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compiled by and donated by Syliva Turner and Michael O'Loghlen, Q.C. .

Kerin Timeline, revised March 2023, attempting to identify Mr Kerin and Miss O’Loghlen, parents of Surgeon James Kerin, born c1779.

Part One, 1616- 1799.

County Clare
Kerin/ O’Kerin/ OCeirin
Emphasis after 1814 on general vicinity of Ruan and Ennis.

1420. Owen O’Kerin.
[Records of county Clare - surname databases O’Kerin]
Compare reference to Owan place name in 1688.
Compare 1729.

1616. Cornelius Kerin.
[John Ainsworth (ed), Inchiquin Manuscripts (Irish Manuscripts Commission, 1961), (Leases and Deeds), 1001, p 320]

1617. Dermott Kerin.
Claimant to land at Collenmore.
[Ainsworth, Inchiquin Manuscripts (Leases and Deeds), 1003, p 321-2]
To a similar effect and adding nothing of relevance to Kerin, see also 1321, p 435.

1632. Turlagh Kerin.
[Ainsworth, Inchiquin Manuscripts (Leases and Deeds), 1051, p 340]

1631. Tibut O’Kerin.
Land at Insivolaght and Mogownie.
[Ainsworth, Inchiquin Manuscripts (Leases and Deeds), 1055, pp 341-2]
Compare c1700.

The following taken from James Frost, History of Clare (1893).
[Forfeitures and Distributions]-

Dysert parish, p 471-
Ballybrody townland-
Proprietor in 1641: Flann O’Kerin.
Stolen from him and transferred to Earl of Inchiquin.

Footnotes to Dysert parish on p 473:
In 1659, Killeenan townland occupied by Flann O’Kerin (as tenant).

In 1664, Ballyteernan townland occupied by Teige O’Kerin (as tenant).
Compare 1685.

Inchiquin; pp 487, 488 and 489:
Ruan parish;
In October 1641, Connell O’Kerin was a proprietor of Oankeagh (Ooankeagh) townland.
The English stole it from him and transferred Oankeagh (Ooankeagh) to the Earl of Inchiquin and Lord Clare.

In 1659, Dermot O’Kerin occupied Oankeagh (Ooankeagh) townland as a tenant.
Compare 1688.

In 1664, the Subsidy Rolls (whatever those might be) for Ruan show Dermot O’Kerin as tenant of Ballymacrogan townland, Ruan.
Compare 1688.
Compare 1843 and 1852.
[End of Forfeitures and Distributions]

1659. A rudimentary census of (the former) Dysert parish shows-
Dermott O’Kerrin, townland of Owen containing 20 people, all Irish.
Teige O’Kerrin, townland of Gleans, 32 people, all Irish.
Flann O’Kerrin, townland of Killenane, 50 people, all Irish.
[1659 census of Clare, Barony of Inchiqine]
Parts of the former parish of Dysert now are found in the parish of Ruan.

1678. Teige Kearin.
Will of Capt William Neylon of Disert, Clare, April 1678.
To Teige Kearin, the lands of Glane until he has been paid £30 due to him.
[Ainsworth, no 1491]

1682. Patrick Kerin.
Witness to a lease by John McDonogh of Ballykeel, Kilfenora, 5 May 1682. Witnesses, Francis McDonogh, Cor (Cornelius?) McDonogh, John Cassie, Patrick Kerin, John MacNemera.
[John Ainsworth (ed), Inchiquin Manuscripts, no 1193]

1685. Teige O’Kerin. Tomb in Ennis Abbey.
“ Here lies the body of Teige OKerin of Glean who dyed the 26 of January in the yeare 1685. This stone was set up by Thady Kerin son to the said Teige”.
Not recorded by James Frost, History of Clare (1893).
Brian ODalaigh, T J Westropp’s Notes on the Discoveries at Ennis Abbey 1893, in volume 43, The Other Clare (2019), at p 25-
“ The O’Kerin slab had been moved higher up the wall and the north windows opened”.
Compare 1664.

1688. Donnagh O’Kerin.
Inscription in the old church at Ruan:
This chapel and tomb were erected by Donnagh O’Kerin the son of Dermot O’Kerin of Owan for his and his posterities use in the year of Our Lord God 1688.
[Courtesy Frances O’Halloran of Ruan.
See also Frost, p 139]
As recorded by T J Westropp in 1897, the spelling was different. The chapel and tomb were erected by Donough O’Kerine the son of Dermot O’Kerine of Owen.
“ Owan” or “Owen” might be any of Ooankeagh; Nooan, or Ruan, or an obsolete place name, or perhaps somewhere else, e.g. Barony of Owney in Tipperary.
Compare 1664; 1704;1774; 1834, and 1864.

1690. D Kerin.
The list of persons summoned to go to Cork to aid the cause of James II, includes D Kerin of Inchiquin Barony. [James Frost, History of Clare (1893), pp 562-4]
Perhaps Donnagh O’Kerin.

1699. Teige O’Kearine and John O’Kearine.
Teige O’Kearine, tenant at Glaninteragh, manor of Inchiquin.
John O’Kearine, tenant at Ballylearnane, manor of Inchiquin.
[Ainsworth, Inchiquin Manuscripts (Rentals and Accounts), 1541, p 546]
“ O’Kearine” seems a phonetic rendition of the Gaelic name, O’Ceirin.

c1700. Teige Kerin and Gulliduff Kerin.
Teige Kerin, tenant at Ballyasshie; and Inchicnolught, and Mogowny.
Gulliduff Kerin, tenant at Derryuollogh/ Derryolagh.
[Ainsworth, Inchiquin Manuscripts (Rentals and Accounts), 1542, pp 552-3. Tenants of O’Brien estate, Barony of Inchiquin]
Compare 1631.

1704. Teige Kerin of Oawn (Ruan) bc ?1668, and James Kerin of Carrughcrahin bc ?1668, Catholic parish priests ordained 1696.
[List of names of Popish Parish Priests, 1704, county Clare Library. James Frost, History of Clare (1893), p 559]
Oawn see also 1688.
Rev James Kerin see 1728.

1717. Patrick Kerin (probably of Clare). Subscriber to book.
[Hugh MacCurtin, Brief Discourse in vindication of the antiquity of Ireland (Dublin, 1717). List of subscribers]

1721. Terence Kerin married Everetta Parker.
[Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage Licences Bonds Indexes- Diocese of Killaloe]
See 1734

1725. Terence Kerin of Ennis, gent.
[Crossle Genealogical Abstracts]

1728. Rev James Kerin, parish priest of Clouny (Clooney). Probate.
[Phillimore and Thrift, Index to Irish Wills- Killaloe and Kilfenora Wills. Compare James Frost, History of Clare (1893), p 559]
Clooney, west of Ennis.
See 1704.

1729. Michael Owaen Kerin. Probate.
[Phillimore and Thrift, Index to Irish Wills- Killaloe and Kilfenora Wills]
Compare 1420, 1688 and 1864.

c1734. Terence Kerin, attorney, Court of Exchequer.
[Kings Inns Admissions Papers, p 267]
See WikiTree, Terence Kerin bc 1696. Married Everetta/Uretta Parker, at least a son, a daughter and a granddaughter. Will 1771, Probate 1780, Dublin.
See 1721 and 1768.

1739 (perhaps 1759). Terence Keren, Junior, of Ennis. Registration of land leased at Castlekeal, Clare.
[Crossle Genealogical Abstract, 1739]
“ Junior” suggests he is son of Terence.

1740. Elizabeth Kerin born, at Aghrim (?Aughrim).
Date is a guess.
Daughter of Timothy Kerin and Mary Fitzgerald (aunt of Prime Serjeant Fitzgerald).
Possible sister of Rev John Kerin, vicar of Killury, Kerry.
Timothy Kerin was not a convert from Popery, but James Fitzgerald (then 3rd Serjeant-at-Law) was a convert in 1779.
She married Constans Curtin (c1735-1809) [according to George Unthank Macnamara, Pedigree of MacCurtins of Dysert (1898)].
Timothy Kerin was later of Curragh, Clare, see 1809.

1741. Dennis Kerrin (no location). Probate of Will.
[Phillimore and Thrift, Indexes to Irish Wills]

1742. Dennis Kerin.
Tenant at Cregbrien.
[Ainsworth, Inchiquin Manuscripts (Rentals and Accounts), 1562, pp 565-6]
Compare 1773.

1744. Denis Kerin of Nuan (Nooan, Ruan). Probate.
[Phillimore and Thrift, Index to Irish Wills- Killaloe and Kilfenora Wills]
See also Donogh Kerin, 1744.
Compare Donnagh O’Kerin, 1688.
See Nouen, Ruan in 1843.

1744. Donogh Kerin of Nuan (Nooan, Ruan), deceased. Bond.
[Diocesan and Prerogative Wills and Administrations- Bonds]

1744. Teige Kerin, parish priest of Dysart.
[Letter dated 22 April 1744, written at Ennis by Francis Dawson, sub-sheriff, listing the popish clergy of County Clare]
A later parish priest of Dysart was Patrick Curtin, see Clare Journal, 26 December 1803.

1745. Dennis Kerin.
Tenant, no location shown, but perhaps of Nuan.
[Ainsworth, Inchiquin Manuscripts (Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin, 1961). Rentals and Accounts, 1564, p 568]

1749. Ellinor McDonogh of Townagh, Clare, widow. Will dated 27 July 1849. Probate 7 May 1852.
Husband John McDonogh.
Stepson Daniel McDonogh with daughter Ellinor.
Nephew Connor Hehir.
Former husband James Davoren of Lisdoonvarna.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract, no 280, p 107]

1750. Nicholas McDonogh of Beaghagh?, Clare. Will dated 15 March 1750. Probate 10 June 1851.
Wife Joan.
Brother Francis McDonogh.
Nephews etc O’Brien.
Relatives Hogan.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract, no 252, p 96]

1751. Terence Kerin of Ennis, gent.
[James Frost, History of Clare (1893), pp 632-35:
List of people belonging to Clare who were converts from Popery to the Protestant religion 1702-1789. Abstracted from the Convert Rolls in the Public Records Office, Dublin (before it burnt down)]
Possibly, also, this is Terence Kerin on WikiTree.

