced of her innocence (he has just been responsible for a blistering report on the sex trafficking industry in Sweden), and is determined to help her – whether she wants his help or not.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest
Lisbeth Salander lies in Intensive Care with a bullet lodged in her head. She will face trial for three murders and one attempted murder on her release. With the help of journalist Mikael Blomkvist, Salander must not only prove her innocence, but identify and denounce the corrupt politicians that have allowed the vulnerable to become victims of abuse and violence. Salander is now ready to fight back.

The Bloody English Women of the Maison Puce
When Alice's gynaecologist husband leaves her for his nursing assistant, she's left homeless, heartbroken, the wrong side of forty and with no life skills to speak of. So she has nothing to lose, she figures, when she buys a tiny studio flat in a strange building called the Maison Puce, on the Cote d'Azur, and starts a new life in the South of France. But getting a new life and getting over it aren't as easy as she thinks. Especially when you're dealing with more than a broken heart - broken roof tiles, and a very broken French accent don't simplify matters, either...

LEATHER, Stephen
Fair game
Dan 'Spider' Shepherd is working for MI5, investigating Somali pirates with links to terrorism in Britain. Meanwhile, the crew of a yacht has been kidnapped by the pirates and are being held hostage in Somalia. A covert operation run by MI5 hopes to kill two birds with one stone.

LEATHER, Stephen
Hard Landing
Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd is used to putting his life on the line. Working for an elite undercover squad he has lied, cheated and conned in order to bring Britain’s most wanted criminals to justice. But when a powerful drugs baron starts to kill off witnesses to his crimes, Shepherd is given his most dangerous assignment yet. He has to go undercover in a top security prison, a world where one wrong move will mean certain death. As Shepherd gambles everything to move in on his quarry, he soon realises that the man he is hunting is even more dangerous than the police realise. And that he is capable of striking outside the prison walls and hitting Shepherd where it hurts most.

LENNOX, Judith
Catching the tide
1933. Tessa and Frederica Nicolson enjoy one last idyllic summer at the beautiful Villa Millefiore, overlooking Florence. Four years later, Italy is a distant memory and Tessa is revelling in the glamour and excitement of modeling in London, until a passionate affair with married author Milo Rycroft leads to tragic consequences.

Lennox, Judith
One last dance
Judith Lennox's novels are full of excitement and drama, with great appeal for readers of Kate Morton.

Ben, in the World
Ben is the central character of this sequel to 'The Fifth Child', which picks up the fable at the end of his childhood and takes our primal, misunderstood, maladjusted teenager out into the world, where again he meets mostly with mockery, fear and incomprehension but with just enough kindness and openness to keep him afloat as his adventures take him from London to the south of France and on to South America in his restless quest for community, companionship and peace.

LEWIS, Susan
Losing You
Lauren Scott is bright, talented and beautiful, and she is the most precious gift in the world to her mother. Oliver Lomax is a young man full of promise, despite the shadow his troubled mother casts over him. Then, one fateful night, Oliver makes a decision that tears both families apart.

The Woman from Heartbreak House
The Great War is over and Kate is ready to welcome back Eliot with open arms. But Kate has become used to her independence and to running the shoe factory; and Eliot's return creates tensions, particularly with Kate's son, Callum. It tears Kate apart to see such strife between the two men she loves most. And her sister-in-law seems determined to stir up animosity in order to benefit her own son. But when tragedy strikes, Kate cannot imagine just how much trouble Lucy's ambition can cause.

Daisy’s Secret
Daisy is devastated when her lover, Percy, abandons her and her mother throws her out, having first forced the girl to give up her baby son for adoption. She is evacuated to the Lake District, where she sets up a guest house with her black-sheep aunt. Daisy meets and falls in love with a young airman, Harry, but is afraid to tell him of her past, and the longer she keeps quiet, the harder it is to tell the truth. When Percy turns up holding a baby, Daisy is torn between her yearning to reclaim her son and her love for Harry

Putting on the Style
In 1950s Manchester, folk are just emerging from the shadow of the war. Money is still tight, and the bustling market is a source of tempting bargains—as well as the local gossip. Dena loves her Saturday job at the market cafe, and her smile makes her a universal favorite. The cafe owner has fancier ambitions for her son than a mere waitress, but then Dena falls pregnant and everyone's plans change.

LINDSEY, Johanna
Let Love Find You
Beautiful, titled and charming, Lady Amanda Locke doesn't understand why love eludes her. So Amanda's family hire Devin Baldwin to help find her a match. Soon she is being courted by the dashing Viscount Altone, but in his efforts to help find her a husband, Devin himself becomes the object of Amanda's affections.

LINDSEY, Johanna
When passion rules
Forced to flee Napoleon's rampaging army on the continent, orphaned Alana Farmer and her eccentric guardian make a new home for themselves in London. There, Alana enjoys every privilege a daughter of the nobility could hope for, plus an education fit for a queen.

LIVELY, Penelope
Passing On
Greystones is a moldy, drafty house of no great distinction located in the equally nondescript English town of Spaxton. The domineering and cantankerous Dorothy Glover has finally passed away, leaving her middle-aged progeny, Helen – a spinster librarian - and Edward - a nature-loving schoolmaster - to examine their lives, both past and future.

LIVELY, Penelope
Destinies can change in an instant. In 1935, privileged misfit Lorna meets the love of her life. Falling for a penniless and bohemian artist, Matt, she abandons her stuffy Kensington existence in London and moves to a rustic cottage in Somerset. A baby, Molly, is born, but the coming war takes Matt and Lorna’s dreams away. Lorna’s decisions and their unforeseeable consequences come to shape the stories first of her daughter, Molly, and then her granddaughter, Ruth. Consequences tells of three generations of women in their own twentieth-century times united by their shared experiences of love, pain, fate and happiness.

Eleanor the Queen
Eleanor is young, high-spirited, supremely intelligent, heiress to the vast Duchy of Aquitaine - at a time when a woman's value was measured in terms of wealth. This is the story of a medieval figure - of a princess who led her own knights to the Crusades, who was bride to two kings and mother of Richard the Lionheart.

Hester Roon
The Fleece Inn stood where the three roads joined. The roads to London, to Norwich, and to the sea. Its trade was prosperous, its hospitality famous, and the host - fat Job - was jolly and generous - to his guests. To his servants and grooms he was cruel, avaricious, and menacing, and to Ellie Roon, the humblest and most menial servant at The Fleece, he was a figure of terror. Ellie was used to being shouted at, to being bullied and maltreated, but when her bastard daughter was born - in a rat-ridden attic of The Fleece - she decided that Hester must have a different kind of life. And so, equipped with little but courage and a strong will, Hester Roon began her eventful progress in the harsh world of 18th Century England.

Out of this Nettle
In 1745 Scotland and England are at war. In Scotland a 16 year old boy helps a Scots leader and ends up with a price on his head. This young man gets on a ship to escape and he is sold into slavery by an unscrupulous ship captain. The boy is only one of 3 white slaves on a tobacco plantation in the West Indies. The story is by turns harrowing and sad.

LOFTS, Norah.
Bless this House
The house was built in the Old Queen’s time – built for an Elizabethan pirate who was knighted for the plunder he brought home. It survived many eras, many reigns – it saw the passing of Cromwell and the Civil War. It became rich with an Indian Nabob and poor with a twentieth century inkeeper. It saw ward and lovers and death. Children were born there, both heirs and bastards. It had ghosts and legends and a history that grew stronger with every generation.
The house was Merravay – and its story stretched over four hundred years…

Paws in the Proceedings
Deric's gentle tales of life in Huddersfield with his wife Aileen and their menagerie of playful cats have won him thousands of loyal fans.. Paws in the Proceedings has all of Deric's trademark charm, homespun wisdom and gentle wit. His remarkable eye for the humorous detail and the keen observation are very much in evidence.

LORD, Elizabeth
Autumn Skies
After the death of their baby daughter, the social gap between Mary and Geoffrey Lett widens to an emotional one. When it becomes apparent that the marriage is crumbling, Geoffrey's brother, Henry, and Mary's former sweetheart, Will, are both likely candidates to pick up the pieces. But Will has sworn to forget all thoughts of romance, and Henry is already married to someone else.

Over my Dead Body
Ian and Megan have moved to the lush countryside with their young son to escape the noise, pollution, and high crime of London. Their "rose-covered cottage" is on Miller's Lane, a dead-end road that is prone to flooding and full of potholes but blissfully quiet. Megan and Ian figure they've found their own little piece of heaven--until wealthy Keith Aymes proposes widening and improving the road. Then one of the neighbors, Caroline Coleman, is found dead, the apparent victim of eating poisonous mushrooms. The little community is shocked by her death, but when two more deaths follow in rapid succession, it's clear there's a killer on the loose--but are the murders connected to the proposed road improvements.

The death of Lucy Godstows best friend, Vanessa, on the eve of Lucy’s marriage to Guy Weaver was a big enough blow; but then Vanessa’s aunt Joan is found murdered. Lucy and Vanessa’s brother, Tom, suspect foul play. As Guy’s jealousy develops into brutality, the police become suspicious and follow Guy and Lucy to Spain. But are they too late, and can Tom come riding to the rescue?

Lovesey, Peter
Cop to corpse
In the small hours of a Sunday morning in Bath, a policeman on beat duty is shot dead - the 3rd killing of an officer in a matter of weeks. Ambitious to arrest the Somerset Sniper, the duty inspector, Ken Lockton, seals the crime scene. He discovers the murder weapon in a garden - and is himself attacked and left for dead.

Lovesey, Peter
Down among the dead men
A nightmare discovery in the boot of a stolen BMW plunges car thief Danny Stapleton into the worst trouble of his life. What links his misfortune to the mysterious disappearance of an art teacher at a private school for girls in Chichester? Orders from above push Peter Diamond of Bath CID into investigating a police corruption case in the Chichester force, and he soon finds himself reluctantly dealing with spirited schoolgirls, eccentric artists and his formidable old colleague, Hen Mallin.

Lovesey, Peter
The tooth tattoo
Peter Diamond, head of Bath CID, takes a city break in Vienna, where his favourite film, 'The Third Man', was set, but everything goes wrong and his companion, Paloma, calls a halt to their relationship. Meanwhile, strange things are happening to jobbing musician Mel Farran, who finds himself scouted by methods closer to the spy world than the concert platform.

LUDLUM, Robert
The Ambler Warning
The locale is a barrier island six miles off the coast of Virginia and officially part of the National Wildlife Refuge System. It's really the site of a psychiatric facility for patients who possess highly classified information. At Parrish Island, "potential security risks could be carefully managed and the patients are identified by number, never by name." One of them is Hal Ambler, who had been a clandestine operative for nearly two decades. He doesn't know why he's being held by his own government. He also doesn't know how long he has been confined, but realizes he must escape…

LUDLUM, Robert
The Bancroft Strategy
Maverick U.S. intelligence agent Todd Belknap, known as the Hound for his superior ability to track his quarry, heads to Lebanon to try to find a fellow agent who has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Andrea Bancroft, a brainy and beautiful hedge-fund analyst who has agreed to serve on the board of her family's mysterious foundation, begins to suspect that behind the Bancroft Foundation's benevolent facade lie sinister conspiracies. Unsurprisingly, those conspiracies intersect with Belknap's search…

McAULEY, Roisín
Singing Bird
Twenty-seven years after she adopted her baby in Ireland, Lena Molloy receives a call from the nun who set up the adoption. Sister Monica claims that she wants merely to tie up loose ends in her old age, but Lena becomes frightened that something more threatening lies behind the call, and she sets off on a journey to Ireland, with her best friend, to find her daughter's birth parents - little knowing the extraordinary truths which she will uncover.

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
The importance of being seven
The story of Bertie & his dysfunctional family continues in this sixth instalment alongside the familiar cast of favourites - Big Lou, Domenica, Angus Lordie, Cyril & others - in their daily pursuit of a little happiness.

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
The forgotton affairs of youth
The continuing adventures of Isabel Dalhousie, Edinburgh philosopher and curious observer of the behaviour of her fellow man.

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
The Sunday Philosophy Club
Amateur sleuth Isabel Dalhousie is a philosopher who also uses her training to solve unusual mysteries. Isabel is Editor of the Review of Applied Ethics and she also hosts The Sunday Philosophy Club at her house in Edinburgh. Behind the city's Georgian facades its moral compasses are spinning with greed, dishonesty and murderous intent. Instinct tells Isabel that the young man who tumbled to his death in front of her eyes at a concert in the Usher Hall didn't fall…

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
In the Company of Cheerful Ladies
Precious Ramotswe, that cheerful Botswanan private investigator of 'traditional build', is now married to Mr J.L.B. Matekoni of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. The Agency is busy, but Mma Ramotswe cannot ignore the plea which is made by a woman who comes to her with a tale of particular misfortune. Unfortunately, her attempts to help are interrupted by a close encounter between her tiny white van and a bicycle, and by a spectacular disagreement between her assistant, Mma Makutsi, and one of the apprentices at the garage. This apprentice has found a fancy girlfriend who drives a Mercedes-Benz. How can he be rescued from his folly? And as for Mma Makutsi, she has found a dancing class, and a man who may not be able to dance very well, but who admires her greatly. And all of this happens against a background of quiet sessions of bush tea, and of a land that stretches out forever under mile upon mile of empty sky...

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
Lost Art of Gratitude
Isabel Dalhousie, philosopher & amateur problem solver, meets an old foe, Minty Auchterlonie, at a birthday party attended by their young children. Ambitious Minty, now the head of a small investment bank, is in trouble with her shareholders. Isabel becomes involved, & is drawn into a murky world of financial concealment.

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
Tears of the Giraffe
Precious Ramotswe - the engaging and sassy owner of Botswana's only detective agency....Among her cases this time are wayward wives, unscrupulous maids, and the challenge to resolve a mother's pain for her son who is long lost on the African plains. Indeed, Mma Ramotswe's own impending marriage to the most gentlemanly of men, Mr J.L.B. Matekoni, the promotion of Mma's secretary to the dizzy heights of Assistant Detective, and the arrival of new members to the Matekoni family, all brew up the most humorous and charmingly entertaining of tales.

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
The Kalahari Typing School for Men
'Ex-CID. Ex-New York. Ex-cellent' reads the sign outside the Satisfaction Guarantee Detective Agency. Cephas Buthelezi certainly talks the talk, Precious discovers, but would he have the wherewithal to deal with her current case - a man who has been attacked by ostrich rustlers, and is eager to reassess his life? Meanwhile, there are difficulties at the Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors, where one of the apprentices has discovered the Lord, problems at home with the mysterious death of a hoopoe, and romantic complications when Mma Makutsi sets up a typing school for men ...

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency
Wayward daughters. Missing Husbands. Philandering partners. Curious conmen. If you've got a problem, and no one else can help you, then pay a visit to Precious Ramotswe, Botswana's only - and finest - female private detective. Her methods may not be conventional, and her manner not exactly Miss Marple, but she's got warmth, wit and canny intuition on her side, not to mention Mr J. L. B. Matekoni, the charming proprietor of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. And Precious is going to need them all as she sets out on the trail of a missing child, a case that tumbles our heroine into a hotbed of strange situations and more than a little danger ...

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
Love over Scotland
Alexander McCall Smith gives us more of the gloriously entertaining comings and goings at 44 Scotland Street, the Edinburgh townhouse. Six-year-old prodigy Bertie perseveres in his heroic struggle for truth and balanced good sense against his insufferable mother and her crony, the psychotherapist Dr Fairbairn, going as far as to make a short-lived bid for freedom on a trip to Paris with the Edinburgh youth orchestra. Domenica sets off on an anthropological odyssey with pirates in the Malacca Straits, while Pat attracts several handsome admirers, including a toothsome suitor named Wolf. And Big Lou, eternal source of coffee and good advice to her friends, has love, heartbreak and erstwhile boyfriend Eddie's misdemeanours on her own mind.

McCALL SMITH, Alexander
The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds
An unexpected appeal for help from a collector who has been the victim of an art theft threatens to take Isabel Dalhousie far outside her comfort zone.

Agent Zigzag
One December night in 1942, a Nazi parachutist landed in a Cambridgeshire field. His mission: to sabotage the British war effort. His name was Eddie Chapman, but he would shortly become MI5's Agent Zigzag. Dashing and louche, courageous and unpredictable, the traitor was a patriot inside, and the villain a hero. The problem for Chapman, his many lovers and his spymasters, was knowing who he was. Ben Macintyre weaves together diaries, letters, photographs, memories and top-secret MI5 files to create the exhilarating account of Britain's most sensational double agent.

