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RC Baptism Records containing SEXTON and related families for the Parish of Kilmurry Ibrickan

Title: RC Baptism Records containing SEXTON and related families for the Parish of Kilmurry Ibrickan
Type: Baptism Records
Main Family Names: SEXTON
Dates: 25 May 1839 to 24 Feb 1931
Place: RC Parish of Kilmurry Ibrickan
Source: Parish Registers and LDS microfilms
Transcriber/Donator: Kevin J. O'Brien and Teresa Sexton, Dublin

Surname Childs Name Father Mother Date Townland Comments
Boland Margaret Daniel Wini Sexton 05/12/1842 Clounlaheen  
Boland Winifred Daniel Wini Sexton 09/11/1845 Clounlaheen  
Boland Patrick Peter Bridget Sexton 04/1886 Finurebeg  
Boland Daniel Peter Bridget Sexton 09/08/1879 Finurebeg  
Boland Michael Peter Bridget Sexton 10/04/1881 Finurebeg  
Boland Winifred Peter Bridget Sexton 19/04/1884 Finurebeg  
Boland Peter Peter Bridget Sexton 19/08/1882 Finurebeg  
Boland Mary Peter Bridget Sexton 30/01/1878 Finurebeg  
Breen Susanna John Mary Sexton 01/04/1886 Clounlaheen  
Breen Nora John Mary Sexton 01/10/1870 Clounlaheen  
Breen Michael John Mary Sexton 11/07/1858 Clounlaheen  
Breen Mary John Mary Sexton 16/03/1856 Clounlaheen  
Breen Bridget John Mary Sexton 20/12/1847 Clounlaheen  
Breen Ellen John Mary Sexton 22/04/1860 Clounlaheen  
Breen John John Mary Sexton 28/03/1886 Clounlaheen  
Brew Bridget James Maria Sexton 03/02/1892 Finurebeg  
Brew Mary James Maria Sexton 08/05/1886 Finurebeg mother, Maria died 10/09/1931
Brew Jane James Maria Sexton 20/05/1896 Finurebeg  
Brew James James Maria Sexton 24/12/1890 Finurebeg  
Brew Michael James Maria Sexton 27/07/1889 Finurebeg  
Brew Margaret James Maria Sexton 27/12/1893 Finurebeg  
Brew Anne James Maria Sexton 28/09/1887 Finurebeg  
Callinan Mary Denis Mary Sexton 02/02/1848 Clonadrum  
Callinan Bridget Denis Mary Sexton 11/01/1869 Clonadrum  
Callinan Patrick Denis Mary Sexton 12/04/1856 Clonadrum  
Callinan Bridget Denis Mary Sexton 12/05/1860 Clonadrum  
Callinan Michael Denis Mary Sexton 13/03/1862 Clonadrum  
Callinan John Denis Mary Sexton 15/12/1849 Clonadrum  
Callinan Nancy Denis Mary Sexton 23/03/1854 Clonadrum  
Callinan Elizabeth James Mary Sexton 04/04/1858 Clonadrum  
Cleary James James Mary Sexton 03/03/1842 Carhuligane  
Cleary Margaret James Mary Sexton 05/01/1845 Carhuligane  
Cleary Patrick James Mary Sexton 10/04/1846 Carhuligane  
Cleary Patrick James Mary Sexton 13/07/1839 Carhuligane  
Cleary Patrick James Mary Sexton 31/12/1840 Carhuligane  
Cleary Mary James Mary Sexton 31/12/1840 Carhuligane  
Clohessy Michael Thomas Bridget Sexton 04/04/1863 Clonadrum  
Clohessy John Thomas Bridget Sexton 17/04/1859 Clonadrum  
Clohessy Catherine Thomas Bridget Sexton 28/11/1857 Clonadrum  
Cooney James Simon Margaret Sexton 06/04/1864 Clohanes  
Cooney Simon Simon Margaret Sexton 21/05/1862 Clohanes  
Cooney Martin Simon Margaret Sexton 22/12/1860 Clohanes  
Darcy Catherine Francis Ellen Sexton 12/05/1902 Carhuligane  
Darcy James Martin Francis Ellen Sexton 11/12/1904 Carhuligane  
Darcy Ellen Francis Ellen Sexton 01-Nov-01 Carhuligane  
Darcy Mary Francis Ellen Sexton 05/12/1899 Carhuligane  
Darcy Anne Francis Ellen Sexton 28/02/1906 Carhuligane  
Darcy Bridget Francis Ellen Sexton 28/12/1900 Carhuligane  
Darcy John Michael Honor Sexton 06/01/1912 Dereen  
Darcy Anne Michael Honor Sexton 08/05/1916 Dereen married Alfred Wainwright, 26/12/1943
Darcy James Michael Honor Sexton 15/02/1914 Dereen  
Darcy Joseph Michael Honor Sexton 19/02/1918 Dereen married Alice Corbett, Surry
Darcy Mary Anne Michael Honor Sexton 19/08/1908 Dereen  
Darcy Francis Michael Honor Sexton 24/01/1906 Dereen married 28/02/1905
Darcy Patrick Joseph Michael Honor Sexton 26/02/1910 Dereen  
Darcy Catherine Michael Honor Sexton 26/07/1920 Dereen married John Quinn, Surry, 26/05/1956
Donnellan Thomas Martin Mary Sexton 03/05/1879 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Daniel Martin Mary Sexton 03/07/1896 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Michael Martin Mary Sexton 04/09/1892 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Catherine Martin Mary Sexton 05/01/1894 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Jane Martin Mary Sexton 05/06/1880 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Anne Martin Mary Sexton 14/01/1882 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Elizabeth Martin Mary Sexton 22/08/1891 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Bridget Martin Mary Sexton 24/03/1877 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Martin Martin Mary Sexton 24/09/1887 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Anthony Martin Mary Sexton 25/03/1883 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan James Martin Mary Sexton 27/01/1875 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Honor Martin Mary Sexton 30/04/1890 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Mary Ellen Martin Mary Sexton 31/01/1885 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Patrick Martin Mary Sexton 31/01/1889 Moyglass Beg  
Donnellan Ellen Michael Bridget Sexton 06/05/1893 Carrownagry  
Donnellan Mary Michael Bridget Sexton 07/03/1884 Carrownagry  
Donnellan Bridget Michael Bridget Sexton 08/04/1891 Carrownagry  
Donnellan Catherine Michael Bridget Sexton 09/10/1888 Carrownagry  
Donnellan Johanna Michael Bridget Sexton 19/08/1895 Carrownagry married Tim Kelly of Cooraclare 21/07/1936
Donnellan Michael Michael Bridget Sexton 19/08/1895 Carrownagry  
Donnellan Peter Michael Bridget Sexton 23/03/1882 Carrownagry  
Donnellan Honor Michael Bridget Sexton 27/07/1886 Carrownagry  
Donnellan Patrick Michael Bridget Sexton 30/12/1879 Carrownagry  
Downes Anne Darby Johanna Sexton 04/01/1893 Carrownagry married Patrick Kileen
Downes Patrick Darby Johanna Sexton 11/09/1891 Carrownagry  
Downes Mary Darby Johanna Sexton 13/07/1890 Carrownagry married Patrick McMahon
Downes Peter Darby Johanna Sexton 16/03/1895 Carrownagry  
Downes James Darby Johanna Sexton 28/10/1896 Carrownagry  
Downes Susanna James Catherine Sexton 18/12/1839 Carrownagry  
Gleeson Cornelius Cornelius Margaret Sexton 10/08/1901 Coore  
Gleeson Matthew Cornelius Margaret Sexton 1898 Coore married Bridget Cleary 1926; 2nd Catherine McInerney (nee Darcy) 1959
Gleeson Michael Joseph Cornelius Margaret Sexton 04/11/1896 Coore  
Gleeson Mary Bridget Cornelius Margaret Sexton 15/08/1895 Coore  
Gleeson Joseph Cornelius Margaret Sexton 16/03/1894 Coore  
Gleeson Patrick Cornelius Margaret Sexton 16/03/1894 Coore  
Gleeson Matthew Cornelius Margaret Sexton 22/01/1898 Coore  
Gleeson Margaret Cornelius Margaret Sexton 26/05/1900 Coore  