1752. Michael Keren of Ennis.
Tenement in Church Street, Ennis. Lease dated 10 May 1748.
[Crossle Genealogical Abstract, 1748]

1752. John Kerin.
A market jury appointed for the borough to execute by laws, comprises twelve men, including John Kerin.
[Brian O’Dalaigh (ed), Corporation Book of Ennis (1990), p 170]

1752-53. John Kerin. Grand Jury member of Ennis Corporation (attended 3 meetings).
[Corporation Book of Ennis, pp 407-m414. Seán Spellissy (1996): The Merchants of Ennis. Page 100]

1752. Patrick McDonogh, gent, of Ennis.
Will dated 1 March 1752; Probate 23 May 1752.
Brother Charles McDonogh.
Nephews Neptune Blood; Anthony McDonogh; Michael Kerin; Timothy Kerin, and Henry McDonogh.
Kinsman Anthony McDonogh.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract, 1752, no 282. Pages 107-08]
Anthony McDonogh (presumably one of the above two men named Anthony McDonogh). Will dated 11 May 1760; Probate 10 August 1760/1. He was of Hillsborough, Clare, gent.
Sister Ellinor Thyn (nee McDonogh).
Brother Martin McDonogh.
Cousin Connor McDonogh, only son of Daniel McDonogh.
John McDonogh, eldest son of kinsman Henry McDonogh, brother of said Daniel McDonogh.
Father in law, Thomas O’Brien.
First cousins, John Kerin and Neptune Blood.
Sister, Elizabeth Fitzgerald.
Relation, Molly O’Loghlin; son Michael.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract, 1760, no 126, pages 51-2]
Hillsborough, see 1760, 1784, 1797 and 1807. Perhaps Hillsborough House, in or near Aughrim Kelly, parish of Dysert.
Thyn, see Thynne 1797. Possibly relevant, Mary O’Loghlen (d1751), daughter of Charles O’Loghlen [grave inscription in Kilshanny Cell Church near Ennistymon]. Mary married John Thynn, son of Augustin, who died 1720. Augustin was the son of Jeremiah who died in 1717.
Daniel McDonogh bc 1712 at Toonagh, died October 1790 [Ennis Chronicle, 11 January 1790]. Daughter Mary McDonogh, born Toonagh, distributor of stamps at Ennis [Ennis Chronicle, 22 August 1796] until replaced by M Canny [Ennis Chronicle, 16 September 1805], died unmarried June 1805 [Clare Journal, 1 July 1805; Limerick Gazette, 4 July 1805]. Possible brother or cousin of Margaret McDonogh of Toonagh who married Hugh O’Loghlen, died relatively young 1749 [Tombstone, old church yard, Ruan]. Possible great grandfather of Henry McDonogh (1797-1872), distributor of stamps at Ballyvaughan [ Clare Directory, 1862], died 19 March 1872 [The Argus newspaper, Melbourne, 29 June 1872; The Australasian, 6 July 1872], who married Eliza Shone (c1802-1886) grandniece to Peter O’Loghlen of Clareville House, Burren [The Argus, Melbourne, 9 July 1877 death of John Shone McDonogh]. Peter O’Loghlen of Clareville died 13 September 1823 [Connaught Journal, Galway 18 September 1823; Westmeath Journal, 25 September 1823].

1752. Will of Fr Patrick McDonogh, coadjutor Bishop of Killaloe, 1739-1752.
The detail of the 1752 Will includes bequests to “His Nephews, Michael, John and Timothy Kerin”.
Michael Kerin is also an Executor, and has a son, Joseph.
All these are still living in 1752.
[Archivium Hibernicum, vol. 3 (1914), pp. 190-92]
It follows that their mother is a daughter of Craven McDonogh, son of Daniel McDonogh of Ballykeel, Kilfenora.

1752. Patrick McDonogh.
Compare, also from 1752, at the Church of Ireland Kilfenora Cathedral, the inscription, “Here lie the remains of Dr Patrick McDonogh son of the above Donaldus and grandson of the Craven ...”: tomb of Donaldus McDonogh and his wife, Maria O’Connor, 1685. [Kilfenora Cathedral, County Clare Library]
Likely, this inscription refers to Fr Patrick McDonogh, and is slightly awry as he seems a son of Cravan McDonogh, and grandson of Daniel McDonogh.

1753. John Kerin born, later vicar of Killury, Kerry.
[Alumni Dublinenses (1924 edition)]
Trinity College, Dublin, 1773.
Ordained Church of Ireland 1781.
Married Kerry 1792. [Clare Jo, 7.6.1792]
Rector of O’Brennan 1798.
Curate, Ardfert 1810.
Vicar of Killury 1818 [J B Leslie, 1940]
Died 1825, Ardfert, Kerry.
Uncle of James Kerin, Surgeon [according to Cameron, History of the Royal College of Surgeons (1886), p 389].
See 1779, 1792, 1809 and 1839.

1754. Will of Michael Moran of Ennis, Doctor in Physic. Among the beneficiaries, “Mary Power, daughter of nephew Dominick Power and Ellinor Kerin”.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract]

1754. Michael Kerin.
Six men appointed to serve as applotters of the town taxes, including Michael Kerin.
“ applot” means, to divide into plots or parts for the purpose of collecting tax.
[Corporation Book of Ennis, pp 179, 415.
Seán Spellissy (1996): The Merchants of Ennis. Page 100]

1756. Michael Kerin.
A jury, that included Michael Kerin, appointed a market jury that included Michael Kerin.
[Corporation Book of Ennis, p 186]

1756. Michael Kerin. Grand Jury member of Ennis Corporation (attended 2 meetings).
[Corporation Book of Ennis, pp 407-414]

1757. Patrick Curtin of Dysart and Patrick Kerin of Corofin, executors of the Will dated July 1757 of Constance Davoren of Currafine.
[George U Macnamara, O’Davorens of Cahermacnaughton, Burren, part 2, p 200 (Limerick, 1912-13), footnote 86.
He saw the Will and mentions its provisions]

1757. John Kerin married Elenor Magrath.
[Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage Licences Bonds Index- Diocese of Killaloe]
Compare 1818, another Kerin/ Magrath marriage

1759. Michael Kerin late of Ennis, merchant. Died after July 1759 and certainly before 5 December 1763 and probably before 1762.
Exchequer Bill, 5 December 1763, involving Francis O’Brien of ?Duira, Clare, Donat O’Callaghan of Kilgory and others in dispute.
Mentions Michael Kerin several times, including-
... until July 1759, at which time Michael Kerin late of Ennis in (Clare), merchant, since deceased ... .
[Thrift Genealogical Abstracts]
Compare 1762.
Not Michael Kerin, shoe maker of Ennis, who died 1801. But might be his father, and might be buried in the family vault at Lifford, compare 1845.
Shoe making amounts to a craft or skilled trade, probably requiring apprenticeship, the sort of calling a merchant might arrange for his son.

1760. See 1752.

1762. Michael Kerin of Ennis, deceased. Bond.
[Diocesan and Prerogative Wills and Administrations- Bonds]
Compare 1759.

1767. Thomas Kerin of Cahermore. Probate.
[Phillimore and Thrift, Index to Irish Wills- Killaloe and Kilfenora Wills]
Thomas Kerin of Cahiremore, deceased. Bond.
[Diocesan and Prerogative Wills and Administrations- Bonds]

1768. Andrew Kerin (originally of Hillsborough, but later of Ballyally/ Ballyala/Balliallia) born.
[Graveyard inscription, Templemaley, Barefield]
Father probably not John Kerin of Ballyala, who died 1799.
Brother (according to Betham) John Kerin of Rockview.
Probable brother James Kerin, Surgeon.
Probably, Jane Kerin (who married Andrew Enright/ Enraght in 1799), is not their sister due to anomalies that arise if she was, but might be a close relation.

1768. Patrick Kerin of Corofin, gent.
[Catholic Qualification and Conversion Rolls, 1701-1845, May 1768 via Findmypast.
James Frost, History of Clare (1893), pp 632-35: List of people belonging to Clare who were converts from Popery to the Protestant religion 1702-1789. Abstracted from the Convert Rolls in the Public Records Office, Dublin (before it burnt down)]
See 1773.

1768. Terence Kerin Esq, residence City of Dublin, land at Glenoughleragh, Clare.
[Voters and Freeholders of county Clare, 1768, county Clare Library]
See Terence Kerin bc1696 on WikiTree.
See 1734.

1769. Deed dated 5 January 1769, registered 11 January 1769, between Terence Kerin and Edmond Armstrong, recited that Terence Kerin was seized in fee of 92 acres of the lands of Nooan, subject to a yearly rent payable to the Earl of Inchiquin.
[Landed Estates Court Rentals, 1857, pertaining to the tenancy of Nathaniel Kerin in 1857 of lands of Nooan or Inowen, Ruan]
Evidently, this land was held in fee granted earlier than 1769 to Terence Kerin, Perhaps this descended from Terence Kerin bc1696 to Edmond Kerin who died 7 June 1849, and then to Nathaniel Kerin, suggesting a family relationship.
See 1864.
Plainly, this family held other land in fee but we have not found whereabouts.

1770. John Kerin of Kilsborough, 7 September 1770, Ennis assizes.
[Catholic Qualification Rolls]
Kilsborough might be Hillsborough.

1773. Patrick Kerin.
[Ainsworth, Inchiquin Manuscripts (Rentals and Accounts), 1618; 1619, and 1620. Page 578.]
Patrick Kerin is tenant at three locations, including Cragbrien and Corofin.
The verbiage mentions Dennis Kerin in terms that suggest he is the father of Patrick Kerin, and deceased by 1773.
The verbiage mentions Donough Kerin as if he is a son of Patrick Kerin, living in 1773.
Compare 1742, Cragbrien.
See 1768, 1784, 1785, 1792, Corofin.
Fitzgerald family information suggests that Gerald Fitzgerald of Kilcarragh d1762 and his first wife, Anne Perreau, had a son, Garrett Fitzgerald who married Juliana Kerin, daughter of Patrick Kerin of Corofin.
The original baptism records kept in Clare by the Church of Ireland might show more of this family.

1774. Ellinor Kerin.
Mary Parker, widow and Matthew Ryan Esq., executors of Thomas Parker Esq deceased, Plaintiffs, v. Howlet Parker and Ellinor Kerin, Defendants.
Chancery sale of the lands of Coom-more Barony of Owny and Arra, county Tipperary the estate of the late Thomas Parker.
[Limerick Chronicle, Thursday 6 January 1774]
See Everetta/Uretta Parker, wife of Terence Kerin of Clare and Dublin (the landed Dublin attorney bc 1696).

1774. Ellinor Kerin.
A granddaughter of Terence Kerin, attorney (c1696-1779). Another granddaughter is Elizabeth Kerin.
“ Ellinor Kerin and Elizabeth Kerin, infants, by Terence Kerin, gent, their grandfather, next friend and guardian”.
[Bill entered in Chancery 27 March 1761. Other similar bills in Chancery in 1763, 1768 and 1774]

1775. Jane Kerin, sister in law of Daniel Lysaght late of Ennis whose Will dated 24 December 1775; probate 30 May 1782.
[Betham Genealogical Abstracts 1775]
Compare 1784, Lysaght.

1779. James Kerin, Surgeon, born.
Estimate made well after the event by Cameron.
Maybe James Kerin, Surgeon, born in Clare, rather than Kerry.
[The History of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland by Sir Charles Cameron, published in 1886.]
J.Kerin was born about the year 1779 in the County of Kerry. His father was a farmer and his uncle, the Revd. John Kerin was Rector of Killury in the diocese of Ardfert. His mother was a relation of Sir Colman O’Loughlen, Bart.
See, importantly, 1839.

