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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmaley Parish, 1835

Title: Baptism Records for Kilmaley Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Place: Kilmaley Parish.
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: John Mayer
Date Surname Forename Father Mother Sponsors Information
Mar. 6 (Hehir) Mary Andrew Anne Fitzpatrick John O'Neil and Mary Lynch Slaveen
Aug. 31 Baker Mathias Martin Mary Conway Pat Crolly and Ellen Boland Corran Cree
Mar. 4 Barry Mary Martin Anne Meehan Michael ???? And Bridget Miskil Garrynagry
Jul. 26 Boland John Michael Bridget Norry Connors Tullaghabouy
Mar. 20 Burke Mary Michael Bridget Lynch James Cassidy and Margaret Burke Derryna(carragh)
Apr Burke John Thomas Catherine Barrett James Burke and Mary Burke Rathmore
Aug. 5 Burke Michael James (Margaret) Griffy John Markham and Bridget Markham Drimanure
Apr. 10 Caby Timothy John Margaret Quigly Timothy Caby and Honor Markham Cragroe
Feb. 22 Cahill Mary Patrick Ellen Mi……(Miskill) Patrick Cahill and  
May. 12 Callaghan John Michael Mary Br….. John Lynch and Mary Higgins Reinagishah
Sep. Callaghan David Timothy Mary Con…. ???? …ihy and Mary Griffy Gortaganniv
Feb. Carmody Margaret Daniel Mary Lillis ??? And Margaret Lillis  
Dec. Carney Thomas Martin Mary ????? Edmund Barry and Mary C…..  
May. 7 Carny John Michael Bridget Hegarty James and Bridget Carney Cloontabonniv
Apr. Casey Bridget John Bridget Leahy Patrick Casey and Anne Markham Drimanure
Jun. 20 Casey Mary James Mary Barry Thomas Leyden and Catherine Markham Drim……
Jul. 11 Cassidy Pat Patrick Rose Farmer John Burke and Mary Casidy Rathmarie
Feb. 16 Cleary Bridget James Bridget Burke Michael Cleary and Mary Gleeson Furroor Married February 26, 1832
Feb. 26 Collins Patrick Luke ???? Foley Thomas and Mary Collins Slaveen
Mar. 11 Collins Jane Mathias Margaret ????? Thomas Kenedy and Mar  
Feb. 21 Conlan Bridget Patrick Mary ???? Patrick Sexton and Mary Crowe  
Feb. 26 Conlan Margaret John Margaret Hinchy Daniel Moriarty and Honor Burke Lisroe
Aug. 29 Conlan Mary John Bridget Bo….. Patrick Campbell and Catherine Casy Lisroe
Nov. Conlan Margaret Patrick   Michael and Margaret Kearney Racr…..
Nov. 17 Conlan Denis Darby Mary Murphy Denis Murphy and Margaret O'Brien Kil……
Jan. 18 Connell Patrick Michael Bridget Carmody Pat and Mary Carmody Knockadangan
Mar. 5 Connell Margaret Maurice None None Letteragh
Jan. 7 Considine Bridget Charles Catherine Slattery Michael ???? And Bridget Halpin Slaveen
Apr. 6 Considine Anne Michael Mary Collins Michael Donnellan and Nancy Considine Kilg….
Jul. 29 Considine Michael Lawrence Margaret Leo(Leonard) John and Bridget Hehir Cahermore
Nov. 23 Conway Mary Michael Bridget Patrick and Mary Creaghan Lispuckaun
Jan. 30 Costelloe John John Bridget Michael and Margaret Costelloe Cloontabonniv
Aug. 11 Cotter Catherine Thomas Bridget Neylan Pat Connell and Mary Green Loughburke
May. 30 Creaghan Eleanor John Bridget Hehir Thomas Frawley and Mary Creaghan Boulanglerah
Aug. 29 Creghan Mary Michael Bridget Car….. Michael Hurly and Bridget Carmody Reignsgisha
Aug. 2 Croft Kate John Mary Donohoe James and Bridget Faul Ballyvoe Married 3/4/1832
Mar. 23 Crowe Mary James Bridget Hartigan Pat Quinn and Mary Hartigan  
Dec. 7 Crowe Ellen Pat Bridget Malone John Gleeson and Anne Hassett  
Nov. 15 Cullinan Mary Thomas Margaret ???? Dennies Longe and Margaret Kelly Ballyeluan
Feb. 12 Cuneen Margaret Pat Mary Hehir Pat and Bridget Hehir Ballytiagh Parish
Jan. 25 Daffy Mary Patrick Bridget ???? Patrick ??? And Mary ????  
