I.T.A. Topographical and General Survey 1942/3
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Amenities, General Iinformation & Accommodation, Seaside Resorts.


Barony of: Corcomroe, Parish: Touheran, Population: 196
Location and Brief Description:
On the main road between Lahinch and the Cliffs of Moher, (Lahinch, 3 miles, Cliffs of Moher, 3 miles) is the village of Liscannor situated round Liscannor Harbour. A fishing village, with eight shops, four of which are public houses.

Description of beach (? Length, sandy, shingle, safe, currents, &c.): From the mouth of the river Inagh to Kilmacreehy cemetery - 500 yards, sandy; current - 300 yards off shore. From the jetty, from the Nth. end of the harbour 60 yds. - sandy; Clahane Shore west of village 1000 yds. long. Sth.-Eastern end - shelf of flat rock. Nth.-W. end - shingle and sand.

Public right of way to beach or swimming places? Public right of way

Bathing, swimming and diving facilities. State if mixed bathing allowed, and quote bye-laws (if any) relating to bathing places. Include swimming pools, bathing boxes, surf-riding, &c. Bathing is very popular at Clahane Shore, and diving off the rock when the tide suits. Bathing is very safe here. Bathing is also very safe off the jetty. Divers from Lahinch and Lisdoonvarna frequent the jetty when the tide is full. Life saving facilities are available here. Mixed bathing allowed. No bye-laws.

Shelters? None Lavatories? None Seats? None
Parking place for cars? Yes   Charge? None
Life-saving corps? Yes   Beach attendant? Michael O’Donnell
Swimming Club? Yes   Secretary: Doctor Lucas
Sea water baths? No Proprietor:

Boats (type) available for pleasure trips? Yes - currachs

Parks, Gardens and Recreation Grounds. Brief Description: There is a G.A.A. field at Birchfield.

Brief comments on water supply and sewerage:
Public pumps in the village and several spring wells all around. No sewerage.

Public Services
Nearest station: Lahinch
Distance: Three miles
Bus Service? To Lahinch only
Public lighting by—Electricity? No Gas? No

Public Libraries: A branch of the Clare Co. Council Library

Churches and Services
Churches Services (Sundays)
Liscannor At 8.30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m.
Moymore At 10.00 a.m.

Postal Facilities
Location of Post Office: In Liscannor village
Business (? M.O., Telegraph, Telephone): Telephone and Telegraph

Sports and Photo Supplies, &c.
Sports Dealers: At Leahy, Liscannor (fishing tackle available).

Industries and Handcrafts
Industries: Fishing is the chief means of livelihood. Lisdoonvarna and Lahinch and neighbouring towns supplied with fish. Fish exported. In Moher and Caherbarna there are slate and flag quarries. Most houses in the county are flagged with Moher or Caherbarna flags, and many of them, especially in North Clare, are slated with the slate from those quarries.

Public Monuments (Brief description; inscription to be quoted)
Corney O’Briens Monument. At St. Brigid’s Well there is a public monument known as O’Briens Monument. Erected by Corney O’Brien four years before his death to perpetuate his memory. It was built by Scottish tradesmen - and is mounted by what appears to be a chalice or cup in stone. It was through subscriptions from the tenants that the cost of this monument was met, and local tradition says that the tenants subscribed to perpetuate the memory of a man they detested.

Schools and Colleges
Liscannor National School
St. Brigid’s Well National School
Moymore National School
Ballycotton National School

Fairs and Markets; Half-Holiday
Monthly Fairs and Markets: None
Weekly Market Day: None
Half-Holiday: Thursday

Conveyances for Hire (Owners):
Motors (Touring): Peter Thynne, Liscannor
Boats (State type): Currachs from the local fishermen. Francis O’Donnell, Liscannor; Joe O’Donnell, Liscannor; Michael Hayes, Liscannor
Horses: From the local farmers

Camping Sites
Location Landowner:
Sandfield John Slattery
Liscannor Mrs. O’Loghlin
Clahane Any local farmer
Cliffs of Moher Any local farmer

Accommodation and Catering
Guest or Boarding Houses

Mr. Francis O’Donnell, 2 Bedrooms, No Bathrooms, Not Licensed.
Mr. Seán T. O’Loghlin, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Licensed.
Mr. Michael Greene, N.T., 1 Bedroom, No Bathrooms, Not Licensed.
Mrs. J. Guerin, 1 Bedroom, No Bathrooms, Not Licensed.
Mr. Anthony Davoren, Moymore, 2 Bedrooms, No Bathrooms, Not Licensed.
Mr. Murphy, St. Brigid’s Well, 2 Bedrooms, No Bathrooms, Licensed.
Mr. Peter Thynne, Liscannor, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Not Licensed.
Mr. M.J. Sheehan, Derry, 2 Bedrooms, No Bathrooms, Not Licensed.

Date: July 8th, '42
(Signed): James Henchy Surveyor.
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