1779. Dublin.
Died. In Michael’s Lane, Terence Kerin Esq, an eminent attorney.
[Saunders Newsletter, 13 October 1779]
See his entry in WikiTree.

1780. Mrs Kerin’s house, corner of Connell’s Lane.
[Corporation Book of Ennis, p 253]

1780. Timothy Kerin, son of Timothy Kerin farmer, educated by Mr Hare, entered Trinity College Dublin aged 17 years.
[Alumni Dublinenses, p 464]
Though the first edition of Alumni Dublinenses shows Timothy Kerin as father of the student, Timothy Kerin, the handwritten entry gives John Kerin as the father. The student was prepared for Trinity College by Rev Patrick Hare of Cashel, Tipperary, as to whom see WikiTree. Perhaps this John Kerin was a son of Terence Kerin, gent, the “Landed Dublin Attorney”, and this Timothy Kerin a grandson. Granddaughters, as known so far, were Ellinor and Elizabeth. Very likely, Timothy Kerin was a younger son of John Kerin, farmer. The content of Terence Kerin’s Will (made in 1771) does not militate against this understanding, having regard to the rules of primogeniture as applicable to Protestants in Ireland.

1780. John Kerin.
We the undersigned subscribers ... Long list of names, including (of Inchiquin)-
Thomas Arthur. James Molony, junior. John Arthur. John Kerin. 18 November 1780.
[Dublin Evening News, 2; 7, and 14 December 1780]

1782. Anne Kerin married Charles Jackson.
[Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage Licences Bonds Index- Diocese of Killaloe]

1782. Robert Kerin, son of unnamed lessee.
[Ainsworth, Inchiquin Manuscripts no 1622, page 579]

1784. Hugh O’Loghlen born at Port, son of Colman O’Loghlen and Susanna Finucane.
[Crossle Genealogical Abstracts, Register of Deeds, registered 19 March 1806]
See 1752; 1779; 1789; 1809; 1810; 1818; 1826; 1834; 1839; 1845; 1846; 1898.

1784. Patrick Kerin of Corofin.
Abstract of Will (handwriting difficult to decipher). Names include, Terence McMahon of Dromore. Joseph Kerin of Hillsborough.
Five daughters, Elizabeth; ?Ellen; Margaret; Anna, and Mary Kerin.
Sister, Margaret Kerin.
Daughter?, Bridget Lysaght nee Kerin.
[Crossle Genealogical Abstracts, 1784, drawn from Killaloe Will Book, 1796-1828]
See 1773. Compare 1775, Lysaght. See 1792.

1784. Joseph Kerin, tenant.
Lease dated 9 February 1784, from Robert Crowe and George Crowe to Joseph Kerin for three lives, of whom the tenant is now (in 1851) still living. Lands of Ruanmore and Lissylein, Barony of Inchiquin.
[Landed Estates Court Rentals, 1784]
Compare 1843 and 1851, Lissylein.
See 1851.

1785. Patrick Kerin of Corofin, gent. Probate.
[Sir Arthur Vicars, Index to Prerogative Wills]
See also 1792.

1787. Marriage. At Limerick, Andrew Kerin of Hillsborough, co Clare, Esq to Miss Ellen Powell, daughter of the late John Powell of Cloverville, co Limerick.
[Dublin Evening News, 28 June 1787. Saunders Newsletter, 28 June 1787]
This Andrew Kerin later of Ballyally.
Note re Ellen Powell, wife of Andrew Kerin. A family history of Philip Wilson suggests she was a daughter of John Powell of Cloverville, Limerick (son of Robert Powell of Newgarden, Limerick) and Anne Eyre (daughter of Samuel Eyre and Anne Stratford), who also had another daughter, Anne Powell.
In 1783, Anne Powell married William Fitzgerald of Kilcarragh, Clare, son of Francis Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Comyn, the marriage producing two sons, Francis Fitzgerald (1785-1854), and William Fitzgerald (1789-1872

1787. Andrew Kerin, attorney.
On 1st inst, Andrew Kerin was administered attorney of the Court of Exchequer. [Clare Journal, 22 March 1787. To the same effect, Kings Inns Admissions Papers, p 267]
His brother, John Kerin of Rockview might be the man shown as admitted as attorney of the Court of Exchequer (no date).

1787. Mrs Kerin’s house in Mill Street.
[Corporation Book of Ennis, p 270]

1788. Mrs Kerin’s house in Mill Street.
[Corporation Book of Ennis, p 274]

1788. Michael Kervin (? Kerin), boot and shoe maker, High Street.
[Richard Lucas, Directory, Ennis, 1778; Corporation Book of Ennis, p 405]
Compare 1801.

1789. Andrew; John; Joseph; Michael, and James Kerin.
We the inhabitants of Ennis and its vicinity think it incumbent on us, thus publicly to return our thanks to MCGM & Co for their spirited exertions in running an excellent Coach and good Horses, three times a week, from this town to Ballinasloe, thence to Dublin, and back again ...
Long list of names appended, including-
John Arthur. Walter Arthur. Colman O’Laughlin. Andrew Kerin. John Kerin. Joseph Kerin. John Spellissy. C McDonough MD. Rev M Fitzgerald. Daniel Roughan. Michael Kerin. James Kerin. F Finucane MD. Thomas A Brew. Thomas Lysaght.
(Enright, noticeably absent from list)
[Dublin Evening News, 23 July 1789]
Charles McDonogh MD died c1795, see later in this Timeline.
Rev Michael Fitzgerald (MA, TCD 1783) was principal of the Ennis school from 1782 until his death in 1831.
Dr Francis Finucane died before 1804: cf. Ennis – January 26 1804: Died, Yesterday morning, Mr. Bryan Finucane, son of the late Francis Finucane, of this town, Esq. M.D. [Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser, microfilm, retrieved by Edward O’Loghlen]
The Ennis Fly Coach ran from Mrs O’Laughlin’s, Ennis to Sandy’s Hotel, Smithfield, Dublin [Saunders Newsletter, 20 June 1789]

1789. Mrs Kerin resided in Mill Street.
[Seán Spellissy (1996): The Merchants of Ennis. Page 100]
Compare 1804.

1789. John Cox, bc 1771, Clare, son of Robert entered Trinity College, Dublin having been prepared by Mr Kerin (later, Rector of Killury, Kerry).
[Alumni Dublinenses (first edition)]

1789. James Kerin. Grand Jury member of Ennis Corporation (attended 1 meeting).
[Corporation Book of Ennis, pp 407-414]

1790. James Kerin.
Three men appointed as overseers to repair a pavement, including James Kerin.
[Corporation Book of Ennis, p 280]

1790. James Kerin of Ennis married Miss (Elizabeth) Morony daughter of the late Edmond Morony of Milltown, at St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick on 18 February 1790.
[Ennis Chronicle, 20 December 1790. Ffolliot collection]

1790. Michael Kerin has just returned from Dublin ... draper and grocer.
[Advertisement in Ennis Chronicle 1 November 1790]

1791. Joseph Kerin died.
Saturday last, died after a few days illness Mr Joseph Kerin, eldest son of John Kerin Esq of Ballyally.
[Clare Journal 14 February 1791, and Limerick Chronicle 17 February 1791]
See 1831 (probable sister).

1792. Patrick Kerin of Corofin. Probate.
[Phillimore and Thrift, Index to Irish Wills- Killaloe and Kilfenora Wills]
See also 1784 and 1785.

1792. At Milltown, county Kerry, the Rev John Kerin to Miss Avice Giles, daughter of Thomas Giles, Esq of Milltown.
[Clare Journal, 7 June 1792]
See 1753, 1779, and 1809.
Rev John Kerin of Ardfert probably was born in Clare, in the vicinity of Ennis.

1793. John Kerin of Ballyala.
[Catholic Qualification and Convert Rolls, Ennis session, 3 April 1793 via Findmypast]
This does not mean that John Kerin was a convert from Popery. At the Ennis sessions, Catholic men signed the Qualification Rolls, affirming their Catholic faith, as distinct from the Convert Rolls. Findmypast has merged the Qualification Rolls and the Convert Rolls.

1793. Michael Kerin of Ennis affirmed his Catholic faith.
[Catholic Qualification Rolls, Ennis session, 3 August 1793]
See previous comment.

1795. Charles McDonogh MD, of Ennis.
Perhaps a son or near relation of Anthony McDonagh of Hillsborough, who died 1760 (though no children mentioned in the Will of Anthony McDonagh of Hillsborough).

1795. Charles McDonogh MD of Ennis. Will dated 21 January 1795, Probate 24 August 1799.
Children: Anthony; Lucy Anne; Charles; Mary Anne.
Brothers Andrew and John Kerin. Brother in law Francis McMahon Junior.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract]

1795. Advert: To be sold by auction, by Messrs John and Andrew Kerin at Clonroad Fair Place on the 24th inst, the several horses of the late Charles McDonogh, Esq MD.
[Ennis Chronicle, 17 July 1795]
See 1799 and later references.
Dr Charles McDonogh died in February 1795, aged 37 years, at his house in Jail Street, Ennis [Ennis Chronicle, 2 March 1795]

1796. Death. Died at Corofin after a lingering illness, Mr John Enright.
[Limerick Chronicle 20 July 1796]
See 1799.

1797. James Kerin of Hillsborough (cf Kilsborough 1770) married Honora Thynne, eldest daughter of Jeremy Thynne of Cranaher.
[Ennis Chronicle, 2 March 1797]
James Kerin was living at Cranaher, Ennis in 1814 [according to Leet’s Directory, 1814]. He suicided in 1817, leaving a widow and eight children [ Limerick Gazette, 6 June 1817; Dublin Evening News, 10 June 1817].
Hillsborough, see 1760, 1784, 1797 and 1807. Hillsborough House, in or near Aughrim Kelly, parish of Dysert.
Thynne, see Thyn 1752.

1797. John Kerin died.
Last Saturday at Hillsborough died John Kerin Esq.
See 1760, 1784, 1797 and 1807.

John Kerin, Craggaknock.
Michael Kerin, Janesborough, labourer.
Patrick Kerin, Craggaknock.
[United Irishmen of North West Clare, 1798. List of insurgents]
Compare 1870.

1799. John Kerin, of Ballyally. Probate of his Will granted, leaving what he had to his wife, Mary.
[Betham Genealogical Abstracts, 1799]

1799. Brothers, Andrew Kerin of Ballyally and John Kerin (later of Rockview).
Co-executors of the Will (dated 21 February 1795) of Dr Charles McDonogh MD of Ennis.
[Betham Genealogical Abstracts p126, no 322]
See also 1807.