Green Patrick John Ellen Sexton 13/02/1841 Ballymackea More  
Green William John Ellen Sexton 17/07/1846 Ballymackea More  
Green Catherine John Ellen Sexton 23/09/1843 Ballymackea More  
Green John John Ellen Sexton 27/07/1848 Ballymackea More  
Greene Mary Thomas Bridget Sexton 27/05/1843 Finure More  
Greens John Thomas Bridget Sexton 24/05/1845 Finure More  
Griffy Mary Michael Nora Sexton 14/10/1846 Finure More  
Griffy Michael Patrick Honor Sexton 19/09/1845 Finure More  
Griffy Patrick Patrick Honor Sexton 24/02/1844 Finure More  
Halloran John Michael Johanna Sexton 02/05/1847 Mount Scott Johanna was also known as Susan or Joan
Halloran Michael Michael Johanna Sexton 06/07/1872 Mount Scott Died in South Africa, Bour War
Halloran Bridget Michael Johanna Sexton 12/02/1862 Mount Scott  
Halloran Patrick Michael Johanna Sexton 14/11/1948 Mount Scott  
Halloran Bridget Michael Johanna Sexton 20/01/1866 Mount Scott married Terrence Hehir
Hayes Catherine Martin Susan Sexton 29/09/1940 Kilchohane  
Hayes Joseph Martin Susan Sexton 30/08/1843 Kilchohane  
Hogan Edmond Patrick Nora Sexton 02/08/1863 Clohaninchy  
Hogan Mary Patrick Nora Sexton 16/09/1857 Clohaninchy  
Hogan John Patrick Nora Sexton 17/01/1876 Clohaninchy  
Hogan James Patrick Nora Sexton 24/07/1852 Clohaninchy  
Hogan Patrick Patrick Nora Sexton 28/01/1855 Clohaninchy  
Hogan Michael Patrick Nora Sexton 29/04/1849 Clohaninchy  
Howard Martin Patrick Catherine Sexton 01/111862 Shandrum  
Howard Michael Patrick Catherine Sexton 07/09/1872 Shandrum  
Howard Francis Patrick Catherine Sexton 08/10/1874 Shandrum  
Howard Mary Patrick Catherine Sexton 09/04/1870 Shandrum  
Howard Michael Patrick Catherine Sexton 11/02/1865 Shandrum  
Howard Anthony Patrick Catherine Sexton 12/06/1860 Shandrum  
Howard Bridget Patrick Catherine Sexton 16/02/1878 Shandrum  
Howard Nora Patrick Catherine Sexton 25/10/1884 Shandrum  
Howard Thomas Patrick Catherine Sexton 27/10/1867 Shandrum  
Keane Margaret Michael Bridget Sexton 03/12/1878 Mullagh  
Keane Bridget Michael Bridget Sexton 04/09/1869 Mullagh  
Keane ? Michael Bridget Sexton 07/07/1878 Mullagh  
Keane Michael Michael Bridget Sexton 25/10/1871 Mullagh  
Kelly Ellen John Maria Sexton 05/07/1885 Clohaninchy  
Kelly Elizabeth John Maria Sexton 18/05/1886 Clohaninchy  
Kelly Sarah Michael Bridget Sexton 06/05/1840 Clonadrum  
Kelly James Michael Bridget Sexton 07/12/1853 Clonadrum  
Kelly Mary Michael Bridget Sexton 25/11/1843 Clonadrum  
Kelly John Michael Bridget Sexton 27/01/1846 Clonadrum  
Keogh Teresa James Alice Sexton 11/09/1914 Mullagh Married A. Charlie Roche 28/09/1957
Keogh Elizabeth James Alice Sexton 11/09/1914 Mullagh  
Killeen Susan John Bridget Sexton 01/11/1845 Molsky  
Killeen Thomas John Bridget Sexton 02/05/1840 Molsky  
Killeen Bridget John Bridget Sexton 11/06/1843 Molsky  
Killeen Margaret Michael Mary Sexton 06/11/1853    
Killeen Anne Patrick Bridget Sexton 11/07/1877 Derreen  
Killeen Michael Patrick Bridget Sexton 11/08/1880 Derreen  
Killeen Timothy Patrick Bridget Sexton 17/09/1882 Derreen  
Killeen Mary Patrick Bridget Sexton 21/06/1873 Derreen  
Killeen Catherine Patrick Bridget Sexton 28/03/1875 Derreen  
Killeen Margaret Patrick Bridget Sexton 30/04/1890 Derreen  
Killeen Bridget Patrick Bridget Sexton 30/11/1884 Derreen  
King Patrick Joseph Patrick Bridget Sexton 04/10/1916 Frehanes  
King Anne Patrick Bridget Sexton 04/05/1919 Frehanes  
King Catherine Patrick Bridget Sexton 20/03/1915 Frehanes married David Twomey 23 Feb 1939
King Mary Patrick Bridget Sexton 28/06/1913 Frehanes wife, Bridget died in 1957
King Michael Andrew Patrick Bridget Sexton 30/11/1918 Frehanes  
King Bridget Patrick Bridget Sexton 30/11/1918 Frehanes  
Looney James Patrick Ellen Sexton 01/04/1874 Mount Scott  
Looney Mary Patrick Ellen Sexton 06/01/1858 Mount Scott Sponsors: Daniel Sexton & Bridget O'Brien
Looney Michael Patrick Ellen Sexton 15/09/1860 Mount Scott Sponsors: David Walsh & Sarah Looney
Looney Mary Patrick Ellen Sexton 17/02/1873 Mount Scott  
Looney Patrick Patrick Ellen Sexton 18/09/1869 Mount Scott  
Looney Bridget Patrick Ellen Sexton 22/04/1865 Mount Scott  
Looney John Patrick Ellen Sexton 26/12/1856 Mount Scott Sponsors: John Sexrton & Mary Looney
Looney Ellen Patrick Ellen Sexton 28/02/1863 Mount Scott  
Looney Thomas Patrick Ellen Sexton 29/06/1867 Mount Scott  
Looney William Patrick Margaret Sexton 05/10/1861 Quartermire  
Looney Michael Patrick Margaret Sexton 07/06/1873 Quartermire  
Looney Martin Patrick Margaret Sexton 07/11/1875 Quartermire  
Looney James Patrick Margaret Sexton 12/07/1856 Quartermire  
Looney Kate Patrick Margaret Sexton 15/12/1865 Quartermire  
Looney Patrick Patrick Margaret Sexton 20/04/1878 Quartermire  
Looney John Patrick Margaret Sexton 21/05/1868 Quartermire  
Looney Mary Patrick Margaret Sexton 22/02/1871 Quartermire  
Looney Patrick Patrick Margaret Sexton 24/03/1859 Quartermire  
Looney Thomas Patrick Margaret Sexton 28/02/1855 Quartermire Sponsors: John and Mary Sexton
Lynch Susan James Mary Sexton 08/08/1847 Scrapple Sponsors: Tim & Margaret Sexton
Lynch Bridget James Mary Sexton 12/09/1843 Scrapple  
Lynch Mary James Mary Sexton 18/08/1841 Scrapple  
Lynch Margaret James Mary Sexton 26/10/1845 Scrapple Sponsors: Susan Mungavan
Madigan James Synan Bridget Sexton 05/01/1841 Moyglass  
Madigan Michael Synan Bridget Sexton 26/05/1848 Moyglass  
Madigan Catherine Synan Bridget Sexton 30/10/1844 Moyglass  
McDonnell John Andrew Johanna Sexton 01/05/1886 Clohanatinna  
McDonnell Michael Andrew Johanna Sexton 02/09/1883 Clohanatinna  
McDonnell Thomas Andrew Johanna Sexton 02/12/1871 Clohanatinna  
McDonnell Martin Andrew Johanna Sexton 03/11/1880 Clohanatinna died 26 May 1934
McDonnell Peter Andrew Johanna Sexton 07/04/1877 Clohanatinna  
McDonnell Johanna Andrew Johanna Sexton 07/08/1889 Clohanatinna  
McDonnell Bridget Andrew Johanna Sexton 15/12/1870 Clohanatinna  
McDonnell Honor Andrew Johanna Sexton 20/01/1878 Clohanatinna  
McDonnell Catherine Andrew Johanna Sexton 21/10/1874 Clohanatinna  
McDonnell Mary Andrew Johanna Sexton 29/03/1873 Clohanatinna  
McKeogh Teresa James Alice Sexton 11/09/1914 Mullagh married George Casey 12/09/1944
McKeogh Elizabeth James Alice Sexton 11/09/1914 Mullagh married Charlie Roche 28 Sept 1959
Meade Winifred John Anne Sexton 16/11/1839 Craggaknock  
Mulvihill Margaret Patrick Ellen Sexton 01/10/1870 Mount Scott  
Mulvihill Peter Patrick Ellen Sexton 02/07/1881 Mount Scott  
Mulvihill Sarah Patrick Ellen Sexton 06/03/1867 Mount Scott  
Mulvihill Bartholomew Patrick Ellen Sexton 06/07/1878 Mount Scott  
Mulvihill Daniel Patrick Ellen Sexton 07/01/1872 Mount Scott  
Mulvihill Francis Patrick Ellen Sexton 13/06/1883 Mount Scott  
