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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

RC Baptism Records for Clondagad/Kilchreest Parish, 1846-1848

Registers by Date

Source: Clondagad/Kilchreest RC Baptism Registers NLI Film 02471/03
Transcriber/Donor: Kevin Murphy, Queensland, Australia

Day Month Year Family Name Child Father Mother Mother's Maiden Name Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Residence Notes
2 Oct 1846 Kennedy John Daniel Mary Garry Michael Garry Bridget Meere Cloncoleman  
3 Oct 1846 Cusack Mary Martin Bridget Egan Thomas Torpy Bridget Cul-? Ballinacally  
4 Oct 1846 Griffy Michael John Mary Sexton     Breafa beg  
4 Oct 1846 Hickey Margaret Pat Mary Hickey     Furroor  
5 Oct 1846 Carrig Michael John Bridget McNamara Thomas Geary Catherine Geary Lisycasey  
5 Oct 1846 Hill James James Judith Murphy Michael Murphy Anne Murphy Lisheen  
5 Oct 1846 Shea William James Honor Spellissy Michael Spellissy Joan Barren Tubber  
7 Oct 1846 Donnellan Honor Pat Mary Spellissy Michl. Donnelly Margret Spellissy Burren Bawn  
9 Oct 1846 Burns Patrick Thomas Margret Coleman Michl. Scanlan Anne hadlock Gurtageeheen  
10 Oct 1846 Lynch Margaret Daniel Joan Ahern Michl. Lynch Bridget Lynch Cloncoleman  
10 Oct 1846 Doohen Honor John Bridget Murphy Thomas Doohen? Ellen mcMahon Lisycasey  
10 Oct 1846 Collins Martin James Bridget O'Dea Pat Hehir Bridget Hehir Decamade  
14 Oct 1846 Scanlan Michael Thomas Bridget Gavin Michael Gavin Mary Gavin Cloncoleman  
16 Oct 1846 Steplous ? Henry William Susan Hudson Pat ? Mary ? Ballicorick  
19 Oct 1846 Cusack ? Michael Michael Margret Leahy John ? Bridget ? Farroor  
20 Oct 1846 McNamara Michael John Catharine Roache Bridget Roache James Roache Lamenaleha  
21 Oct 1846 Connel Patrick Patrick Margaret Browne Michael Browne Mary O'Brien Ballicorick  
22 Oct 1846 Scanlan Mary John Bridget Ronan Pat Ryan Mary Ronan Cloncoleman  
23 Oct 1846 Meehan Martin Charles Margret Sheahan Pat Freeman Catharine Freeman Lisheen  
25 Oct 1846 Meany Thomas Pat Mary Callinan Thomas Callinan Margret Meany Ennisdea  
26 Oct 1846 Considine John Thomas Mary Cleary Michael Cleary Honor Cleary Lisheen  
28 Oct 1846 Callaghan Margret Pat Anne Faul Michael Callaghan Joan Callaghan Cloncoleman  
30 Oct 1846 Carthy Bridget Daniel Bridget Ronan Mathew Ronan Mary Cleary Clonfuirish  
3 Nov 1846 Griffy Martin Pat Bridget Hartigan Michael Meskill Margt. Griffy Breafa  
3 Nov 1846 Hennessy Bartholemew James Anne Coughlan Edmund Breen Honor Hennessy Lisycasey Married to Mary Niall
on Jan 31 1912
in Church of the Holy Family
Aughrim St. Dublin
  Nov 1846 Cunnane John Pat Anne Browne John Grady Mary Grady Ballinacally [between 3-9 Nov]
  Nov 1846 Carrig John Pat Catharine O'Brien Maurice Freeman Bridget Moran Clonmore [between 3-9 Nov]
9 Nov 1846 Quin Anne Michael Margret Coghlan Pat Quin Honor Cleary Cappanageerah  
10 Nov 1846 Donnelly Martin John Mary Hartigan John Qualey Catharine Qualey Decamade  
  Nov 1846 Pindar Thomas Thomas Bridget McGrath Daniel Pindar Mary McGrath Breafa [between 10-12 Nov]
  Nov 1846 McCarthy Margret John Margaret Kennedy Daniel McCarthy Susan Mulville Lanna [between 10-12 Nov]