1799. Jane Kerin married Anthony Enright.
Married yesterday Mr Anthony Enright of Corofin, distiller to Miss Jane Kerin daughter of the late Mr John Kerin of Ballyala.
[Clare Journal 13 December 1799]

Part Two, 1800- 1912.

County Clare
Kerin/ O’Kerin/ OCeirin
Emphasis after 1814 on general vicinity of Ruan and Ennis.

1801. Patrick Kerin.
[Ennis Chronicle, 12th February 1801]
I hereby caution the public not to credit Ann Kerin, orse Curtin, to whom I have been most unfortunately united in wedlock. I have been plundered and despoiled and compelled to thus publicly expose her infamy.
Patrick Kerin
10 Feb.
[Courtesy Mr Peter Beirne, County Clare Library]

1801. Michael Kerin died.
Died last night in Gaol Street after a short illness, Mr Michael Kerin, an eminent shoe maker.
[Clare Journal 7 September 1801]
See 1808.
Perhaps a son of Michael Kerin, merchant, compare 1759.

1804. Mary Kerin of Ennis, widow. Probate.
[Sir Arthur Vicars, Index to Prerogative Wills]
Compare 1789.

1804. Death. Last Friday Mrs Kerin relict of Mr Michael Kerin, late of Jail Street.
[Ennis Chronicle 13 February 1804]
See 1801 and 1808.

1804. Andrew Kerin, Charles Kerin.
Lease dated 28 July 1804, from Thady Macnamara to Andrew Kerin, for three lives, one (remaining) life in being, namely, Charles Kerin. Land known as Clounty Murphy or Cloonty Morrahan, Barony of Islands, situate between Ruan and Crusheen. Tenant: John Enright.
[Landed Estates Court Rentals]
Charles Kerin mentioned again in 1836, maker of affidavit supporting Anthony Enright (son of Anthony Enright and Jane Kerin).
[Kings Inns Admissions Papers, p 154]
Charles Kerin was a son of Andrew Kerin and Ellen Powell- see Will of Nathaniel Bean (husband of Martha Kerin) dated 19 April 1851, proved in London 1 January 1852. Charles was still living in 1851, thus did not drown in 1826.
Compare 1851, Charles Maxwell Kerin (perhaps a different person).

1805. James Kerin of Nuan, near Nutfield. Born about 1737.
[John Ainsworth (ed), Inchiquin Manuscripts (1961), number 1468, pp 491-493] Deponent in Chancery case that dragged on 1772-1805.
Compare 1834.

1805. Marriage. At Limerick, Mr John O’Donnell, victualler, to Miss Kerin, daughter of the late Michael Kerin of Ennis.
[British Newspaper Archive, Saunders Newsletter, 7 August 1805]

1805. John Kerin, first son of Michael Kerin, Ennis, Clare and Mary Spillissey (both deceased). Over 16. Educated Ennis. Affidavit Denis Sampson, Dublin, attorney, October 1805.
[Kings Inns Admissions Papers, p 267]
Spellissy, compare 1789.
Compare 1857.

1806. The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, in September 1806 conferred upon Timothy Kerin of Ireland (no locality given) the degree of Doctor of Medicine “peritonide puerperarum”.
[Caledonian Mercury, 13 September 1806; Saunders Newsletter, 19 September 1806]
Compare 1815, 1824, 1837.

1807. To Be Let.
From the first day of May next
For such term as may be agreed on
The House and Lands of Hillsborough, situate within three miles of Ennis, ..... containing 88 acres ... .
Proposals, in writing to be received by Messrs. Andrew Kerin, Ballyally, John Kerin, Rockview, and Francis McMahon, Junior, Cahirmakerrilla, (Executors of the late Charles McDonogh, M.D.) who will close with a solvent tenant ... .
[Ennis Chronicle, 11 February 1807, retrieved by Declan Barron. See also Ennis Chronicle, 7 March 1807]
See 1799. Compare 1760 and 1794.

1807. John Kerin. Contract for fences and roads, Ennis to Gort.
[Presentments of the Grand Jury, Summer Assizes]

1807. John Kerin of Rockview.
Advert: The two lodges of Sandymount (within one mile of Milltown and five minutes walk of the sea) to be set, by the month, for this season, furnished, and by the year from the first of May next ... Applications to be made to John Kerin Esq, Rockview. July 3, 1807.
Compare 1814, John Kerin of Sandymount, Miltown Malbay.

1807. Death. On Friday last in Mill Street at an advanced age, Mrs Kerin relict of the late Terence Kerin Esq of this town.

1808. John Kerin died.
On Thursday morning in this town Mr John Kerin, son of the late Mr Michael Kerin, shoemaker.
[Ennis Chronicle 16 April 1808]
See 1801.

1809. An executor appointed by the Will of Colman O’Loghlen of Port and Cahirmacrae (near Ennis), dated 29 January 1809, was “my relation Andrew Kerin of Ballyally”.
A trustee was “my relation John Kerin of Rockview”.
Another trustee was “my relation Anthony Enraght of Corofin”, distiller, who married Jane Kerin in 1799.

1809. Death. On Friday last (5 May 1809) at a very advanced age Mrs Kerin (Mary Fitzgerald) the relict of the late Tim Kerin Esq of Curragh in this county, and aunt of the Right Hon James Fitzgerald.
[Ennis Chronicle 10 May 1809.
See also G U Macnamara’s chart of the pedigree of the MacCurtins of Dysert, made in 1898]

1809. Rev John Kerin, Ardfert, Kerry.
At the General Sessions of the Peace held in Tralee, the following persons were found guilty and received sentence:-
Denis Griffin; Margaret Dowling; Patrick Fitzgerald found guilty of assault on the Rev Mr Kerin, at Ardfert (Kerry).
See also 1753, 1779, and 1792.

1810. Andrew Kerin of Ballyally.
Member of the Catholic Emancipation Board along with several others, including Hugh O’Loghlen of Port
[Ennis Chronicle, 1 September 1810]

1810. Peter Kerin of Skikanagh, farmer. Probate.
[Sir Arthur Vicars, Index to Prerogative Wills]
Compare 1814, Skehanagh.
See also 1812, Skahana.

1810. Death. Died yesterday at an advanced age, Mr Peter Kerin of Clare.
[Ennis Chronicle 10 October 1810]
See 1812.

1812. Witnesses to the Will of Robert Crowe of Nutfield (Drumconora), Ennis were Andrew Kerin, Ellen Kerin (wife), and Darby Tuohy: Probate 8 December 1817. [Notes and Queries, Irish Family History, 11 October 1941, p 202]

1812. Death. Died this morning in Limerick, Mr Terence Kerin of Skahana, a young man of excellent character and good disposition, which renders his early death a subject of deep concern to his afflicted friends.
[Ennis Chronicle, 11 July 1812]
Died on Saturday morning at his lodgings in George’s Street Terence Kerin of Skahana, county Clare Esq.
[Limerick Evening Post 15 July 1812]
See also 1810.

1812. Married yesterday, Mr John Laffan Esq, Inspector of Excise for the District of Ennis, to Miss Kerin, daughter of the late Peter Kerin, Esq of Clare.
[Limerick Evening Post, 18 November 1812]
See 1810.

1813. Michael Kerin married Mary McGrath.
Yesterday by the Rev Dean Davine, Mr Michael Kerin, cloth merchant of Church Street to Mary, eldest daughter of John R McGrath Esq of Arthur’s Row (Ennis).
[Clare Journal 1 February 1813. Limerick Gazette, 5 February 1813]
Compare 1757.

1813. Rockview/ McDonough: Married on Tuesday last at Rockview, co Clare, Luke Rowe of (Limerick) to Miss Mary Ann McDonough, daughter of the late Anthony McDonough of Ennis, M.D.,
[Limerick Evening Post, 1 May 1813]
Perhaps daughter of Dr Charles McDonogh (rather than Dr Anthony McD).

1814. Andrew Kerin of Ballyally.
[Ambrose Leet, Directory to market towns, 1814]

1814. John Kerin of Rockview.
[Leet’s Directory 1814]

1814. Mrs Kerin of Skehanagh/ Skehana, nearest post town Ennis.
[Leet’s Directory 1814]
Probably widow of Peter Kerin, probate 1810.

1814. Austin Kerin of Kilcaragh, Ennistymon.
[Leet’s Directory, 1814]

1814. John Kerin of Sandymount, Miltown Malbay.
[Leet’s Directory, 1814]

1814. John Kerin of Toureen, Ennis.
[Leet’s Directory, 1814]

1814. James Kerin of the Royal College of Surgeons living at South Great Georges Street, Dublin.
[JW Stewart, Gentleman’s and Citizens Almanac, 1814]
Still there in 1818.
[Treble Almanac, 1818]

1814. Mary Kerin (daughter of Andrew Kerin and Ellen Powell) married William Davoren (son of Rev Michael Davoren d1810 and Rebecca Hunt. Entered TCD 1801, aged 19 years, educated by his father. BA 1808. Later, Vicar of Kiltoraght and Clooney, diocese of Kilfenora, Clare.)
[Alumni Dublinenses. Rev Michael Davoren, see WikiTree]
[Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage Licences Bonds Index- Diocese of Killaloe. G U Macnamara, The O’Davorens of Cahermacnaghten, Burren, part two, p 200]
See 1873.

1814. Andrew Kerin.
Fee farm grant dated 29 June 1814, from Thomas Turner and Barbara, his wife, to Andrew Kerin, for ever. Part of lands of Ballyhee (locally known as Dromdart or “The Eleven Acres”), Barony of Upper Bunratty. Tenant: John Enright, representative of Andrew Kerin.
[Landed Estates Court Rentals]
Ballyhee (Dromdart) in Templemaley, see 1822.
Compare Ballyhee in 1845-
John Enright, Templemaley House. Same at Ballyaly alias Clounteen and Ballyhee. Freeholder, £50, re-registry.
[Applications to register Freeholders at Ennis Sessions, 14 October 1845, reported in Clare Journal]

1815. Timothy Kerin MD of Ennis.
Witness to the Will of Martin O’Brien of Ennis.
[Crossle Genealogical Abstracts]
See 1824 and 1837.

1815. Died on Saturday evening Mrs Kerin, relict of the late Mr Thomas Kerin of Gortnaboul.
See 1877, Gortnaboul. See also probate of the Will of Thomas Kerin of Gortnaboul in Diocesan and Prerogative Wills and Administrations, 1816.

1815. Mr. Kerin will set Ballyally.
[Ennis Chronicle, 4 January 1815]
Note: There seem three Kerin families associated with Ballyally:
1. John Kerin of Ballyala, who was living in 1793 but was “the late” John Kerin of Ballyala when his daughter, Jane married Anthony Enright in 1799, and who had at least two other children, Joseph d1791, and a daughter d1831.
2. Andrew Kerin of Ballyally (1768-1831) and his family (identified). His father remains unidentified but was not the previous John Kerin of Ballyala.
3. John Kerin of Rockview, who was a brother of Andrew Kerin of Ballyally.