Mulvihill Mary Patrick Ellen Sexton 21/01/1886 Mount Scott Patrick Mulvihill and Ellen Sexton married 28 Feb 1865 son of Bartholomew Mulvihill and daughter of Michael Sexton both of Mount Scott
Mulvihill John Patrick Ellen Sexton 22/11/1868 Mount Scott  
Mulvihill Thomas Patrick Ellen Sexton 28/02/1877 Mount Scott  
Mulvihill Patrick Patrick Ellen Sexton 28/05/1875 Mount Scott  
Mulvihill Michael Patrick Ellen Sexton 31/08/1873 Mount Scott  
Murphy Thomas John Catherine Sexton 12/05/18998 Clounlaheen  
Murphy Catherine John Catherine Sexton 15/05/1896 Clounlaheen  
Murphy Bridget John Catherine Sexton 22/03/1893 Clounlaheen  
Murphy Mary John Catherine Sexton 31/05/1890 Clounlaheen  
Murphy Catherine Michael Ellen Sexton 10/07/1900 Clounlaheen  
Murphy Thomas Michael Ellen Sexton 13/01/1896 Clounlaheen  
Murphy Mary Michael Ellen Sexton 18/05/1898 Clounlaheen  
Murphy Michael Michael Ellen Sexton 26/05/1899 Clounlaheen  
Murphy John Michael Ellen Sexton 29/04/1897 Clounlaheen  
Murray Margaret Patrick Johanna Sexton 14/04/1900 Carhuligane  
Murray Mary Patrick Johanna Sexton 27/11/1898 Carhuligane  
Murrihy Thomas Thomas Mary Sexton 01/11/1839 Tromra  
Neil Michael Thomas Mary Sexton 03/08/1872 Clohaninchy  
O'Brien Susan James Ellen Sexton 18/02/1882 Coore died 17/12/1915 68 years old
O'Brien Jane Patrick Mary Sexton 01/05/1844 Clonadrum Sponsors: Sexton, James & Catherine
O'Brien Mary Patrick Mary Sexton 05/01/1842 Clonadrum Sponsors: Michael & Bridget Sexton
O'Brien Ellen Patrick Mary Sexton 05/07/1846 Clonadrum Sponsors: John Sexton & Bridget Lillis
O'Brien Michael Patrick Mary Sexton 10/06/1848 Clonadrum Sponsors: Thomas Hennessey & Catherine Malone
O'Brien Bridget Patrick Mary Sexton 23/11/1839 Clonadrum Sponsors: Sexton, James & Bridget of Clondrum
O'Connor Bridget John Mary Sexton 03/09/1887 Annagh  
O'Connor Ellen John Mary Sexton 09/11/1895 Annagh  
O'Connor Anne John Mary Sexton 09/11/1895 Annagh  
O'Connor Mary John Mary Sexton 14/04/1886 Annagh  
O'Connor Nora John Mary Sexton 14/05/1892 Annagh  
O'Connor Patrick John Mary Sexton 21/02/1895 Annagh Mary Sexton was from Ahy Bridget daughter of John Sexton and mary O'Connor
O'Connor Catherine John Mary Sexton 31/10/1888 Annagh  
O'Dwyer James Patrick Jane Sexton 13/01/1915 Mullagh ordained June 1942
O'Dwyer Peter Patrick Jane Sexton 15/11/1910 Mullagh married Eleanor Hennessy
O'Neill Johanna Thomas Mary Sexton 02/08/1863 Clohaninchy  
O'Neill John Thomas Mary Sexton 07/05/1865 Clohaninchy  
O'Neill Thomas Thomas Mary Sexton 08/05/1870 Clohaninchy  
O'Neill Margaret Thomas Mary Sexton 11/05/1867 Clohaninchy  
O'Neill Mary Thomas Mary Sexton 13/03/1859 Clohaninchy  
O'Neill Honora Thomas Mary Sexton 23/12/1860 Clohaninchy  
O'Neill Honora Thomas Mary Sexton 27/02/1869 Clohaninchy  
Russell Nora Patrick Susan Sexton 11/05/1845 Clohaninchy  
Russell James Patrick Susan Sexton 22/09/1841 Clohaninchy  
Ryan Elizabeth James Bridget Sexton 03/05/1862 Moyglass  
Ryan Mary James Bridget Sexton 07/01/1860 Moyglass  
Sexton Thomas ? Susan Sexton 06/09/1884 Eln  
Sexton John Daniel Ann Morony 25/05/1839 Moyglass  
Sexton Ellen Daniel Ann Morony 29/07/1841 Moyglass  
Sexton Thomas Daniel Catherine Moloney 01/05/1903 Knockanalban  
Sexton Daniel Daniel Catherine Moloney 05/01/1904 Knockanalban  
Sexton John Daniel Catherine Moloney 06/10/1905 Knockanalban  
Sexton Michael Daniel Catherine Moloney 15/08/1906 Knockanalban  
Sexton Catherine Daniel Catherine Moloney 17/03/1901 Knockanalban  
Sexton Bridget Daniel Elizabeth Keane 01/08/1841 Finuremore  
Sexton Elizabeth Daniel Elizabeth Keane 01/11/1843 Finuremore  
Sexton Michael Daniel Elizabeth Kinane 25/11/1846 Finuremore  
Sexton Daniel Daniel Ellen Reidy 01/04/1896 Rhine  
Sexton Pat Daniel Ellen Reidy 12/01/1895 Rhine  
Sexton James Daniel Ellen Reidy 22/04/1891 Rhine  
Sexton Mary Daniel Ellen Reidy 22/05/1897 Rhine  
Sexton Thomas Daniel Ellen Reidy 28/12/1898 Rhine  
Sexton John Daniel Ellen Reidy 31/05/1893 Rhine  
Sexton Mary Anne Daniel Margaret Talty 02/12/1901 Doonogan married Thomas Finnucane 28/02/1933
Sexton Catherine Daniel Margaret Talty 10/04/1899 Doonogan  
Sexton John Daniel Margaret Talty 27/03/1897 Doonogan Margaret Pilkington 20/2/1944
Sexton Mary Daniel Maria Crowley 03/12/1873 Finuremore  
Sexton Peter Daniel Maria Crowley 12/02/1865 Finuremore  
Sexton Margaret Daniel Maria Crowley 23/07/1870 Finuremore  
Sexton John Daniel Maria Crowley 26/05/1877 Finuremore  
Sexton Thomas Daniel Maria Crowley 01/02/1866 Finuremore  
Sexton Pat Daniel Maria Crowley 05/04/1868 Finuremore  
Sexton Bridget Daniel Maria Crowley 05/10/1872 Finuremore  
Sexton William Daniel Maria Crowley 21/09/1862 Finuremore  
Sexton Ellen Daniel Maria Crowley 28/12/1878 Finuremore  
Sexton Peter Daniel Mary Crowley 02/12/1855 Finuremore  
Sexton Johanna Daniel Mary Crowley 16/11/1856 Finuremore  
Sexton Michael Daniel Mary Crowley 19/09/1858 Finuremore  
Sexton Catherine Daniel Mary Crowley 26/08/1860 Finuremore  
Sexton Patrick Daniel Mgt Hehir 02/02/1840 Kouarour? Coore  
Sexton Catherine Daniel Mgt Hehir 07/04/1843 Coore  
Sexton Michael Daniel Mgt Hehir 16/10/1841 Coore  
Sexton Peter Daniel Norah Downes 09/07/1914 Finuremore  
Sexton Mary Daniel Norah Downes 09/08/1920 Finuremore married Thomas O'Dwyer 01/10/1948 at Salisbury
Sexton Thomas Daniel Norah Downes 03/08/1926 Finuremore  
Sexton Nora Christina Daniel Norah Downes 12/12/1927 Finuremore married Michael Joe McMahon 24/03/1963 Coore
Sexton Daniel Daniel Norah Downes 13/04/1918 Finuremore  
Sexton Brigid Daniel Norah Downes 24/01/1917 Finuremore  
Sexton Patrick Daniel Norah Downes 27/02/1916 Finuremore  
Sexton Margaret Daniel Norah Downes 29/10/1913 Finuremore married Patrick Twoomey Miltown 19/01/1939
Sexton John Daniel Norah Downes 30/05/1919 Finuremore married Ann Downes 10/11/1942
Sexton John Joseph David Margaret Curtin 02/05/1891 Mountscott  
Sexton Pat David Margaret Curtin 02/11/1900 Mountscott  
Sexton Mary Ellen David Margaret Curtin 28/05/1893 Mountscott  
Sexton Michael David Margaret Curtin 29/09/1895 Mountscott  
Sexton Patrick David Mary Curtin 02/11/1900 Mount Scott married Catherine Crowe 06/02/1938
Sexton Mary David ?Daniel Catherine Moloney 08/02/1893 Mountscott  
Sexton James David ?Daniel Catherine Moloney 09/08/1899 Mountscott  
Sexton Patrick David ?Daniel Catherine Moloney 10/01/1898 Mountscott  
Sexton Vincent Edward Mary Devine 12/06/1908 Craggaknock married Johanna O'Leary 22/04/1957
Sexton Anne Edward Mary Devine 15/07/1906 Craggaknock  
Sexton Denis Edward Mary Devine 18/10/1914 Craggaknock  
Sexton Mary Josephine Edward Mary Devine 20/01/1901 Craggaknock married Patrick Cullen 08/09/1937