Double Cross
D-Day, 6 June 1944, the turning point of the Second World War, was a victory of arms. But it was also a triumph for a different kind of operation: one of deceit, aimed at convincing the Nazis that Calais and Norway, not Normandy, were the targets of the 150,000-strong invasion force.

Operation Mincemeat
Recalling the real-life story of a wartime double agent, 'Operation Mincemeat' is a thrilling story from the author of 'Agent Zigzag'.

Macintyre, Ben
A spy among friends
Kim Philby was the most notorious British defector and Soviet mole in history. Agent, double agent, traitor and enigma, he betrayed every secret of Allied operations to the Russians in the early years of the Cold War. His two closest friends in the intelligence world, Nicholas Elliott of MI6 and James Jesus Angleton, the CIA intelligence chief, thought they knew Philby better than anyone - and then discovered they had not known him at all. With access to newly released MI5 files and previously unseen family papers, and with the cooperation of former officers of MI6 and the CIA, this definitive biography unlocks what is perhaps the last great secret of the Cold War.

Mackenzie, Tom H
The last foundling
A deeply moving memoir from one of the last children to be taken in by the Foundling Hospital, London. It stands as a testament to the love that ultimately led a family back together.

MacMahon, Kathleen
The long, hot summer
When Iseult O'Neill returns to Dublin for the funeral of her beloved Pa, a highly respected judge, she realises she has been away too long. For 20 years she moved from continent to continent with her successful television-journalist husband, Nick, and their son, Finn. But reunited with her glamorous American mother, Lolly, and her two brothers, she begins to suspect there's something her family are keeping from her; a conspiracy of silence surrounding something that happened in the past. As Iseult clears out Pa's belongings she begins to piece together the truth. What Iseult learns will threaten the very heart of her marriage. And she must ask herself if you ever really know the people you love the most? But every family has its secrets!

1105 Yakima Street
Dear Reader, You've probably heard that my wife has left me. Rachel's pregnant, and she says she can't handle the stress in our house anymore. My 13 year-old daughter, Jolene, is jealous of her. Maybe it's my fault. As a widower I spoiled Jolene. She claims Rachel ruined everything. The real question is: How can I get my wife back?

1225 Christmas Tree Lane
The people of Cedar Cove know how to celebrate Christmas. Like Grace and Olivia and everyone else, Beth Morehouse expects this Christmas to be one of her best. But complications arise when someone leaves a basket filled with puppies on her doorstep and her daughters invite their dad, Beth's ex-husband, to Cedar Cove for Christmas.

Jury of His Peers
Caroline Lomax is on jury duty and, by sheer coincidence, so is Ted Thomasson. They'd known each other when they were young. Back then, she thought he was obnoxious. But some things have changed. Ted's become very attractive, for one. Now Ted wants Caroline to see him as the man she'll marry.

A turn in the road
Bethanne Hamlin takes a road trip with her daughter, Annie, and her former mother-in-law, Ruth. They're driving to Florida for Ruth's 50th high school reunion. A long-time widow, Ruth would like very much to reconnect with Royce, the love of her youth. Bethanne's ex-husband, Grant, would like to reconcile, so she also has a major life decision to consider. And Annie is out to prove to her onetime boyfriend that she can live a brilliant life without him. But even the best-laid plans can take an unexpected turn-- or even be completely derailed.

Macpherson, Camilla.
Pictures at an exhibition
London, 1942. With bombs raining down on London, the National Gallery's most treasured paintings have been hidden away. The authorities have decided that only one masterpiece will be displayed each month. And each month, Daisy Milton writes to her cousin Elizabeth to tell her about the paintings, her life and the man she loves.

McCOY, Ken
The Fabulous Fox Twins
Roll up to see The Fabulous Fox Twins and join them on their comic escapades through the northern working-men's club circuit of the 1950s. Follow their meteoric rise and dramatic fall as they are chased by dangerous thugs, the police and a series of dancing girls...Experience the wit and charm that always seem to get them into scrapes, and - just about - out of them. Appearing now for a limited run. Book to avoid disappointment.

McCRERY, Nigel
Strange Screams of Death
The body of a young woman is discovered in a disused shed at an American airbase near Cambridge. She has been raped before being viciously murdered. Home Office pathologist Sam Ryan arrives on the scene and soon finds herself dealing with a serial killer who has the hunger to slaughter again

McGEE, James
Matthew Hawkwood, ex-soldier turned Bow Street Runner, goes undercover to hunt down smugglers and traitors at the height of the Napoleonic Wars in this thrilling follow-up to Ratcatcher. For a French prisoner of war, there is only one fate worse than the gallows: the hulks. Former man-o'-wars, now converted to prison ships, their fearsome reputation guarantees a sentence served in the most dreadful conditions. Few survive. Escape, it's said, is impossible. Yet reports persist of a sinister smuggling operation within this brutal world -- and the Royal Navy is worried enough to send two of its officers to investigate. But when they disappear without trace, the Navy turns in desperation to Bow Street for help. It's time to send in a man as dangerous as the prey. It's time to send in Hawkwood!

McINNES, Betty
The longest journey
he Scottish Highlands, 1848. Mary-Ann Macgregor considers herself fortunate. A married woman with five children and a comfortable home, her life is full of quiet contentment. But when her son, Davey, befriends a new arrival to the village, he sets in motion a chain of events that leads to disaster.

McKINLEY, Tamara
Lands Beyond the Sea
By the 1700s, the Aborigine people have lived in harmony with the land in Australia for sixty thousand years. But now, ghost-ships are arriving, their very existence is threatened by a terrifying white invasion.When Jonathan Cadwallader leaves Cornwall to sail on the Endeavour, he leaves behind his sweetheart, Susan Penhalligan . . . That is, until an act of brutality reunites them in the raw and unforgiving penal colony of New South Wales.Billy Penhalligan has survived transportation and clings to the promise of a new beginning. But there will be more suffering before he or his fellow convicts can regard Australia as home . . . .

McLAIN, Paula
The Paris Wife
Chicago, 1920: Hadley Richardson is a quiet 28-year-old who has all but given up on love and happiness, until she meets Ernest Hemingway. After a whirlwind courtship and wedding, the pair set sail for Paris, where they soon fall in with a circle of lively and volatile expatriates, including F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and Ezra Pound.

McNEILL, Elisabeth
The heartbreaker
Charles Edward Stewart, better known as 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', is famous for his doomed attack on England and his subsequent flight from Scotland disguised as an Irish serving maid, aided by Flora Macdonald. This fictionalized account tells what happened next.

McNEIL, Frances
Sisters of Fortune
Sophie and Rosa Moran are born into a working-class family struggling to rise above poverty. Their father is a lowly employee at Thackreys Bank, a powerful family-run concern. Sophie and her sister first come into contact with the Thackrey family - especially young Lydia - as children, through their father's job. They form an improbable yet ultimately enduring friendship. Years later, their paths cross again when Barney Moran is sacked from the bank, and the girls beg Mr. Thackrey for help. Swept up in a dramatic chain of events, the lives of the two families are changed forever...

The Only Boy for Me
Most people would think Annie Baker had it all: an idyllic life in the country and a fabulous job as a film producer. And so would she, if it weren't for the men in her life. Her six-year-old son Charlie gets traumatised if she buys the wrong kind of sausages. Her tempestuous boss Barney is a Great Director, but keeps getting stuck with dog food commercials, and as for Lawrence, well, he just wants to get her fired. And then she meets Mack Hilarious…

MADELEY, Richard
Richard and Judy, An Autobiography
Richard and Judy are the nation's best-loved couple. On television together for 18 years, they fronted the most popular daytime programme ever - This Morning - for 13 of those years and their departure from it gave rise to huge newspaper coverage when they left it in 2001. Now back with their top-rated Channel 4 show, they write the full story of their lives - their chilhoods, unsuccessful first marriages, and of course their own professional and personal lives together. In these brilliantly juxtaposed accounts, we hear about Judy's many health problems and how Richard coped with the lowest points. We hear how both of them survived his court ordeal on a shoplifting charge, how Judy felt on baring more than her soul at a TV awards ceremony, why they left This Morning, and how they handle home and work and parenthood - as well as the ever-curious press.

The Chippendale Factor
Justin Harrington, controversial television presenter of the antique show How Old Is It? is found dead in his car in Yorkshire, in suspicious circumstances. Old school friend and antiques dealer Bill Franklin is bemused by Harrington’s death, wondering if his shady past is to blame. When another mutual school friend, also in the antiques business, is shot dead, Bill finds himself caught up in a mystery in which he is prime suspect. Dragged into a dangerous world of murder, intrigue and forgery, Bill takes it upon himself to turn sleuth and get to the bottom of Justin’s death, before he becomes the next victim.

MANKELL, Henning
Italian shoes
Once a successful surgeon, Frederick Welin now lives in self-imposed exile. Nearly twelve years have passed since he was disgraced for attempting to cover up a tragic mishap on the operating table. One morning, he sees a hunched figure struggling towards him across the ice. The figure approaching is Harriet, the woman he abandoned 40 years earlier. In the late stages of a terminal illness, she wants to visit a small lake in northern Sweden. He upholds his pledge and drives her to this beautiful pool hidden deep in the forest. On the journey through the desolate snow-covered landscape, Welin reflects on his childhood and the woman he left behind. However, Harriet has left the biggest surprise until last.

MANKELL, Henning
The Shadow Girls
Tea-Bag, a young African girl, has fled a refugee camp in Spain for the promise of a new life in Sweden. Tania has made a long and dangerous journey to escape the horrors of human trafficking. Leila has come with her family from Iran. All of them are facing different challenges in their new home.

MANTEL, Hilary
Wolf Hall
Tudor England, Henry VIII is on the throne, but has no heir. Cardinal Wolsey is charged with securing his divorce. Into this atmosphere of distrust comes Thomas Cromwell – a man as ruthlessly ambitious in his wider politics as he is for himself. His reforming agenda is carried out in the grip of a self-interested parliament and a king who fluctuates between roman tic passions and murderous rages,

Margolin, Phillip
The burning man
An arrogant, self-centred associate in a large Portland law firm commits a terrible blunder in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Fired from his job, he becomes a public defender but finds his greed and ego may kill a client accused of a brutal murder.

Marston, Edward,
Deeds of darkness
In June 1916, a young woman is found murdered in a cinema. Harvery Marmion and Joe Keedy set out to find the killer who so elusively fled in the dark. Before long, two more victims, of striking similarity but differing backgrounds, are found dead around the city. Meanwhile, miles from home, Marmion's son Paul prepares for life on the front line as he marches towards the Battle of the Somme. Suffering a vicious blow in No Man's Land, Paul is left blinded for the rest of his life. Marmion must come to terms with the permanent darkness of his son's life, while continuing to search for the brutal killer who only strikes in the dark.

Marston, Edward
Shadow of the hangman
A riot breaks out in Dartmoor prison, enabling some American inmates to escape. The twin detectives Peter and Paul Skillen catch wind of a projected assassination but the target is unknown. Trouble ensues when a woman from the Home Office vanishes; a mysterious lady turns up at the archery shooting gallery; and Paul's gambling addiction worsens.

Masters, Priscilla,
The Devil's Chair
In the peaceful setting of the National Trust near Church Stretton, south of Shrewsbury, Tracey Walsh drives herself and her four-year-old daughter, Daisy, up the remote Burway in the early hours of the morning, tragically loses control of her car and crashes into the valley below. Tracey is rushed to hospital, but where is Daisy? She has vanished, provoking an intense police search of the area around the Devil's Chair, land that is rife with legends and strange stories of witchcraft, sorcery, and unexplained disappearances.

MASTERS, Priscilla
A Wreath for my Sister

A third crime novel featuring Detective Inspector Joanna Piercy who discovers the lifeless body of a woman on a Staffordshire hillside, and on closer inspection the bruises on her body reveal that she has been murdered.

A Flight of Golden Wings
It is September 1939. Britain is at war. Ruth Aspinall, a gifted pilot, is determined to join the Air Transport Auxiliary, an organization of civilian pilots who ferry aircraft to wherever they're needed. Meanwhile, over in America Jack and Lucy Nelson, both experienced pilots themselves, are keen to join too. After a perilous journey by sea, Jack soon has his first experience of the London Blitz before being posted to White Waltham, where he quite literally bumps into Ruth. Despite a few false starts, Ruth soon realizes she has fallen in love with Jack. But with death and heartbreak all around them, the cautious Jack can't put his heart on the line when it could all end in tragedy and loss. But by 1944, the tide of war is changing. Jack is sent to France to deliver a Spitfire, but his plane never arrives. Heartbroken, Ruth must accept that the love of her life may never return.

Hold on to Your Dreams
London, 1899. As she prepares for a glittering ball, 20-year-old Gertrude Melrose considers her good fortune. Attractive, intelligent, with a loving family, her only concern is her brother Edward, who seems intent on squandering his inheritance. Gertie hopes that with the support of his friend David, he can be made to see the error of his ways.
A few days later the Melrose family’s happiness is shattered when Edward’s mounting debts threaten to destroy their prosperity, with the loss of both house and business. Edward is disowned by his father, and Gertie and her parents must face up to their changed circumstances. But with the support of David, and Alexander Glendale, one of Gertie’s spurned suitors, Gertie finds the strength of character to fight for her family and ultimately, to hold on to her dreams.

Wrapped up in you
Thirty-something hairdresser Janie Johnson's single status is a constant source of gossip for her friends and clients. So after too many nights in with her cat, a blind date disaster and news that her ex is getting married, Janie realises it's time to do something dramatic with her life.

MEADE, Glenn
Web of Deceit
New York attorney Jennifer March is haunted by the mysterious and savage slaughter of her family on the same night that her father disappeared, never to be seen alive again. Two years on, his corpse is discovered frozen into a remote glacier in the Swiss Alps, the victim of a bizarre murder, and Jennifer sets out for Europe to find answers. It's a journey that's meant to unravel the frightening mystery of why her family was butchered, and to help uncover a dark secret at the heart of her father's past. But instead, Jennifer March finds herself running for her own life, as her investigation draws her into a terrifying web of deceit, murder and betrayal, and a deadly conspiracy to hide an explosive secret.

Based on the television series of the popular BBC drama, this novel features the characters of the Irish town of Ballykissangel. Life here continues at a cracking pace - and Father Mac, the parish priest, disapproves as much as ever.

Friends and Romans
With a single daring leap from an Italian train carrying prisoners of war, John Miller jumped out of the war of soldiers and into the war as lived by Italian civilians - many of whom risked their lives to help him. For months he posed as a deaf-mute and member of the Fascist Youth in order to dodge German patrols and the Italian secret police - until the Allied liberation of Rome brought GIs flooding onto the streets.

MONK, Connie
To Light a Candle [Tapes]
Cynny Barlow is eighteen when she falls in love with Ralph Clinton, an actor visiting her town for the summer. However, Ralph leaves for the big time, not knowing that Cynny is pregnant. Raising little Suzie, Cynny is forced to work night and day to make ends meet. Her friend in the village, the vicar's wife Kate Bainbridge, is sympathetic but has her own problems. Kate yearns for the passion that her husband Richard cannot give her. She becomes charmed by Richard's friend, Perry Sylvester, a famous jazz pianist. But everything is set to change, for when Perry makes Cynny's acquaintance, he recognizes in her a rare singing talent; one that would perfectly match the jazz he plays in the nightclubs of London...

The Second Wives Club
It's Alison's wedding day, her gorgeous husband Luca is by her side, and everything is just perfect. Perfect that is, until Luca's first wife gatecrashes the reception and makes it clear that she's going to remain very much part of his life ...A stunned Alison soon finds an ally in Fiona, a founding member of The Second Wives Club and similarly plagued by her husband's ex. There she's introduced to Julia, whose husband has stayed best friends with his first wife - to Julia's intense irritation - and to long suffering Susan whose entire life is surrounded by reminders of her partner's saintly former wife. For the women, "The Second Wives Club" is a refuge and a lifesaver: somewhere to bitch and to gossip and to share horror stories about the exes' latest excess. But maybe if they all have the same problem they can work together on a solution? For enough is enough: it's way past time for the Second Wives to stop settling for second best ...