1815. Death. At Laccarhue in this county, Mr Thomas Kerin.
[Clare Journal, 16 March 1815]
Is Laccarhue known also as Gortnaboul? or Kilfenora? or somewhere else?

1815. Yesterday, Mr John Roughan of this town to Miss Kerin, daughter of Mr Thomas Kerin of Kilfenora.
[Clare Journal, 12 July 1815 (?1813)]
Compare 1884. Roughan, compare 1789.

1817. Susan Kerin, born in Clare. Parents not stated.
She went to North America in 1849, and lived most of the time in Connecticut until 1854, when she went to Dubuque, Iowa. There, in 1862, she married P M O’Keefe (bc1817, Cork), a Catholic.
[Extracted by Cathy Joynt Labath of Iowa from Historical and Biographical Records of Black Hawk county, Iowa, 1886 and donated to the County Clare Library]

1817. Married on Friday last at Corofin, Lieutenant Wilkinson, 88th regiment, to Miss Kerin, daughter of Andrew Kerin Esq of Ballyally, Clare.
[Limerick Evening Post, 20 January 1817]
See 1820. No trace found of Wilkinson.
At least one child, Ellen Martha Wilkinson bc 1819, who married Peter Carthew in England 1846, and died England 1859 perhaps without children.

1818. John Kerin of Rockview, creditor of Michael Dalton.
[Dublin Evening Post, 22 January 1818]
Note: In about 1829, Hugh O’Loghlen (1784-1849) purchased Rockview, about 60 acres and house. [advertisement in Limerick Evening Post, 24 March 1829]. Rockview remained in the O’Loghlen family until sold in 1924. Possibly, John Kerin of Rockview might have died about 1829, his death perhaps leading to the sale.

1820. Died at Ballyally, the seat of her father Andrew Kerin Esq, the lady of Capt Wilkinson, 88th regiment.
See 1817.
[Ennis Chronicle, 15 July 1820]

1820. Advert: Michael Kerin, woollen, linen, hosiery and hat warehouse, Ennis.
[Ennis Chronicle, 1 March 1820]

1821. [Sunday Halfpenny Collection, Barefield Catholic Church, parishes of Doora and Kilraghtis]
Collectors include Anthony Enraght; John Kerin; Rev David Kenny PP; Andrew Kerin (senior); Andrew Kerin (junior); Joseph Enright.

1822. Catherine Kerin.
Tenant at Kildysart, representative of Patrick Kerin, Bindon Scott to Patrick Kerin. Lease dated 2 May 1822, for the lives of John Kerin (dead), Mary Kerin (gone to America) and Edward Guinnane (dead) or 31 years ... .
[Landed Estates Court Rentals]
Catherine Kerin still a tenant in 1843 at the same place.
[Landed Estates Court Rentals, 1843]

1822. Tithe Applotment Books, 1822-1837. Very many people with surnames, Keran, Kerin, Kerrin. These are only a few of them-
Dr K, of Arthur’s Row, Ennis.
Michael K, of Church Street, Ennis.
Andrew K, of various lands in Templemaley (including Ballyhee and Dromdart, see 1814).
John K, of Ballymacrogan, Ruan.
N K, of Nouen, Ruan.
Nath (Nathaniel) K, of Nouen, Ruan.
Mrs Mary K, of Lissiline, Kilmacreehy.
Michael K, of Acres, Drumcreehy.

1823. Bridget (Biddy) Kerin, born county Clare, location otherwise unknown. Parents unknown.
[Passenger list, Barque David Malcolm. 226 passengers from Plymouth to South Australia departed 2 January 1854. Captain Alexander Sinclair, including- Bridget (Biddy) Kerin bc 1823, farm servant from county Clare]

1824. Andrew Kerin.
Subscriber to book.
[Patrick O’Kelly, The Aonian Kaleidoscope; or, A collection of original poems (Cork, 1824). List of subscribers]

1824. Michael Kerin of Church Street was an agent of the Patriotic Fire and Life Office in 1824. This may well have been the same Michael Kerin who was listed as a linen and woollen draper in Church Street.
[Seán Spellissy (1996): The Merchants of Ennis. Page 100. Pigot’s Directory, 1824]

1824. Timothy Kerin was a Physician in Arthur's Row.
[Seán Spellissy (1996): The Merchants of Ennis. Page 100. Pigot’s Directory, 1824]
See 1806, 1815 and 1837.

1826. Drowning of two unnamed sons of Andrew Kerin of Ballyally and of Colman O’Loghlen son of the late Colman O’Loghlen, and of his servant, on Dromore Lake, Ennis.
[Dublin Evening Post, December 1826]
Perhaps his son, Andrew Kerin, was one of those drowned.

1827. Jane Kerin (daughter of Andrew Kerin and Ellen Powell) married Robert Ledger.
[Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage Licences Bonds Index- Diocese of Killaloe]
On Monday morning last, in Clare Church, by the Rev Frederick Blood, Robert Ledger of Limerick, Esq to Jane, daughter of Andrew Kerin of Ballyally.
[Ennis Chronicle, 24 October 1827. Dublin Morning Register, 27 October 1827]
This Jane Kerin died in September 1845, at Templemaley House, the residence of her brother in law, John Enright (who married Catherine Kerin in 1829).
[Clare Journal, 29 September 1845]

1829. Catherine Kerin (daughter of Andrew Kerin and Ellen Powell) married John Enright (of Templemaley).
[Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage Licences Bonds Index, Diocese of Killaloe]
See 1831, 1882 and 1884.

1831. Death. At Cappa, Miss Kerin daughter of the late John Kerin of Ballyalla, County Clare, Esq.
[Limerick Chronicle, 5 March 1831]
Miss Kerin, Cappa, the seat of Anthony Enright, daughter of the late John Kerin of Ballyala.
[Tipperary Clans Archive, from the Ennis Chronicle about March, 1831]
This Miss Kerin was, it seems, a sister of Jane Kerin who married Anthony Enright in 1799, and a sister of Joseph Kerin who died 1791.
Cappa: In 1798, John Gregg (later Bishop of Cork) was born at Cappa, one of many children of Barbara Fitzgerald, sister of the Prime Serjeant. He was educated in Ennis at Stephen O’Halloran’s Classical Academy. He described himself as ‘the orphan child of the only protestant family in one of the obscurest parishes in the most neglected county in Ireland’ (Gregg, 15).

1831. Andrew Kerin died.
At the residence of his son in law, Robert Ledger of Glenview, near Limerick.
[Limerick Chronicle, 17 August 1831. Clare Journal, 18 August 1831. Ennis Chronicle,” August 1831]
Buried at the Templemaley graveyard, “Died on 4 August 1831 Andrew Kerin Esq aged 63 years ...”.
[Inscription recorded by Mary Kearns and Edel Greene]
Probate of Will, 1835.
His wife, Ellen Powell, died in 1849, at Templemaley House.
[Clare Journal, 1 October 1849. Freeman’s Journal, 4 October 1849]
Templemaley House was “the seat of her son in law” (John Enright), according to the Clare Journal of 1 October 1849.
See 1829, 1882 and 1884, Catherine Kerin.
The 1901 census shows Mrs Jane Rumley (nee Powell) aged 81 years, born Rathkeale, Limerick living at 3 Woburn Place, Cork with her sister Elizabeth D Powell aged 73 years, born Limerick City, and cousin Frances Kerin aged 84 years, born Ardfert, Kerry (daughter of Rev John Kerin)- yet another indication that Andrew Kerin and Surgeon James Kerin were brothers and that Rev John Kerin of Ardfert was their uncle.

1832. Connor Kerin.
Baptism, 2 August 1832. Son of John Kerin and Nance Fitzgerald.
[Baptisms, Doora and Kilraghtis, Diocese of Killaloe]
Compare 1841.

1833. James Kerin, of Moymore.
Legal Notice, Revenue Exchequer.
The Rev Wm. Hadlock, Custodee, Plaintiff; James Kerin, Defendant.
The letting of lands at Moymore.
Richard Scott, attorney, Dublin, for the plaintiff. [Clare Journal, 7 March 1833, courtesy Mr Peter Beirne]

1833. Died: Yesterday, in the prime of life, of decline, Miss Mary Kerin, daughter of the late Mr Michael Kerin, of this town. A young lady of the gentlest disposition, and deservedly loved by her family and friends. [Clare Journal, 7 March 1833, courtesy Mr Peter Beirne]

1833. Death. Last night, in Ennis, Miss Kerin, sister to Michael Kerin, Esq of Church Street.
[Limerick Evening Post, 8 March 1833]

1834. Death. In Ennis, at an advanced age, Miss Mary Kerin,
[Limerick Chronicle, 21 May 1834]

1834. At his house, Miltown Malbay, Mrs Kerin, wife of J Kerin Esq.
[Limerick Chronicle, 24 September 1834]

1834. James Kerin of Nuan.
[Abstract of the Deeds enrolled in Chancery 1834-1839, dated 12th Dec 1834] between James Kerin of Nuan and Malachy O'Loghlen of Viewmount (Crusheen), a cousin of Colman O’Loghlen who died 1810, and of his sons Hugh O’Loghlen of Port who died 1849 and Michael O’Loghlen of Dublin and Dromconora (Nutfield) who died 1842.
12th December 1834 (not verbatim)-
James Kerin of Nuan, Co. Clare of one part. Malachy O’Loghlen of Viewmount Co. Clare one part.
Wherby said Kerin for the purpose of docking, barring and destroying all estates tail and in consideration of 50 / so? Granted, released and confirmed to Malachy O’Loghlen, to farm and lands of Nuan, Owen, Owennoughtleragh called Grotly and Kileennoughtleragh in the parish of Dysart, Inchiquin in Co. Clare. To hold in trust to the use of said James Kerin, his heirs and assigns for ever Inrolled? 12th Dec 1834 p.17.
Compare 1805.
1837. James Kerin married Ellan Conway, parish of Newmarket on Fergus, Diocese of Killaloe. [Catholic parish marriages]
1837. At his house in Arthur’s Row, Ennis at an advanced age, on Saturday, after a long and tedious illness, T (Timothy) Kerin Esq MD. [Limerick Chronicle, 18 January 1837]
1837. Timothy Kerin, MD of Ennis. Probate.
[Diocesan and Prerogative Wills]
See 1815 and 1824.

1839. Michael Kerin, son of Michael Kerin of Ennis, cloth merchant, admitted as attorney?, or ?commenced his training. Educated at Ennis College. Affidavit of his father.
[Kings Inns Admissions Papers, p 267]
See his father in 1824.
Michael Kerin, Attorney, of Ennis married Marcella Arthur of Ennis on 28 August 1850, witnessed by Frederick Kerin and Cath Arthur; parish of Drumcliffe.
See 1844, 1846 and 1852.
Arthur, compare 1780 and 1789.

