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RC Marriage Records for Doonass and Truagh Parish

Title: RC Marriage Records for Doonass and Truagh Parish
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1851 to 1880
Place: RC Parish of Doonass and Truagh

Doonass and Truagh RC Marriage Registers 1851-1880
NLI Film 02476/03

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy and Jeff Fitzsimmons

Transcriber Notes:

The Doonass Marriage register contains an interesting entry on page 8. It refers to a marriage which took place on 26 Nov 1822, but the entry itself was made thirty years later in 1852 by Rev. Patrick Quinlivan, P.P.. It is presented sideways online, the entry is below:

"I Reverend Patrick Quinlivan formerly Parish Priest of the Parish of Kiltannonlea of Doonass in the County of Clare, but now of the laity of Limerick, do hereby certify that on the Twenty-sixth day of November one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two The Honorable Thomas Browne, son of the late Earl of Kenmare was duly and Canonically married to Miss Catherine O’Callaghan, daughter of Edmond O'Callaghan Esquire, then deceased of Mount Catherine in the Parish of Kiltanonlea or Doonass in the County of Clare, of which I was then the Parish Priest and that said marriage ceremony was performed by the Right Reverend Dr O'Saughnessy, Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Killaloe for me and in my presence according to the Rites of the Roman Catholic Church to which they belonged which Ceremony was witnessed by Mrs Ellen Baggot, Robert Braxton and Mary Braxton his wife and others. Which I certify this 20th day of May 1952, Patrick Quinlivan, p.p. The above is the substance of the entry in the Register of the parish of Kiltanmonlea of Doonass made by me on the 26th day of November 1822 - which I certify this 20th day of May 1852, Patrick Quinlivan, p.p."

Griffith’s Valuation shows the Earl of Kenmare as the landlord in the townlands of Rannagh, Lisduff and Knockdoocunna in the parish of Tulla; the townlands of Mountallon, Lakyle, Knockatloe, Coolistoonan, Cloonloum More and Cloonloum Beg in the parish of Clonlea, and the townland of Coolnahella in the parish of Killuran. The Wikipedia entry below* explains how the Earl of Kenmare came to be a landlord in Co. Clare. But his title must have come under question; it seems that in 1852 he needed proof of the marriage that had made him heir to those lands – hence the statement by Rev. Quinlivan. * ... of_Kenmare
Transcriber thinks Mountallon House must have been the centre of the Kenmare estates in Co. Clare, but it is not mentioned in

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