MOORE, Rachel
Days to Remember
March, 1943. On the brink of marrying her childhood sweetheart, Breda's happiness is shattered by the arrival of a telegram, confirming her worst fears: Warren's ship has sunk and her beloved fiancé has been killed in action. Heartbroken, she vows never to fall in love again. The unexpected arrival of Warren's cousin Max helps to bring Breda out of herself, but is she ready to let go of her grief? She has a second chance for happiness, if she is willing to take it.

MOORE, Rachel
Prodigal Daughter
At the end of the war, Sara Boskelly joined thousands of other young women on the long journey to America, hoping to be reunited with the handsome GI who had captured her heart. Sadly for Sara, the voyage was to end in bitter disappointment. Now she must return to her Cornish hometown to face the gossip and scandal she left in her wake. A sadder and wiser woman, she must make her peace with her parents and win the forgiveness of the childhood sweetheart she cruelly betrayed. For Sara now knows that the gentle painter, Robbie Killaine, is the man she loved all along. But Sara hasn't reckoned on Miriam Roche, Robbie's new love…

Desperate measures
Fallen star journalist Matt Pittman holds a gun in his hand, ready to commit suicidem - until he's interrupted by a phone call and a bizarre assignment: to write the obituary of a man who is not yet dead. Suddenly, clining desperately to a life he'd so recently been eager to discard, Matt is thrust into the heart of a global conspiracy.

Mottershead, June
Our zoo
When George Mottershead moved to the village of Upton-by-Chester in 1930 to realise his dream of opening a zoo without bars, his four-year-old daughter June had no idea how extraordinary her life would become. Soon her best friend was a chimpanzee called Mary, lion cubs and parrots were vying for her attention in the kitchen, and finding a bear tucked up in bed was no more unusual than talking to a tapir about granny's lemon curd. Pelican, penguin or polar bear - for June, they were simply family. Now over 80 years since June first set foot in the echoing house, Chester Zoo has achieved worldwide renown. Here, in her enthralling memoir, June Mottershead chronicles the heartbreak, the humour, the trials and triumphs, above all the characters, both human and animal, which shaped her childhood.

Don’t Wake me at Doyle’s
When seventy-year-old Maura Murphy discovered she had cancer, she left her husband of fifty years and started writing her memoirs. Born 'chronically ugly and as cross as a briar' into a poor rural homestead in 1920s Ireland, Maura lived much of her adult life in England, where she raised nine children and fought to keep together a family ravaged by poverty and alcohol. The voice of a silent generation of an immigrant-Irish underclass, Maura Murphy's tough and remarkable life is a compellingly written account of struggle and survival like no other.

The Bells of Bournville Green
Pretty seventeen-year-old Greta has never known a stable family life. With no father, and loathing her mother Ruby's latest boyfriend, Greta finds life hard at home and is happiest at work with her friends at the Cadbury factory in Birmingham where she is popular with the boys. Life takes a turn for the worse when her missing vixen of a sister Marleen turns up during the freezing winter of 1962. Greta soon decides that her only way out is marriage, but all too soon she discovers that life with her old class mate Trevor is not a ticket to freedom and happiness.She finds herself on the streets, pregnant and homeless...She is taken in by her mother's old friends, Edie and Anatoli Gruschov. In Anatoli, Greta finds the father she has never had. Kindly Edie loves to mother people and is desperately missing her son David and his family who have settled in Israel. But the love and security of this haven is soon shattered by appalling tragedy, which affects all the chocolate girls and their children and changes life forever...

Birmingham Rose
Rosa Lucas, born in the slums of Birmingham, is a spirited girl who determines that her own life will be different. Following a childhood marked by tragedy, she joins the ATS during World War II and travels to Southern Italy where she falls in love with Italian doctor Paolo Falcone.

Family of Women
1950 - Seven year old Carol Martin lies encased in an iron lung, struck down by the killer disease, polio. Distraught at her side, her mother, Violet, wonders if this is her punishment - for Carol is the love child who should not have been born.... Family of Women is the story of three generations of women.

Murray, Annie
Meet me under the clock
Growing up in Birmingham, Sylvia and Audrey Whitehouse have always been like chalk and cheese. When the Second World War breaks out, Sylvia is still dreaming of her forthcoming marriage to fiancé Ian while Audrey jumps at the career opportunities the WAAF throws her way. Audrey joins the ranks at RAF Cardington but soon finds that her new freedom also brings temptation. When she goes too far, the consequences ripple through the Whitehouse family.

Miss Purdy’s Class
In the New Year of 1936, Gwen Purdy, aged twenty-one, leaves her home to become a schoolteacher in a poor area of Birmingham. Her early weeks are an eye-opener; at the school she faces a class of fifty-two children, some of whose homes are among Birmingham;s very poorest. One of the teachers, the elderly Lily Drysdale, proves an inspiration, and Gwen begins to understand the appalling hardships endured by the children as she is drawn into their lives.
Joey Phillips, eight years old and man of the house, looks after his dying mother and lives in fear of being sent to the orphanage. When he disappears one day to a life on the streets, Gwen is haunted by his absence.
And there’s Lucy Fernandez, an epileptic. Through her, Gwen meets Daniel Fernander, the eldest brother in another fatherless household. Gwen falls in love and is quickly engaged in his battle to win rights for the working classes. As the International Brigade is mobilized to fight in the Spanish Civil War, Gwen has to accept that Daniel has secrets in his past which she would rather not face up to.

My daughter, my mother
This is the story of two young women discovering the heartbreak of their mothers' lives, and of how mothers create daughters - and learn from them.

Murray, Annie
War babies
From the best-selling author of 'Chocolate Girls' comes a novel set on the struggling suburban streets of Birmingham during World War II.

Where Earth Meets Sky
Beautiful, dark-haired Lily has been abandoned in a Birmingham slum as a tiny child. With few clues as to her identity she endures a childhood of loneliness and loss. At eighteen she applies for a post as nanny with the family of a Captain Fairford, a soldier in Ambala, north India and his highly strung wife Susan. Lily is drawn into the emotional life of the Fairford family and adores her charge, two year old Cosmo. When, in 1907, Captain Fairford orders a new Daimler car, it is brought out by a young motor mechanic, Sam Ironside. Sam and Lily fall deeply in love, and it is only later that Lily learns that Sam is married and feels utterly betrayed. When Cosmo is later sent home to school, Lily finds another post with a Dr. McBride and his invalid wife, in a beautiful Himalayan hill station. The place is idyllic, and Lily settles for a quiet life. However, she is unprepared for the pain and misunderstandings that follow and force her to run from everything she has known.

Murray, Joseph
Gallipoli as I saw it
The Gallipoli Campaign stands out as a landmark in the history of the First World War, and it was perhaps the most controversial action of that war; it certainly ended in tragedy. This text is based on a diary kept by one of the soldiers involved in the campaign in 1915.
Murray, Joseph
Gallipoli as I saw it
The Gallipoli Campaign stands out as a landmark in the history of the First World War, and it was perhaps the most controversial action of that war; it certainly ended in tragedy. This text is based on a diary kept by one of the soldiers involved in the campaign in 1915.

Murder in the Mist
A Peter and Georgia Marsh Mystery. With Fernbourne Manor to be opened as an arts centre, ex-cop Peter Marsh and his daughter Georgia are making enquiries about the Fernbourne Five, who came to fame in the late 1930s, famous for their artistic work and for the doomed love affair between Elfie Lane and Alwyn Field and the tragic death of the brilliant poet Roy Sandford. But when Peter and Georgia begin to make enquiries about Alwyn Field, they are met with inexplicable hostility . . .

The lost child
As a child in Regency England, Mary Yelloly painted an exquisite album of watercolours. But Mary died at the age of 21, and when Julie Myerson comes across this album, she is haunted by the barely-lived life. And most of all, she is reminded of her own child. Because only days earlier, Julie and her husband locked their son out of the family home. Honest and often upsetting, this is the parallel story of a girl and a boy separated by centuries. The circumstances are very different, but the questions remain terrifyingly the same. What happens when a child disappears from a family? And how is a mother to cope when love is not enough to save her child?

Neale, Kitty
A broken family
Celia Frost has always thought herself a cut above the other residents of Lark Rise. When her son, Thomas, starts seeing Amy, a girl from the bottom of the Rise, Celia disapproves, thinking her common. When Celia's husband leaves her and Thomas announces he is to marry Amy, she is more than ever determined to split them up.

NEALE, Kitty
A father’s revenge
13 years ago Kevin Dolby was sent to prison for a violent robbery. Upon his release, he sets in motion a chilling plan to get what he believes is owed to him. Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Pearl, has divorced him and remarried, determined to protect her son from knowing the truth about his real father.

NEALE, Kitty
Nobody’s Girl
Abandoned on the cold stone steps of an orphanage, only a few hours old and clutching the object which was to give her name, Pearl Button had a hard start to life. Now 16 years old, she's finally managed to escape the cruel confines of the or
phanage, and enter the real world. Finding work at a nearby café, Pearl is thrilled to start earning her own money, even if she must contend with sharp-tongued Dolly Dolby. But soon she becomes tangled up in the murky South London underworld in which Dolly's son - the cruel but handsome Kevin - operates…

NEELS, Betty
A winter love story
Claudia Ramsay first met Thomas Tait-Bullen when he was asked to discuss the health of Colonel Ramsay, her great-uncle. After the Colonel's death, Thomas proposed - he needed a wife and she wanted freedom. It took a delightful Christmas with his family for Claudia to realise she loved him - now she had to persuade Thomas to love her.

Nesbø, Jo,
Detective Harry Hole arrives in a steaming hot Bangkok. But it's work, not pleasure. The Norwegian ambassador has been found dead in a seedy motel room, and no witnesses have come forward. The ambassador had close ties to the Norwegian prime minister, and to avoid a scandal Harry is sent there to hush up the case. But he quickly discovers that there is much more going on behind the scenes and very few people willing to talk.

The devil’s star
It's a hot summer in Oslo when a young woman is found murdered in her flat. One finger has been cut off, & beneath her eyelid is a tiny red diamond in the shape of a five pointed star. Detective Harry Hole is assigned to the case with Tom Waaler.

The murder has been solved, but has justice been done? Harry Hole is back in Oslo. He's been away for some time, but his ghosts have a way of catching up with him. The case that brings him back is already closed. There is no room for doubt: the young junkie was shot dead by a fellow addict. The police don't want him back.

Nesbo, Jo
The redeemer
One freezing night in Oslo Christmas shoppers gather to listen to a Salvation Army street concert. An explosion cuts through the music, and a man in uniform falls to the ground, shot in the head at point-blank range. Harry Hole and his team have no immediate suspect, no weapon and no motive. But then the assassin discovers he has shot the wrong man. After some exceptionally shrewd detective work, the team begins to close in on a suspected hit man, monitoring his credit card, false passport and the line to his employer. With no money, only six bullets and no place to stay in the bitter cold, the hit man becomes increasingly desperate. He will stop at nothing to eliminate his target.

The snowman
The night the first snow falls a young boy wakes to find his mother gone. He walks through the silent house, but finds only wet footprints on the stairs. In the garden looms a snowman bathed in cold moonlight. Round its neck is his mother's pink scarf. Inspector Harry Hole is convinced there is a link between the disappearance and a menacing letter he received months earlier. As Harry and his team delve into unsolved cases, they discover that an alarming number of wives and mothers have gone missing over the years. When a second woman disappears, Harry finds himself confronted with a serial killer operating on his turf, a killer who will drive him to the brink of insanity.

Nesbø, Jo,
The son
Sonny is a model prisoner. He listens to the confessions of other inmates at Oslo jail, and absolves them of their sins. Some people even whisper that Sonny is serving time for someone else: that he doesn't just listen, he confesses to their crimes. Inspector Simon Kefas has worked for the Oslo police force for years. He's been assigned a new murder investigation and a new partner on the same day. Both of them knew Sonny's father. To Sonny he was the man he idolised; to Simon he was his best friend. Both were left devastated when his corruption was revealed. But neither of them knew the truth ..

NIVEN, David
The Moon’s a Balloon
This book takes readers back to David Niven's childhood days, his humiliating expulsion from school and to his army years and wartime service. After the war, he returned to America and there came his Hollywood success in films such as "Wuthering Heights" and "Around the World in 80 Days".

Full Circle
Louise is headstrong, impetuous, and very young for her 18 years. Although her mother and stepfather are hopeful she will eventually settle down into married life, they seek to give her thoughts a new direction by allowing her to take drawing lessons from Daniel, a local artist, unaware that Louise will now set her romantic sights on this intriguing man old enough to be her father. Temperamental, self-centered, and prone to hysterics to get her own way, she pursues Daniel with single-minded intensity, running off to be with him while her stepfather is in the hospital due to a heart attack and her mother is in Paris, nursing Louise's stroke-afflicted grandmother.

The great betrayal
1904, London. Lydia Daye adores her husband John, but his government job means he is away for much of the time and she feels as if she is bringing up their son alone. Dolly Ellerway is six months pregnant and about to marry her boyfriend. One day Lydia sends a letter to her husband that will change both women's lives forever.

Intricate Liaisons
The year is 1873, and Harriet and Godfrey Lester of Dangerous Secrets have now been married four years, and live with Harriet's invalid mother in Great-Uncle Robert's moldering old family residence near the English seaside town of Maybourne. Still childless, Harriet has taken over her mother's duties on the Board of Guardians for the local workhouse in addition to keeping house, while Godfrey does the odd spot of translation to pay the bills. All is peaceful until luscious and determined Amelia Bianchi, a lover from Godfrey's past, intervenes, and Daisy Pritt, recently released from prison, abandons her daughter Molly on the doorstep of an elderly and kind spinster, Eveline Boothby, and runs off to London to track down the man she loves.

Isabel’s Wedding
Canterbury, 1900. Olivia Fratton thinks that if she hears the words 'Isabel's Wedding' one more time she will scream, and no one would blame her. The oldest of the four Fratton siblings, it falls to her to arrange her little sister's wedding, and she struggles to cope with Isabel's demands on their limited budget.

The Longest Road
Clare wishes her cousin Donald wasn’t such a lazy good-for-nothing but is unable to recognize her own role as his enabler or to move beyond her own grief at the death of her fiancé, preferring instead to drift along from day to day in rural Kent. Lacking the funds to make the extensive repairs required on her home, she reluctantly arranges to sell Merle Place but finds her decision unpopular in several quarters. When her London editor divulges that she has received an inquiry as to whether Clare, already the author of romantic serials for the Ladies’ Own Journal, would be willing to consider writing a novel for a rival publishing house, it seems the answer to Clare’s prayers, especially when she meets Steven Flint and is immediately charmed by him—and he with her.

Loving & Losing
September 1918: the First World War is nearly over, but a virulent form of influenza is sweeping through the world. No one is safe. Eve waits for her husband Harvey, a scientist, to return to England from Camp Devens in the USA, where hes struggling to save lives. But will Harvey make it home safely or will Eves life, like thousands of others, be changed for ever by the disaster?

Pieces of Silver
When Clive Brayne is found murdered in a church in Canterbury, Dulcie Moore, a young reporter, sets out to discover who the killer is and to clear her brother's name as a suspect.

After You’d Gone
Alice Raikes, a grieving young widow, takes a train from London to visit her family in Scotland. But after witnessing something shocking in the restroom at the station, she abruptly heads back to London without a word, leaving her sisters perplexed. A few hours later, Alice steps out into traffic, is hit by a car, and lies in a coma. Was it an accident or a suicide attempt? Family gathers at her bedside as Alice drifts in and out of consciousness, remembering her childhood, her first romance, and the love of her life -- her now-deceased husband, John, a journalist felled by a bomb.

Anyone but Him
Andie and her sister Jin have never seen eye to eye. Andie doesn't envy Jin her marriage to a wealthy businessman, while Jin can't believe Andie's happy with her man-free existence (if only she knew!). But when their widowed mother Cora comes back from a Caribbean cruise with more than just a suntan, Andie and Jin are united in horror. Who is this gorgeous young man who's swept their mother off her feet? What the women really need is a friend to set the world to rights with - but can they be friends with each other?