1839. “Surgeon Kerin appointed Physician to the Irish Constabulary is a near relative of the Master of the Rolls (Michael O’Loghlen). Mr Kerin is nephew to the late Rev John Kerin, Rector of Killury, Kerry.”
[Limerick Chronicle, 26 October 1839]
See 1779, 1814 and 1842.
James Kerin (c1779-1848), surgeon, President Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland 1833, married (1840) Catherine Staunton (daughter of Michael Staunton of Clare, sister of Michael Staunton the Dublin newspaper man and Lord Mayor, Dublin) died in Dublin, leaving no children.

1839. Surgeon Kerin: Constabulary appointment.
The following paragraph from the Dublin Evening Mail:-
“ Surgeon Kerin has been appointed to the medical office created by the Constabulary Act of the last session.
He is no politician, and as he has filled a similar situation for many years in the General Post Office department, with advantage to the public, we must admit that the appointment is a good one.”
The appointment is an excellent one. There cannot be a better man- in every sense of the word- than Mr Kerin. The Mail is unusually candid, which is the more to be admired in this instance- seeing that the gentleman is a Catholic, and a friend and kinsman of Sir Michael O’Loghlen. Appointments have been made, occasionally, in the police which the Mail found little difficulty praising; but it is very rare indeed for that Journal to commend an appointment so justly acceptable to the public as that of Surgeon Kerin.
[Morning Chronicle, 22 October 1839]

1841. John Kerin baptised, son of Michael Kerin and Nancy Fitzgerald.
[Parish of Doora and Kilraghtis baptism]
Michael Kerin seems a son of a Kerin of Ruan, having regard to the location of the baptism.
Compare 1832.

1842. Surgeon (James) Kerin, a pallbearer at the Dublin leg of the funeral for Sir Michael O’Loghlen.
[Freeman’s Journal, 6 October 1842. Derry Journal, 11 October 1842]
See 1814 and 1839.

1842. James Kerin, of Nuan.
Will dated 1835 lodged for probate.
[Diocesan and Prerogative Wills and Administrations]

1843. Occupiers.
N Kerin Esq, Nouen, Ruan.
Nath(aniel) Kerin, Nouen, Ruan.
John Kerin, Esq, Lissiline.
John Kerin Esq, Ballymacrogan, Ruan.
[Tithe Applotment Books. Occupiers in parish of Ruan, April 1843]
No Kerin occupier in parish of Dysert.
Compare 1822.
See also 1848 and 1852.

1844. Michael Kerin, Junior, admitted as an attorney of the Court of Exchequer, and a member of the Honourable Society of Queen’s Inns.
Two others admitted, William Armstrong of Enniskillen, and John Francis Fitzgerald, eldest son of William Fitzgerald, Dame Street.
[Freeman’s Journal, 22 June 1844]
See 1839.

1844. Michael Kerin.
Wyndham Canal subscribers include Michael Kerin £5, and Hugh O’Loghlen of Port £5.
[Clare Journal, 30 December 1844]

1845. Death of Michael Kerin, Cloth Merchant.
With no ordinary feeling of regret, we this day record the demise in Dublin of our much respected fellow townsman, Mr Michael Kerin, Cloth Merchant ... He has left a fondly affectionate wife, and numerous family, to mourn his removal. His remains are expected to reach Ennis tomorrow, for interment in his family burial place, Lifford.
[Clare Journal, 19 June 1845]
Father of Michael Kerin, Attorney and grandfather of Frederick George Kerin, solicitor, and others (cf paper on family of Michael Kerin, cloth merchant, in the Local Studies Centre, Ennis).

1845. Burial of Michael Kerin (Cloth Merchant).
Ennis Petty Sessions, Friday. The Magistrates, Capt R M Leyne and Marcus Keane, adjourned the Crown cases, “observing that it was the least compliment that could be paid to the memory of Mr Michael Kerin, a deserving and highly respected inhabitant”.
[Clare Journal, 23 June 1845]
See 1849.

1845. Galway and Ennis Grand Junction Railway Petitioners, include-
Fergus Kerin, gentleman.
John Kerin, Cloth Merchant.
Michael Kerin, Leather warehouse.
John Kearin, Boot and shoe maker.
Hugh O’Loghlen JP, Magistrate, of Port.
Hugh O’Loghlen, Junior.

1846. Catherine and Margaret Kerin taught in the National Infants' School in Chapel Lane.
[Seán Spellissy (1996): The Merchants of Ennis. Page 100. Slater’s Directory, 1846]

1846. Michael Kerin of Church Street was an attorney, a linen draper and haberdasher, and an agent for an assurance company, the Patriotic. He was still practising law ten years later and promoting Patriotic Assurance; was a land agent and had moved to the Causeway.
[Seán Spellissy (1996): The Merchants of Ennis. Page 100]

1846. John Kerin, of Arthur’s Row, Ennis.
[Slater’s Directory, 1846]

1846. Death. Yesterday, in Corofin, Honora, relict of the late James Kerin of Cranaher. [Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser, 1 June 1846]
See 1797.

1846. Marriage. On Tuesday, Martin O’Donnell, Esq of Limerick to Catherine, daughter of the late Michael Kerin, Esq, Ennis.
[Tipperary Free Press, 29 April 1846]

1846. Marriage. At Ennis, Francis M Higgins of ?Scaf..., co Galway, to Maria, daughter of the late Michael Kerin, Esq.
[Dublin Weekly Nation, 18 July 1846]

1846. John Kerin and Michael Kerin, of Burren, Clare.
Cesspayers in Burren, Clare include John Kerin of Abbey; Michael Kerin of Acres.
Others include Peter O’Loughlin of Newtown (only son of Charles O’Loghlen of Newtown) and Michael Curtin of Muckinish.
See 1850 and 1863.

1846. Ellen Kerin, entered nunnery.
Reception at the Convent of Mercy. On Thursday morning last, the beautiful and impressive ceremony of the Reception of a Sister took place at the Convent of Mercy in this city (Limerick?). The young lady received on this occasion was Miss Ellen Kerin, daughter of the late Michael Kerin, Esq, of Ennis. (Long description follows).
[Limerick and Clare Examiner, 17 October 1846]

1848. Anne Kerin, died. Eldest daughter of the late Michael Kerin of Ennis.
[Cork Examiner, 21 April 1848]

1848. Mick Kerin of Inchiquin and Nathaniel Kerin of Ruan.
[William Smith O’Brien petition]

1848. Assistant Surgeon F Kerin, 88th, son of the late John Kerin of Ennis is transferred to the Royal Horse Guards Blue.
Assistant Surgeon F Kerin not otherwise traced.
[Limerick Chronicle, 11 October 1848]

1849. Death of Mrs Mary Kerin (nee Magrath).
In Church Street, (Ennis) on 22nd inst, Mary, relict of the late Michael Kerin, Esq.
[Clare Journal, 25 October 1849]
Mrs Kerin died at Ennis, wife of Michael Kerin.
[Freeman’s Journal 27 October 1849- Tipperary Clans Archive]
See 1813 and 1845.

1849. Edmond Kerin died 7 June 1849. Primary beneficiary, Nathaniel Kerin.
[Calendar of Wills and Administrations]

1849. Ellen Kerin nee Powell.
On Thursday last, at Templemaley House the seat of her son in law, Ellen, relict of the late Andrew Kerin of Ballyaly, Esq.
[Clare Journal, 1 October 1849]

1850. Marriage of Fergus Curtin and Mary Kerin, at New Quay.
Witnesses: John Kerin and Timothy Kerin.
Compare 1862. See 1863.

1850. Michael Kerin of Ennis, Receiver of Estates.
[Landed Estates Court Rentals, 1850]

1850. Michael Kerin, Attorney, of Ennis married Marcella Arthur of Ennis.
See 1839 for details.

1851. Joseph Kerin, tenant at Ruanmore or Lissylein since 1784.
See 1784.

1851. Rev Joseph Kerin died.
[Clare Journal, 10 November 1851]
Death. At Leeds, the Rev Joseph Kerin, a native of Clare.
[Courtesy Mr Peter Beirne, County Clare Library]
Joseph Kerin was curate at Kilarnor, Diocese of Killaloe, in 1836.
[Catholic Church Directories]
Rev Joseph Kerin (if the same person as above) was a brother of Charles Maxwell Kerin, and performed the ceremony when CMK married, at Tarna, co Mayo, Mary, only daughter of Edward Skerrett late of Drumgriffin, Galway, on 22 July 1839.
[Clare Journal, 5 August 1839. The Pilot, Dublin, 31 July 1839]
Mary Skerrett died November 1853, leaving six children.
[Waterford Mail, 19 November 1853. Roscommon and Leitrim Gazette, Boyle, 26 November 1853]
CMK married, secondly, Jane Roger, eldest daughter of the late Edward Roger, JP, of Kilkenny in 1866. At least two children of this marriage.
[Newry Times, 1 November 1866]
CMK was a peripatetic member of the Irish Constabulary, and died in Dublin on 1 May 1888.
[The Northern Whig, 3 May 1888. The People, Wexford, 5 May 1888]
Rev Joseph Kerin (if the same person as above) was a brother of Marcella Kerin, who died (unmarried, it seems) aged 61 years in 1863 at the residence of her brother, Charles Maxwell Kerin, Tullamore.
[Clare Journal, 23 February 1863. Cork Examiner, 24 February 1863]
Perhaps this is not a Clare family.

1851. John Davoren, son of Patrick Davoren and Bridget Kerin. Caherconnell, Burren.
[Census search forms, 1851]

1851. Will of Nathaniel Bean (husband of Martha Kerin) dated 19 April 1851, proved in London 1 January 1852.
Nathaniel Bean died 13 December 1851, at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.
Principal beneficiary, his wife. Various bequests to (among others) his wife’s brother, Charles Kerin, his wife’s sisters, Mary Davoren and Catherine Enright, and his wife’s niece, Ellen Martha Carthew (nee Wilkinson, bc 1819).
No children mentioned in the Will.
See 1870.

1852. Cornelius Kerin, of Lislorkan and Ballysteen, farmer.
(See a Cornelius Kerin of Lislarkin in the Electoral Register, 1860.)
Will, dated 4 January 1852. Names include-
Honoria, his wife.
Andrew, his son.
John, his son.
[Limerick Will Books]
Compare 1885, Lislorkan/ Lislarkin. Are these duplicates with different dates?

1852. Patrick Kerin married Mary Neylan, parish of Ruan, Diocese of Killaloe.
[Catholic parish marriages]

1852. John Kerin died.
[Limerick Chronicle, 10 July 1852]
Death. At Ballymacrogan, county Clare, after a few days illness, John Kerin, Esq, aged 83.
[Courtesy Mr Peter Beirne, County Clare Library]
[Death reported, also, in Clare Journal of 19 May 1852 and either the Limerick Reporter or the Tipperary Vindicator of 13 July 1852, according to Tipperary Clans Archive]
Ballymacrogan borders Nuan.
Compare 1688- same townland of Ballymacrogan, perhaps occupied by Kerin families for over 150 years.
Compare 1843 and 1858.
No Kerin living at Ballymacrogan in 2022, or during recent decades, according to Frances O’Halloran of Ruan.