Sexton Thomas Edward Mary Devine 21/02/1904 Craggaknock  
Sexton Mary Francis Bridget Egan 15/10/1841 Frehanes  
Sexton John Francis Ellen Canny 13/04/1843 Shanaway  
Sexton Bridget Francis Ellen Canny 15/05/1847 Shanaway  
Sexton Mary Francis Ellen Canny 21/12/1844 Shanaway  
Sexton Ellen Francis Ellen Canny 29/09/1849 Shanaway  
Sexton Francis Francis Mary Griffy 05/05/1846 Finure  
Sexton Kate Francis Mary Griffy 05/05/1846 Finure  
Sexton Peter Francis Mary Griffy 22/03/1843 Finure  
Sexton Catherine Francis Mary Griffy 22/08/1841 Finure  
Sexton Patrick Francis Susan Sexton 22/04/1846 Carhuligane  
Sexton John Francis Susan Sexton 22/04/1846 Carhuligane  
Sexton Bridget Francis Susan Sexton 07/01/1845 Carhuligane Fran & Susan M. 17/02/1844
Sexton Mary Frank Johanna Sexton 19/08/1848 Carhuligane  
Sexton Catherine Frank Johanna Sexton 11/08/1852 Carhuligane  
Sexton Ellen Teresa James Brigid Lynch 04/09/1929 Ballymakea Beg nun
Sexton Mary Margaret James Brigid Lynch 14/08/1927 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Daniel Patrick James Brigid Lynch 17/02/1925 Ballymakea Beg married Anne Griffin 25/04/1962 Kilfarboy
Sexton John Alden James Brigid Lynch 30/08/1926 Ballymakea Beg ordained 1951
Sexton Patrick James Brigid Lynch   Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Michael James Brigid Lynch   Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Michael James Hannah McGuane 10/01/1901 Clounlaheen married Mary Cullen, Chicago 30/06/1942
Sexton John James Hannah McGuane 07/03/1903 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Patrick James Hannah McGuane 03/10/1905 Clounlaheen married Helen Carney, Kilmaley 28/04/1943
Sexton Brigid James Hannah McGuane 03/02/1907 Clounlaheen  
Sexton James James Hannah McGuane 05/04/1911 Clounlaheen married Mary Ryan 11/08/1940
Sexton Anthony James Hannah McGuane 04/04/1915 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Mary James Hannah McGuane 15/05/1900 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Anne James Hannah McGuane 21/04/1913 Clounlaheen married Thomas McGann, Kilmaley 06/09/1944
Sexton Martin James Hannah McGuane 28/04/1909 Clounlaheen  
Sexton John James Honor O'Shea 08/09/1907 Moyglass died 10/04/1966; married Margaret Killeen 26/04/1944 died 21/05/2004
Sexton Susan James Honor O'Shea 10/03/1908 Moyglass married Michael J. O'Brien Miltown 24/06/1939
Sexton Norah James Honor O'Shea 07/05/1919 Moyglass married Michael O'Brien, Mullagh 21/06/1944
Sexton Ellen James Honor O'Shea 20/08/1913 Moyglass  
Sexton Catherine James Honor O'Shea 26/03/1910 Moyglass married Patrick Doohan, Connolly 27/07/1935
Sexton Mary James Honor O'Shea 27/12/1905 Moyglass  
Sexton Catherine James Kate Sexton 03/04/1903 Craggaknock married Patrick Connole 18/01/1932 Liscannor
Sexton Thomas James Kate Sexton 01/03/1909 Craggaknock  
Sexton Peter James Kate Sexton 29/06/1904 Craggaknock  
Sexton Joseph James Kate Sexton 29/06/1904 Craggaknock married Helen McMahon, Kilmihil 12/04/1944
Sexton Clare James Mary McCarthy 08/01/1917 Shanaway  
Sexton Joseph James Mary McCarthy 19/03/1915 Shanaway  
Sexton James Thomas James Mary Reidy 29/12/1930 Coore died 30/08/2011
Sexton John James Nora McCarthy 05/07/1930 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Michael Joseph James Nora McCarthy 23/09/1928 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton James James Ann Marrinan 06/05/1840 Moyglassmore  
Sexton John James Ann Marrinan 09/06/1842 Moyglassmore  
Sexton Anne James Ann Marrinan 10/12/1843 Moyglassmore  
Sexton Thomas James Ann Marrinan 17/01/1846 Moyglassmore  
Sexton Ann James Bridget McDonnell 03/09/1873 230 Mullagh  
Sexton Margaret James Bridget McDonnell 05/03/1876 254 Mullagh  
Sexton John James Bridget McDonnell 09/06/1878 285 Mullagh  
Sexton James James Bridget McDonnell 12/06/1886 373 Mullagh  
Sexton Joseph James Bridget McDonnell 18/05/1889 401 Mullagh  
Sexton Pat James Bridget McDonnell 20/08/1887 386 Mullagh  
Sexton Bridget James Bridget McDonnell 26/07/1882 331 Mullagh  
Sexton Pat James Bridget McDonnell 28/11/1880 313 Mullagh  
Sexton Michael Joseph James Bridget McDonnell 02/07/1871 208 Mullagh  
Sexton Mary James Bridget McDonnell 31/12/1868 183 Mullagh 12/02/1866
Sexton Mary James Bridget Sexton 1/01/1854 Bonavilla  
Sexton Ellen James Bridget Sexton 02/11/1856 Bonavilla  
Sexton Daniel James Bridget Sexton 03/12/1859 Bonavilla  
Sexton Anne James Bridget Sexton 12/08/1852 Bonavilla  
Sexton Johanna James Bridget Sexton 13/06/1855 Bonavilla  
Sexton Margaret James Bridget Sexton 26/08/1858 Bonavilla  
Sexton Peter James Elenor Corry 15/05/1870 Craggaknock  
Sexton Jane James Jane Harvey 1/09/1866 Ballymakea  
Sexton Peter James Jane Harvey 16/01/1869 Ballymakea  
Sexton Julia James Jane Harvey 16/01/1869 Ballymakea  
Sexton Jane James Jane Harvey 16/06/1872 Ballymakea  
Sexton Eliza James Jane Harvey 19/07/1862 Ballymakea  
Sexton Elisia James Jane Harvey 23/06/1875 Ballymakea  
Sexton James James Jane Harvey 30/03/1878 Ballymakea  
Sexton Nora James Jane Harvey 31/08/1864 Ballymakea  
Sexton Pat James Jane Harvey 31/12/1869 Ballymakea  
Sexton Pat James Kate Sexton 09/03/1897 Craggaknock  
Sexton Mary Brigid James Kate Sexton 20/01/1896 Craggaknock  
Sexton John James Kate Sexton 27/02/1901 Craggaknock  
Sexton James James Kate Sexton 29/01/1900 Craggaknock  
Sexton Michael James Kate Sexton 01/10/1898 Craggaknock Ann Naughton 11/02/1953
Sexton Catherine James Maria Markham 09/10/1888 Rath  
Sexton James James Maria Markham 14/10/1893 Rath  
Sexton Mary James Maria Markham 15/07/1882 Rath  
Sexton Timothy James Maria Markham 16/02/1884 Rath  
Sexton Nora James Maria Markham 22/03/1886 Rath  
Sexton John James Maria Markham 26/05/1892 Rath  
Sexton Pat James Maria Markham 31/03/1881 Rath  
Sexton Francis James Mary Fitzpatrick 10/09/1845 Finuremore  
Sexton James James Mary Fitzpatrick 29/09/1843 Finuremore  
Sexton Ellen James Mary Fitzpatrick 25/08/1841 Finuremore Mary&James m. In Kilfarboy1840
Sexton Joseph James Mary Markham 18/04/1895 Rath  
Sexton Bridget James Mary Markham 23/12/1896 Rath  
Sexton John James Mary Mcgrath 28/06/1839 Finuremore  
Sexton Jane James Mary Murphy 02/12/1885 Coore  
Sexton Mary James Mary Murphy 05/04/1871 Coore  
Sexton Michael James Mary Murphy 10/04/1875 Coore  
Sexton Norah James Mary Murphy 14/06/1879 Coore  
Sexton Catherine James Mary Murphy 18/03/1868 Coore 24/02/1867
Sexton Patrick James Mary Murphy 28/03/1869 Coore  
Sexton Peter James Mary Murphy 28/04/1877 Coore  
Sexton Ellen James Mary Murphy 29/10/1881 Coore  
Sexton Mary James Mary Sexton 01/01/1854 Bonavilla  
Sexton Elizabeth James Mary Sexton 04/07/1852 Bonavilla  
Sexton Anne James Mary Sexton 12/08/? Bonavilla  