12 Nov 1846 Harte Bridget William Mary Meehan Thomas Meehan Mary McMahon Cragbrien  
15 Nov 1846 Corbet Mary Edmund Catharine Normile Terrence Flyn Mary Healy Ballicorick  
19 Nov 1846 Farrel Edward Edward Catharine O'Shea Bridget McInerny   Gurtnaclasha  
22 Nov 1846 Fitzgerald Thomas Michael Elleanor Keane Richard O'Connor Jenny Toole Angelpark  
23 Nov 1846 Coghlan Darby James Mary Cusack Michael Meskil Catharine Cusack Breafa more  
23 Nov 1846 Bourke Bridget Thomas Mary Meehan Joseph Scanlan Bridget Pindar Lisycasey  
24 Nov 1846 Rabbet Dennis Dennis Mary Moran Bridget Cunneen   Newquay  
24 Nov 1846 Scanlan Jenny Michael Mary Galvin Michael Hehir Catharine Meere Breafa  
24 Nov 1846 O'Connor Timothy Michael Bridget Herbert John O'Connor Bridget Cornell Lanna  
25 Nov 1846 Crowley Bridget James Mary Launders Sinan McGrath Bridget Launders Farroor  
25 Nov 1846 Neylon Thomas Thomas Margret Bourke Edmund Healy Bridget Healy Ballicorick  
25 Nov 1846 Sheahan John Thomas Margret Barret Pat Sheahan Bridget Sheahan Glannaprechene  
1 Dec 1846 Garry Mary Martin Bridget Ryan Dennis Ryan Mary Garry Burrin  
1 Dec 1846 Lynch Margret Michael Ellen Moloney Daniel Mulville Ellen ? Lismaurice  
2 Dec 1846 Morgan Honor John Margret Madigan James Morgan Mary Morgan Lanna  
2 Dec 1846 McMahon Catharine John Ellen McGrattey John McMahon Catharine Liddane Gortnaclasha  
2 Dec 1846 Murtaugh Honor Thomas Honor O'Dea John Madigan Honor McInerny? Lavalla  
3 Dec 1846 Griffy Thomas Michael Bridget Collins John Slattery Catharine Slattery Furregh?  
4 Dec 1846 Griffy Mary Luke Honor Connors Michael Griffy Anne Griffy Lismorris  
4 Dec 1846 Hill Margret Michael Bridget McMahon Michael Cunneen Catharine Murphy Angelpark  
  Dec 1846 Jennings Margret Peter Mary O'Dea John McDonagh Judith O'Dea Ballinacally [between 4-7 Dec]
  Dec 1846 O'Brien Thomas James Mary Egan Henry Doherty Bridget Sheahan Ballinacally [between 4-7 Dec]