1852. Death of Mrs Canny.
[Limerick Chronicle, 20 October 1852]
At the house of Mrs Kerin, Clongarriffe Cottage, co. Clare, Mrs Canny.
Clare Journal, 25 October 1852

1852. Birth. At Ennis, the wife of Michael Kerin Esq, solicitor, of a son.
[Limerick Chronicle, 15 December 1852. Cork Examiner, 17 December 1852.]

1853. Death. On the 3rd instant, at Ennis, Frederick Arthur, eldest son of Michael Kerin, Esq (and Marcella Arthur).
[Clare Journal, 6 January 1853]
As to a later son, Frederick George Kerin, see 1898.

1853. Marriage. Mr Michael Hynes, New Quay, to Miss Kerin, eldest daughter of Mrs Kerin, Clonugarane, County Clare.
[Limerick Chronicle, 12 February 1853]

1853. Marriage. Thomas Kerin of Finavarra Cottage to Miss Glynn, daughter of Mr John Glynn of Fahy, County Clare.
[Limerick Chronicle, 12 May 1853]
His spouse seems Margaret Glynn, see 1885.
Compare 1912.

1853. Marriage. Yesterday morning, at Ennis Church, by the Rev Mr Tatton, John Petty Esq, CE and nephew to John Hill Esq, County Surveyor, to Therese, daughter of the late Michael Kerin Esq of this town.
[Clare Journal, 20 October 1853]

1854. Marriage. At Broadford Church, on Tuesday, by the Rev. Mr. French, John Kerin, Esq., of this town, to Kate, eldest daughter of the late John Bentley, Esq., Kilkerry, in this County.
[Clare Journal, 16 February 1854]

1854. Birth. At Ennis, the Lady of Michael Kerin Esq, of a daughter.
[Limerick Chronicle, 9 December 1854]

1855. Birth. In Ennis, Mrs John Kerin, of a daughter. [Limerick Chronicle, 28 February 1855]

1855. Birth. In Ennis, Mrs John Kerin, of a daughter.
[Limerick Chronicle, 28 December 1855]

1855. Miss Powell, sister of Ellen Kerin nee Powell.
At the residence of John Enright, Esq, Templemaley House, Miss Powell at an advanced age.
[Clare Journal, October 1855]

1855. Michael Kerin, Esq, Ennis was a subscriber to the book, written by John D’Alton, King James Army List, 1689 (1855 edition).

1855. Baptism. Nathaniel Kerin, son of Nathaniel Kerin and Ellen Arthur. Sponsor, Charlotte Kerin.
Compare 1839, Marcella Arthur and Cath Arthur.
1857. In Ennis, the Lady of John Kerin, Esq., of a daughter. [Limerick Chronicle, 11 July 1857]
1857. On the 17th inst. At Church-street, Ennis, the wife of John Kerin Esq., solicitor, of a son. [Limerick Chronicle, 19 August 1857]
Compare 1805.

1858. Aary Kerin baptism, child of Michael Kerin and Margaret Byrt.
[Catholic baptisms]

1858. Listed as Ennis Jurors, summer assizes:
John Kerin, Esq., Ballymacrogan, Ruan.
Michael Kerin, Esq. J. P., Ennis.
[Courtesy, Edward O’Loghlen]
See 1852.

1858. Peter Kerin (1840-1917) of Ballyvaughan emigrated to South Australia aboard the ship “Lady Ann”, married Mary Hill in 1864, and settled near Kapunda. They had ten children, seven of whom survived in 1917.
[The Register (Adelaide), 6 September 1917]

1859. Andrew Kerin married Kate Walsh, 5 March 1859.
[Kilfenora marriages]

1859. Timothy Kerin married Susan O’Brien, 7 March 1859.
[Kilfenora marriages]

1860. Catherine Kerin married Michael Hogan, on 17 February 1860.
[Catholic parish marriages, Caher Feakle, Killaloe]

1860. Nathaniel Kerin, house and land at Nooan.
[Electoral Register, Clare]

1861. Birth. In Ennis, the wife of Michael Kerin, Esq, of a daughter.
[The Pilot, 30 March 1861- text not accessed]

1861. Supporters of the new Christ Church at Ballynacally (west of Ennis) - 17th February 1861:
Michael Kerin, Esq. J. P., Ennis gave £1.0.0.
John Kerin, Merchant, Ennis gave £1.0.0.
John Kerin gave ten shillings.
Andrew Kerin gave four shillings.
Michael Kerin gave three shillings and sixpence.
[Courtesy, Edward O’Loghlen]

1862. Pat and Bridget Kerin (twins) baptism. Children of John Kerin and Jane O’Brien.
[Catholic baptisms.]

1862. Eliza Mary Kerin, daughter of the late Michael Kerin Esq, married (at Ennis) William Molony, merchant.
[Cork Examiner, 12 February 1862]

1862. Michael Kerin TC, and John Kerin TC. Signatories.
[Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette of 18 May 1862- Departure of Rev Ward]
Post nominal, “TC”, not identified.

1862. Marriage. On Thursday, at New-quay parish chapel, Maryanne, second daughter of Mr John Kerin, of Abbey, to Michael, youngest son of Mr. Michael Curtin, Muckinish. After the ceremony the bridal party proceeded to the hospitable residence of the bride’s father, accompanied by the Marquis of Hastings with his sister, Lady Mary Kirwan, also Sir Thomas Blake, of Menlo Castle: Miss Eden and Mr O’Kelly, with the kind-hearted landlord, John Stratford, Esq, and a numerous train of other friends. A sumptuous dejeuner being provided for the happy occasion, due honours were paid by the hospitable host to his noble guests and other friends. The same distinguished party honoured the hospitable board of the worthy tenants at six o’clock to dinner, and their kindness and condescension to all contributed much to the enjoyments of the bridal party until dancing commenced. – “Clare Journal”
[Dublin Evening Mail, 26 February 1862]
Compare 1846 and 1863.

1862. Marriage. At Kiltoraght Roman Catholic Church, county Clare, Patk. Kerin, Esq, Acres, Ballyvaughan, to Kate Maria, daughter of Daniel O’Brien, Esq, Ballinacarra house, Kilfenora.
[Limerick Chronicle, 13 March 1862]
Compare 1846, Michael Kerin of Acres.

1863. John Kerin, died 26 August 1863.
Primary beneficiary: Fergus Curtin.
Secondary beneficiary: Mary Kerin.
[Calendar of Wills and Administrations.]
See 1850 and 1863, below.

1863. John Kerin of Abbey, farmer died at Abbey 26 August 1863.
[Limerick Will Books, transcribed by Jessica Roode]
(Compare 1846 and 1862)
(See Timothy Kerin of Abbey West, in Burren Electoral Register, 1861)
Persons named in his Will-
Fergus Curtin, brother-in-law & executor, of Muckinish, farmer
Mary Kerin (nee Pepper), 'present' wife & executrix
Timothy Kerin, eldest son & son of Mary Kerin (nee Pepper) and John Kerin
Thomas Kerin, son & son of Mary Kerin (nee Pepper) and John Kerin
Ellen Kerin, daughter of Mary Kerin (nee Pepper) and John Kerin
Michael Kerin, son of John Kerin
Luke Brady
William Brady

1864: Births. On the 5th instant, at Corofin, the wife of Mr. John Kerin, of a daughter. [Clare Journal, 8 August 1864]

1864. Nathaniel Kerin of Nooan, and James Kerin.
Owners and petitioners in the Landed Estates Court. Sale of several parts of the townland of Nooan, otherwise Inowen, 157 acres, held in fee farm subject to yearly rent. Land adjoins demesnes of Dromore and Port, 5 miles from Ennis.
[Clare Freeman, 10 September 1864]
[Distressed Estates Collection, County Clare Library, Local Studies Centre- text not accessed]
This indicates that “Inowen” is interchangeable with Nooan, or part of Nooan, in Ruan. See Owen, Owan, in 1659, 1688, 1704 and 1709. If Owen describes the location, Michael Owaen Kerin in 1729 should be understood as Michael Kerin of Nooan.
Further, this suggests that Kerin families occupied parts of Nooan for 150 years or more.
See 1769.

1864. Thomas Kerin (1832-1916) of Clare emigrated to South Australia aboard the ship “Matilda Atheline”, with his parents, three brothers (Patrick, Michael and John) and a sister. His brothers left, and travelled to Victoria. Thomas married and settled in Mt Gambier, South Australia.
[Border Watch (Mt Gambier), 13 September 1916]

1865. Michael Kerin, JP.
The Unveiling of the OConnell Monument;
'The Most Rev. Dr Power, bishop of Killaloe, presided at the meeting and performed the unveiling ceremony. Sir Coleman O’Loghlen delivered the inaugural oration.
Other speakers including Michael Kerin, J. P.; Marcus Talbot, and M. G. Considine, the last-named moving the vote of thanks to the bishop'.
[Clare Journal, 3 October 1865]
[Courtesy, Edward O’Loghlen]

1865. Death. At New Quay, co. Clare, at the residence of her son-in-law, Michael Hynes, Esq, Mrs Mary Kerin, relict of Thomas Kerin, Esq, Clongaran, Kilfenora. [Limerick Chronicle, 9 November 1865]

1866. Michael Kerin, JP.
Present at the funeral of Stacpoole of Edenvale, who was buried in the family vault at Killone, Abbey.
Chief mourners, Richard Stacpoole (son), and Charles Armstrong (son in law).
[Clare Journal, 11 October 1866]

1867. Killaloe Diocesan College, Honours list, includes-
Kerin, Arthur;
Kerin, Henry;
Kerin, Michael.
[County Clare Library, taken from the Clare Journal, 25 July 1867]
Michael William Kerin (then a student at the College of Physicians, Dublin) was educated at the Killaloe Diocesan College (later, St Flannan’s).
[Clare Journal, 25 January 1872. Freeman’s Journal, 29 January 1872]

1868. Edward Kerin, tenant from year to year at Lifford (near Ennis). The greater area of Lifford held under a fee farm grant, dated 26 September 1712, from Henry, Earl of Inchiquin to Francis Gore.
[Landed Estates Court Rentals, 1868]

1869. Death. On the 23rd inst., in the 49th year of his age, Michael Kerin, Esq, J.P., Roslevan, sincerely and deservedly regretted. [Clare Journal, 24 June 1869]

1870. Death. At Oxford street, Cheltenham, Martha, widow of Colonel Bean, and daughter of the late Andrew Kerin, Esq, Ballyally, county Clare. [Limerick Chronicle, 15 February 1870]
Died 31 January 1870, predeceased by her husband, Nathaniel Bean (d 1851, Cheltenham, England).
Executor, John Enraght of Templemaley House, Clare, her brother-in-law.
Martha Kerin born c1789, Ennis.
No children of this marriage found.
See 1851.