O'Flanagan, Sheila
If you were me
Carlotta O'Keefe is happily engaged, and the wedding plans are coming together. She's clear about her future path, both personally and in her busy career. Maybe Chris doesn't make her heart race every time she sees him, but you can't have that feeling for ever. Can you? Then, on a trip to Seville, Carlotta runs into Luke Evans. Luke broke her heart so long ago she'd almost convinced herself she'd forgotten him. Now, he's not that boy any more, but an attractive and intriguing man. And he can explain everything that happened way back when. Suddenly Carlotta's not so sure of anything any more.

O’NEILL, Gilda
The Sins of their Fathers
The East End belongs to the O'Donnells. Tough, violent and proud, Gabriel O'Donnell has fought his way up from poor Irish roots to run the gambling, prostitution and protection empire that makes him rich, and that one day his boys, Brendan and Luke, will take over. It's not easy to love a man when violent crime is his career, as Eileen O'Donnell knows, so she's invested everything in her children: icy cool Brendan; Luke, who hates the horror of gang warfare; irrepressible Catherine with her verve for life; and, Patricia, married to a man whose brainless viciousness is close to madness. Then Kessler turns up…

OWENS, Sharon
The Tavern on Maple Street
Jack Beaumont and his beautiful wife, Lily, are the owners of the tavern on Maple Street, a tiny Victorian pub they inherited from Jack's great-uncle Ernest. It's a quiet place, untouched by the modern world, and that's why the customers like it so much.
But a property developer wants to demolish the tavern and build a shopping mall on Maple Street. Jack and Lily and their little home-away-from-home are suddenly plunged into the limelight, caught in a desperate struggle to save their business from the bulldozers-or, with the help of some new employees, to at least make as much money as possible during their last few months as landlord and landlady.

PAGE, Lynda
A bitter legacy
Camilla Rogers is no stranger to hardship. Over the years she's struggled to keep her family clothed and fed and out of trouble. But nothing can prepare her for what lies ahead. Cam's 16-year-old granddaughter Belinda has fallen in with the wrong crowd and the reign of terror that Belinda inflicts on her grandmother is beyond belief.

PAGE, Lynda
Whatever it Takes
Kay Clifton has waited five, long, lonely years for her husband Bob to come home from the war. Despite her excitement at his return, their whirlwind romance prior to his departure makes her feel as though she hardly knows him, so it's not surprising that Kay is apprehensive when she meets him at the station. Kay's hopes of starting their blissfully happy marriage are dashed by the presence of Bob's fellow soldier Tony. Bob is indebted to Tony for saving his life and seems hell bent on repaying that debt to the couple's detriment. But as Tony starts acting more and more strangely, Kay worries that something else happened during the war that Bob is keeping secret...

Before Sunrise
Reunited by a mysterious phone call about a murder investigation and a robbery of priceless artefacts, anthropologist Phoebe Keller and FBI agent Jeremiah Cortez rekindle their passion in the most unlikely of circumstances.

While Joceline can't deny that her boss is attractive, as a single mother with responsibilities she's determined to be professional. But when aloof FBI agent Jon Blackhawk is accosted by a criminal seeking revenge, she comes to his aid - fueling the spark that is growing between them.

Nora Marlowe had come to Texas with visions of dashing cowboys and great adventure. But one infuriating man has put an end to her illusions. Cal decides it would be fun to bring the superior Miss Marlow down to earth. It starts with a kiss, then a seduction.

Palmer, Diana.
Arizona, 1910. Dear Diary, it will take more than threats - and one overbearing rancher - to drive me away from my rightful property. When I inherited this isolated land near the Mexico border, I knew running it would be difficult and dangerous - very different from my privileged life in Louisiana, where I was the genteel Miss Trilby Lang. But I certainly didn't expect that my neighbour would be challenging me at every turn.

PARKER, Una Mary
Forbidden Feelings
When strange events in her father's Scottish estate require investigation, Camilla Eaton is grateful for Philip's company. But her teenage daughter, Poppy, is horrified and becomes involved with a group of militant political activists, forcing Camilla to re-evaluate her priorities.

PARKER, Una Mary
Only the Best
Beverley feels like the luckiest girl in the world - champagne, glamour, and Viscount Amesbury, the handsome Englishman. But an unexpected tragedy calls her to England and someone on Anthony's magnificent estate seems to have deadly intentions.

PARKER, Una Mary
Sweet Vengeance
On the day before the opening of her London show, fashion designer Arabella Webster vanishes. As her daughter begins to investigate the disappearance, she finds out that her mother had many secrets, with terrifying implications

Patterson, James
Alex Cross, run
Detective Alex Cross arrests renowned plastic surgeon Elijah Creem for sleeping with teenage girls. Now, his life ruined, Creem is out of jail, and he's made sure that no one will recognise him - by giving himself a new face. A young woman is found hanging from a sixth-floor window, and Alex is called to the scene. The victim recently gave birth, but the baby is nowhere to be found. Before Alex can begin searching for the missing newborn and killer, he's called to investigate a second crime.

Alex Cross’s trial
Ben Corbett is a brilliant young lawyer in early-20th century Washington DC. One day, out of the blue, he receives a private invitation to the White House. President Theodore Roosevelt has personally selected Ben to help him investigate rumours of lynchings & a re-emergence of the outlawed Ku Klux Klan in Ben's hometown of Eudora.

I, Alex Cross
Detective Alex Cross is celebrating his birthday when he receives an urgent call from work. There's been a homicide, nothing new there. But then comes news Alex wasn't expecting, this time the victim is his niece. Devastated and grief-stricken, Cross vows to track down the killer.

3rd Degree
Detective Lindsay Boxer is jogging along a beautiful San Francisco street as a ferocious blast rips through the neighbourhood. A townhouse owned by an internet magnate explodes into flames, three people die and a sinister note signed ‘August Spies’ is found at the scene.Soon a wave of violence sweeps through the city – and it seems that whoever is behind it is intent on killing someone every three days.Even more terrifying, the four friends who call themselves the Women’s Murder Club discover that the killer has targeted one of them. And Lindsay learns that one member of the club is hiding a secret so dangerous and unbelievable that it could destroy them all.

8th confession
Behind the closed doors of San Francisco's mansions, beautiful people party the nights away. But someone else is intent on crashing the party. A rock star, a fashion designer, a software tycoon and a millionaire heiress are all dead. Detective Lindsay Boxer is quickly assigned to the case. In stark contrast, few people seem as interested when a local hero, Bagman Jesus, is brutally murdered. Reporter Cindy Thomas soon becomes interested in his story: his work with the homeless of San Francisco was admirable. Could he have been hiding a dark secret? The Women's Murder Club need each other more than ever but with tensions running high will the friends be strong enough to stick together?

Cross country
Alex Cross tracks the scariest killer of them all - to Africa and back When Alex Cross is called to investigate the scene of a massacre, he is shocked to find that one of the victims is an old friend. He is drawn into a dangerous underworld right in the heart of Washington DC that leads him on a life-threatening journey to the Niger Delta. At the centre of this terrifying world, Cross finds the Tiger, psychopathic leader of a fearsome gang of killers. When the Tiger is on the prowl, he shows no mercy to others. But Alex Cross is hot on his heels in a heart-stopping chase that finds him not only hunting for a horrific killer but also fighting for his own survival.

Double cross
Just when Alex Cross's life is calming down, he is drawn back into the game to confront a criminal mastermind like no other. The elaborate murders that have stunned Washington, DC, are the wildest that Alex Cross and his new girlfriend, Detective Brianna Stone, have ever seen. This maniac adores an audience and stages his killings as spectacles in public settings - he even sets up his own website and live video feed to trumpet his madness. In Colorado, another criminal mastermind is planning a triumphant return. From his maximum-security prison cell, Kyle Craig plots an impossible escape, joining forces with DC's Audience Killer to get back at Alex Cross.

PATTERSON, James & GROSS, Andrew
Judge and Jury
When mob godfather Dominic Cavello is finally brought to trial by FBI agent Nick Pellisante, his longtime nemesis, the accused is strangely unconcerned even as a parade of his former criminal associates finger him as having ordered a hit on a corrupt businessman. The gangster's plan to intimidate the decision-makers at his trial reaches its climax when he arranges for a bomb to blow up the bus transporting the jury. The sole survivor teams up with Pellisante to make Cavello pay.

Patterson, James
Now you see her
A successful lawyer and loving mother, Nina Bloom would do anything to protect the life she's built in New York including lying to everyone, even her daughter, about her past. But when an innocent man is framed for murder, she knows that she can't let him pay for the real killer's crimes.

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas
Katie Wilkinson's boyfriend Matt dumps her; not a total cad, he leaves her a gift, a diary kept by Suzanne, his first wife, for their son Nicholas. Though it's not exactly the diamond ring Katie was hoping for, she's unable to make herself destroy the diary--against her better judgment, Katie begins to read.

Step on a Crack
Michael Bennett, a senior NYPD homicide detective, has a wife dying of cancer and 10 adopted children of various ethnic origins. When St. Patrick's Cathedral, site of the celebrity-packed funeral of a former first lady, is seized by a dozen ruthless men, Bennett ends up as point man for the hastily assembled negotiating team.

Featuring North America's foremost thriller authors, this book is a collection of pure thriller stories. From the signature characters that made such authors as David Morrell and John Lescroart famous to four of the hottest new voices in the genre, this title will tantalize and terrify.

Across the Narrow Seas
When Sergeant Fred Mason of the Maritime Royal Artillery eventually locates his new ship SS Radgate, he finds the little coaster quite a contrast to his previous posting. Despite the difficulties of working during the London bombing raids, the crew must get themselves ready for the invasion of France. Through the confusion, agony and bloodshed of D-Day, against the ever-present threat of mines, bombs and shells, the story switches from London to the Normandy beaches and Mulberry harbour as the little crew weathers storms and tragedies.

The Spanish Hawk
There were five dead men in the cabin of the boat, lying under ten fathoms of Caribbean water. They had been shot through the head at close range...John Fletcher had gone down to photograph a sunken ship, but he took photographs of the boat and its cargo of dead men instead. Soon he is having trouble with the island police, some men from President Clayton Rodgers' private army of thugs and two CIA agents. Now Fletcher wishes he had followed his first impulse and said nothing to anyone...

The Time of Your Life
In her determination to solve the mystery surrounding her husband’s death, Margaret Calder turned to an old friend foe help. Keith Brooke said he would do what he could, and his investigation takes him to far flung destinations.

Wild Justice
When Peter Hadley, second mate of the British tramp steamer Ocean Waif, goes ashore in Philadephia looking for the sister from whom he has heard nothing for two years, he quickly finds himself caught up in a web of mystery and deceit. It does not take him long to realise that his own life is in danger. But Hadley is a tough customer and knows how to look after himself. His inquiries bring him into contact with a number of colourful, bizarre and dangerous characters who both help and hinder him in his search: a striptease artist, a burlesque comedian, the proprietor of a night club, an attractive red-head dancer, professional killers, strong-arm men and dope pedlars.

Blenheim Orchard
Ezra and Sheena Pepin live in Blenheim Orchard in North Oxford with their three children: fourteen-year-old Blaise, entering the storm-world of adolescence, Hector, eleven and precociously clever, and sweet Louie, three years old and the family tyrant. Ezra, a benignly disaffected employee at Isis Water, has abandoned his calling as an anthropologist; Sheena has inadvertently found hers running a travel company. They are like everyone else: over-worked, worried about the children, trying to steer their marriage on an even keel. But change comes knocking at the Pepins' door. Ezra is asked to head a bold new campaign at his workplace that could jump-start his stagnant career; Sheena in the meantime has an idea that she believes will refresh and renew her family; and Blaise - restless and curious - takes her first, heady steps into the adult world of sex and desire. The Pepin family will never be quite the same again.

PEARSE, Lesley
A Lesser Evil
When Fifi moves to London with her bricklayer boyfriend Dan, her mother is outraged. Despite initial feelings of horror at her new surroundings, Fifi finds the freedom from her middle-class family background exhilarating. Insatiably inquisitive, Fifi is fascinated by her new neighbours and wants to know what goes on behind all those shabby front doors. Why is Yvette, the French dressmaker, such a hermit? Why doesn’t widower Frank join his daughter and grandchildren in Australia? And why doesn’t the formidable and well-bred Miss Diamond move somewhere smarter? But most of all she is ghoulishly fascinated by the Muckles who live opposite in terrible squalor. She listens to their violent quarrels, watches their ill-treated and wretchedly unhappy children, and is appalled by all she sees. When Fifi tries to help the Muckles’ youngest child, who has been physically abused by her father, Fifi unwittingly unleashes a chain of events which will not only bring heart ache to her and Dan, but terrible danger to all the inhabitants of Dale Street…

PEARSE, Lesley
Remember Me
. In 1786 a fisherman's daughter from Cornwall called Mary Broad was sentenced to be hung for theft. But her sentence was commuted, and she was transported to Australia, one of the first convicts to arrive there. How Mary escaped the harsh existence of the colony and found true love, and how she was captured and taken back to London in chains, only to be released after a trial where she was defended by no less than James Boswell, is one of the most gripping and moving stories of human endeavour (based on an amazing true story) you will ever read.

We’ll Sing at Dawn
In the cold nights of the Blitz, her music warmed their hearts...September 1940, Islington. The Blitz is taking its toll on Beth Shanks and her family. An aerial torpedo has recently devastated a complete block of flats and shops in Seven Sisters Road, and traumatised the whole neighbourhood. Beth works as a munitions worker at a factory in North Finchley and dodges falling shrapnel on her way to work. Her younger brother Phil is a teenage cyclist messenger in the Auxiliary Fire Service and he's been twice dug out of rubble as he carried important messages. Beth's father is away fighting and her mother Connie teaches piano lessons to children who've escaped evacuation. Connie despairs that Beth won't learn how to play the piano properly and will only play popular songs by ear, but when she hears Beth playing the piano to lift the spirits of local people trapped in an air raid, she realises there is much more to music than she ever realised.

The Other Side of the Track
This nostalgic London saga brings together a wounded soldier and a young nurse. It's the second year of the Great War and eighteen-year-old Rosie Little is working at Charing Cross Station, helping the injured troops returning from the Front. The tired soldiers arriving on the platform adore Rosie's kind, welcoming face as she serves them cups of tea, and they inevitably nickname her 'Rosie Lee'. Private Joe Upton is one such weary soldier and is instantly captivated by the lovely Rosie.

The Tenderness of Wolves
It is 1867, Canada: as winter tightens its grip on the isolated settlement of Dove River, a man is brutally murdered and a 17-year old boy disappears. Tracks leaving the dead man's cabin head north towards the forest and the tundra beyond. In the wake of such violence, people are drawn to the township - journalists, Hudson's Bay Company men, trappers, traders - but do they want to solve the crime or exploit it? One-by-one the assembled searchers set out from Dove River, pursuing the tracks across a desolate landscape home only to wild animals, madmen and fugitives, variously seeking a murderer, a son, two sisters missing for 17 years, a Native American culture, and a fortune in stolen furs before the snows settle and cover the tracks of the past for good.

A Christmas Grace
A few weeks before Christmas, 1895, Emily Radley answers a summons from Father Tyndale, spiritual leader of a small Western Ireland community. The Catholic priest is concerned about Emily's dying aunt, Susannah Ross, who's been estranged from her family since marrying outside their Protestant faith. Once in Ireland, Emily finds her aunt's entire village in the grip of fear, haunted by a secret. A shipwreck during a ferocious storm, the rescue of a young man from the sea's clutches and another young man's mysterious murder complicate Emily's mission.

Perry, Anne
Treachery at Lancaster Gate
Thomas Pitt arrives at a devastating bombing in Lancaster Gate to find two policemen dead and three more gravely wounded. London's anarchists are blamed, but as Pitt and Inspector Tellman investigate they find it looks increasingly like a personal vendetta against those particular men. Did they lie about a drugs raid that went fatally wrong, and let an innocent man hang? The idea of police dishonesty cuts Tellman to the quick - he joined the force to protect society, not exploit it. But he must uncover the truth, however much he wants to resist the signs of blackmail and corruption.

Monk’s Hood
Gervase Bonel, with his wife and servants, is a guest of Shrewsbury Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul when he is suddenly taken ill. Luckily, the Abbey boasts the service of Brother Cadfael, a skilled herbalist. Cadfael hurries to the man's bedside, only to be confronted by two very different surprises.

