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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 5. Ui Cearnaigh; Ui Conghaile; East Corcabaskin

Ui Conghaile – Ogonelloe Parish

This territory was co-extensive with the parish of Aglish Sinchill, [8] now called Ogonnelloe, from the tribe name of the O’Durack’s, its ancient owners. Its old church is almost level with the earth, but an extensive burial ground surrounds it. On the south-east, a little way off, is a holy well called Tobar Sraithin. A burial place for children, called Cill-na-Bearnan, is found in the parish. Its castles are Caher, belonging in 1580 to the sons of Rory MacNamara; and the castle which stands on a small island part of the townland of Carrowena, and called Caislean Bán. In the College List this is supposed to be the one designated Castleoghe, belonging to the Baron of Inchiquin. It remained in excellent preservation till about the year 1820, when it became the haunt of illicit distillers, who defied the assaults of several soldiers, backed by two pieces of artillery. It remained thus a stronghold of those law breakers till 1827, in which year the Government had it blown up with gunpowder.