7 Dec 1846 Conway Thomas Owen Bridget Conway Nancy Carew John Bourke Farroor  
7 Dec 1846 Kinnelly Stephen James Bridget Collins Mary McDonnel   Lismorris  
7 Dec 1846 Ginnane Margret Edmund Margret Connely Michael Conly Mary Conlan Coney Island  
8 Dec 1846 Gavin Margret Connor Mary Howard Pat Gavin Mary Crotty Lavalla  
12 Dec 1846 Sexton Bridget James Margret Moran Timothy Sexton Michl? McInerny Lisheen illegitimate
12 Dec 1846 Griffy Thomas Michael Margret Sexton Daniel Sexton Bridget Carthy? Lanna  
13 Dec 1846 C-? Thomas Michael Margret C-? John Coughlan Bridget Fallihy Bealach  
13 Dec 1846 Purcil Margret Pat Bridget Donnelan James Purcil ? Callanan Glaun  
13 Dec 1846 Lillis Patrick Patrick Mary Linchy John Linchy Bridget Linchy Lisheen  
13 Dec 1846 O'Neil James John Joan Sheehy John Cunnane Bridget O'Neil Coolsippeen  
14 Dec 1846 Doohen Margret Thomas Catharine Griffy Margret Doohen John Doohen Breafa  
14 Dec 1846 Murphy John Michael Honor Corry Pat Murphy Sally Murphy Ennisdea  
14 Dec 1846 Keane Michael Michael Bridget Keane Anthony Carthy Margret Carthy Lanna  
17 Dec 1846 Shea James George Bridget Frawley George Shea Bridget Shea Marneen-?  
17 Dec 1846 Collins Martin Pat Honor Kelly Pat Corry Bridget Barry Cloncoleman  
17 Dec 1846 O'Brien Joane Francis Bridget Halpin Pat Halpin Bridget McG-? Cappaghnagerach  
17 Dec 1846 O'Neil Margret James Margret Ronan Patrick O'Neil Mary Gavan Lavalla  
17 Dec 1846 Meskil Patrick Edmund Bridget Curry Michael Kennedy Mary Meskil Clonmore  
20 Dec 1846 Quin Thomas James Mary Quin Robert Quin Joanna Quin Cahirea  
21 Dec 1846 Kelly Thomas Pat Bridget Crowley Pat O'Dea Mrs. M-? Ballinashena  
23 Dec 1846 Bary Honor John Honor Bary Honor Glynn   Furroor  
23 Dec 1846 Tasnane Bridget Patrick Catharine ? Ellen Tasnane   Lisycasey [Page torn]
25 Dec 1846 Scanlan Mary Patrick Margret Dundon Pat Dundon Mary Dundon Lack  
26 Dec 1846 Griffy Michael Edmund Mary Griffy Daniel Meskil Mary McGrath Breafa  
29 Dec 1846 O'Connor Bridget Pat Joan Keane James O'Connor Bridget Crowley Lisycasey  
31 Dec 1846 Meskil Owen Michael Mary Meskil James Healy Nancy Bently Paradise  
31 Dec 1846 Coughlan Edmund John Mary Considine Pat Coughlan Bridget Coughlan Farroor  
31 Dec 1846 Coghlan Patrick James Margret Coghlan Thos. Coghlan Nancy Coghlan Farroor  
31 Dec 1846 Keefe Maria Daniel Maria Lalor Thomas Keefe Anne Lawlor Lisheen  
3 Jan 1847 Doyle John John Catharine Connel John Cleary Elizabeth Clancy Lisheen  
4 Jan 1847 Hickey Bridget James Margret Kelly John Hickey Bridget Kelly Lack  
5 Jan 1847 Carrane Timothy Timothy Mary Carrane Bath Carrane Catharine Donnelly Ballinashane  
9 Jan 1847 Cunningham Mary Michael Anne Kelly John Daveen? Margret Daveen? Ballicorick  
14 Jan 1847 Scanlan Michael Pat Margret O'Dea Michael Scanlan Bridget Scanlan Cappanagerach  
15 Jan 1847 Hadlock Bridget Robert Mary O'Keefe John Hehir Mary Rosslewin Ballicorick  
16 Jan 1847 Robinson Joan Michael Catharine Hehir Pat O'Dea Bridget Haugh Fierregh?  
19 Jan 1847 Rowland Mary Patrick Margret Ginnane James Rowland Bridget Normile Deer Island  
20 Jan 1847 McMahon Mary John Mary Cunningham James Meade Eliza Meade Burrin  
21 Jan 1847 Quin James Michael Mary Carrane Sinan Carrane Bridget Carrane Paradise  
23 Jan 1847 Scanlan Bridget Michael Mary McMahon Connor McGrath Ellen McMahon Breaghfa  
23 Jan 1847 Dawnes Bridget Patrick Bridget Roche Murty Dawnes Sally Cleary Lack  
23 Jan 1847 Mulvhil Catharine Lawrence Eliza Fitzpatrick Patk. Fitzpatrick Mary Fitzpatrick Lismorris  
23 Jan 1847 Meany Ellen Martin [blank] Bourke Bourke Bridget King ?  
24 Jan 1847 Hehir Bridget Thomas Bridget Considine James Hehir Bridget Hehir Beenduff  
24 Jan 1847 Meany Bridget Simon Bridget Launders Timothy Launders Honor Carney? Farroor-Shagh  
26 Jan 1847 Cusack John Pat Honor McInerny Micheal Freeman Mary Gavin Cahirea  
26 Jan 1847 Cahil Bridget Michael Ellen Hartigan Charles Doherty Catharine Hartigan Ballinacally  
27 Jan 1847 Kildea Patrick Michael Nory Daly Ellen Daly John Crowe Knockboy  
27 Jan 1847 Toole Stephen Thomas Mary Hartigan Thomas Hadlock   Decamede  
1 Feb 1847 McInerny Susanna Morgan Catharine Murphy Michl. McInerny Catharine Kelly Ennisdea  
2 Feb 1847 Malone Bridget Patrick Mary [blank] Bridget Malone   Drumquin  
2 Feb 1847 Launders Michael Michael Bridget Launders Jane Carmody   Farroor  
2 Feb 1847 Sexton Bridget Pat Ellen Sexton Mary Sexton   Breafa  
3 Feb 1847 Doody Patrick John Mary Mulvihil Michael Dundon Bridget McGrath Clondrina  
3 Feb 1847 Whelan John Patrick Mary Whelan John Dillon Catharine Whelan Ballicorick  
4 Feb 1847 Montgomery Mary James Honor Carmody John Carmody Mary Carmody Ballinacally  
5 Feb 1847 Walsh Patrick Martin Mary Daly Patrick Sheehan Bridget Hartigan Cappanagerach  
5 Feb 1847 Cleary Catharine Michael Mary Coffy Maurice Coffy Margaret Kelly Fierregh  
5 Feb 1847 Conlan Patrick Patrick Margaret Ronan Michael Daly Bridget Daly Lavalla  
5 Feb 1847 Cunneen Maria Michael Anne Hill John Lawlor Margaret Coffy Lisheen  
5 Feb 1847 Considine Patrick James Margret Donnelly Pat Keane Anne Griffy Cahirea  
8 Feb 1847 Hill Catharine John Catharine Kerin Pat Hill Mary Cleary Lisheen  
9 Feb 1847 McNamara Daniel Thomas Margret McMahon Daniel mcNamara Margret mcNamara Deer Island  
10 Feb 1847 Egan Bridget Thomas Margaret O'Brien Michael Costeloe Elizabeth Doherty Ballinacally  
12 Feb 1847 Wing Patrick Patrick Catharine Cooly Patrick Cooly Ellen Cooly Clonmore  
14 Feb 1847 Kelly Mary Patrick Honor Kelly Bridget Donnelly   Lisycasey  
17 Feb 1847 Gavan Patrick John Margaret O'Brien Connor Gavin Bridget Gavin Lavalla  
20 Feb 1847 Heffernan Patrick John Margaret Connors Martin Connors Mary Connors Lisheen  
21 Feb 1847 Corbet Elizabeth Patrick Honor Lynch Dennis O'Dea Mary Newlan Ballinacally  
21 Feb 1847 Egan Francis John Catharine Murphy Pat McMahon Catharine McMahon Ballicorick  
23 Feb 1847 McMahon Catharine Edmund Bridget Connors Guy? Hewsen Joana McMahon Paradise  