Mar. 1 Daffy Patrick Richard Anna McInerney T. Pine and Mary Daffy Ballycooney
Aug. 25 Daffy Margaret James Ellen Roach Michael Daffy and Bridget Roach Nuaffe
Mar. Darcy Thomas Patrick Ellen Cleary Michael C….  
Feb. Donlan   James   Murty Neary and Anne Neary Craganour
Apr. 16 Donohoe John Martin Mary Griffy John Meskill and Bridget O'Dea  
Feb.26 Doogan John Michael Margaret McMahon Thomas and Bridget Doogan Slieveloughanun
Mar. 23 Doyle Mary Matt ??? Considine Michael Murphy  
Nov. 22 Faul Winifred John Winifred Markham Pat Faul and Anne O'Loughlin Ballymcaula Married 1/26/1831
Mar. 10 Fitgerald Bridget Patrick Catherine Houlihan William Pyne and Bridget Pyne Bally(cooney)
Jan. 21 Fitzgibbon John James Margaret Lynch Thomas and Catherine Lynch Married on February 21, 1830
Sep. 7 Fitzgibbon Mary Edmund Margaret ???? Patrick and Bridget Daly  
Nov. 24 Fitzgibbon Patrick John Bridget Cullinan John and Kate Cullinan Tullassa
Aug. 5 Fitzpatrick Joan Dennis Anne Calinan Mary Fitzpatrick Tullassa
Feb. 17 Flanigan Patrick Michael Bridget (Walsh) Daniel Burns and Ellen Burns Clonfeigh
May Frawley Ellen Patrick Hanna Downs Margaret Frawley and ??? Connolly
Jul. 10 Frawley Michael John Bridget Downs Michael Griffy and Bridget McMahon Lehaknock
Jan. 15 Gallery John John Eliza Sheehan Patrick and Bridget Sheehy Gortmore
Feb. 25 Gallery Cornelius James Bridget Hehir John and Mary Hehir Strasborg
Mar. 22 Galvin Patrick Thomas Nancy Qualey Mathew Monahan and Ellen Qualey Ballym……..
Jun. 4 Galvin Bridget John Mary Doyle Thomas and Honor Kenedy Knockatuna
Jun. 12 Glin John Murty Ellen McInerney Patrick McInerney and Margaret Glin  
Nov. 30 Glyn Mary Patrick Mary McMahon John White and Mary McMahon  
Dec. 6 Grady Ellen Michael Ellen O'Dea Patrick ??? And Maria Griffy  
Aug. 3 Green John James Mary McInerney Pat Flynn and Catherine (McInerney)  
Aug. 27 Green James John Mary Boland James Green and Margaret Markham Bealcragga
Jan. 8 Greene Thomas Thomas Honor Burke John Keane and Bridget Burke Bealcragga
May. 12 Greene Billy Henry Margaret ???? Michael Br….. And Bridget Qualey  
Apr. 4 Griffy Honor Thomas Catherine Cam…… John White and Mary Griffy Knockmore
Jun. 4 Griffy Michael Daniel Margaret McGuane Michael and Honor McGuane Loughburke
Dec. Griffy Bridget James Honor ???? John Griffy and Bridget Frawly Rath……
Mar. 31 H……. John Thomas Mary Cullinan Michael Hehir and Bridget Hehir Sheaun
Nov. 23 Halloran Mary   Bridget Brookes Thomas Flynn and Mary Burke Kyleatunna
Dec. 17 Halloran Ellen Pat Bridget    
Mar. 23 Halpin Patrick Patrick Anne Burke Michael and Catheirne Halpin  
Aug. 18 Halpin Margaret John Anne Gallery Michael Collins and Maria Collins Crag….. Married 1/9/1831
Jan. 30 Hanrahan Bridget Thomas Margaret M…. John Murphy and Mary Morony Tullaghabouy.
May. 28 Hartigan Catherine Michael Honor Griffy Michael Griffy and Mary Gardner Knockmore
Jul. 20 Hassett Michael Michael Catherine Doogan Pat and Mary Griffy Drimanure
Feb. 26 Hayes James James Catherine Frawley John and Mary Hayes Balleen
Mar. 20 Hehir James Patrick Margaret Molony John Frawly and Bridget Creaghan Bealcragga
Mar. 6 [Hehir] Mary Andrew Anne Fitzpatrick John O'Neil and Mary Lynch Slaveen
Mar. 20 Hehir Mary Patrick Mary Gardner William Pine and Ellen Gardner Ballycooney
Jun. 23 Hehir Anne Michael Margaret Costello Mathew Sexton and Mary Hehir Boula…..
