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The Bolter by Frances Osborne



Book Reviews (Adult)

The Bolter by Frances Osborne
Published by Little, Brown Book Group, 2008

I spent a whole weekend glued to this book and when I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about when I could get back to it again. If you haven’t tried much non-fiction and enjoy a riveting story and colourful characters then this could be for you. It tells the story of Idina Sackville the woman who scandalised 1920s society and became White Mischief’s infamous seductress. The writing may not be first rate but the subject matter is fascinating. Grab yourself a glass of bubbly and settle in for a rollicking tale of decadence and intrigue.

A review from Random House, Inc:

In an age of bolters—women who broke the rules and fled their marriages—Idina Sackville was the most celebrated of them all. Her relentless affairs, wild sex parties, and brazen flaunting of convention shocked high society and inspired countless writers and artists, from Nancy Mitford to Greta Garbo. But Idina’s compelling charm masked the pain of betrayal and heartbreak.

Now Frances Osborne explores the life of Idina, her enigmatic great-grandmother, using letters, diaries, and family legend, following her from Edwardian London to the hills of Kenya, where she reigned over the scandalous antics of the “Happy Valley Set.” Dazzlingly chic yet warmly intimate, The Bolter is a fascinating look at a woman whose energy still burns bright almost a century later.

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