27 Feb 1847 McMahon Patrick Michael Catharine McMahon John O'Dea Mary mcMahon Lisycasey  
27 Feb 1847 Sheahan Mary Patrick Margaret Coffy John Coffy Bridget Coffy Glannapreechane  
1 Mar 1847 Riedy Honor Thomas Honor Cullinan John Daveen Margret Daveen Cragbrien  
6 Mar 1847 Doody James James Ellen Donnelly James Healy? Bridget Clancy Burrin  
7 Mar 1847 Faul Patrick Michael Catharine Moran Patrick Moran Nancy Moran Clonmore  
7 Mar 1847 Crowe Patrick James Joan Collins John Daly Margret Daly Fierregh  
7 Mar 1847 Melican Mary John Bridget Melican Ellen Coffy   Lisycasey  
7 Mar 1847 King Thomas Thomas Margaret Reynolds John Reynolds Bridget King Ballicorick  
9 Mar 1847 Clancy Margret John Joanna Keane Morgan Finucane Bridget Roche Breaghfa  
10 Mar 1847 Galvin Hanoria John Margret Walshe James Walshe Honoria Sexton Paradise  
14 Mar 1847 McNamara Patrick Michael Bridget Shehan George Shea Mary Shehan Ballicorick  
14 Mar 1847 Griffy Anne John Ellen Connellan Darby Griffy Connellan Lanna  
16 Mar 1847 Quinlivan Honor Daniel Catharine Burke John Quinlivan Bridget Quinlivan Puhnappa?  
16 Mar 1847 Browne Patrick James Anne Browne Pat Browne Mary Browne Cappaghnagerach  
16 Mar 1847 Costeloe Mary John Joan Cleary Martin Costeloe Bridget Spellissy Lack  
17 Mar 1847 Cusack Anne Edmund Bridget McMahon Terrence Kerin Bridget Kerin Drumquin  
17 Mar 1847 Daly Pat Michael Mary Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald Bridget Reardon Paradise  
17 Mar 1847 Sexton Daniel Patrick Catharine Scanlan Patrick Scanlan Margret Scanlan Decamade  
22 Mar 1847 Walshe Margaret William Honor Collins Thomas O'Connor Honoria Connors Uppr. Lisheen  
25 Mar 1847 Flynn Mary Patrick Mary Monahan John Monahan Mary Monahan Glaunoganee  
26 Mar 1847 Grady Dennis James Catharine Malone Henry Grady Bridget Cusack Ballinacally  
27 Mar 1847 Shea Daniel Daniel Bridget Frawley James Shea Bridget Cusack Burrinduff  
27 Mar 1847 Connel Dennis John Mary Connel David Connel Bridget Lahiff Mount  
27 Mar 1847 Touhy John Michael Mary Costeloe Michael Walton Mary Walton Carhukilla  
27 Mar 1847 Reynolds John John Bridget King John Carmody Catharine Carmody Ballicorick  
27 Mar 1847 Guerin Ellen Patrick Catharine Bruck? Michael Guerin Bridget Guerin Burrin Bawn  
27 Mar 1847 Scanlan Fanny Patrick Mary Collins James Breen Bridget Colman Cloncoleman  
29 Mar 1847 Ronan Michael Pat Mary Scanlan Ignatius Connors Catharine Connors Tubber  
3 Apr 1847 Hehir Mary Martin Bridget McNamara Johanna McNamara   Lack  
4 Apr 1847 Lawlor Susan John Catharine Scanlan James Lawlor Mary Lawlor Rosclift  
4 Apr 1847 Doohan Mary John Honor Pindar Daniel Pindar Mary Clancy Breafa  
4 Apr 1847 Connaly Mary John Bridget Tynn Michael Tynn Bridget Carmody Farroor  
6 Apr 1847 Dawnes Thomas John Mary Halpin Murty Kelly Catharine Halpin Lack  
7 Apr 1847 Ginnane James John Bridget Laughnane John Ginnane Catharine Laughnane Coney Island  
7 Apr 1847 Dwyer Susan William Mary Kelly Thomas Kelly Margret Kelly Ballinacally  
7 Apr 1847 Collins Anne Michael Catharine Dillan Laurence Dillan Mary Dillan Cloncoleman  
12 Apr 1847 Coleman John James Mary Hadlock Michael Hadlock Anne Hadlock Decamade  
13 Apr 1847 McMahon Michael Michael Mary Scanlan Michl. Scanlan Ellen Scanlan Ennisdea  
13 Apr 1847 McMahon Andrew Mathias Bridget Daly John Grady Bridget Grady Glannagonee  
14 Apr 1847 Howe Luke John Bridget Curtin James Curtin Mary Curtin Cragbrien  
15 Apr 1847 Scanlan Thomas Thomas Hanah Costeloe John Costeloe Mary Scanlan Kilrush  
15 Apr 1847 Roche Honor Thomas Honor Sexton Pat Sullivan Margret O'Connor Drumquin  
15 Apr 1847 McCarthy Mary Charles Jane Launders Michael Correy Honor Carmody Farroor Shagh  
19 Apr 1847 Corry Margaret Michael Mary Kelly Pat McCarthy Anne Coffy Lisycasey  
19 Apr 1847 Coghlin Margaret Michael Bridget McGrath John McGrath Anne McGrath Decamade  
21 Apr 1847 Browne Honor Timothy Bridget McMahon Pat Glyn Mary Glyn Balliclohessy  
23 Apr 1847 McTigue Michael James Mary Kelly Mary Shalloe   Ennisdea  
24 Apr 1847 McInerny Honor Thomas Elizabeth McInerny Bridget Tasnan   Lisycasey  
24 Apr 1847 Halloran Patrick Pat Catharine Sexton Michael Cahil Bridget McMahon Ballinacally  
29 Apr 1847 Kennedy Bridget Patrick Bridget Connors Michael Coffy Hannah Connors Cloncoleman  
30 Apr 1847 Pindar Margret Daniel Elleanor McMahon Patrick Donohue Margaret McMahon Reknappagh  
2 May 1847 Launders Catharine James Bridget Kelly Michael Kelly Mary Kelly Beneadin  
2 May 1847 McMahon James John Margret Quinlan Joseph Kean Mary Mulcahy Burrin  
2 May 1847 McMahon John Michael Bridget King Thomas Finucane Honor Finucane Lamenaleha  
7 May 1847 Meade Judith James Mary Lahiff Thomas Meade Bridget Lahiff Burrin  
10 May 1847 McGrath Bridget John Mary McGrath John McGrath Ellen McGrath Gortnaclasha  
13 May 1847 Launders Honor Michael Mary Barry Margret King   Farroor Shagh  
14 May 1847 Purtil John Sinan Bridget [blank]     Cappagh  
14 May 1847 Mangane John John [blank] [blank] Bridget Caughlin   Glannlarkin? [Entered as sponsor]
17 May 1847 Murphy John Pat Joana Normile Dennis McInerny Bridget McInerny Ennisdea  
19 May 1847 Mungavin Anne Darby Mary Sexton James Finucane Catharine O'Dea Cragbrien  
19 May 1847 Haugh John James Mary Collins Connor Haugh Margret Haugh Fierregh  
21 May 1847 Kerin Nancy Patk. Jenny Kelly Bath. Kerin Mary Kelly Farroor  
25 May 1847 McNamara Timothy Patk. Bridget McMahon Pat Kelly Ellen McNamara Lisycasey  
27 May 1847 O'Dea John Michael Margret Boyle Pat McMahon Bridget Boyle Lavalla  
29 May 1847 Shea Patrick Thomas Margret Halloran Michael Shea Jane Halloran Lemenaleha  
29 May 1847 Doherty Elizabeth John Catharine Farrel? John McNamara Mary McNamara Ballinacally  
29 May 1847 Hill James Michael Maria Hanrahan Pat Hill Mary Hill Glannaganee  
3 Jun 1847 Grady Henry Henry Ellen O'Connor Pat Nagle Mrs. Nagle Ballinacally  
6 Jun 1847 Ryan Dennis Edmund Margaret McNamara Bridget Moroney   Farroor Shagh  
6 Jun 1847 Sexton Anne Michael Honor Hasset Daniel Hasset Ellen Hasset Decamade  