A morbid taste for bones
In 1137 the ambitious head of Shrewsbury Abbey has decided to acquire the remains of Saint Winifred for his Benedictine order. Brother Cadfael is part of the expedition sent to her final resting place in Wales, where they find the villagers passionately divided by the Benedictins' offer.

Nineteen Minutes
Sterling is a small, ordinary New Hampshire town where nothing ever happens – until a student enters the local high school with an arsenal of guns and starts shooting, changing the lives of everyone inside and out. The daughter of the judge sitting on the case is the state’s best witness – but she can’t remember what happened in front of her own eyes. Or can she?

The follies of the king
Edward II's first act on coming to the throne is to recall Piers Gaveston from exile, and the new king's devotion to the shrewd and avaricious young man soon becomes a scandal. It is assumed that when Edward marries one of the most beautiful princesses in Europe his inclinations will change, but nothing can make him swerve from his attachment to Gaveston, who is clearly making the most of royal favour. The new Queen Isabella, accustomed to adulation, is bitterly humiliated; and she is not a woman to forget or forgive. With the country in turmoil, the king is making enemies throughout the land, and he fails to see that the most deadly of these is his queen.

Plaidy, Jean
The road to Compiègne
No longer is the well-beloved, Louis XV becoming ever more unpopular - the huge expense of his court and decades of costly warfare having taken their toll. As the discontent grows, Louis seeks refuge in his extravagances and his mistress, the powerful Marquis de Pompadour.

The sun in splendour
Reckoned by those about him to be the most handsome man in the country, Edward the Fourth has risen to the throne with the help of Warwick, the kingmaker. But even Warwick's advice can't convince the King to ignore his passion for the beautiful widow Elizabeth Woodville and when she refuses to become his mistress the two are married.

The dying light
At the funeral of David Eyam, one of the brightest government servants of his generation, corporate leaders, ministers and intelligence chiefs gather to pay their respects. But Eyam has left a devastating legacy, and certain members of the congregation are desperate to suppress it.

Rathcormick: A Childhood Recalled
Set in 1950’s rural Ireland, ‘Rathcormick’ is the story of one Protestant family and of a boyhood coming to an end. It explores the values and mores of an almost lost part of Irish society.

The Colour of Magic
Together in one volume, here are the first two Discworld novels, featuring Rincewind the wizard and his Luggage, Twoflower and innocent tourist and Cohen the Barbarian, the world's oldest and greatest hero. And not to mention Death, who's not so bad once you get to know him.

Pratchett, Terry.
Dodger is a tosher - a sewer scavenger living in the squalor of Dickensian London. Everyone who is nobody knows Dodger. Anyone who is anybody doesn't. But when he rescues a young girl from a beating, suddenly everybody wants to know him. And Dodgers tale of skulduggery, dark plans and even darker deeds begins.

The Last Hero
The Last Hero stars the legendary Cohen the Barbarian, a legend in his own lifetime. Cohen can remember when a hero didn't have to worry about fences and lawyers and civilisation, and when people didn't tell you off for killing dragons. But he can't always remember, these days, where he put his teeth . . . So now, with his ancient sword and his new walking stick and his old friends -- and they're very old friends -- Cohen the Barbarian is going on one final quest. He's going to climb the highest mountain in the Discworld and meet his gods. The last hero in the world is going to return what the first hero stole. With a vengeance. That'll mean the end of the world, if no one stops him in time.

Monstrous Regiment
It was a sudden strange fancy, and now Polly Perks, in her brother's clothes and her hair cut off, has joined up to fight for her country. But who is the enemy? What is she really fighting for? War teaches you a lot, she finds, when it turns out that you joined the Monstrous Regiment.

Reaper Man
Death is missing - presumed ... er ... gone. Which leads to the kind of chaos you always get when an important public service is withdrawn. Ghosts and poltergeists fill up the Discworld. Dead Rights activist Reg Shoe - 'You Don't Have to Take This Lying Down' - suddenly has more work than he had ever dreamed of. And newly deceased wizard Windle Poons wakes up in his coffin to find that he has come back as a corpse. But it's up to Windle and the members of Ankh-Morpork's rather unfrightening group of undead to save the world for the living

Pratchett, Terry.
Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch is on holiday in the pleasant and innocent countryside, but not for him a mere body in the wardrobe. There are many bodies and an ancient crime more terrible than murder. He is out of his jurisdiction, out of his depth, and occasionally snookered and out of his mind, but never out of guile.

To the thousands of tiny nomes who live under the floorboards of a large department store, there is no Outside. Then they hear that the Store - their whole world - is to be demolished. And it's up to one nome, Masklin, to mastermind an unbelievable escape plan that will take all the nomes into the dangers of the great Outside. The first title in a magnificent trilogy about the nomes, a race of little people struggling to survive in a world of humans.

PURCELL, Deirdre
Last summer in Arcadia
Tess, Maddy & Rita have been friends since they met in the civil service in Dublin. Now in their fifties, all three are married & living a very comfortable lifestyle. Each year they holiday together & this year's destination is Southern France. But as the holiday progresses, cracks in their marriages begin to show.

Acting Up
The Andersons are a military family with honors and traditions stretching back two hundred years. When the second Iraq war breaks out, it is only natural that their newest generations should be represented in the ranks of British officers. At 24, Lieutenant Susie Anderson delays her wedding to handsome fellow-officer Callum and joins her regiment on the hot sands of Kuwait. Real difficulties come, though, when Callum comes home injured, altered and bitter, and Susie and her family feel as though their lives are shattered. The solution to this tangle comes from the most unlikely source of all.

Mother Country
Everyone agreed that Shark Grayson wasn’t fit to keep her baby. A heroin addict living in a sordid London squat, she was already close to death when her American lover took charge, carrying off the baby Alexander to give him an affluent future and a loving home in the Midwest. But now Alex is 27 and afflicted by his lost roots and a romantic vision of England. When a business trip provides the chance to go and trace his unknown relatives, he discovers that while some British people are, indeed, very hard to get along with, others turn out to be more closely akin to him than he ever could have imagined.

The Complaints
Nobody likes The Complaints--they're the cops who investigate other cops. It's a department known within the force as "The Dark Side," and it's where Malcolm Fox works. He's a serious man with a father in a nursing home and a sister who persists in an abusive relationship, frustrating problems about which he cannot seem to do anything. Then the reluctant Fox is given a new case. There's a cop named Jamie Breck, and he's dirty. The problem is, no one can prove it. As Fox takes on the job, he learns that there's more to Breck than anyone thinks--dangerous knowledge, especially when a vicious murder takes place far too close to home.

Death is not the End
Agreeing to track down the missing son of his high school sweetheart and her husband, a friend of his youth, Inspector Rebus takes the reader into the gritty back streets and criminal byways of Edinburgh, following Damon Mee from the nightclub where he was last seen through gambling casinos, football matches, and face-to-face encounters with the mobsters who may have been involved in his disappearance. Along the way Rebus confronts his own mortality, the choices he's made, and the obligations he owes his past.

The Hanging Garden
New hoodlum Tommy Telford is taking over Edinburgh, running whores imported from Eastern Europe, conspiring with Japanese businessmen to buy golf courses and selling drugs from the back of an ice cream van. All this upsets Ger Rafferty, the reigning hoodlum, who's stuck in prison and friendly with Rebus. Rebus makes a deal with Ger to take Telford down. Rebus also gives shelter to a suicidal prostitute and investigates the life and times of Joseph Lintz, a retired academic and alleged Nazi war criminal.

RAYNER, Claire
Gower Street
Historically set against the sprawling London of the early years of the last century, Gower Street magnificently re-creates the turbulent life of the theater and the medical world of the time as it follows the careers of two ambitious "guttersnipes" who seek to make their fortune: Abel Lackland whose foray into body snatching awakens him to an interest in the sinister new art of surgery, and Lilith Lucas, born Lil Burnell, who will let nothing stand in the way of her rising to be queen of the English stage. ...

REILLY, Martina
The wish list
Like any married couple, Allie & Tony have had their fair share of heartache. But when Tony's actions force Allie & her young sons out of their home, things take a turn for the worse. Without her husband around, Allie must cope with two children as well as the reappearance of her estranged father.

RHEA, Nicholas
Constable in the Country
As he awaits his anticipated promotion, Police Constable Rhea continues his work on the Yorkshire moorland beat of Aidensfield, reminiscing about his childhood in a similar idyllic village and making the inevitable comparisons. There is little doubt his rural upbringing helps him deal with the variety of incidents and people he encounters, such as a press photographer who gets lost while trying to locate a centenarian, a party of day-trippers who get imprisoned in a field and a farmer whose vehicles smother the lanes with mud. Constable Nick encounters psychic cows, ghostly racehorses and clever sheepdogs as he deals with a hoard of silver in the thatched roof of a cottage and the disappearance of a lad who has gone to climb in the Himalayas. Should Nick spoil his family's Christmas Day by going to inspect an empty car in a field? And how does he cope with a family who have acquired a little boy when no one knows who he is or where he's come from? It's all in the line of duty for Constable Nick.

Rhea, Nicholas
Murder at Maddleskirk Abbey
The body of an unknown man is discovered in a huge stone coffin in the crypt, and Constable Nick and DCS Napier welcome the assistance of the 'monkstables', as their knowledge of the abbey, its history and personnel proves invaluable to the detectives. As the investigation hots up, a pupil of the college goes missing, pitching the monkstables into an intense investigation as they search for the missing boy.

Midwinter of the Spirit
An early winter slices though the old city of Hereford, a body is found in the River Wye, an ancient church is desecrated, and there are signs of a dark ritual on the hill overlooking the city. Meanwhile, reports of psychic unrest in the city’s cathedral speak of an undying evil lying close to the heart of the Church of England. In this second electrifying tale, exorcist Rev. Merrily Watkins must tread in places where an intangible malevolence thrives uncurbed by the forces of law and order.

Portrait of Chloe
She was born plain Dora, in a bleak northern town where her future seemed all too predictable. But from the moment she first walked, pursuing a coloured ball across the floor, she went after what she wanted, and got it. At the age of eighteen she wanted freedom and a new life - and a new name, Chloe. She went to Brighton, to work as a mother's help to a Member of Parliament and his wife, and she glimpsed for the first time a life of luxury and wealth - a life which, she believed, could be hers. But her new circumstances brought with them difficulties which she could not have foretold…

The Apple Tree
When Frances changed her unsettled life in Brighton and bought an old farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales to run as a guesthouse, she was going into uncharted territory. The villagers were very friendly and talked about the previous owners of Beck Farm but there seemed to be some mystery about them. What had happened to the wife of the previous owner - and why was she still resented? Frances was to find out while at the same time rebuilding her own life

Midsummer Meeting
Petra came into the close village community of Mindon when she was unexpectedly left a cottage there by an old friend of her mother's. She was lonely and unsettled - her parents had been killed in a car accident, her boyfriend had decided to go back to his wife, and as a painter she led a solitary life in her North Yorkshire home town. But she felt immediately at home in the gracious stone house that had been bequeathed to her, and was made welcome by the local residents - in particular, by the members of the Mindon Amateur Dramatic Society (somewhat appropriately known as MADS) presided over by the formidable Ursula. Ursula liked to run things her way, and brooked no opposition when the ambitious decision was made (largely by herself) to put on "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as their next production. Petra , to her surprise and pleasure, was put in charge of the wardrobe. Rivalries, squabbles, love affairs and seething resentments threatened to scupper the production, and all Ursula's managerial skills were needed to prevent disaster. But Petra had more pressing things on her mind than the costumes for the cast. A mystery from her past began to haunt her - and the answer to that mystery might solve the puzzle of why she had been left such a beautiful house by a total stranger.

Richard, Cliff.
My life, my way
Sir Cliff Richard is the biggest-selling artist of all time, selling over 250 million records around the world since he burst onto the music scene in 1958. Now, working with the highly acclaimed biographer & journalist, Penny Junor, Cliff is going to talk freely & frankly about what it is like to be Cliff.

Angel’s share
Roy Angel is slowly adjusting to the pressures of working at Rudgard & Blugden Confidential Investigations, although his Raymond Chandler training manuals still haven't reconciled him to going to work every day. It would seem that Angel could take it easy with his latest case however; finding the retired Mr. Ellrington's long lost loves shouldn’t be too demanding, should it? Handling his partner Amy May, fashionista turned fearsome, nesting mother-to-be, as well as his ailing father and his Page 3 girlfriend, might be another matter though.

Eternity in Death
When bad girl Tiara Kent is found dead in her Manhattan apartment, the killing has all the earmarks of a vampire attack. Lieutenant Eve Dallas has to deal with superstitious cops carrying garlic & stakes, as well as the ever-hysterical press. None of the victim's friends know much about the Dark Prince she has been secretly seeing.

Possession in death
'The devil killed my body. I cannot fight, I cannot find. I cannot free her. You must. You are the one. We speak to the dead.' Immediately after hearing these words, uttered to her by an old Romanian woman dying in the street, detective Eve Dallas begins to notice that her latest case has come with a number of interesting side-effects.

Robb, J. D
Strangers in death
Technology may be different in 2060 New York, yet the city is still a place of many cultures and great divides. But, as ever, some murders receive more attention than others - especially those in which the victim is a prominent businessman. Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates.

Robb, J. D
Taken in death
Two young children disappear from their East Side home in New York City, their nanny killed in cold blood. As Lieutenant Eve Dallas begins to unravel the crime scene and search for Henry and Gala MacDermit, she's drawn into the twisted mind of a kidnapper who will stop at nothing to take revenge. Horrific threats concerning the brother and sister hit far too close to home for Eve, drawing her back into memories of her own tortured childhood.

Angel Falls
The sole survivor of a brutal crime, Reece Gilmore has been on the run, desperately fighting the nightmares and panic attacks that haunt her. She doesn't intend to stay in the sleepy town of Angel's Fist one second longer than she needs to, despite its friendly - if curious - inhabitants, and the irresistible attraction of local writer Brody. However, on a hike into the mountains she witnesses a couple having a vicious argument that culminates in murder. By the time Reece finds Brody and brings him to the scene, both killer and victim are gone. Faced with a lack of evidence, the authorities in Angel's Fist find it hard to believe Reece's story. After all, she's a newcomer in town and yet has already gained a reputation for being jumpy - maybe even a little fragile. But when a series of menacing occurrences makes it clear that someone wants her out of the way, Reece must put her trust in Brody - the one person who does believe her - to find the murderer before it's too late.

Roberts, Nora,
Black rose
Since the death of her husband, Roz Harper has thrown herself into raising her family and turning her passion for gardening into a business. But when she meets Mitchell Carnegie, she feels confident enough to make the leap into love once again - although someone or something seems to be trying to keep them apart.

Blue Smoke
Reena Hale grew up with an intimate knowledge of the destructive power of fire. When she was a child, her family's restaurant was burned to the ground, and the man responsible was sent to jail. The Hale family banded together to rebuild, and Reena found her life's calling. She trained as a firefighter and then as a cop, always with the end goal in sight: to become an arson investigator. Now, as part of the arson unit, she is called in on a series of suspicious fires that seem to be connected-not just to each other, but to her. And as danger ignites all around her, Reena must rely on experience and instinct to catch a dangerous madman who will not stop until everything she loves has gone up in smoke.

Chasing fire
Rowan Tripp has been fighting the annual forest fires in the Montana mountains since she was 18. She can read a wildfire like no one else - and is prepared to put her life on the line to save others. But now she's mourning the death of her friend and jump partner, Jim - and haunted by the fact that she might have been able to save him.

High noon
When Police Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara is brutally assaulted by an unseen assailant in her own police station, she can't help but be deeply shaken. Then threatening messages show up on her doorstep, and she must discover who the stalker is before he starts targeting her family to get to her.

In Dreams
Drawn to a castle in the forests of Ireland, a beautiful young woman becomes the link to a stranger's past - and the curse that has trapped him forever in the eternity of his own dreams.

The next always
The historic hotel in Boonsboro has endured war and peace, changing hands, even rumored hauntings. Now it's getting a major facelift from the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother.

The Search
Other than her work, Fiona doesn't ask for much: the peace of the landscape, the companionship of her dogs, the safe haven of friends and family. Romantic entanglements are very far down on her list - and certainly not with artist Simon Doyle. But he doesn't know that Fiona harbours a terrible secret.