Sexton Johanna James Mary Sexton 13/06/1855 Bonavilla  
Sexton Brighid James Matilda Mongavan 24/12/1861 Cloonlaheen  
Sexton James James Nancy Halloren 17/07/1853 Carhunagry  
Sexton Anne James Susan O Brien 02/06/1844 Clonadrum  
Sexton Michael James Susan O Brien 12/06/1845 Clonadrum  
Sexton Peter James Susan O Brien 15/07/1841 Clonadrum  
Sexton James James Susan O Brien 25/07/1855 Clonadrum  
Sexton Catherine John Ann Marrinan 01/07/1871 Doonogan  
Sexton Daniel John Ann Marrinan 28/02/1869 Doonogan  
Sexton Jane John Ann Marrinan 04/06/1884 Doonogan  
Sexton Anne John Ann Marrinan 07/11/1874 Donogan  
Sexton Mary John Ann Marrinan 08/08/1876 Donogan  
Sexton Susan John Ann Marrinan 09/10/1887 Donogan  
Sexton Joseph John Ann Marrinan 23/03/1878 Donogan  
Sexton Thomas John Ann Marrinan 30/03/1873 Donogan  
Sexton Margaret John Ann Marrinan 30/04/1881 Donogan  
Sexton Norah John Bridget Crotty 02/09/1865 Clonadrum  
Sexton Mary John Bridget Crotty 20/06/1863 Clonadrum  
Sexton Michael John Bridget Crotty 27/04/1860 Clonadrum  
Sexton Ellen John Bridget Crotty 29/04/1867 Clonadrum  
Sexton Bridget John Bridget Crotty 10/04/1858 Clonadrum  
Sexton Patrick John Bridget Crotty 16/03/1857 Clonadrum  
Sexton Francis John Bridget Crotty 27/04/1861 Clonadrum  
Sexton Patrick John Brigid Leyden 28/02/1903 Quilty  
Sexton Ellen John Catherine Hynes 14/03/1847 Rhine  
Sexton Michael John Ellen Hammill 05/08/1854 Clonadrum  
Sexton Ellen John Ellen Hammill 07/08/1858 Clonadrum  
Sexton John John Ellen Hammill 21/03/1856 Clonadrum  
Sexton Stephen John Ellen Hammill 21/03/1856 Clonadrum  
Sexton Brigid John Ellen McMahon 08/03/1901 Mount Scott married Thomas Devitt 11/02/1935
Sexton Thomas John Ellen McMahon 12/08/1906 Mount Scott  
Sexton John John Ellen McMahon 07/02/1908 Mount Scott  
Sexton Catherine John Ellen McMahon 02/09/1915 Mount Scott  
Sexton Joseph John Ellen McMahon 12/02/1919 Mount Scott  
Sexton Peter John Ellen McMahon 12/02/1919 Mount Scott  
Sexton Thady John Ellen McMahon 14/08/1912 Mount Scott married Ellen Ahearne 02/08/1938
Sexton Teresa John Ellen McMahon 15/09/1917 Mount Scott  
Sexton Eileen John Ellen McMahon 21/06/1903 Mount Scott  
Sexton Michael John Ellen McMahon 24/07/1910 Mount Scott  
Sexton Patrick John Ellen McMahon 28/10/1905 Mount Scott married Mary Malone 04/02/1945
Sexton Mary John Ellen McMahon 12/09/1900 Mount Scott  
Sexton Mary John Hannah O Brien 07/09/1863 Clonadrum 10/03/1856 Hannah from Craggaknock
Sexton Pat John Honor Power 04/03/1891 Bonavilla  
Sexton Margaret John Honor Power 05/06/1892 Bonavilla  
Sexton Ellen John Honor Power 11/07/1886 Bonavilla  
Sexton James John Honor Power 14/06/1898 Bonavilla  
Sexton Mary John Honor Power 17/04/1885 Bonavilla  
Sexton Martin John Honor Power 09/11/1895 Bonavilla  
Sexton John John Honor Power 30/09/1894 Bonavilla  
Sexton Bridget John Honor Power 18/11/1883    
Sexton Thomas John Honor Power 27/01/1897 Bonavilla  
Sexton Michael John Honor Power 28/07/1889 Bonavilla  
Sexton Catherine John Honor Power 31/03/1888 Bonavilla  
Sexton Ellen John Mary Ann Delahunty 06/06/1917 Finuremore  
Sexton Margaret John Mary Ann Delahunty 02/11/1919 Finuremore married Patrick Lacey 28/11/1951 Liscannor
Sexton Mary John Mary Ann Delahunty 30/04/1916 Finuremore married Michael Markham
Sexton Thomas John Mary Connors 18/02/1857 Mountscott  
Sexton Ellen John Mary Connors 19/10/1862 Mountscott  
Sexton Patrick John Mary Connors 28/11/1860 Mountscott  
Sexton Catherine John Mary Connors 04/04/1859 Mountscott  
Sexton Bridget John Mary O Connor 20/01/1855 Mountscott  
Sexton Mary John Mary O Connor 26/02/1853 Mountscott  
Sexton Anna Maria Joseph Brigid Talty 05/09/1920 Mullagh married William (Liam) Cunningham 25/06/1946
Sexton Brigid Joseph Brigid Talty 01/09/1923 Mullagh married Peter Mason Porarlington 09/04/1947
Sexton Rita Joseph Brigid Talty 04/09/1924 Mullagh married William P. O'Dwyer 07/10/1959 Liscannor
Sexton John James Joseph Brigid Talty 06/11/1925 Mullagh married Elizabeth T. Woulfe, Caherush
Sexton James Joseph Brigid Talty 01/05/1929 Mullagh married Mary Morrissey, Lisdoonvarna 09/10/1956 Miltown Malbay
Sexton Mary Josephne Joseph Brigid Talty 21/03/1917 Mullagh married John Torpey 19/02/1938
Sexton Margaret Joseph Brigid Talty 21/08/1918 Mullagh married Joseph Killeen 06/06/1939
Sexton Patrick Joseph Joseph Brigid Talty 23/03/1916 Mullagh  
Sexton Christina Joseph Brigid Talty 29/07/1927 Mullagh married Patrick Donovan 24/01/1951 at Ennis
Sexton James Martin Mary O Brien 20/11/1845 Clohaninshee Martin&Mary married 3/2/1845
Sexton Michael Martin Mary O Sullivan 20/08/1845 Finuremore  
Sexton William Michael Anne Daley 12/05/1907 Finuremore married Mary Comber 05/07/1941
Sexton Michael Michael Anne Daley 13/11/1912 Finuremore ordained 1939
Sexton Margaret Mary Michael Anne Daley 18/04/1909 Finuremore  
Sexton James Michael Anne Daley 19/08/1914 Finuremore married Brighid Corry, Clonreddan
Sexton Catherine Michael Anne Lynch 05/05/1915 Powerstown  
Sexton Patrick Joseph Michael Anne Lynch 02/03/1917 Powerstown married Mary Scullane 24/06/1946
Sexton Mary Michael Anne Lynch 12/10/1918 Powerstown married Thomas Friel, Miltown 30/10/1948
Sexton Mary Catherine Michael Anne Lynch 25/03/1913 Powerstown  
Sexton Brigid Michael Anne Lynch 26/02/1920 Powerstown married Desmond Hillery, Spanish Point 02/09/1947
Sexton John Michael Anne Lynch 26/05/1914 Powerstown married Mary Burke 13/01/1949
Sexton Peter Michael Anne Lynch 28/06/1923 Powerstown married Ellen Kileen, Birmingham 29/12/1951
Sexton Daniel Michael Bridget Donnellan 04/03/1843 Bonavilla  
Sexton Mary Michael Bridget Donnellan 07/03/1846 Bonavilla  
Sexton Patrick Michael Bridget Donnellan 14/11/1840 Bonavilla  
Sexton Mary Michael Bridget Donnellan 20/11/1848 Bonavilla  
Sexton John Michael Catherine Blake 11/01/1894 Rhine  
Sexton Margaret Michael Catherine Blake 05/07/1899 Rhine  
Sexton Mary Michael Catherine Blake 22/05/1895 Rhine  
Sexton Michael Michael Catherine Blake 24/08/1896 Rhine  
Sexton Bridget Michael Catherine Blake 28/08/1897 Rhine  
Sexton Timothy Michael Catherine Blake 30/03/1892 Rhine  
Sexton Mary Michael Catherine Boyle 10/06/1843 Knocknageragh  
Sexton John Michael Catherine Boyle 11/05/1842 Knocknageragh  
Sexton Peter Michael Catherine Cahill 03/08/1853 Mountscott  
Sexton John Michael Catherine Cahill 04/11/1850 Mountscott  
Sexton Michael Michael Catherine Cahill 11/11/1855 Mountscott  
Sexton Daniel Michael Catherine Cahill 13/02/1861 Mountscott  
Sexton Bridget Michael Catherine Cahill 23/01/1859 Mountscott  
Sexton Patrick Michael Catherine Darcy 02/03/1844 Carhuligane  
Sexton Mary Michael Catherine Darcy 04/01/1843 Carhuligane Catherine from Derreen