9 Jun 1847 Ryan Margaret John Margaret Cleary Catharine Kelly   Burrin  
9 Jun 1847 Moloney John Michael Ellen Coleman John Hanon Mary Faul Ballinashena  
9 Jun 1847 Linehy John Dennis Bridget Linehy Patrick Linehy Margaret Linehy Ballicorick  
10 Jun 1847 Connelan Mary Patrick Bridget Crowe Patrick Crowe Bridget Crowe Realagh  
11 Jun 1847 Quin Catharine Michael Winifred Egan Thomas Egan Bridget Quin Lismorris  
12 Jun 1847 Rosslewin Esq. Susanna Francis B. Susanna Kenny Mrs. Wm. Kenny Miss Maria Rosslewin Cornfield  
13 Jun 1847 Sexton Honor Pat Catharine Ronan Pat Kelly Mary Ronan Decamade  
13 Jun 1847 O'Dea Anne Pat Mary Meade James Meade Mary O'Dea Mount  
14 Jun 1847 Shea Michael Thomas Mary Linehy James Linehy Margret Madigan Lanna  
17 Jun 1847 Launders Joanna Michael Bridget Murry Edmd. Ryan Mary McMahon Farroor  
19 Jun 1847 Shea Margaret Daniel Bridget Roland John Conway Mary Roland Cappagh  
19 Jun 1847 Kelly Joan John Honor Roache Sinon Curtin Hanah Roache Ballinagass [Entered again on 4 Jul 1847]
19 Jun 1847 Toole Stephen Thomas Mary Hartigan Thomas ?   Decamade  
29 Jun 1847 Coughlin Peter James Honor Frawley Michael Frawley Honor Frawley Farroor  
1 Jul 1847 Sullivan Michael Pat Margaret Considine Thomas Sullivan Mary Sullivan Farroor  
1 Jul 1847 Molony John Michael Bridget Glin Catharine Cohern?   Farroor  
3 Jul 1847 Phillips Honoria George Margret Toole Michael Phillips Honor Breen Lanna  
5 Jul 1847 Scanlan Michael John Margret Larkin Pat Larkin Bridget Larkin Bealach  
6 Jul 1847 Linnane Dennis Timothy Bridget Linnane Pat Laughnan Peg Walshe Paradise  
8 Jul 1847 Moran Michael James Bridget Sheehan Connor Sheehan Hanna Moran Clonmore  
9 Jul 1847 Conway Pat Michael Mary Carane? William Tounsel Bridget Tounsel Lisycasey  
9 Jul 1847 Griffin Michael John Mary McMahon Dennis Canny Elleanor McMahon Cahirea  
13 Jul 1847 Murphy Anne Michael Jane Hehir Thomas Hehir Mary Hehir Ennisdea  
15 Jul 1847 Coughlin Mary Michl. Margret Sullivan John Carmody Mary Carmody Farroor  
16 Jul 1847 Moran William John Bridget Lynchy Charles McCarthy Bridget Moran Mullagromin  
18 Jul 1847 Boyle Thomas Michael Joan Callaghan John Hoare Mary Boyle Cahirea  
20 Jul 1847 O'Dea John John Mary Kelly Terrence Hadlock Anne Corry Tonlegeeh  
22 Jul 1847 Considine Mary Michael Honor Doherty Thos. O'Dea Mary Sullivan Farroor Uppr. Mountain  
23 Jul 1847 Bourke Eliza James Mary Kelly John Kelly Bridget Lynch Lavalla  
23 Jul 1847 Donohue Michl. Thomas Margret Pindar Daniel Pindar Mary Slattery Reknappa  
25 Jul 1847 Hinchy John Michael Mary Cusack Lawrence Mulvill Mary Doody Lanna  
25 Jul 1847 Molone Mary Pat Mary O'Neil Mary Carmody   Glannlarkin  
26 Jul 1847 Lahiff Catharine Willm. Judy Hehir Martin Donnelan Judith Donnelan Poolafooka  
28 Jul 1847 Collins Catharine Pat Elleanor Scanlan Mathew Kelly Mary Scanlan Belach  
1 Aug 1847 Brennan Michael James Mary McNamara Pat Clanchy Kate Scanlan Clonmore  
2 Aug 1847 Larkin Bridget John Mary Slattery Pat Slattery Peg Larkin Belach  
14 Aug 1847 Coughlin Martin Sinon Margret Coleman Mary Kean   Cloncoleman  
22 Aug 1847 McNamara James John Elizabeth Caughlin Martin McNamara Mary Caughlin Lameneleha  
23 Aug 1847 Gavin Pat Math. Jane Halloran Mathew McMahon Margret McMahon Uppr. Cahirea  
23 Aug 1847 Hill Mary John Margaret Connors Martin Connors Joan Daly Lisheen  
27 Aug 1847 Quin Michael Patk. Mary Gorm Elleanor Quin   Lr. Cahirea  
27 Aug 1847 Kelly Mary Pat Bridget Sexton Peter Sexton Mary Sexton Decamade  
29 Aug 1847 Canny Michael John Ellen McMahon Bryan McMahon Hannah McMahon Clonmore  
29 Aug 1847 Shea Michl. Michael Mary Donohue Martin Donoghue Margret McMahon Rosclift  
31 Aug 1847 Murphy John John Anne Lynch John Neagle Margaret Murphy Lisheen  
31 Aug 1847 Ryan Michl. James Mary Considine Micheal Meany Honor Meany Farroor  
31 Aug 1847 Connelly Michl. Pat Mary Carrane John Connelly Kate Hill Carhumeer  
31 Aug 1847 Donnelan Lucy John Bridget Donnelan Pat Guerin Kate Brick Burrin  
4 Sep 1847 Fraley Margret Henry Elleanor Purcil Pat Purcill Mary Purcil Rosclift  
10 Sep 1847 Launders Mary Timothy Honor Callinan Jno. Launders Margret Crowley Glaun  
10 Sep 1847 Sheahan Catharine Daniel Winifred Browne Michl. Ryan Peg Quinlivan Breafa beg  
17 Sep 1847 McGrath Michl. Michael Bridget Launders Thomas McGrath Mary McGrath Farroor Shagh  
17 Sep 1847 Scanlan Poet Michl. John Bridget Ronan Michl. Ronan Sally Ronan Breafa Tansane  
30 Sep 1847 Coughlin Mich. Pat Mary McGrath Pat McGrath Margaret McGrath Belach  
30 Sep 1847 Coleman Mary Pat Mary Connors Pat Collins Margaret Collins Glaun  
6 Oct 1847 Kelly Margaret Pat Bridget Kelly William Kelly Catharine Cusack Carhukilla  
11 Oct 1847 Meer Michl. Philip Mary Hennessy John Meer Bridget Meer Cloncoleman  
12 Oct 1847 Fox Elleanor Michael Bridget Kirrane Michl. Costeloe Bridget Nixon Lack [Twin of Honor]
12 Oct 1847 Fox Honor Michael Bridget Kirrane Michl. Kirrane Honor Cusack Lack [Twin of Elleanor]
12 Oct 1847 Frawley Catharine John Catharine ? John Lawlor Bridget Lawlor Drumquin  
12 Oct 1847 Ronan Margret Edmund Margaret Donnelly Michl. Connelly Hannah Connelly Ennisdea  
17 Oct 1847 Lucas William James Anne Erwin Dennis Erwin Mary Kerin Paradise  
17 Oct 1847 Nagle [blank] Pat [blank] [blank]     Lisheen  
18 Oct 1847 Ronan Martin Thomas Bridget Quinlivan     Tubber  
20 Oct 1847 Hasset Martin Pat Hannah Flanagan John Hasset Margaret Torpy Deer Island  
23 Oct 1847 Ronan Margaret Michael Mary O'Connor James O'Connor Bridget O'Connor Carhumeer  
30 Oct 1847 O'Keefe Martin Synon Anne Hehir Martin Hehir Sarah Hehir Lack  
30 Oct 1847 Collins Pat James Mary Kerin James Collins Bridget Kerin Lisheen  
30 Oct 1847 Lynch Honor John Margaret Flanagan John Costeloe Bridget Costeloe Cloncoleman illegitimate
30 Oct 1847 Cleary Martin Pat Margaret Slattery Michael Slattery Mary Slattery Fieregh  
31 Oct 1847 McMahon Winifred Pat Mary Lynch Pat McMahon Catharine McMahon Glannaganee  
3 Nov 1847 Cleary Ellen Patrick Bridget Torpy Pat Cleary Mary Cleary Paradise  