The witching hour
A kingdom is plagued by tragedy until a wizard-god's spell brings forth a courageous and beautiful young woman who must follow her heart in love and follow her destiny in battle.

Winter rose
Read by Coleen Marlo.

A world apart
Read by Angela Dawe.

The Self-Made Woman
Writer Olivia Ozanne is on holiday in Moscow, visiting her journalist daughter, Caitlin, when she meets a Russian man named Volodya. He falls in love only with foreign women, and he quickly wins Olivia's affections with his mysterious, elegant sensuality. But it is his two elderly roommates, the Brown and the Grey Aunties, that prove the most interesting to Olivia. The Aunties' tale, which stretches back to the Russian Revolution, truly shows the strength of the human bond we call love. The two women gave up the peacefulness of their everyday lives in order to stay together in Moscow, in spite of the risks. Olivia is determined to write their story, to let the world know of their devotion to one another, and to help them in any way she can, but she ends up competing with Caitlin and her boyfriend, Charles.

Robins, Denise
The bitter core
When beautiful Venetia Sellingham got married for the second time to Mike Petheric, 12 years her junior, everyone said it wouldn't work. Neither of them cared. However, some unattractive sides of Mike's character soon began to appear.

Damned Good Show
Derek Robinson, author of the highly praised wartime novel A Piece of Cake and many others, now does for the RAF's Bomber Command what Cake did for Fighter Command: he goes beyond the clichéd stereotypes of the wartime RAF and paints an indelible picture of real people at war. The young pilots of 409 Squadron are flung into battle over Nazi Germany, where their training, tactics, and aircraft are all found wanting. Their lively spirit of gentleman amateur fliers simply flickers and dies in the harsh glare of searchlights over the Ruhr. As they struggle, the reality of war comes vividly and painfully into view: chaos, confusion, and comradeship in equal measure.

A Dedicated Man
After an old Yorkshire farmer discovers a half-buried body in his pasture, excitement interrupts routine in the small community of Swainsdale. Series detective Alan Banks begins investigating the habits and background of the victim, a dedicated professor who left his job upon receiving a sizeable inheritance. Suspicion falls on his charmless wife, his long-time publisher, his local drinking buddies, a younger woman, and others. Before Banks can narrow the list, the murderer strikes again.

The Hanging Valley
A faceless corpse is discovered in a tranquil, hidden valley below the village of Swainshead. And when Chief Inspector Alan Banks arrives, he finds that no-one is willing to talk. Banks's frustration only grows when the identity of the body is revealed. For it seems that his latest case may be connected with an unsolved murder in the same area five years ago. Among the silent suspects are the Collier brothers, the wealthiest and most powerful family in Swainsdale. When they start use their influence to slow down the investigation, Inspector Alan Banks finds himself in a race against time . . .

Rose, Karen
Closer than you think
Faith Corcoran returns to Cincinnati, ostensibly to accept an inheritance of her family home from her recently deceased grandmother, and is immediately embroiled in a terrible accident as her car hits a young girl who claims to have been kidnapped. Compelled to find out what happened to the girl, she starts investigating and before long comes into contact with FBI agent Deacon Novak. Watch the sparks fly as murder, passion and love all collide!

ROSE, Karen
I can see you
A killer is targeting the participants of an online role playing game called Shadowland. Each of the victims is be-friended by the killer online. He then stalks them in real life, murdering them in the way that they worst fear.

ROSE, Karen
Kill for me
In Karen Rose's chilling thriller, a paedophile ring is kidnapping young girls and selling them to the highest bidder. Will one of its victims be able to break the ring before it's too late?

Rose, Karen
Watch your back
When Stevie Mazzetti was six months pregnant, her husband and five-year-old son were shot dead in a store robbery. A killer was found and imprisoned and Stevie returned to work as a homicide cop, but things could never the same again. Years later, she receives a letter bearing the name of the man imprisoned for the crime, and her world is turned upside-down once again. Who has the letter come from? And could it be that the real killer is still at large? Her hunt for the answers will force her to confront her past once again, and send her straight into the arms of Clay Maynard - the brooding ex-cop she'd sworn to leave behind.

Over the Edge
The heroine of "A Little Gentle Sleuthing" and "Finishing Touch", Melissa Craig, accompanies her friend to the Cevennes. Within a week of her arrival two people are found dead below a viewpoint cliff. Melissa's talents are called upon to solve the mystery.

The angel’s game
In an old mansion in the heart of Barcelona, a young man, David Martin, an aspiring writer, receives a mysterious letter from a French editor, promising literary stardom if he will fulfil just one task. But the character is not all that he seems, and soon David has entered into a pact that will lead him to question everything he values.

SALE, Peter
Tom Kipper’s Schooldays
Meet Tom Kipper, Espionage Agent extraordinaire. Born into a poor Irish family in Liverpool in 1928, Tom—like every self-respecting ten-year-old—is full of mischief. A pupil at Saint Joseph's Academy of Hard Knocks—as the students have dubbed it—he spends his days dodging foes in class, finding adventure, and engaging in a good scrap when school is out. But with the arrival of war, Tom’s happy world is suddenly infused with loss and confusion. With the pain of war, however, Tom also finds a new understanding of himself and the world around him.

After Midnight
Nell knows she shares a special past with her cousins, Edmund and Perry, from their young days in Gloucestershire. When a strange young man arrives, Nell discovers with a shock that he too shares some of their mysterious past. Their uncertainties can only be satisfied when the mystery is revealed.

Sallis, Susan
Learning to dance
Judith is suddenly all alone in the world. Her husband, Jack, has left her: why, she doesn't know. Her two sons are in Australia, and both her mother and her best friend Naomi have recently died. Embarking on a journey to Exmoor to meet artist Robert Haussman Judith finds herself a prey to all sorts of irrational fears.

The Path to the Lake

After David died, Viv tries to escape her sense of guilt by running, mainly around the nearby lake — a desolate and deserted place. But through her misery she makes some unexpected friends and, as a new life opens up, she can confront the secrets that haunt her.

The Pumpkin Coach
For Alice Pettiford, living near Gloucester in the late 1940s, leaving school as soon as she could and taking a job as a railway secretary in the city made perfect sense. Her family had long been 'railway servants', and her best friend Hester's father would be working closely with her. What Alice had not expected was that she would fall in love with Joe Adair, a colleague, almost as soon as she met him. But Joe had to go overseas on National Service, and in the meanwhile Hester's brother, the enigmatic Valentine, found that his fondness for Alice was deepening into something much stronger. When he and Alice discover an old railway coach, long abandoned, hidden in a clearing in the Forest of Dean, Alice realises that it has been a very special, magical place. What she doesn't know is that the coach has played a secret part in the history of Joe's family, and that Joe's mother named it 'the pumpkin coach'. Now her own destiny will also be shaped by this enchanted refuge.

Broken Prey
The first corpse is found on the riverbank. The second in an isolated farmhouse. Both have been savagely beaten, the skin flayed from their bodies, their throats cut. For both victims, there’s a DNA match. Charlie Pope, a convicted sex offender recently released from mental hospital, has cut off his court-imposed leg bracelet and disappeared. Now all Lucas Davenport has to do is find him. But something about this case doesn’t smell right..

SCANLAN, Patricia
Coming home
In New York, Alison is trying to come to terms with her new life. She is looking forward to seeing her family in Ireland for Christmas, but mixed with the excitement is a feeling of dread. How can she tell them that her lifestyle, her banking job, her smart apartment, have all gone in the wake of the financial crisis?

SCANLAN, Patricia
Happy ever after?
When the honeymoon is over real life begins. Newly married Debbie, worried about mounting debts and with wedding bills still to pay, is at her wits end with coke-sniffing, champagne-swilling hubby, Bryan. But he has no desire to give up the high life and become a-stay-at-home husband.

Scanlan, Patricia
With all my love
On a crystal clear Mediterranean day, Briony sits with her four-year-old daughter, Katie, while she waits for her mother, Valerie, to join them. Briony has no idea that in a few moments time her relationship with her mother will change irrevocably.

The gladiator
This is an action-packed novel featuring Roman army officers Macro and Cato. While Macro and Cato are returning to Rome from a harrowing campaign against the Parthians, their transport ship is almost capsized by a tidal wave. When they make it to Matala in Crete they encounter a devastated town.

Schloss, Eva
After Auschwitz
The story of Anne Frank's step-sister, and her struggle for survival in Auschwitz and beyond.

The Lovely Bones
On her way home from school on a snowy December day in 1973, 14-year-old Susie Salmon is lured into a makeshift underground den in a cornfield and brutally raped and murdered, the latest victim of a serial killer--the man she knew as her neighbor, Mr. Harvey. Alice Sebold's haunting and heartbreaking debut novel, The Lovely Bones, unfolds from heaven, where "life is a perpetual yesterday" and where Susie narrates and keeps watch over her grieving family and friends, as well as her brazen killer and the sad detective working on her case

The Bookseller of Kabul
Two weeks after September 11th, award-winning journalist Asne Seierstad went to Afghanistan to report on the conflict. In the following spring she returned to live with a bookseller and his family for several months. The Bookseller of Kabul is the fascinating account of her time spent living with the family of thirteen in their four-roomed home. Bookseller Sultan Khan defied the authorities for twenty years to supply books to the people of Kabul. He was arrested, interrogated and imprisoned by the communists and watched illiterate Taliban soldiers burn piles of his books in the street. He even resorted to hiding most of his stock in attics all over Kabul. But while Khan is passionate in his love of books and hatred of censorship, he is also a committed Muslim with strict views on family life. As an outsider, Seierstad is able to move between the private world of the women - including Khan's two wives - and the more public lives of the men. The result is an intimate and fascinating portrait of a family which also offers a unique perspective on a troubled country.

A group of four students, Ukranian Jews, are fighting for recognition within the Soviet Union. They are tired of being treated as second-class citizens and are prepared to use violence if necessary. When one of their number is captured after shooting a policeman, they know time is running out. Their only hope is to hijack a plane, fly to the West and then on to Israel. One country after another refuses to let them land, until the plane finally sets down in Britain, low on fuel. Charlie Webster, an Intelligence officer on the Soviet desk, is brought in to negotiate with the hijackers. But it is unclear whether they are political refugees or dangerous criminals. As the government wavers, the students become increasingly desperate and start to lose patience, and control.

The Other side of me
Bestselling novelist Sheldon's memoir is reminiscent of his colorful novels, a rags-to-riches yarn replete with struggle, an indomitable hero and eventual glamour. It opens with a 17-year-old Sheldon preparing to commit suicide in Chicago in 1934. "Lonely and trapped," he wanted to attend college but couldn't afford it. Thankfully, his father intervened, and the young man got a new lease on life. He went from being a theater usher to a struggling songwriter, then a top-flight Hollywood screenwriter in a few short years. For the next 30-odd years, Sheldon wrote and directed films, meeting studio honchos and stars like Kirk Douglas, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe. The author's impressive achievements include a WWII flying stint, a screenwriting Oscar, a Tony, the creation of four classic TV series and several bestsellers. Yet these accomplishments came with bouts of depression and the death of a child.

All He Ever Wanted
A man receives a bill for a white chandelier that he never ordered and has never seen. This mysterious document turns out to be the hinge of his world and his attempts to make sense of it lead him to facts about himself, his marriage and his orderly life that had previously been hidden from him. Set in new England and Florida during the 1920s, All he ever wanted gives us a marriage, betrayal and the search for redemption from the vantage points of both a husband and a wife.

The Last Time they met
When Linda Fallon and Thomas Janes meet at a writers' festival in Toronto, it is the first time they have seen each other for twenty-six years. Theirs is a story bound by the irresistible pull of true passion - a love which begins in Massachusetts in the early 1960s, is rekindled in Kenya in the mid 1970s and which is about to play out its astonishing final episode...Written with reverse chronology, Anita Shreve's novel is a haunting story of mesmerising beauty, with a strong narrative pull that inescapably draws the reader in, and leaves its most stunning revelation until the very last pages.

SHUTE, Nevil
Slide Rule
Nevil Shute's autobiographical work charts his selected remembrances from childhood to 1938. The parallels between Shute's life and his fiction can be seen: airship engineering, the new industry of commercial aircraft and his experience of civil servants and bureaucratic military agencies.

Tom Valle is a Californian journalist with a very unspectacular career, covering what appears to be an everyday car crash. Then strange facts present themselves to Valle -- including the fact that the autopsy indicates that the car crash victim has been castrated. And although the driving licence says otherwise, the corpse is that of a black man rather than a white. Valle sees this as a chance to re-energise his career, and uncover some nasty secrets. But he has made a rod for his own back by some ill-advised journalistic double-dealing in the past, such as some fictitious stories he has filed at a New York newspaper – and the chickens come home to roost.

Slaughter, Karin
Cop town
Atlanta, 1974. As a brutal killing and a furious manhunt rock the city's police department, Kate Murphy wonders if her first day on the job will also be her last. She's determined to defy her privileged background by making her own way - wearing a badge and carrying a gun. But for a beautiful young woman, life will be anything but easy in the macho world of Atlanta PD.

Wealthy housewife Abigail Campano returns home one day to Atlanta's posh Ansley Park neighborhood to find a dead girl in the mansion's upstairs hallway, the apparent killer nearby. Thinking that the girl is her teenage daughter, Emma, the distraught Abby kills the alleged attacker only to realize that the murdered girl is not Emma, but Emma's friend, Kayla Alexander. Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation soon determines that he has a murder and kidnapping on his hands. Paired with Detective Faith Mitchell, Trent scrambles to put the pieces together and find Emma before it's too late

Three years ago former medical examiner Sara Linton moved to Atlanta hoping to leave her tragic past behind her. Now working as a doctor in Atlanta she is starting to piece her life together. But when a severely wounded young woman is brought in to the emergency room, she finds herself drawn back into a world of violence and terror.

The Hawk
1790 and England is on the cusp of war with Revolutionary France. The night-time Channel is the scene of intense smuggling activity and the passage of spies from one coast to another. Lieutenant James Hayter has achieved his heart's desire - his first independent command, His Majesty's 'Hawk' cutter, 10 guns. She is swift enough to out sail even the fastest of the French contraband runners and she is Hayter's pride and joy. But his happiness is tempered by the knowledge that his former captain and friend, William Rennie, has been left on the beach after the failure of the Rabhet expedition the previous year.But it is not long before spymaster Sir Robert Greer disturbs Rennie's imposed retirement with a sinister and irrefutable offer that will see Rennie hastening to join his former subordinate in Portsmouth. Together they will have to tackle one of the most sensitive and dangerous missions of the phoney war..

Staincliffe, Cath
Half the world away
Newly graduated photography student Lori Maddox chooses to spend the year after university travelling and visits China where she finds casual work as a private English tutor. When she disappears, her parents Jo and Tom, who separated when Lori was a toddler, travel to China to find their daughter. Landing in a totally unfamiliar country, with no knowledge of the customs or language, and receiving scant help bordering on indifference from the local authorities, Jo and Tom are forced to turn detective, following in Lori's footsteps, tracing the people she mentioned in her blogs, interviewing her friends, colleagues and students. It's an unbearably difficult challenge, made harder as all the reasons for the breakdown of their relationship twenty years earlier resurface with a vengeance.

STAPLES, Mary Jane
Changing Times

It is 1953 and the Adams family are looking forward to the Coronation celebrations. Chinese Lady, now Lady Finch, worries that her friends will think she is too grand to mingle with them. But her husband has a more pressing worry - the sudden appearance of the lovely but mysterious Katje Galicia.

STAPLES, Mary Jane
A Girl Next Door
It is 1956, and Boots Adams is celebrating his 60th birthday with a good old-fashioned cockney knees-up. But a new generation is growing up, and changes are on the way. A big clothing firm wants to take over Adams Fashions, and Boots and Sammy have difficult decisions to make.

Staples, Mary Jane
Love for a soldier
France, 1918. Sophia, the daughter of a German general, is on her way to elope with a young army officer. On her way she witnesses a battle in the skies that leaves an English pilot without a plane. She has no choice but to agree to assist him in his attempt to avoid capture.

STAPLES, Mary Jane
Nurse Anna’s war
Brussels, 1915. A beautiful young Belgian woman, Louise, is being pursued by the Germans when she meets Ned Scott, a British army major also trying to flee. He is badly injured, and the unlikely pair find themselves at a hospital run by the famous Edith Cavell, who agrees to treat the major while offering them both refuge.