1870. Patrick Kerin of Craggaknock died 15 January 1870 at Craggaknock.
[Limerick Will Books, transcribed by Jessica Roode]
He left an insurance policy, and unexpired interests in various named lands.
Compare 1798.
Persons named in his Will-
Michael Kerin, son & executor, of Lissynealon, farmer
Mary Kerin, wife & executrix, of Cragaknock
Anthony Kerin, son
Martin Kerin, son
Thomas Kerin, son, of America
Bridget Kerin, daughter
Margaret Kerin, daughter
Mary Kerin, daughter
Mathew Kelly Esq, executor, of Cragbrien

1873. Death, Mary Davoren (nee Kerin). On the 29th December, at her residence, Drumcondra, in the 83rd year of her age, Mrs Mary Davoren, relict of the late Rev William H. Davoren, A.M., T.C.D., Vicar of Kiltoraght and Clouney, in the Diocese of Killaloe, County Clare, and daughter to the late Andrew Kerin, Esq, Ballyalla House. [Irish Times, 31 December 1873]
See 1814.

1875. Michael Kerin of Rosslevan, owner (owner of lease). This is Michael Kerin, attorney, son of Michael Kerin, Cloth Merchant. Father (not brother) of F G Kerin, compare 1912.
[Landed Estates Court Rentals, 1875]
[Distressed Estates Collection, County Clare Library, Local Studies Centre- text not accessed]

1877. Mary J Or Mary Kerin, spinster, of Ballingaddy died 6 March 1877, at Gortnaboul.
[Limerick Wills Books, transcribed by Jessica Roode]
Compare 1815, Gortnaboul.
Persons named in her Will-
William Daly, executor, of Ballingaddy, farmer
Edmond Cahill, of Caherbolane, farmer

1880. John Kerin (no location shown) died 19 May 1880. Primary beneficiary, Catherine Kerin.
[Calendar of Wills and Administrations]

1880. Michael William Kerin, LRCSI, LAH, joined the Royal Army Corps as a surgeon. Burma Expedition, 1885-86. South African War, 1899-1900. Colonel M W Kerin in 1909. India. Died 1912, Surgeon General, returning from India.
Married Mary Blake. Census of England, 1901 (not accessed) might show children.

1882. John Enraght, Esq, JP, of Trinaderry died 1 May 1882 at Templemaley, husband of Catherine Kerin (1801-1884).
[Limerick Wills Books, transcribed by Jessica Roode]
The Templemaley lands were 500 acres, within two miles of Ennis, and had been in the possession of John Enright for over 50 years. The lands were advertised, to be let, following his death, in the Clare Freeman and Ennis Gazette of 22 April 1882.
Persons named in his Will-
Andrew Enraght Esq, executor, of Trinnaderry
Alice Enraght, executrix & wife of Andrew Enraght Esq, of Trinnaderry

1884. Catherine Kerin (Mrs John Enright) died at The Grange, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire:
At the residence of her son, Andrew Enright Esq JP, Catherine, the widow of John Enright Esq JP, Templemaley, Ennis, co Clare, and third daughter of Andrew Kerin Esq of Ballyalla, Ennis, co Clare, aged 83 years.
[unidentified Limerick newspaper, about 16 February 1884]
See 1829, 1831 and 1882.
Not long afterwards, Andrew Enright seems to have lost money on the London Stock Exchange such that he was obliged to sell assets in Clare, including Trinaderry House, Barefield:
“ lands of Trinaderry which, until recently were the property of Mr Andrew Enright, were purchased in the Landed Estates Court a few months ago by Mr John Cahir of Ennis for £800”. [The Catholic Standard, 10 October 1885, p 3, a Catholic diocesan newspaper in Philadelphia, USA]
However, Andrew Enright also owned land of a similar name in the Crusheen electoral district.
A daughter of Andrew Enright, perhaps named at birth Catherine Alice Enright born at Templemaley House c1870, emigrated to California, married and, known as Kathleen Alice Averill, was a founder in 1923 of Averill-Morgan Co Inc, cleaners and dyers. She died in Los Angeles in 1957, leaving no children.

1884. Thomas Kerins of Kilfenora, farmer, died 18 May 1884 at Kilfenora.
[Limerick Wills Books, transcribed by Jessica Roode]
Compare 1815.
Persons named in his Will-
Catherine Kerins, wife & executrix, of Kilfenora

1884. Michael Kerin of Moymore, gent, died 3 July 1884, at Moymore.
[Limerick Wills Books, transcribed by Jessica Roode]
Moymore probably in Ruan.
Persons named in his Will-
Catherine Kerin, wife & executrix, of Moymore
Jane Cahill, executrix & wife of Charles S Cahill, of Moymore

1885. Thomas Kerin of Penelope Cottage (Finavarra), farmer, died 1 August 1885.
[Limerick Wills Books, transcribed by Jessica Roode]
Persons named in his Will-
Margaret Kerin, wife & executrix, of Penelope Cottage (Finivara).
See 1853 (marriage).

1885. Cornelius Kerin of Lislorkan, farmer, died 8 February 1885 at Lislorkan/ Lislarkin.
[Limerick Wills Books, transcribed by Jessica Roode. Calendar of Wills and Administrations]
Compare 1852, Lislorkan.
Perhaps a son of Patrick Kerin and Miss Brew, who married c1806 (no reference for the marriage).
Perhaps Cornelius and Honoria Kerin had a daughter, who married William Blood.
Persons named in his Will-
Honoria Kerin, wife & universal legatee, of Lislorkan

1885. Andrew Enright, owner, petitioned the High Court, Chancery division. Auction, 3 July 1885, regarding various lands including Trinaderry, 190 acres with mansion house, and Cloonteen, known as Templemaley, 175 acres with mansion house.
[Landed Estates Court Rentals, 1885]
See 1884, Catherine Kerin.

1892. Funeral of Timothy Bunton, Crown Solicitor for Clare. Buried in family vault at Drumcliffe cemetery. Chief mourners, H A Kerin, Drogheda (Henry Arthur Kerin, born Ennis c1853). Surgeon Captain M W Kerin, Dublin (Michael William Kerin, Royal Army Corps). Arthur Kerin, Cork. Francis Healy MD, Dublin. Brothers in law. John Cullinan, solicitor (who succeeded Timothy Bunton as Crown Solicitor for Clare). Capt F G Cullinan. W Healy, solicitor, Ennis.
Long list of men who attended, including James Frost, JP (author of History of Clare, 1893). Colman O’Loghlen (Colman O’Loghlen of Rockview, son of Bryan O’Loghlen and Ellen Kelly).
[Dublin Daily Express, 31 May 1892]
See 1912.

1898. Funeral, at Templemaley, of Mrs Stacpoole, of Ballyalla, widow of the late Capt William Stacpoole, former M.P. for Ennis.
Among those present, Frederick G Kerin and J Kerin.
Chief mourners, Miss Stacpoole, daughter and Miss (Bedilia) O’Loghlen (of Dromconora House, Clare, then the last surviving daughter of the late Sir Michael O’Loghlen and the late Bidelia Kelly, friend, neighbour and relation by marriage).
[Mary Anne O’Loghlen, daughter of Malachy O’Loghlen and Anne Lynch, married Philip Stacpoole at Viewmount, Crusheen in 1824: Westmeath Journal, 24 June 1824]
Frederick George Kerin, solicitor, born and baptised Ennis 1863, founder of the firm that became Kerin Hickman O’Donnell, solicitors, of Bindon Street, Ennis.
He was a son of Michael Kerin, attorney and Marcella Arthur (who married in 1850), and a grandson of Michael Kerin, cloth merchant, of Ennis and Mary Magrath (who married in 1813).
His grandfather was buried at Lifford in the family vault, and Frederick G Kerin was of Lifford, near Ennis.
He married Eliza Mary Miniken in 1893, and practised as a solicitor in Dublin and Ennis.
He died 20 November 1912 in Dublin, leaving his widow, and three children (indicated in the 1901 census and the 1911 census).

1901. Census:
District Electoral Division, Ruan:
Templemaley parish:
One family with surname Kerin, at Ballycarroll.

Dysert parish:

Ruan parish:
Nil. None at e.g. Nooan; Ballymacrogan; or Oankeagh.

Note: many Kerin surnames elsewhere.

1902. Funeral of Henry Arthur Kerin, died 3 January 1902, manager of the Munster and Leinster Bank at Drogheda, Louth, for more than ten years. Survived by his wife, Jane (nee Blake) and young family. Chief mourners, Arthur Kerin and George Kerin (sons). Lt. Col. Kerin (Michael William Kerin, Royal Army Corps) and F G Kerin (brothers). R A Macnamara (cousin).
Primary beneficiary, Jane Kerin, his widow.
Two Kerin brothers (Michael W and Henry) married two Blake sisters (Mary and Jane).
[Drogheda Conservative, Saturday 11 January 1902. Calendar of Wills and Administrations]

1903. Francis William Hickman bc 1860, admitted as partner in the firm of solicitors, Kerin and Hickman, Ennis. He was a Justice of the Peace, later Deputy Lieutenant of Clare, married to Elizabeth O’Brien c1891, with eleven children, ten surviving in 1911.
[1901 and 1911 census]

1911. Census.
Similar to 1901.

1912. Michael Kerin, Roslevan (near Ennis), older brother of Mr F G Kerin, solicitor, Ennis.
[Irish Standard, 1912/06/01- text not accessed, caution needed- see 1875. Perhaps a death notice.]
See 1898, F G Kerin.

1912. Death of Frederick George Kerin, solicitor, Ennis. Served his time to his brother in law, the late Timothy Bunton, Crown Solicitor for Clare, and admitted to practise 1886. Sadly, his sister, Mrs Bunton, who died in Monkstown on Saturday, was buried on Tuesday. Various sources show the Ennis firm, Kerin and Hickman, by then.
[Freeman’s Journal, 21 November 1912]
See 1845; 1853; 1892; 1898.

1912. Death of Surgeon General Kerin, returning from duty in India. He had been promoted to the rank of Colonel. His principal beneficiary in Ireland was his cousin, Richard A Macnamara. Estate in England not accessed.
[Dublin Daily Express, 6 May 1912. Belfast News, 6 May 1912. Calendar of Wills and Administrations]

1912. Death in Dublin of Mrs Glynn, wife of Thomas Glynn of “Fahey”, Carron, Clare. Buried at Kilmacduagh. Chief mourners include daughter, Mrs Thomas Kerin and grandson, John Kerin. Names other children and grandchildren.
[Galway newspaper, 7 December 1912]
Compare 1853, Kerin- Glynn marriage.


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