12 Nov 1847 Bourke Thomas Thomas Mary Meehan Michael Kenny Catharine Kenny Lisycasey  
14 Nov 1847 Wright Thomas David Bridget Canny Michael Murphy Hannah Murphy Knapogue  
19 Nov 1847 Scanlan Bridget John Margaret Doohan Martin Doody Honor Doohan Breafa  
20 Nov 1847 King John Bartholemew Anne Lynch     Glannaprechane  
22 Nov 1847 Gavin Thomas Martin Margaret McMahon Lawrence McMahon Mary Gavin Lavalla  
27 Nov 1847 Launders Catharine Pat Ellen Donnelly Thomas Launders Margaret Launders Beneadin  
28 Nov 1847 Doohen Thomas Thomas Mary Doohen Michael Doohen Mary Doohen Lisycasey  
30 Nov 1847 Carrane Thomas Connor Joan Crowley Michael Creaghan Bridget Creaghan Wattle hill  
12 Dec 1847 Hasset Thomas Patrick Bridget Sheedy Daniel Sheedy Honor Sexton Decamade  
12 Dec 1847 McMahon Thomas Dennis Judith McMahon James Kennelly Mary Kennelly Cahirea  
14 Dec 1847 Sexton Thomas Bartholemew Joan Hullen? John Sexton Margaret Sexton Cappanagerach  
14 Dec 1847 Glynn Thomas James Mary Glynn Michael Glyn Margret Glyn Balliclohessy  
18 Dec 1847 Lawlor Bridget James Emily O'Brien Daniel Lawlor Anne Lawlor Rosclift  
22 Dec 1847 Considine Bridget Daniel Mary Corry James Considine Bridget Dillon Cahirea  
1 Jan 1848 Collins Mary Thomas Bridget Kennedy Anne Kennedy   Cahirea illegitimate
4 Jan 1848 Carrane John Pat Catharine Dillon Michael Fox Bridget Nixon Tonlegeeh  
5 Jan 1848 Kinnane Bridget Pat Anne Browne Michael Browne Anne Grady Ballicorick  
9 Jan 1848 Sheahan Bridget John Mary Connors John Honan Mary King Wattlehill  
11 Jan 1848 Kennedy James Daniel Bridget Callaghan Michael Callaghan Bridget Callaghan Cloncoleman  
11 Jan 1848 Collins Bridget Connor Bridget Collins Dennis Collins Kate Collins Cahirea  
12 Jan 1848 Galvin Bridget Michael Anne Keogh Pat Hill Catharine Keogh Beneadin  
14 Jan 1848 McMahon Bridget James Bridget Moran John Moran Ellen Corbet Clonmore  
14 Jan 1848 Ronan Bridget Pat Bridget Moloney Pat Crowe Mary Ronan Tubber  
19 Jan 1848 Keane Thomas Dennis Anne Griffin Timothy O'Brien Mary Griffin Upper Caherea  
25 Jan 1848 Sullivan Patrick Dennis Bridget Murihy Michael Hehir Mary Doohen Lisycasey  
1 Feb 1848 Clancy Patrick Thomas Anne Clancy Patrick Clancy Mary Kirrane Burrin  
1 Feb 1848 Keane James Pat Bridget Crowley John Keane Catharine Hehir Lavalla  
2 Feb 1848 Launders Thomas Michael Bridget Sexton James Sexton Bridget McCarthy Lanna  
3 Feb 1848 Magner Bridget Edmund Anne Cotter Willm. Cotter Margaret Cotter Farroor Shagh  
6 Feb 1848 Hoare Mary James Bridget Conway John Roache Bridget Roache Upper Cahirea  
6 Feb 1848 Ryan Ellen Michael Margaret Fitzmartin Pat Kelly Bridget Kelly Lisheen a Tauke?  
16 Feb 1848 Griffy Patrick Darby Anne Quealy John Tuohy Bridget Tuohy Lismaurice  
17 Feb 1848 McMahon Ellen James Joan Kelly Michael McMahon Mary Kelly Tonlegeeh  
19 Feb 1848 Cunningham Bridget Michael Mary Spellissy John Browne Mary Cunningham Ballicorick  
20 Feb 1848 Sexton Patrick John Margaret Daly Michael Daly Ellen Daly Decamede  
22 Feb 1848 Reynolds Bernard Bryan Margret Cleary Michael Doyle Bridget Doyle Ballicorick  
22 Feb 1848 Toole Elizabeth John Margaret Riedy John Foley Catharine Toole Clondegad  
22 Feb 1848 Grady George Michael Catharine Flaherty John Casey Anne Chambers Ballinacally  
24 Feb 1848 McMahon Michael John Catharine Egan Laurence Liddy Bridget Egan Ballinacally illegitimate
25 Feb 1848 Roache Edmund Michael Margaret Meehan John Roache Catharine Roache Cragbrien  
5 Mar 1848 Malone Mary Pat Mary Garvey William Malone Mary Culligan Drumquin  
7 Mar 1848 Hickey Patrick Pat Elizabeth Barry Michael Barry Mary Launders Farroor Shagh  
7 Mar 1848 Griffin Patrick Dennis Anne Ronan Andrew mcCarthy Bridget McCarthy Lanna  
8 Mar 1848 Rowland James John Margaret Guinane James Rowland Catharine Flyn Coney Island  
9 Mar 1848 Collins Patrick Thomas Margaret Roache John Roache Anne Roache Cahirea  
10 Mar 1848 Rowland Mary John Anne Flyn Michael Flyn Catharine Laughnane Deer Island  
12 Mar 1848 Hill Anne John Catharine Kerin Thomas Cunneen Mary Hill Lisheen  
12 Mar 1848 Robinson Patrick John Catharine Kinnelly Pat Ronan Bridget Ronan Tubber  
13 Mar 1848 Meehan Margaret John Margaret Coghlan Owen Coughlan Mary Roche Lisheen  
16 Mar 1848 McMahon Catharine Pat Margaret Cusack Bridget Moroney John Murphy Lack  
18 Mar 1848 Clancy Ellen John Ellen Gallaher Pat Mann Ellen Conlan Reknappach  
18 Mar 1848 McMahon Margaret Michael Anne McMahon James McMahon Sarah Corry Lack  
19 Mar 1848 Griffin Catharine Thomas Catharine Touhy John Griffin Anne Griffin Uppr. Cahirea  
19 Mar 1848 Faul Robin Michael Bridget O'Loughlin Martin Touhy Bridget Faul Carhukilla  
20 Mar 1848 Hartigan Bridget Peter Johanna McMahon John Moroney Bridget Morony Clonakilla  
20 Mar 1848 Cullinan John Thady Susan Keane Michael Touhy Bridget Keane Deer Island illegitimate
21 Mar 1848 McInerny Mary Joseph Mary Lawlor Daniel O'Keefe Anne Lawlor Lisheen  
21 Mar 1848 Roche Mary Michael Elizabeth Doyle Thos. Roche Mrs. Doyle Lisheen  
25 Mar 1848 Coghlan Mary John Catharine Kelly Ellen Kelly   Farroor  
26 Mar 1848 Roche Catharine David Susan Flynn John Walshe Catharine Walshe Lavalla  
26 Mar 1848 Honan John Pat Honor Barry Thomas Honan Bridget Brew Farroor Shagh  
26 Mar 1848 McCarthy Margaret Pat Bridget Keane John Carthy Honor Keane Lanna  
28 Mar 1848 Sullivan James Pat Margaret O'Connor James O'Connor Bridget Sullivan Cragbrien  
29 Mar 1848 Crowley John Michael Bridget O'Neil John Crowley Catharine Crowley Lavalla  
2 Apr 1848 Behen James John Mary Monahan Thomas Doohen Bridget McNamara Lisycasey  
2 Apr 1848 Ronan John Andrew Kate Launders Michael Ronan Kate Lynch Carhumeer  
2 Apr 1848 Robertson James John Mary Herbert Thos. Robertson Catharine Crowley Glannlarkin  
3 Apr 1848 Dundon Margaret Michael Bridget McGrath John Doody Mary Flyn Tubber  
4 Apr 1848 Gavin Mary John Honor McMahon Michael Gavin Mary Gavin? Cahirea  
4 Apr 1848 Gary Mary Patrick Margaret Sheahan John Garry Catharine Sheahan Burrin  