STAPLES, Mary Jane
Out of the Shadows
Times move on for the Adams family in east London, and as business prospers, there are new worries to deal with. A young woman arrives who is intent on ruining Sammy Adam's winter fashion show, and Sammy must deal with her unwelcome attention. Boots has to find a solution when one of his female employees tells him about a sinister visitor, and he also does some match-making. But he doesn't realize that his family are being observed, as out of the shadows come dark and mysterious figures from the past who intrude on Boots, Polly and the twins, and his adopted daughter Rosie.

Staples, Mary Jane
A sister's secret
An impetuous decision to marry has left the young Lady Caroline widowed and with two estates in her name. She is now in a position to live her life to the full, socialising with London's finest aristocracy, but her unhappy experience has put her off marrying again. Her younger sister, Annabelle, on the other hand, is falling in love with a man who is notoriously unfaithful.

STAPLES, Mary Jane
Year of Victory
The seemingly endless war was at last coming to a conclusion. But for the country and for the Adams family, there were still many tribulations to be overcome. Flying bombs - the deadly V1 buzzbombs - appeared over London, causing dreadful destruction. The struggle continued to overcome the most powerful war machine the world had ever known. But amongst the Cockney community there were lighter moments, too. For Felicity, Eloise and Lizzy there was the happiness of knowing that their menfolk were safe and well. Daniel Adams and his American girlfriend even had a brief meeting with Winston Churchill himself. And as the Third Reich began to show signs of collapse, the scent of victory was in the air.

STEEL, Danielle
44 Charles Street
Owner of a struggling art gallery and newly separated from her boyfriend, Francesca Thayer does the math and then the unimaginable. She puts out an advertisement for boarders, and soon her Greenwich Village house becomes a whole new world.

STEEL, Danielle
Answered Prayers
After a childhood marred by unspeakable abuse, New Yorker Faith Madison has everything a woman could want: marriage to an investment banker, two nice daughters, a lovely home. Now that her daughters are grown, however, Faith is faced with empty-nest syndrome. Her answer? Go back to law school. Her boorish husband, Alex, tells her she can't; when she runs into childhood friend Brad Patterson at a funeral, he reassures her that she can. Brad is in a similarly stifling marriage on the West Coast, and the two begin firing off e-mails of friendly support. Neither is aware of the growing depth of romantic feeling between them.

STEEL, Danielle
Dating Game
With two grown children and a lovely home in Connecticut, Paris was happy with her life. So when her husband of 24 years said they needed to talk, Paris couldn't imagine what he was about to say. Divorce hits her hard and the dating game doesn't seem to work, but slowly she finds her feet.

STEEL, Danielle
Friends Forever
Five young children meet at the elite Atwood school. They become an inseparable group, known to outsiders as the 'Big Five'. They lean on one another through all the bumps and bends of their childhood years. But when the tight-knit group parts ways after graduation, their lives veer off in different directions.

STEEL, Danielle
Happy birthday
For April Wyatt, turning 30 is not what she expected. She isn't married with a family, but she does at least have a successful career - running one of the best restaurants in New York. Her mother, Valerie, is about to turn 60 and it is the 50th birthday of sports personality, Jack Adams.

STEEL, Danielle
Hotel Vendome
Hugues Martin has worked for the world's most prestigious hotels, so when he takes over a small, tired, run-down hotel in New York, everyone thinks he must be mad. But he transforms it into a beautiful boutique hotel of impeccable elegance the - Hotel Vendome - run with the efficiency he learnt through his hotelier schooling in Europe.

STEEL, Danielle
The World War II love affair between lovely Frenchwoman Solange Bertrand and American GI-turned-actor Sam Walker burned too brightly and ended in tragedy, leaving their three young daughters orphaned. Megan, the youngest, adopted by a loving family, grows up to be a doctor in Appalachia. Alexandra, adopted by a wealthy family, marries a powerful man with an impeccable pedigree. Hilary, the oldest (and the only one who remembers her sisters), enters the sordid world of foster care before going out on her own to work her way up to being a New York news producer. In the pursuit of success and stability, Hilary foregoes building a personal life, especially when her efforts to locate her sisters hit a dead end. But when high-priced private investigator John Chapman is hired to reunite the three sisters, the secrets and lies that kept the women apart--and bound them together--are revealed and the love only sisters can share blossoms again.

STEEL, Danielle
Leap of Faith
Marie-Ange's idyllic childhood in a beautiful old French chateau is cut short after a tragic accident. Orphaned and alone she is sent to America to live with her great-aunt on an Iowa farm. She returns to France to meet the Chateau's dashing new owner with whom she falls in love - until she hears a shocking story.

STEEL, Danielle
Sunset in Tropez
A summer of change, revelation, secrets, surprises and new beginnings...As Diana Morrison laid the table for six at her elegant Central Park apartment, she had no warning of what was to come. Spending New Year's Eve together was a tradition for Diana, her husband Eric, and their best friends Pascale and John Donnally and Anne and Robert Smith, and as the friends sipped champagne, they talked of renting a villa together in the South of France the following summer. But life had other plans...

STEEL, Danielle
The Cottage
A gleaming Rolls-Royce pulls through the gates of the magnificent Bel Air estate known as The Cottage. The man behind the wheel is Hollywood’s ageless wonder, Cooper Winslow. A star of the silver screen for decades, a man whose allure to women is legendary, Coop exudes old-fashioned glamour. But Coop is broke. And with no major roles coming his way, he is faced with the prospect of selling his beloved home, or at least renting out parts of it. His new tenants, Mark Friedman and Jimmy O’Connor, are coping with their own problems. Mark’s wife just walked out, and Jimmy recently lost his own wife to illness. And when Mark’s teenage children move in, The Cottage is transformed, with music blasting and teenagers on skateboards crashing into vintage cars. But amid the chaos, three men are becoming unlikely friends…and each finds himself changing, Coop most of all.

STEEL, Danielle
The House on Hope Street
Married legal team Liz and Jack Sutherland have a successful family law practice and a house on Hope Street near San Francisco, where they live with their five happy children (one with special needs). Liz and her children's lives are changed forever when Jack is murdered on Christmas Day. In the year following the murder, Liz struggles to come to terms with the loss of her husband, both personally and professionally, and is dealt another devastating blow when her eldest son has a near-fatal accident. Divorced doctor Bill Webster saves her son and becomes close to Liz, much to the chagrin of her daughters, who accuse her of betraying their dead father. Can Liz move on with her life and be happy again without betraying Jack?

Sea Changes
When her Yorkshire family is shaken by news of the German occupation of Norway in 1940, Rachel Skelton takes leave from her military hospital to cross the North Sea and rescue her grandmother, Hedda, from Bergen. During her short stay there Rachel is reacquainted with Olav Larsen, a distant relative. But Olav has changed since her pre-war visits, and Rachel immediately feels that he fills a long-felt gap in her life.

Charlotte Fairlie
Charlotte Fairlie is a successful, elegant career woman. Still in her 20s, she has landed a job as headmistress of her old school. She is admired and liked by both staff and pupils - but she begins to feel there is something missing in her well-organised life. Then one summer she goes to stay with a young pupil on the remote Scottish Isle of Targ. In the romantic atmosphere of the Highlands, anything can happen - and even the cool, efficient Charlotte surprises herself...

Peter West
Beth Kerr is the daughter of the boatman in the small village of Kintoul. Her mother died at an early age after an unhappy marriage that caused her family to cast her aside. As the years pass, Beth grows into a beautiful young woman, watched over by the quiet Peter West.

Stirling, Jessica
The constant star
Susan Cahill enjoys her job at the BBC until a bomb destroys the building and brings unwelcome responsibilities and an autocratic new boss. Breda Hooper, Susan's widowed sister-in-law, and her small son are rescued from the East End's shattered docklands by Danny, Susan's estranged husband. Settled in a shabby caravan in the Vale of Evesham, Breda soon finds herself entangled in village affairs in more ways than one. For Susan and Breda jeopardy comes not from the skies but in the terrible price each must pay for falling in love with men who are not all that they seem to be.

Stirling, Jessica
A corner of the heart
Jessica Stirling's 'A Corner of the Heart' is set in 1930s England, where an East End girl with ideas of her own makes a surprising journey from the back streets of Shadwell to the salons of Mayfair.

Stirling, Jessica
The last voyage
At first handsome, freewheeling Clive Cavendish does not appear to be an ideal catch for Julie. But when a whirlwind seduction leads to love and marriage and Clive's ambitious schemes begin to pay off Julie is more than happy to be the wife of an up-and-coming painter and the mother of his children.

Stirling, Jessica
The wayward wife
The war everyone dreaded has begun at last but for Susan Cahill it is more an adventure than a tragedy. Helped by a white lie about her marriage to Danny she has a new job as a producer's assistant at the BBC. And glamorous new friends, including one American war reporter who has made London his base and Susan his target. Danny is also working for the BBC, sharing a room in a freezing farmhouse in Evesham, and working long hours monitoring German radio broadcasts - and worrying about Susan. Stuck in London when the blitz begins, Susan's sister-in-law, Breda Hooper, faces up to the worst with a small son at home and a husband in the fire service. Then her Italian father, hiding out from both the authorities and his former partners in crime, prepares to leave Breda a legacy as explosive as any German bomb.

An Accidental Life
On a stark and cold January day, Philip Stavely, successful actor, screenwriter and family man, was killed during a shooting party, leaving behind his wife, Ellie, and three children aged between nine and twenty-one. Although the inquest brought in a verdict of accidental death, Ellie was convinced it was suicide and felt driven to discover the cause. Their once happy marriage had deteriorated in recent years for reasons she was unable to fathom and, although she had begun to suspect an affair, only their eldest daughter, Cassandra, had stumbled on the truth.

String of Pearls
This is a story of passion and courage against a backdrop of World War II. Helen Conroy is happily married with two teenage children and a husband she adores, when war is declared. Despite the bombing of two homes, she holds her family together and takes them back to her father's house, in a Dorset village. She is shattered when her husband asks her for a divorce. Then, in September, 1942, US troops pour into Mowbray. For the Brits, life will never be the same again. The GIs bring hope and fun along with their cigarettes, chewing gum and nylons. But everyone knows that these young men will soon be part of the greatest military invasion the world had ever seen, and that many of them will die so, Brits and GIs alike, live and love for the moment. Captain Simon Johnson, a US military intelligence agent, is billeted with the Conroy family. Despite their reluctance, Helen and Simon fall deeply in love. Months later, when US forces leave swiftly and silently in the night, Helen and her daughter, now a war bride, cling together as they listen to daily bulletins of the invasion of Normandy....

The Penrose Treasure
When she gets word that her mother might be dying, Tasmin Hardy rushes home to find her mother unconscious, the victim of a brutal beating. A silver button is the only clue to the assailant's identity. As her mother makes the long, amnesiac road to recovery, Tasmin's childhood friend, Isobel Penrose, offers her a position as her companion. Tasmin accepts, since it will allow her to be with her mother at least part of each day. But there's something foul afoot at Penrose Manor. Adam, the oldest brother, wounded and presumed dead in the war in America, has shown up, very much alive. Nicholas, Isobel's husband, has claimed Adam's inheritance, and the animosity between the two brothers is palpable. Tasmin ignores Adam's cryptic warnings and stays on, oblivious to impending danger.

Seagull bay
When Dawn Stephens' parents are killed in an accident, she is transplanted from her home in Canada to the small seaside town of Sturvendor in Somerset, to live with her aunt and uncle. She makes friends with her cousin Serena, and soon settles in well at the local school, but Dawn still feels very alone in this strange new world.

TATE, June
Nothing is Forever
Following the loss of her fiancé in WW1, a devastated Flora Ferguson arrives in Southampton, alone and desolate. With the love of her life gone for ever, she determines to devote herself to the street-children who live around the docks and to free them from their poverty and squalor. But through this sacrifice comes unexpected fulfillment, for not only does Flora find her work wonderfully rewarding, but she finds a new degree of happiness through her friendship with the handsome and dedicated Dr Richard Goodwin -- a man who shares her compassion and desire to help. Comforted by their closeness, Flora pushes away the thought that if only Richard weren't married to the spoilt and selfish Lydia, he may have been the one to mend her broken heart...

The parish
In a series of vignettes of life in her own village, Alice Taylor reasserts the priorities of public space and social community.

The Darkness and the Deep
The wreck of the Knockhaven lifeboat with the loss of all three of its crew is a hard blow for the small Scottish town. But it's harder still when DS Tam MacNee discovers that it isn't simply a tragic accident. Was it just the act of vandals, bored in a fishing port stricken with unemployment? Could it be linked to the drugs trade which has taken root in the locality? Or is there someone who, in their determination to kill one person, is callous enough to take two innocent lives? And if so, who is the intended victim? As DI Marjory Fleming and her team investigate multiple murders, with a whole community hungry for justice, the pressure – professional and personal – is on.

THOMAS, Leslie
Soldiers & Lovers
In a sunlit, secret valley in the green mountains of central Italy, two people meet away from the horrors and clamour of battle. David Hopkins, a young fisherman from West Wales and Kate Medhurst from a genteel town in the Thames Valley embark upon an idyllic love affair away from the conflict that surrounds them. However, they cannot escape the war forever, and when they are targeted by a single enemy airplane their dreams are destroyed. Weeks later, Hopkins wakes up in a Russian hospital in Vienna where he’s slowly recovering from serious wounds – with no recollection of the past. Eventually, transferred to an American hospital and then repatriated to Britain, Hopkins reluctantly returns to Wales. And there, alone and haunted by the months he cannot remember, Hopkins embarks upon a journey of rediscovery…

The Lost Years
Perys Tremayne is not readily accepted by his family in Heligan, Cornwall, because his late parents had caused a scandal. A neighboring farmer's daughter, Annie, and her brother, Martin, the Tremayne's chauffeur, were the only two who would befriend him. But when war breaks out in 1914, Perys' life picks up—his determination and talent for flying enables him to join the RFC and become a distinguished flying ace. Although his war years and flying career go well, his love life was less successful. He is deeply attracted to Annie, but she has an understanding with Jimmy who returns from the Front blind and gas poisoned, so she feels she must go through with her marriage. Perys' next girlfriend is Grace, a nurse, but she's on the SS Sultan, torpedoed and sunk by the Germans. When war ends, Perys meets up again with Annie just after Jimmy commits suicide, unable to live a disabled life.

The Music Makers
Set in Ireland during the famine years, Liam MacCabe turns his hand to politics to offer his countrymen the hope they need to survive the failure of the potato crop. Despite the support of the women in his life, he is faced with dangerous enemies.

Winds of Fortune
Set in Cornwall in the early part of the 19th Century. Thomasina is determined to make more of her life than just to be a maid - even more so when she is raped by Sir Henry's nephew in the house she works in. She runs off with sweetheart Jeffrey and they live for a while as highwaymen, firstly in Mevagissey and surrounding areas, then Bristol. They make a lot of money and are thinking of retiring when Jeffrey is caught - and hung. Thomasina then goes to sea and has further adventures, dressed as a boy. She meets and falls in love with Abel and, in due course, spends her highwayman money on a boat which she ensures, anonymously, Abel is made captain of. Thomasina knows that Abel is the man for her - she just has to get Abel to know that he is in love with her...

The Vagrant King
Cornish farmer Joseph Moyle’s loyalty to the crown goes well rewarded—his stepson Ralf is appointed page to the future King Charles II. When Ralf takes up his post, Britain is in the midst of its most tumultuous period ever—the war between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians and the dawning of a new era. Ralf’s duties oblige him to follow the heir to the throne through the western countries, where he encounters not only court intrigue and the constant threat of Cromwell’s armies, but also romance. As Charles begins the first of many affairs, Ralf also falls in love. But this first love is a dangerous one. Brighid is an Irish Catholic—and complicit in an attempt to kidnap Charles…

A New Beginning
In 1945, Sophie Daniel's family home takes a direct hit from a bomb. Three generations die, leaving her with on one and nowhere to go. She becomes friendly with Ryan Treweather, who in turn, helps search Sophie's remaining relatives. But, as Sophie and Ryan become closer, will Bertie find his rightful place in the family?