Sexton Susan Michael Catherine Darcy 26/05/1848 Carhuligane  
Sexton Bridget Michael Catherine Darcy 07/01/1846 Carhuligane  
Sexton Martin Michael Catherine Sexton 11/12/1902 Shanadrum  
Sexton Josephine Michael Kate Doherty 05/05/1906 Clonadrum married J. Benn 06/06/1931
Sexton Mary Brighid Michael Kate Doherty 27/01/1905 Clonadrum  
Sexton James Michael Kate Haren 07/05/1859 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Mary Michael Kate Haren 09/02/1861 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Bridget Michael Kate Haren 13/04/1864 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Kate Michael Kate Haren 13/05/1866 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Margaret Michael Kate Haren 18/04/1874 Clounlaheen  
Sexton John Michael Kate Haren 20/05/1857 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Michael Michael Kate Haren 27/04/1870 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Susan Michael Kate Haren 27/04/1872 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Ellen Michael Kate Haren 28/04/1868 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Martin Michael Kate Sexton 12/11/1902 ? Shanadrum  
Sexton Pat Michael Kate Sexton 07/04/1895 Shanadrum  
Sexton Thomas Michael Kate Sexton 27/12/1899 Shanadrum  
Sexton John Michael Kate Sexton 29/05/1898 Shanadrum  
Sexton Mary Michael Margaret Darcy 14/08/1859 Mountscott  
Sexton ? Michael Margaret Darcy 23/01/1856 Mountscott  
Sexton James Michael Margaret Meade 15/04/1898 Mountscott  
Sexton Bridget Michael Margaret O Brien 01/05/1844 Clonadrum  
Sexton Margaret Michael Margaret O Brien 12/08/1840 Clonadrum Margaret born 1814 daughter of Jermiah O Brien & Mgt Corbett
Sexton John Michael Margaret O Brien 19/04/1846 Clonadrum  
Sexton Michael Michael Mary Clancy 29/07/1858 Doonogan  
Sexton Sarah Michael Mary Hely 02/05/1841 Clonadrum  
Sexton Patrick Michael Mary Hely 09/05/1839 Clonadrum  
Sexton Michael Michael Mary Hely 17/01/1842 Clonadrum  
Sexton Thady Michael Mary Sexton 02/02/1853 Rhine  
Sexton Mary Michael Mary Sexton 04/08/1861 Rhine  
Sexton Peter Michael Mary Sexton 06/08/1848 Rhine  
Sexton Thomas Michael Mary Sexton 07/12/1845 Rhine  
Sexton Mary Michael Mary Sexton 11/3/1843 Rhine  
Sexton Michael Michael Mary Sexton 08/06/1839 Rhine Michael& Mary married?16/5/1847
Sexton Bridget Michael Mary Sexton 20/04/1859 Rhine  
Sexton Pat Michael Mary Sexton 25/02/1857 Rhine  
Sexton Francis Michael Mary Sexton 30/12/1854 Rhine  
Sexton John Michael Mary Walsh 02/07/1848 Knocknagaoireach  
Sexton Mary Michael Mary Walsh 05/02/1843 Knocknagaoireach  
Sexton Margaret Michael Mary Walsh 20/09/1840 Knocknagaoireach  
Sexton Michael Michael Mary Walsh 20/09/1845 Knocknagaoireach  
Sexton Michael Michael Nora O Neil 02/02/1859 Bonavilla  
Sexton Michael Michael Nora O Neil 10/06/1868 Bonavilla  
Sexton Johanna Michael Nora O Neil 25/04/1860 Bonavilla  
Sexton James Michael Nora O Neil 25/07/1863 Bonavilla  
Sexton Michael Michael Nora O Neil 30/05/1866 Bonavilla  
Sexton Francis Michael Nora O Reilly 16/02/1862 Bonavilla  
Sexton Thomas Michael Sara Carey 06/09/1903 Finuremore married Johanna Lucy in Cork 21/06/1939
Sexton Patrick Joseph Michael Sara Carey 01/10/1906 Finuremore  
Sexton James Michael Sara O'Leary 05/05/1910 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton John Michael Sara O'Leary 13/01/1905 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Brighid Michael Sara O'Leary 13/06/1906 Ballymakea Beg married James Crawford, Clonanmore 12/02/1929
Sexton Daniel Michael Sara O'Leary 19/08/1908 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Thomas Michael Sara O'Leary 21/12/1901 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Joseph Michael Sara O'Leary 23/01/1904 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton John Michael Sarah Carey? 12/07/1899 Finuremore  
Sexton Daniel Michael Sarah Carey? 30/12/1897 Finuremore  
Sexton Pat Michael Sarah Leary 30/12/1897 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Nora Michael Sarah Leary 15/10/1892 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Michael Michael Sarah Leary 19/08/1896 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Francis Michael Sarah Leary 25/06/1898 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton Johanna Michael Sarah Leary 30/09/1894 Ballymakea Beg  
Sexton John Patrick Brigid McGuane 04/09/1910 Clounlaheen  
Sexton Mary Patrick Brigid McGuane 06/05/1911 Clounlaheen married Patrick J. Sexton 24/06/1946
Sexton James Patrick Brigid McGuane   Clounlaheen  
Sexton Teresa Catherine Patrick Elizabeth Hill 01/09/1918 Finuremore  
Sexton Johanna Patrick Elizabeth Hill 06/12/1919 Finuremore  
Sexton Margaret Patrick Elizabeth Hill 08/05/1920 Finuremore  
Sexton Ellen Patrick Elizabeth Hill 14/02/1922 Finuremore  
Sexton Elizabeth Patrick Elizabeth Hill 19/08/1916 Finuremore  
Sexton Brigid Patrick Elizabeth Hill 27/06/1925 Finuremore married Paul Graham 29/03/1958 London
Sexton Mary Anne Patrick Elizabeth Hill 28/03/1914 Finuremore  
Sexton Anne Patrick Elizabeth Hill 28/03/1915 Finuremore  
Sexton Daniel Patrick Elizabeth Hill 29/07/1923 Finuremore married Catherine Crowley, Kilmihil 15/06/1954
Sexton Catherine Patrick Elizabeth Hill 29/07/1923 Finuremore married Thomas Darcy 24/06/1953 Carhuligane
Sexton Patrick Joseph Patrick Ellen Looney 04/01/1929 Knockanalban married Nora Hurley Miltown Malbay
Sexton Anne Patrick Ellen Looney 24/08/1927 Knockanalban married Gerard Sexton Dereen
Sexton John Patrick Kathleen Shannon 02/01/1925 Finuremore  
Sexton Michael Peter Paul Patrick Kathleen Shannon 24/06/1927 Finuremore ordained 1952
Sexton Tim Flannan Patrick Kathleen Shannon 31/12/1922 Finuremore married Mary McMahon, Lahinch 31/08/1963
Sexton Margaret Patrick Mary Kerin 04/07/1920 Doonogan  
Sexton Eileen Patrick Mary Kerin 12/08/1921 Doonogan  
Sexton Teresa Christina Patrick Mary Kerin 19/10/1928 Doonogan married John O'Gorman 03/02/1953 Brisia at Coore
Sexton Catherine Patrick Mary Kerin 22/09/1924 Doonogan married Michael Kennedy 17/11/1945 Kilmaley
Sexton Margaret Patrick Mary Kerin 28/05/1927 Doonogan  
Sexton Brigid Patrick Mary Kerin 29/08/1923 Doonogan married John Rynne 01/03/1948 Mullagh at Coore
Sexton Peter Patrick Mary McGuane 24/03/1900 Moyglass Mor  
Sexton Anne Patrick Mary Quinlivan 02/10/1909 Bonavilla  
Sexton Mary Catherine Patrick Mary Quinlivan 08/03/1912 Bonavilla  
Sexton John Patrick Mary Quinlivan 21/06/1915 Bonavilla Married Mary Moira Darcy 12/06/1946
Sexton Jane Rose Patrick Mary Quinlivan 25/07/1910 Bonavilla married John O'Donohue 17/03/1944
Sexton James Patrick Mary Quinlivan 26/07/1911 Bonavilla  