May. 4 Herbert Mary Patrick Anne Gallery Margaret Grady and Anthony McGammon  
May. 4 Hickey Bridget Thomas Catherine Hogan Michael and Mary Hicky Tullassa
Nov. 15 Hickey Thomas John   Martin Molony and (Lolly) Molony  
Apr. Hicky Patrick John Margaret McMahon William Hicky and Mary Hicky Tullassa
Jun. 17 Hinchy John Lawrence Mary Walsh John Purcill and Honor Walsh Loughburke
Jul. 30 Hogan John John Ellenora McCaw John McCaw and Mary Hogan Drinagh
Aug. 1 Honan Hanora James Anne Coyne Thomas Hughes and Mary Warrant Clonfeigh
Jan. 26 Houlihan Thomas John Margaret Roche Thomas Hehir and Mary Hehir Bushy Park
Jan. 11 Howe Bridget Charles Mary McInerney Thomas McInerney and Honor Howe Bealcragga
Aug. 14 Hurly Catherine John Mary Carney James McGuane and Joan Hurly Clonboula
Sep. Kean   John Bridget Warrant ????? And Ellen ?????  
Nov. 27 Kean Eugene Patrick Margaret Hehir James Gorman and Mary Flanagan  
Mar. 26 Kelly John James Bridget Griffy Michael and Mary Griffy Cappaleigh Married 1/24/1832
Jul. 3 Kelly Thomas John Mary Kearney Bridget Kelly Reinagisha
Jul. 20 Kelly John John Anne Cullinan John Cullinan and Anne Cullinan Bushy Park
Aug. 2 Kenedy Mary James Bridget Herbert Daniel O'Dea and Bridget Green Knockatunna Married 1/31/1832
Apr. 20 Kennedy James Lawrence Anne McInerney Martin Conway and Nancy O'Brien Gortadoig
Jan. 18 Leahy John David Catherine Barrett Dennis Barrett and Mary Rochford Loughburke
May. 4 Lillis Thomas John Bridget McNamara Pat Lillis and Mary McNamara Strasborg
Aug. 2 Lillis James Timothy Ellen Hehir John Murphy and Nancy Lynch Lispuckaun
Aug. 29 Lyden Michael Michael ???? McMahon Mathew Meere and Bridget ?????  
Feb. 25 Lynch Ellen James Mary Conlan Thomas Kenedy and Bridget Carmody Kilcollum
Jun. 4 Lynch John Michael Catherine M….. Patrick Hawkins and Anne Carthy Ra…….
Aug. 17 Lynch Anne Michael Margaret ???? James Lynch and Margaret (Malone) Leteragh
Jun. 14 M……. James Thomas Ellen Harvey/Murray Jeremiah Malone and Anne Hassett  
Jul. 19 Malone Bridget Patrick None Peter and Mary Barry Magouna
Feb. 3 Markham Bridget John Bridget Hehir Patrick Hehir and Margaret Markham  
Jun.28 Markham Honor Pat Mary Hehir    
Jan. 18 Markhan Catherine Mathew Margaret C…. Pat and Mary Markham Dri……..
Feb. 20 McCarthy John Daniel Anne Curtin John Cutrin and Anne McCarthy Clonboula Married January 23, 1830
Jan. 6 McCaw Mary Lot Bridget (Hehir) James Fawl and Margaret Hehir Ballyvow
Apr. McGuane John Michael Noryy Connors John McGuane and Mary McGuane Bealcragga
May. 1 McGuane John John Margaret Mead John McGuane and Bridget Mead Bealcragga
Jan. 15 McInerney Bridget Thomas ??? (Falvey) James and Ry McInerney Bealcragga
May. 19 McInerney John Michael Mary Meany Lot and Anne McInerney Bralcragga
Feb. 1 McMahon Bridget Patt Anne Ke… Edmund Morony and Paggy Kenny Ballymacooda
Aug. 3 McMahon Margaret Pat Mary Neylon Anne Hawkins Boulanarry
Aug. 27 McMahon Michael James Nancy Clohessy Michael Hogan and Mary ???? Shers……
Mar. 7 McNamara Patrick John Bridget Flanigan John Lynes and Catheirne Garrynagry Married 2/14/1831
Aug. 3 McNamara Mary John Honor Murphy James Green and Margaret Griffy Clonboula
May. 18 Mere Margaret Timothy Mary McGuane Pat McGuane and Bridget Hogan  
Mar. 19 Meskill Malachy John Mary Griffy Michael Flannery and Mary Markham Island
Nov. 22 Michan Thomas Daniel Honor Molony Michael Molony and Bridget (Kinnans) Beal….
May. 14 Miller Margaret Michael Margaret (Hehir) Lawrence Considine and Mary Hehir Cahermore
Feb. 9 Molony James Peter Bridget Dooly Michael Molony and Bridget Kinnucane Bealcragga
Mar. 6 Molony Mary John Anne Sullivan Denis Murphy and Mary Carney Reinagishah
Dec. Molony Margaret James Mary Ca….. John Downes and Bridget Murphy Reinagishah
Jan. 10 Monaghan Margaret Mathew Honor (Lillis) Thomas Monaghan and Honor Sexton Bealcragga
Jan. 29 Moriarty John Daniel Mar…. Daniel Moriarty and Bridget ????  