5 Apr 1848 Kelly Mary Philip Mary McCarthy Michael Kelly Mary Spellissy Lack  
8 Apr 1848 Coffy Timothy Michael Margaret McGrath Daniel McCarthy Bridget McCarthy Tubber  
8 Apr 1848 Hanrahan Michael Michael Bridget McNamara John McNamara Anne McNamara Deer Island  
12 Apr 1848 Moroney James Edmund Joan Donnelly John Donnelly Catharine Bourke Ballinashena  
13 Apr 1848 Corry Bridget John Mary McNamara Morgan McNamara Bridget McNamara Cappanagerach  
14 Apr 1848 Curtin James Michael Catharine O'Connor James O'Connor Anne O'Connor Lisycasey  
16 Apr 1848 O'Connor John John Bridget McCarthy Thos. O'Connor Elleanor Quinlivan Musick hill  
17 Apr 1848 Kelly Winifred Murty Bridget Ronan John Honan Mary Ronan Lack  
21 Apr 1848 Costeloe Thomas Patrick Mary Quin Edmund Healy Anne Quin Paradise  
22 Apr 1848 Sexton Anne Michael Catharine Spellissy Peter Sexton Joan McInerny Cappanagerach  
23 Apr 1848 Jennings John Peter Mary O'Dea Gearge Chambers Judith O'Dea Ballinacally  
23 Apr 1848 Daly Elleanor James Bridget Hasset John Daly Mary Daly Beneadin  
25 Apr 1848 Cunningham Anne Pat Joan Considine Michl. Considine Anne Cunningham Beneadin  
28 Apr 1848 Connors James Patrick Bridget Connors James Sullivan Bridget Sullivan Lisheen  
30 Apr 1848 Mulvihil Willm. Flan Bridget Sage Lawrence Mulvihil Bridget Sage Lismorris  
30 Apr 1848 Ginnane Daniel Jeremiah Honor Normoyle Pat Ginnane Mary Ginnane Coney Island [Date entered as 31 Apr]
1 May 1848 Collins John Connor Honor Bron? John Kelly Honor Bron? Bealach  
3 May 1848 Cahey? John John Mary Sexton Pat Sexton Mary Scanlan Cappanagerach  
3 May 1848 Roche Joan Maurice Bridget Scanlan Martin O'Connor Catharine O'Connor Lavalla  
10 May 1848 Considine Michael Thomas Elleanor Hadlock John Kerin Catharine Roche Cragbrien  
11 May 1848 Burns Daniel Patrick Mary Dooly Pat Cleary Honor Cleary Lisheen  
12 May 1848 Sheahan Mary Pat Catharine Lynch Synon Lynch Honor Sheahan Tonlegeeh  
12 May 1848 McCormick John John Margaret McMahon Martin McMahon Judith McMahon Coolsipeen  
14 May 1848 Brennan Peter Dennis Jane McCarthy Pat McCarthy Anne McCarthy Clonmore  
14 May 1848 Daly Thomas Andrew Elleanor Hoare John Cleary Honor Launders Beneadin  
14 May 1848 Glyn Patrick James Margaret McMahon Andrew Daly Mary McNamara Farroor Shagh  
15 May 1848 Erwin Mary Thomas Mary Cunningham Thos. Erwin Catharine Erwin Paradise [Entered again on 16 Jul 1848]
15 May 1848 Healy Judith Michael Mary Rowland Michael Clohessy Mary Shea Clonfurrish  
15 May 1848 Walshe Elleanor Richard Honor Ryan Michael Robinson Bridget Kelly Fierregh  
17 May 1848 O'Brien Christopher Terrrence Mr. Georgina O'Brien Mr Jn Whitestone Letitia O'Brien Ballicorick  
20 May 1848 Coffy Patrick Patrick Catharine Hill John Sexton Margaret Sexton Tubber  
22 May 1848 McGuane Mary John Mary Cleary Pat McGuane Mary Launders Beneadin  
27 May 1848 Carmody Anne Pat Catharine Crehin? Thomas O'Dea Bridget Fraley Glannlarkin  
31 May 1848 Pindar Mary Thomas Bridget McGrath Pat Pindar Bridget Keane Breafa  
1 Jun 1848 McMahon Bridget Murtagh Ellen Faul Pat McMahon Catharine McMahon Glannaganee  
2 Jun 1848 Touhy Andrew Michael Anne Ronan James Cusack Bridget Kinnelly Burrin  
4 Jun 1848 Kennedy Mary Pat Bridget O'Connor John Coffy Anne Coffy Cloncoleman  
6 Jun 1848 McCarthy Daniel Daniel Susan Mulvihil Michael Doody Mary McMahon Lanna  
8 Jun 1848 McMahon John John Mary Scanlan James Griffin Mary Griffin Beneadin  
10 Jun 1848 Hehir Honor Michael Elleanor Scanlan Pat Scanlan Mary Scanlan Lack  
10 Jun 1848 McMahon Terence Michael Mary Fitzpatrick John Conway Honor Fitzpatrick Lisycasey  
11 Jun 1848 Browne Thomas Pat Margaret Scanlan Pat Browne Mary Browne Lanna  
12 Jun 1848 Brady Ellen Hugh Catharine Guinane John Hewson Susanna Ryan ?  
14 Jun 1848 Ginnane Elizabeth Pat Mary McInerny Maryann McInerny Bridget Laughnane Coney Island  
16 Jun 1848 Hill Catharine Michael Mary Shea Bridget Moloney   Angel park  
20 Jun 1848 Barry Patrick Michael Joanna Quin John ? Honor Keane Lanna  
22 Jun 1848 Cusack Bridget Martin Bridget Egan John McNamara Honor Moylan Ballinacally  
22 Jun 1848 Collins Andrew Pat Joan Murphy Pat Quin Anne Coffy Glaun  
23 Jun 1848 Shalloe Caroline Pat Catharine Moran Michael O'Brien Mary Shallow Ballinacally  
23 Jun 1848 Costeloe Honor Michael Anne Fitzpatrick Michael Moloney Bridget Costeloe Cragbrien  
23 Jun 1848 Meer Philip James Mary Lynch Patrick Meer Mary Meer Cloncoleman  
24 Jun 1848 Costeloe John Michael Bridget Spellissy Michael Kelly Elizabeth Kelly Lack  
25 Jun 1848 Molony? John James Honor King John Kelly Anne Kelly Newpark  
25 Jun 1848 Ryan John Pat Mary Fitzgerald Andrew Daly Honor Daly Farroor beg  
25 Jun 1848 Cahlan Michael John Mary Corry Thomas Carrig Margaret Meehan Cahirea  
25 Jun 1848 Donnelan Sarah Michael Mary Fitzgerald Pat Donnelan ? Donnelan Burrin  
26 Jun 1848 Coleman Margaret Martin Honor Kelly Mary Kean   Ballinagass  
29 Jun 1848 Dillon Anne Michael Bridget McMahon John McCarthy Bridget Doody Clonmore  
29 Jun 1848 O'Dea Mary James Bridget O'Dea Pat O'Dea Mary Dundon Mount  
30 Jun 1848 Donnely John Murty Ellen Sullivan Pat McMahon? Margaret ? Farroor  
1 Jul 1848 Ginnane Synon Thomas Honor Glyn John Ginnane Mary Ginnane Coney Island  
6 Jul 1848 Browne Ellen Michael Mary Connors Thomas O'Connor Bridget McCarthy Cloncoleman  
6 Jul 1848 Curtin Michael John Catharine Clancy Dennis Moloney Ellen Moloney Lisduff  
7 Jul 1848 Murphy Patrick John Joan Donnelan James Breene Elizabeth Murphy Glaun  
8 Jul 1848 Robinson Anne Thomas Anne King Pat Kelly Honor Moloney Newpark  
9 Jul 1848 Horhen Michael John Bridget Carmody John Carmody Joan Carmody Farroor  
11 Jul 1848 Odlum Edward Thomas Elleanor Goggin James Riely Anne Goggin Cragbrien  
13 Jul 1848 Doohen Michael John Honor Pindar Michael Doohen Margaret Doohen Breafa Tansane  
14 Jul 1848 Cusack James Pat Margaret Darcy Michael Brew Margaret Frawley Farroor Shagh  
14 Jul 1848 Griffin Malachy Michael Mary Cudihy Malachy Griffin Honor Riedy Lanna  