False Friends
Badger’s Brook becomes the refuge of Lowri Vaughan, escaping the rumours that abound when her father is sent to prison for fraud and suspected murder crimes Lowri and her mother know he didn’t commit. Lowri is determined to prove her fathers innocence, but surrounded by false friends, will she ever be able to rely on anyone again, and can she really prove her fathers innocence?

The Kinsella sisters
Sisters Río and Dervla are reunited at their father Frank's funeral, having been estranged since the death of their mother 20 years ago. While clearing out Frank's home, the sisters come across passionate love letters to their mother from a man named Patrick. It is plain from the letters that Patrick - not Frank - was Río's natural father.

THORNTON, Margaret
Above the Bright Blue Sky
Life for Maisie Jackson has been far from happy for a number of years ever since her mother re-married after her beloved father's death. Suffering abuse at her cruel stepbrother's hand, and mercilessly tormented by her stepfather, Maisie dreams of escaping to a new life far away. And it seems her dreams are about to come true...

1000 Years of Laughter
This anthology presents some of the funniest extracts in English literature. It begins with Anglo-Saxon riddles and then looks at medieval memories, the Tudor comic turn, Restoration buffoonery, and the rise of the novel in the 18th century.

Tomalin, Claire.
Charles Dickens
Claire Tomalin paints an unforgettable portrait of Dickens, capturing brilliantly the complex character of this great genius.

Behold a pale horse
AD 664. Sister Fidelma finds herself in the seaport of Genua, en route from Rome back to her native Cashel. Her old teacher, Brother Ruadan, lies dying in the abbey of Bobium. Fidelma is determined to see Brother Ruadan before he dies. But from the moment she enters the beautiful valley of the Trebbia, there is danger on every side.

Parson Hardings Daughter
Caroline Harvey is a pseudonym of Joanna Trollope. When John Gates sends a marriage proposal from India to Caroline Harding, eight years after their meeting, she initially declines, disbelieving his sincerity. But when tragedy overtakes her life, she accepts his offer and sets sail for India.

Second honeymoon
Meet the Boyd family and the empty nest - whilst Matthew and Rosa struggle to adapt to life on their own, Ben is preparing to leave the nest for the first time. Mother Edie is distraught, but father Russell is looking forward to getting his wife back after decades of family life.

Trotter, Janet MacLeod
A handful of stars
'A Handful of Stars' is a powerful and moving Tyneside saga of poverty, passion and survival.

Trow, M. J
Lestrade and the brother of death
Recovering from a broken leg after his ignominious fall from the Titanic, Lestrade should have had a peaceful time convalescing. But an attempt on the life of his future father-in-law makes him realise that a policeman is never really off duty. What is particularly puzzling is the arrival of a letter which simply reads 'Four for the Gospel Makers', and it isn't the first Lestrade has been sent. So begins one of Sholto Lestrade's most mystifying cases, encompassing both the present and the past. He walks down memory lane, looking back on episodes in his career which never came to satisfactory conclusions and hold other clues as to who the sender of the letters is. Because whoever it is, is a cold-blooded killer.

Treasure Trove
A retired academic makes the grim discovery of four murdered corpses, all of the same family. Suspicion falls on the one surviving member but the case soon unravels the story of a family that has fallen from grace with the peerage, and a village which is keeping its own secrets.

VINE, Andrew
Last of the Summer Wine
The world's longest-running comedy series, 'Last of the Summer Wine' is still going strong after 37 years. Now, Andrew Vine, the deputy editor of Yorkshire's daily newspaper, has written the definitive history of this television phenomenon.

WAITE, Elizabeth
Wheeling and Dealing
Ella has lived in the East End of London all her life and when her husband determines to move to Epsom to be near the racecourse he frequents and loves, Ella's refusal to join him breaks up their tempestuous marriage. Ella soon loses the will to keep smart, trim and fit - until her mother steps in to pick up the pieces. It works - Ella gets a job as barmaid in the British Legion club and begins to take pride in her appearance again. When Dennis turns up for a drink one night, he is taken by surprise - and remembers what attracted him to her in the first place. Can Dennis change his wheeler-dealer ways and win back his wife?

WAITES, Martyn
The Mercy Seat
Once a renowned investigative journalist, since the unsolved disappearance of his 6-year-old son, Joe Donovan has lived a broken, reclusive life. He's abruptly thrust back into the real world when a teenage boy makes contact, in desperate need of his help. Jamal has in his possession something that holds a key to Donovan's past, a past that can only be unlocked by forcing him to make a terrifying journey into the present. As long buried secrets begin to emerge and bodies pile up, Donovan finds himself caught up in a harrowing web of fear. In order to survive and uncover the disturbing truth at the heart of the dangerous world he's found himself in, he puts together a team to help him, a team of outsiders that doesn't care which side of the law it operates on. And, Donovan will need their help. He and Jamal are being hunted by a death metal addicted serial killer. A killer with a 100 per cent success rate. A killer who doesn't know the meaning of the word mercy.

WALLER, Robert James
The Bridges of Madison County
Quietly powerful and thoroughly credible, Waller's first novel describes the profound love between a photographer and an Iowa farmer's wife who, together for only four days, never lose their feelings for each other. In August 1965, 52-year-old divorcee Robert Kincaid packs his pickup truck and travels to Iowa's Madison County, the location of seven covered bridges he is to photograph for National Geographic. There, he asks directions of Francesca Johnson, alone at home while her husband and two children visit the Illinois State Fair. Initially, neither Robert nor Francesca expects their random encounter to lead to seduction, yet their mutual desire is undeniable.

WEARING, Deborah
Forever Today
Clive Wearing has one of the most extreme cases of amnesia ever known. In 1985, a virus completely destroyed a part of his brain essential for memory, leaving him trapped in a limbo of the constant present. Every conscious moment is for him as if he has just come round from a long coma, an endlessly repeating loop of awakening. A brilliant conductor and BBC music producer, Clive was at the height of his success when the illness struck. As damaged as Clive was, the musical part of his brain seemed unaffected, as was his passionate love for Deborah, his wife. This is the story of a life lived outside time, a story that questions and redefines the essence of what it means to be human. It is also the story of a marriage, of a bond that runs deeper than conscious thought.

The Brading collection
Another classic mystery featuring the indefatigable ex-governess turned private investigator, Miss Silver.

WHITE, Gillian
Night Visitor
Rose's early life had been full of tragedy. Her father disappeared one night, presumed drowned, and her twin brother died when he was only ten. No wonder that she depends on her husband, Michael, who has always provided the love and stability that her own family lacks. All Rose asks of Michael is complete fidelity, and when she has cause to doubt him she devises a terrible revenge. Michael has planned an anniversary trip to Venice for the two of them. But as they experience the sights of this most romantic of cities, Rose is racked with a secret jealousy. By the time they return, Michael will have become seriously ill - although not so ill that he cannot recognise the fact that something truly dreadful has happened to him.

Ring & Die
Feisty PI Jordan Lacey is back in another entertaining adventure that offers a charming glimpse of British village life plus action, humor, mystery, and romance. Jordan has two hot cases vying for her attention. The first involves three disappearing Chihuahuas, and while finding the lost doggies might seem small-time, it could mean cash in Jordan's pocket, as the dogs are valuable purebreds. Her second case concerns missing fishing rods. The town fishermen are concerned that their rods are being snatched off the pier, virtually in front of their eyes. Of course, there's more: a deadly fire on the pier, the theft of a valuable antique gown, a "fake" car crash scam, and a vicious dog-napper…

Wishes & Dreams
Laura Nightingale has a happy home but her parents are unsympathetic with her ambition to become an actress. She works hard in a hairdresser's to pay for acting lessons and when the war comes she seizes her chance and joins up with ENSA. Her childhood sweetheart, Peter joins the RAF and is soon reported 'missing believed killed'. Laura is devastated and on the rebound begins a disastrous affair with Max Higham, the director of the troupe she is touring with. When she becomes pregnant and Max rejects her, she is forced to leave ENSA, but feels she cannot return home in disgrace. How Laura ultimately finds happiness makes a moving story.

A Sovereign for a Song
As a poverty-stricken miner's daughter growing up in the small village of Annsdale, near Durham, fifteen-year-old Ginny Wilde yearns for adventure. But she gets more than she bargained for when her dark good looks, fiery spirit and beautiful singing voice catch the eye of the unscrupulous Charlie Parkinson, her employer's brother. Fleeing the wrath of her irate father when he discovers his daughter's flirtation with the notorious womaniser, Ginny heads for London, where Charlie seduces her and puts her to work on the stage as a music hall artiste. As she embarks on a hugely successful singing career, Ginny remains unhappy at Charlie's continual refusal to marry her and descends into an increasingly louche lifestyle..

No Price Too High
Shattered by the bitter end of a passionate love affair, Lizzie Wilde leaves her native north east to seek fame and fortune on the London stage. Determined to make her own way in the world, she vows to have nothing more to do with men. She'll not let her heart be broken again. So when she meets the handsome Captain Ashton, Lizzie resists his persistent advances. There can be no future in any romance. An officer and a gentleman would never marry a lowly actress. Besides, there are other matters to worry about. With German bombs raining down on London and the menfolk fighting in France, Lizzie must face the fact that the country is in the midst of a terrifying war - and every meeting with Captain Ashton might be her last. But just as she dares to hope they might have a future, their love is put to the sternest of tests.

The Interrogator
Spring, 1941. The armies of the Reich are masters of Europe. Britain stands alone, dependent on her battered navy for survival, while Hitler’s submarines – his ‘grey wolves’ - prey on the Atlantic convoys that are the country’s only lifeline.Lieutenant Douglas Lindsay is amongst just a handful of men picked up when his ship is torpedoed. Unable to free himself from the memories of that night at sea, he becomes an interrogator with naval intelligence, questioning captured U-Boat crews. He is convinced the Germans have broken British naval codes, but he’s a lone voice, a damaged outsider, and his superiors begin to wonder - can he really be trusted when so much is at stake?

Wogan, Terry.
Where was I?
'Where Was I?!' builds up a picture not only of Terry Wogan's world, but of Terry himself - a man who somehow manages to be off the wall and on the money all at the same time. Never less than funny, and never less than frank, Wogan demonstrates exactly how he has come to be regarded as a national treasure.

WOOD, Valerie
Far From Home
Georgiana, accompanied by her maid Kitty, sets sail for America to start a new life. When they arrive in New York, Georgiana meets by chance a man called Allen, who has taken on the identity of her brother-in-law Edward Newmarch. Allen had been his valet and had abandoned Edward when he ran into trouble with a woman and had to lay low for a while. Edward is now escaping from a bigamous marriage and fleeing to the gold mines of California. Meanwhile Georgiana and Kitty seek their fortune with a man called Dreunel, owner of a newspaper business, who is involved in mining, and becomes her partner.

WOOD, Valerie
The harbour girl
Scarborough, 1880. Young Jeannie finds herself pregnant and alone. She moves to the port town of Hull where her new, difficult life with a child is often made bearable by the kindness of others. But she finds herself wishing for the simpler times of her past.

Wood, Valerie
His brother's wife
1860. Harriet Miles is trying to take care of her seriously ill mother, and just when she thinks things couldn't get any worse she is fired from her job at the hostelry. The last thing she expects after her mother dies is a marriage proposal from a man she barely knows, but her only alternative is the workhouse. And so begins her new life with Noah Tuke. But instead of marital bliss, Harriet finds herself in the cramped farmhouse which Noah calls home, and in this overcrowded and angry household she meets with hostility and bitterness. The only person who offers her friendship is Noah's brother, Fletcher. Gradually she learns the true reasons behind Noah's desire to marry her - and realises that the only person she finds real companionship with is the person she can't possibly be with.

Woodman, Cathy
Country loving
Successful city accountant Stevie receives two surprises in one week: a proposal of marriage and a phone call begging her to return to Devon to help out after her father has a stroke. But what she thought would be a long weekend in the country becomes a struggle to bring order to her father's rundown farm.

Family Matters
A heartwarming and often hilarious novel about a mum trying to keep her husband away from temptation, her little horrors out of mischief and, somehow, her head above water. When Lisa Baker’s wedding anniversary entirely slips her husband’s mind, she decides it’s time to put the va va voom back into her marriage. But everything in Lisa’s life seems to conspire against romance. Her headstrong teenage daughter, Jade, is increasingly difficult to handle, while her beautiful newborn baby, Chloe, brings the inevitable sleepless nights. The one thing that is going well is Lisa’s cleaning business, Maids 4 U, which she runs with her best friend, Clare. And their curious mixture of clients is a constant source of entertainment. But when an attractive, slender blonde called Jacqui comes literally crashing into Lisa’s life, a dented car is the least of her worries...

Woodman, Cathy
It's a vet's life
Christmas is coming, and life is busy for vet Maz Harwood. She has a beautiful baby boy, George, and she will soon be marrying fellow vet Alex Fox-Gifford. But between arranging the wedding, performing life-saving animal surgery, and taking care of George, Maz doesn't have much time left for Alex, and even if she did, he's working even harder than her. And as Alex won't do anything to make life easier, Maz has decided that she will have to take matters into her own hands. But Maz's solution has terrible consequences for them all, and as the wedding approaches, Maz realises that it will take a Christmas miracle to get her and Alex to the alter.

WOODS, Janet
Nobody’s Child
In this passionate story of poverty, heartbreak and enduring love, Laura Page returns to the remote Holderness village of Welwick to try and discover the mystery of her mother Susannah's early life, when she was brought up with the terrible stigma of bastardy — of being nobody's child.

Keep on Dancing
Rosie Curtis is devastated when her brother Tommy is viciously murdered after dabbling in the criminal underworld. Not only is her carefree existence suddenly over but, without Tommy’s support, her dreams of becoming a dancer are shattered. Powerless to avenge her brother’s death, Rosie throws herself into saving a local music hall from closure and planning a musical spectacular, despite the misgivings of her family. But when Rosie comes face to face with her brother’s slayer, she realises she must stop at nothing to see the criminals punished. While she fights to stage her show and put Tommy’s killers away for good, her brother’s smiling face appears in her thoughts, telling her to keep on dancing... can she find the strength without him?

Valentine Moon
Patsy Lamb is turning seventeen at the start of the 60’s. The slums of the East End are making way for the new modern lifestyle that is being promised to Patsy's generation. But as Patsy looks to the future, her world is rocked by a secret from her past. It changes everything she thought she knew about her family. As Patsy struggles for answers, she turns to her grandmother. Molly, after all, has always been there for her. But Molly has problems of her own. Desperate to escape her abusive husband, Molly wonders if she's got the energy to fight any longer. These two women, generations apart, must both search their hearts for the strength to overcome their problems. And as Molly discovers that you're never too old to follow your dreams, Patsy must learn whether in the end, love is all you need.

WORTH, Jennifer
Girl from Brick Lane
Not all is what it appears at number 10 Beaumont Square. The seemingly perfect marriage of Tobias and Isobelle Wellington is fractured when a dark secret surfaces. But to the public eye, nothing changes. However twenty years later Tobias’ past catches up with him. Flora Brown and her daughter Beanie are employed below stairs as cook and scullery maid. Beanie is the illegitimate daughter Flora conceived with Tobias all those years ago. Tobias fears that she will talk if he sacks her, so he has no choice but to let them stay. Him above the stairs and them below.

Worth, Jennifer
Shadows of the workhouse
In this follow up to 'Call the Midwife', Jennifer Worth, a midwife working in the docklands area of East London in the 1950s tells more stories about the fascinating people she encountered.

Shadows of the Workhouse
In this follow up to Call the Midwife, Jennifer Worth, a midwife working in the docklands area of East London in the 1950s tells more stories about the fascinating people she encountered. These stories give a fascinating insight into the lives of the poor in 1950s London, of the shadow of the workhouse that always hung over their lives but also of the resilience and spirit that enabled ordinary people to overcome their difficulties.

YORKE, Margaret
Evidence to Destroy
Flighty Thelma Hallows returns home to rural Milton St. Gabriel after her latest failed affair, bringing young Edward Fletcher, whom she picks up on the way. Thelma's widowed mother reluctantly accepts the two, despite her disapproval. With the passing days, Thelma attracts elderly Arthur Morrison who hires her as his housekeeper. When Arthur is killed, the police search for Edward, the obvious suspect as an ex-convict and presumably Thelma's rejected lover. But the situation, deftly built by the author to a tragic climax, reveals a stronger motive for murder. Although Arthur is a good man, he represents disaster to a villager with a shameful secret.

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