Jul. Morisey Robert John Mary Meany James and Bridget Carney Gortaganniv
Jan. 6 Morony Patrick Patrick Bridget Costelloe John Costelloe and Mary Costelloe Racronin/Kacronin
Feb. 8 Mungovan Mary John Margaret O'Brien Lawrence O'Leary and Catherine Mungovan  
Feb. 9 Mungovan Mary James ???? Hehir Lawrence Kennedy and Bridget Kennedy Strawsburg
Mar. 1 Mungovan Mary Patrick Bridget Carney/Canny Michael Mungovan and Mary Mungovan Kin…..
Apr. 28 Mungovan Hanora James Bridget Griffy Patrick Mungovan and Honor Nihill Baly……
Mar. 11 Murphy Patrick Michael Margaret Kinnane Pat and Mary Sharry Clonboula Married 2/21/1830
Jul. 6 Murphy Michael James Bridget O'Brien James O'Brien and Honor (Corry) Kinturk
Feb. 27 Neylon James Flan Catherine Liernihan John Kelly and Bridget Neylon Boulananig.
Mar. 15 Neylon Patrick Peter Catherine Halpin John Fitzpatrick and Mary Barry Slaveen
Nov. 13 Neylon Winifred Patrick   William Donohoe  
Dec. 29 Neylon Margaret Stephen Mary ????? Thomas Sheehy and Mary Neylan Slaveen
May. 30 O'Connor Bridget Patrick Eliza Considine Michael and Nancy Frawley Lehaknock
May. 28 O'Gorman Catherine James Bridget ???? (Daffy) Thomas O'Gorman and Bridget ????? Drinagh
Feb. 25 Pilkington Mary Thomas Honor Lynch James Lynch and Honor (Murray) Clonboula
Jan. 2 Purtill Anne Michael Mary Conlon Connor Conlon and Mary Purcell  
Jun. 26 Pyne Mary Thomas Jane Blake Pat Pine and Mary Blake Cragroe
Jan. 25 Reidy Margaret John   Michael Kelly and Bridget Crowley  
Mar. 22 Reidy Mary John Biddy Fitzpatrick Pat Fitzpatrick and Nancy Cahill Tullassa
Jul. 3 Reidy Michael Patrick Bridget Frawley Michael Frawley and Margaret Frawley  
Nov. 15 Reidy Mary James Margaret Murphy John Reidy and Mary Murphy Glaun…. Married 2/16/1835
Nov. 18 Roach James Patrick Marg Hore Conor Hore and Margaret Lillis Clonlah…..
Apr. 26 Scanlon Timothy John Mary Donnelly James Carty Cullinagh
Nov. 30 Scully Lott Dennis Margaret    
Feb. 8 Sharry Mary Michael Ellen McTigue Patrick Burns and Bridget Moroney  
Jun. 27 Sheehy Bridget Pat Bridget Halloran James Sheehy and Mary Donnellan Sheaun
Feb. 25 Slattery Catherine Michael Bridget Sheehy Michael Sheey and Bridget Sheehy Gortmore
Nov. 12 Spellissy Ellen Thomas   Patrick Hassett and Mary ????  
Jan. 7 Spellist Bridget Martin Anne Hogan Daniel Maguire and Anne Egan Lisborneen
Mar. 14 Sullivan Patrick Patrick Bridget Mu….(Murphy) Michael and Margaret Murphy Kinturk
Jun. 25 Sullivan Michael Michael Sarah Morony Pat and Bridget Sullivan Knockatuna
Nov. 30 Tiernan   Ralph Ma…. Patt Carmody and Bridget Cla…..  
Mar. 15 Tierney Patrick John Bridget Hehir John and Mary O'Connor  
Apr. 1 Whelan Patrick Patrick Joan Whelan James O'Connor and Honor Gavan Magouna
Apr. White Margaret John Mary Con…. John Molone and Mary Hayes Kilnalough
Apr. 12   Mary Edward Bridget Michael ???? And Margaret ??????? Cloonlahine
May. 17   Willam Peter Bridget ???? Thomas Kirwan and Mary Qualey  
Nov. 12   Elizabeth     ??? Costelloe and Ann Ca……..  
Dec. 7   Thomas Pat   Daniel Lynch and  
Dec. 8   Thomas Michael   Michael and Mary Carmody Knockadangan
Dec. 11   Mary Patrick Bridget Stephan and Bridget  
Dec.   Margaret        
Dec. 13   Bridget        
Dec. 21   Thomas        

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