15 Jul 1848 Smyth (constable) William Willm. Mary Rosslewin Bridget O'Brien   Ballinacally illegitimate
16 Jul 1848 Hehir Jane Patt Margaret Shea Thomas Hehir Bridget Hehir Fort Fergus  
16 Jul 1848 Glyn (uncle) John Thomas Catharine Murphy (niece) Mary Lyddy   Lanna illegitimate
16 Jul 1848 O'Toole Terrence Terrence Mary O'Gorman John Toole Anne Daly Farroorehy  
17 Jul 1848 Healy Bridget Thomas Mary Ronan Thomas Cullinan Bridget Cullinan Paradise  
18 Jul 1848 Fitzgerald Anne Maurice Jane Browne John Coffy Mary Grady Ballicorick  
20 Jul 1848 Corry Daniel Daniel Alice Cunneen Michael Corry Bridget Corry Clonmore  
22 Jul 1848 Hill Margaret Michael Bridget McMahon Michael O'Connor Bridget O'Connor Ballicorick  
25 Jul 1848 Riedy Mary Thomas Anne Meade Thomas O'Dea Bridget Moroney Lavalla  
3 Aug 1848 Kirrane Peter Michael Bridget O'Donnel Lucius O'Donnel Ellen Carrane Lisycasey  
4 Aug 1848 McMahon Michael Pat Catharine Costeloe Synan Costeloe Bridget Coffy Fierregh  
8 Aug 1848 Murphy Anne John Margaret Murphy Pat McNamara Anne McMahon Ballicorick  
10 Aug 1848 Hehir Mary John Anne Coffy Martin O'Loughlin Sally Ryan Drumquin  
13 Aug 1848 Hartigan Elleanor Pat Anne Cleary John Daly Margaret Daly Uppr. Decamade  
16 Aug 1848 Dillon Margaret Pat Hannah Kennedy Daniel Kennedy Bridget Kennedy Clonmore  
18 Aug 1848 O'Dea John Connor Catharine Meskil Daniel Meskil Mary O'Connor Cloncoleman  
19 Aug 1848 Burns Catharine Luke Anne Quin Pat Burns Bridget Burns Clonmore  
21 Aug 1848 Sexton Mary Pat Mary Hickey Martin Sexton Mary Sexton Cappanagerach  
23 Aug 1848 Glyn Jeremiah John Mary Donnely Darby Glyn Bridget Donnely Ballinashene  
25 Aug 1848 Browne Martin Martin Bridget Flanagan Pat Browne Anne Browne Glaun  
25 Aug 1848 Shehan Ellen Thomas Margaret Barret Pat Sheahan Margaret Coffy Glaun  
26 Aug 1848 Lynch James Thomas Bridget McCarthy Charles McCarthy Jane McCarthy Fierregh  
29 Aug 1848 Meany Mary Pat Catharine McMahon John Sullivan Kate Hewson Paradise  
3 Sep 1848 Mulville Patrick Lawrence Elizabeth Fitzpatrick John McMahon Mary McMahon Lismorris  
3 Sep 1848 McMahon Honor John Elleanor Markham Mary O'Dea   Lisycasey  
6 Sep 1848 Purcil Johanna John Margaret Donnelan Thomas Purcil Joan Murphy Glaun  
11 Sep 1848 Corry Michael Pat Honor Clancy Pat Donohue Margaret Donohue Coolhawn  
13 Sep 1848 Corry Mary John Mary Hehir William Malone Mrs. Leahy Cragbrien  
15 Sep 1848 Kelly James James Margaret McNamara Martin McNamara Margaret Shea Reknappe  
16 Sep 1848 McNamara Anne John Kate Roche Martin McNamara Bridget McNamara Leamanalha beg  
16 Sep 1848 Coleman Hannah Pat Mary Connors Pat Collins Mary Collins Glaun  
17 Sep 1848 Corry Michael James Honor Scanlan James Corry Catharine Walshe Lisycasey  
17 Sep 1848 Conlan Michael Pat Margaret Ronan John Conlan Mary Ronan Lavalla  
17 Sep 1848 Browne Nicholas Thady Bridget McMahon Andrew Browne Anne Browne Balliclohessy  
28 Sep 1848 Collins Mary John Bridget Scanlan James King Margaret King Cahirea  
28 Sep 1848 King Mary John Margaret Ahern Michael Walshe Judith King Glannaprechane  
29 Sep 1848 Lahiff Catharine Pat Bridget Considine Thos. Lahiff Catharine Melican Uppr. Mountain  
30 Sep 1848 Heffernan Michael John Margaret O'Connor Pat Heffernan Kate Costeloe Cragbrien  
1 Oct 1848 Carrane Anne Michael Margaret Kelly Pat Carrane Mary Kelly Newpark  
4 Oct 1848 Crehan Ellen Peter Bridget Melican John mcMahon Bridget Crehan Farroor  
4 Oct 1848 Gavin John Michael Elleanor Crotty John Gavin Mary O'Neil Lavalla  
5 Oct 1848 Cunneen Maria Michael Anne Hill Thomas Cunneen Margaret Lally Lisheen  
7 Oct 1848 Coghlan Margaret John Mary Considine James Gavin Mary Kelly Farroor  
8 Oct 1848 McMahon Michael Pat Bridget Grady John McGoner? Mary Riely Ballinacally  
12 Oct 1848 Grady James James Margaret Meehan Michael Meer Catharine Grady Lisheen  
18 Oct 1848 Crowe Mary Pat Bridget McMahon Thos. mcMahon Bridget Scanlan Bealagh  
26 Oct 1848 Cloney Margaret Charles Margaret Scanlan Pat Scanlan Mary Shea Reknappa  
29 Oct 1848 Grady Catharine Edmd. Bridget Cusack Thos. Grady Kate Connors Ballinacally  
29 Oct 1848 Conway Patrick John Catharine Halva Michl. Conway Mary Keany Glannlarkin  
29 Oct 1848 Riedy Catharine Pat Bridget Cunningham Darby King Mary Cunningham Bawnduff  
5 Nov 1848 Donnelly Mary Pat Bridget Finucane Peter Donnely Joan Donnely Ballinashena  
5 Nov 1848 Doohen Martin Pat Mary Meany Michael Meany Anne Cahlan Lisycasey  
7 Nov 1848 Daly Margaret Pat Anne Hadlock Richard Hadlock Bridget Moroney Poulafooka  
11 Nov 1848 Coghlan Martin Pat Margaret Keane John Meehan Catharine Hinchy Cahirea  
12 Nov 1848 Reynolds Margaret Pat Susan Keane John King Mary Keane Ballicorick  
19 Nov 1848 Sheahan Thomas Michael Mary Finucane Pat Finucane Mary Doohan Gortnaclasha  
20 Nov 1848 Carmody Hanna Michael Bridget McMahon Dennis McMahon Margt. McMahon Coolsippeen  
24 Nov 1848 Scanlan James Pat Anne Collins Edmund Breen Judith Breen Cloncoleman  
26 Nov 1848 Hill Patrick James Susan Murphy Timothy Quealy Sally Cleary Lisheen  
4 Dec 1848 McMahon Thomas Edmd. Bridget O'Connor Thomas O'Connor Maryanne Coghlan Paradise  
4 Dec 1848 Ginnane Bridget Edmund Margaret Connelly Charles Callinan Honor Callinan Coney Island  
8 Dec 1848 Fitzgerald James Michael Margaret Crowe Thos. Fitzgerald Mary Crowe Drumquin  
8 Dec 1848 Slattery John Michl. Margaret Meskil Michl. mcMahon Mary Meskil Lamenaleha  
13 Dec 1848 Rochford Thomas James Margaret Frawley Rodger Keane Bridget Frawley Coolsipeen  
13 Dec 1848 Costeloe Bridget James Elizabeth Moran Michael Costeloe Mary Costeloe Carhumeer  
20 Dec 1848 Burke John John Honor Leyden Lawrence Clohessy Bridget Leyden Lavalla  
28 Dec 1848 Kelly Mary Jerry Margaret O'Dea Patrick Kelly Elleanor O'Dea Cahirea  
30 Dec 1848 Pindar Bridget Patrick Jane McMahon Pat O'Donohue Bridget McMahon Reknappa  
31 Dec 1848 Ginnane Bridget Daniel Mary Conlon Pat Ginnane Jane Ginnane Coney Island  

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RC Baptism Records for Clondagad/Kilchreest Parish