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Blue-eyed Mountain Queen
(Roud 8216)
Nora Cleary
The Hand, near Miltown Malbay
Recorded in singer’s home

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Nora Cleary

It being in the month of April as the fields were fresh and green,
And I was forced for to leave my home my age being scarce eighteen.
As I rambled to the station where my queen in tears I’ve seen,
And in troubled mind I left behind my blue-eyed mountain queen.

My father was a fisherman he ploughed the bounding waves.
My mother too, for seven long years lay cold beneath the clay.
My sisters and my brothers sigh, with regard and with esteem,
And on her breast she wears the crest of my blue-eyed mountain queen.

Farewell to Kerry’s loft hills and to her meadows green,
Where the castle stands beneath the hill, it shines forth the laurel green.
And the sun and moon in their full bloom shines forth a silvery glow,
In making sure, I will take my stand, with my blue eyed mountain queen

“As far as we can find, this emigration song has only appeared in print once, in Herbert Hughes ‘Irish Country Songs’ vol. 4 (1936). There are no references to it having been collected elsewhere.”
Jim Carroll

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