Sexton Brigid Patrick Mary Quinlivan 30/01/1914 Bonavilla married Patrick J. Travers 02/04/1943
Sexton Edmund Patrick Bridget McMahon 23/04/1846 Dromin  
Sexton Symon Patrick Catherine Woods 13/06/1840 Craggaknock Patrick from Ballynacally Catherine frm Cragganock
Sexton Mary Patrick Margt Houlahen ?/ 10/1849 Bonavilla  
Sexton Bridget Patrick Margt Houlahen 26/12/1846 Bonavilla  
Sexton Bridget Patrick Margt Houlahen 09/01/1853 Bonavilla  
Sexton John Patrick Margt Houlahen 23/05/1858 Bonavilla  
Sexton John Patrick Mary Morony 07/04/1858 Mountscott  
Sexton Peter Patrick Nora Cahill 26/10/1841 Mullagh  
Sexton Margaret Patrick Mary Mcmahon 04/03/1843 Doonogan  
Sexton Patrick Patrick Mary Mcmahon 06/12/1845 Doonogan  
Sexton Thomas Patrick Mary Mcmahon 14/02/1850 Doonogan  
Sexton James Patrick Mary McMahon 16/08/1840 Doonogan  
Sexton Ellen Patrick Sarah Kileen 06/07/1844 Finuremore  
Sexton Catherine Patrick Sarah Killeen 22/07/1841 Finuremore  
Sexton Thomas Patrick Bridget Byrnes 30/10/1847 Carhuligane  
Sexton Bridget Patrick Bridget Byrnes 11/12/1841 Carhuligane  
Sexton Thady Patrick Bridget Crotty 01/08/1877 Shanadrum  
Sexton Johanna Patrick Bridget Crotty 07/07/1875 Shanadrum  
Sexton Martin Patrick Bridget Crotty 16/11/1869 Shanadrum  
Sexton Catherine Patrick Bridget Crotty 19/07/1873 Shanadrum  
Sexton Johanna Patrick Bridget Crotty 23/03/1879 Shanadrum  
Sexton Michael Patrick Bridget Crotty 26/08/1871 Shanadrum  
Sexton Johanna Patrick Bridget McMahon 29/10/1842 Dromin  
Sexton Ellen Patrick Catherine Darcy 19/01/1867 Ahy Bridge  
Sexton Bridget Patrick Catherine Darcy 24/01/1863 Ahy Bridge Married 4/03/1858
Sexton Kate Patrick Catherine Darcy 12/04/1865 Ahy Bridge  
Sexton Peter Patrick Catherine Murphy 05/03/1887 Creevagh  
Sexton Daniel Patrick Catherine Murphy 05/08/1896 Creevagh  
Sexton Bridget Patrick Catherine Murphy 08/06/1881 Creevagh  
Sexton Joseph Patrick Catherine Murphy 20/03/1895 Creevagh  
Sexton Timothy Patrick Catherine Murphy 21/05/1889 Creevagh  
Sexton Michael Patrick Catherine Murphy 23/09/1882 Creevagh  
Sexton Thomas Patrick Catherine Murphy 26/02/1885 Creevagh  
Sexton Daniel? Patrick Catherine Darcy 21/03/1869 Ahy Bridge  
Sexton Anne Patrick Catherine Darcy 21/03/1869 Ahy Bridge  
Sexton Patrick Patrick Kate Sexton 20/10/1880 Shanadrum  
Sexton Catherine Patrick Mary Lynch 01/08/1875 Creevagh  
Sexton Mary Patrick Mary Lynch 06/10/1877 Creevagh  
Sexton James Patrick Mary Lynch 16/01/1870 Creevagh Married 13/2/1867
Sexton John Patrick Mary Lynch 18/04/1874 Creevagh  
Sexton Pat Patrick Mary Lynch 31/01/1872 Creevagh  
Sexton Bridget Patrick Mary Moroney 21/01/1865 Mountscott  
Sexton Daniel Patrick Mary Moroney 15/08/1862 Mountscott  
Sexton Thomas Patrick Mary Moroney 27/01/1852 Mountscott  
Sexton Michael Patrick Mary Moroney 08/02/1860 Mountscott  
Sexton Mary Patrick Mary Moroney 12/04/1856 Mountscott  
Sexton Ellen Patrick Mary Moroney 25/03/1868 Mountscott  
Sexton Pat Patrick Mary Moroney 30/11/1853 Mountscott  
Sexton Timothy Patrick Nora Cahill 04/1849 Mullagh  
Sexton Bridget Patrick Nora Cahill 09/12/1854 Mullagh  
Sexton James Patrick Nora Cahill 04/10/1850 Mullagh  
Sexton Michael Patrick Nora Cahill 05/02/1858 Mullagh  
Sexton Patrick Patrick Nora Cahill 16/02/1845 Mullagh  
Sexton Kate Patrick Nora Cahill 21/02/1847 Mullagh  
Sexton Mary Patrick Nora Cahill 12/07/1843 Mullagh  
Sexton Daniel Patrick Nora Cahill 17/02/1856 Mullagh  
Sexton Peter Patrick Nora Cahill 26/10/1841 Mullagh  
Sexton Mary Patrick Bridget Burke 25/03/1846 Carhuligane  
Sexton John Patrick Catherine Murphy 09/04/1892 Creevagh  
Sexton Ellen Patrick Margaret Houlahen 01/08/1855 Bonavilla  
Sexton Peter Patrick Mary McGuane 24/03/1900 Moyglassmore  
Sexton Bridget Peter Ellen Sexton 12/12/1868 Moyglass  
Sexton James Peter Ellen Sexton 13/01/1867 Moyglass  
Sexton Susan Peter Ellen Sexton 15/11/1863 Moyglass  
Sexton Anne Peter Ellen Sexton 19/11/1879 Moyglass  
Sexton Ellen Peter Ellen Sexton 25/04/1875 Moyglass  
Sexton Michael Peter Ellen Sexton 25/11/1870 Moyglass  
Sexton Mary Peter Ellen Sexton 20/04/1859 Moyglass  
Sexton Catherine Peter Ellen Sexton 09/08/1856 Moyglass  
Sexton John Peter Ellen Sexton 28/05/1873 Moyglass  
Sexton Margaret Peter Ellen Sexton 12/07/1876 Moyglass  
Sexton Joney Peter Ellen Sexton 13/07/1861 Moyglass  
Sexton Pat Peter Ellen Sexton 21/10/1857 Moyglass  
Sexton Daniel Peter Margaret Boland 07/02/1885 Clonadrum  
Sexton Nora /Maria Peter Margaret Quinlivan 20/04/1879 Mullagh  
Sexton Peter Peter Mary Griffin 05/03/1870 Clonadrum  
Sexton Bridget Peter Mary Griffin 07/06/1861 Clonadrum  
Sexton John Peter Mary Griffin 13/06/1863 Clonadrum  
Sexton Elizabeth Peter Mary Griffin 24/05/1865 Clonadrum  
Sexton Michael Peter Mary Griffin 24/05/1865 Clonadrum  
Sexton Mary Peter Mary Griffin 26/12/1858 Clonadrum  
Sexton Sarah Peter Mary Griffin 12/10/1877 Clonadrum  
Sexton Anne Peter Mary Griffin 22/12/1871 Clonadrum  
Sexton Pat Peter Mary Griffin 27/10/1867 Clonadrum  
Sexton Sarah Peter Mary Griffin 27/10/1867 Clonadrum  
Sexton James Peter Mary Griffin 28/06/1879 Clonadrum  
Sexton Ellen Peter Mary Reidy 24/08/1845 Clonadrum  
Sexton Peter Peter Mary Reidy 29/08/1843 Clonadrum  
Sexton Anne Peter Mary Reidy 28/01/1841 Clonadrum  
Sexton John Peter Mary Walsh 08/08/1874 Craggaknock Peter &Mary married 14/2/1859
Sexton John Peter Susan Griffey 01/11/1856 Clonadrum  
Sexton Bridget Peter Susan Griffey 16/04/1845 Clonadrum  
Sexton Anne Peter Susan Griffey 06/06/1840 Clonadrum  
Sexton Margaret Peter Susan Griffey 06/05/1843 Clonadrum  
Sexton Ellen Peter Susan Griffey 21/04/1849 Clonadrum  
Sexton Patrick Peter Susan Griffey 26/01/1841 Clonadrum  
Sexton Michael Peter Susan Griffey 10/10/1860 Clonadrum  
Sexton Mary Peter Susan Griffey 17/11/1846 Clonadrum  
Sexton Sarah Thady Catherine Greene 01/03/1841 Eln Cath from Shandrum, Thady Moyglass
Sexton Nora Thady Ellen Egan 01/11/1863 Finure  
Sexton Peter Thady Ellen Egan 13/06/1869 Finure  
Sexton Michael Thady Ellen Egan 15/07/1865 Finure  
Sexton Susanna Thady Ellen Egan 15/12/1861 Finure  
Sexton John Thady Ellen Egan 16/04/1871 Finure  
Sexton Mary Thady Ellen Egan 21/03/1860 Finure  
Sexton Ellen Thady Ellen Egan 23/06/1867 Finure  
Sexton Timothy Thady Mary Darcy 23/02/1853 Mullagh/Eln  
Sexton Peter Thady Mary McDonnell 01/08/1846 Rhine/Eln  
Sexton Margaret Thady Nora Cahill 10/06/1896 Finuremore  
Sexton Ellen Thady Nora Cahill 13/11/1880 Finuremore  
Sexton Catherine Thady Nora Cahill 14/12/1882 Finuremore  
Sexton Mary Thady Nora Cahill 15/03/1885 Finuremore  
Sexton Nora Thady Nora Cahill 17/12/1878 Finuremore  
Sexton Patrick Thady Nora Cahill 22/03/1893 Finuremore ?Married K Shannon.
Sexton John Thady Nora Cahill 25/06/1887 Finuremore  
Sexton Brigid Thady Nora Cahill 30/08/1890 Finuremore  
Sexton Mary Josephine Thomas Ellen McMahon 05/04/1926 Clonadrum Thomas died in 1956; Nun
Sexton Joseph Thomas Ellen McMahon 06/05/1927 Clonadrum married Mary Teresa Sullivan in Ennis
Sexton Catherine Thomas Ellen McMahon 06/11/1928 Clonadrum Nun
Sexton Alice Thomas Ellen McMahon 24/02/1931 Clonadrum  
Sexton Thomas John Thomas Ellen McMahon 24/05/1934 Clonadrum married Colette Sexton 08/06/1965
Sexton John Thomas Honora Vaughan 04/11/1901 Ahy Bridge  
Sexton Michael Thomas Honora Vaughan 08/09/1903 Ahy Bridge  
Sexton James Thomas Honora Vaughan 06/06/1909 Ahy Bridge married Ellen Morley 18/08/1956
Sexton Patrick Thomas Honora Vaughan 14/06/1908 Ahy Bridge  
Sexton Bridget Thomas Johanna Anglim 04/04/1852 Mountscott  
Sexton Thomas Thomas Johanna Anglim 15/07/1849 Mountscott  
Sexton Nora Thomas Johanna Anglim 24/01/1847 Mountscott Thomas & J married 8/2/46
Sexton Patrick Thomas Johanna Anglim 09/03/1892 Moyglass  
Sexton Thomas Thomas Margaret Halloran 12/02/1888 Moyglass  
Sexton James Thomas Margaret Halloran 18/01/1885 Moyglass  
Sexton Anne Thomas Margaret Halloran 23/02/1887 Moyglass  
Sexton John Thomas Margaret Halloran 28/06/1890 Moyglass  
Sexton Michael Thomas Margaret Halloran 02/01/1886 Moyglass  
Sexton James Thomas Mary Anne Morrissey 05/11/1926 Derreen  
Sexton Thomas Thomas Mary Anne Morrissey 03/01/1928 Derreen married Patricia O'Brien Clahanes at Lahinch 26/01/1961
Sexton John Thomas Mary Anne Morrissey 13/06/1921 Derreen married Anne Dooley 05/04/1958 at Coventry
Sexton Michael Joseph Thomas Mary Anne Morrissey 13/06/1922 Derreen married Sara Doyle Emlagh 1952
Sexton Mary Teresa Thomas Mary Anne Morrissey 16/04/1930 Derreen  
Sexton Patrick Joseph Thomas Mary Anne Morrissey 25/05/1920 Derreen  
Sexton Gerard Thomas Mary Anne Morrissey 30/04/1924 Derreen married Anne Sexton Knockanalban 29/09/1954
Sexton Thomas Thomas Mary Mealy 01/12/1877 Mountscott  
Sexton John Thomas Mary Mealy 06/04/1870 Mountscott Thomas&Mary Married 2/2/1869
Sexton Francis Thomas Mary Mealy 07/12/1889 Mountscott  
Sexton Ellen Thomas Mary Mealy 12/07/1874 Mountscott  
Sexton Michael Thomas Mary Mealy 24/09/1871 Mountscott  
Sexton Francis Thomas Mary Mealy 25/04/1885 Mountscott  
Sexton Mary Thomas Mary Mealy 25/06/1887 Mountscott  
Sexton Bridget Thomas Mary Mealy 26/02/1873 Mountscott  
Sexton Jeremiah Thomas Mary Mealy 30/12/1882 Mountscott  
Sexton Bridget Thomas Mary Mealy 31/01/1880 Mountscott  
Sexton Bridget Thomas Nora Vaughan 19/01/1898 Mountscott  
Sexton Mary Thomas Nora Vaughan 27/05/1899 Mountscott  
Shalloo Eliza Martin Bridget Halloran 03/03/1877 Cragganock  
Shalloo Eleanor Martin Bridget Halloran 09/01/ 1870 Cragganock  
Shalloo Winifred Martin Bridget Halloran 15/11/1874 Cragganock  
Shalloo Honora Martin Bridget Halloran 22/04/1871 Cragganock  
Shalloo Catherine Martin Bridget Halloran 26/02/1873 Cragganock  
Shalloo Margaret Martin Bridget Halloran 26/10/1867 Cragganock  
Shalloo Mary Martin Bridget Halloran 28/01/1866 Cragganock  
Shalloo Mary Martin Bridget Halloran 02/03/1862 Cragganock  
Shalloo John Martin Bridget Halloran 17/11/1860 Cragganock  
Shalloo John Patrick Bridget Kelly 04/05/1844 Craggaknock  
Shalloo Michael Patrick Bridget Kelly 01/04/1845 Craggaknock  
Shalloo Bridget Patrick Mary White 05/06/1862 Craggaknock  
Shalloo John Patrick Mary White 22/04/1860 Craggaknock  
Shalloo Michael Patrick Mary White 30/01/1859 Craggaknock  
Shalloo Mary Patrick Bridget Kelly ?/09/1841 Craggaknock  
Shanahan Patrick Andrew Mary Cotter 01/08/1857 Tromoroe  
Shanahan William Andrew Mary Cotter 06/11/1858 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Honora Andrew Mary Cotter 12/08/1871 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Thomas Andrew Mary Cotter 16/02/1878 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Eliza Andrew Mary Cotter 16/02/1878 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Michael Andrew Mary Cotter 27/08/1862 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Catherine Andrew Mary Cotter 28/06/1873 Tromoroe  
Shanahan John Andrew Mary Cotter 28/07/1860 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Margaret Andrew Mary Cotter 29/05/1869 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Mary Andrew Mary Cotter 31/03/1867 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Pat Andrew Ellen King 03/02/1866 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Mary Andrew Ellen King 09/02/1868 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Bridget Andrew Mary Wright 01/04/1865 Tromoroe  
Shanahan Seamus Cornelius Mary Sexton 02/11/1839 Rineroe  
Shanahan Thomas Cornelius Mary Sexton 11/08/1846 Rineroe  
Shanahan Thomas Cornelius Mary Sexton 22/10/1841 Rineroe  
Shanahan Simon Cornelius Mary Sexton 29/07/1843 Rineroe  
Sullivan Anne Michael Bridget Sexton 05/04/1846 Knocknageragh  
Sullivan Laurence Michael Bridget Sexton 05/09/1841 Knocknageragh  
Sullivan Laurence Michael Bridget Sexton 11/07/1840 Knocknageragh  
Sullivan Thomas Michael Bridget Sexton 12/12/1849 Knocknageragh  
Sullivan John Michael Bridget Sexton 29/04/1844 Knocknageragh  
Talty John Thomas John Susan Sexton 12/02/1901 Coore  
Talty Catherine John Susan Sexton 02/08/1903 Coore  
Talty Michael Joseph John Susan Sexton 02/03/1904 Coore married Cissie Woulfe 31 March 1930
Talty Patrick John Susan Sexton 13/09/1909 Coore  
Talty Thomas John Susan Sexton 16/01/1913 Coore Married Mary Egan30/01/1943

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