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1814 Leet’s Directory, Clare

Ambrose Leet, A directory to the market towns, villages, gentlemen’s seats and other noted places in Ireland, with reference to the counties in which they are situated, the post town to which each is attached, their description, or if a seat, the name of the resident (Dublin: Brett Smith, 1814).

Ambrose Leet's directory was first published in 1812 and a second edition appeared in 1814. It is an important early nineteenth century topographical and biographical source.

It lists the various market towns and villages, placenames and gentlemen's seats in Ireland in the Napoleonic era (1804-1815). The nearest post town is also listed following the establishment of the Irish Post in 1784.

Compiled initially for the Postmasters General, the worth and value of Leet's directory was soon apparent and it was published commercially for the public at large.

We present here the Clare gentlemen's seats and placenames which appear in the 1814 edition of Leet, together with the nearest post town. This list of Clare entries was compiled by the late Pat Flynn of Ennis.

Place Post Town Resident or Description
Abbeyview Ennis Mr. James O'Brien
Adelphi Corrofin Fras. Jn. Fitzgerald, esq.
Adragoule Corrofin Town-land
Adroon Corrofin Town-land
Ailcotty New Mt on Fergus Town-land
Angle-park Kildysart Mr. M. Kenny
Anglers -lodge Castleconnel Mr. Mulqueeny
Annagh Tulla Henry Bourchier, esq.
Annagh Milltown Malbay Thomas Heher, esq.
Annaghbeg Scariff Town-land
Annaghneil Scariff Town-land
Anne-field Ennistimon Patrick Lysaght, esq.
Applevale Currofin Chartres Brew, esq.
Ardane Six-Mile-Bridge Townland
Ardatagle Castleconnel Mr. Sullivan
Ardcloney Killaloe Maj. Gen. Bourchier
Ardkile Six-Mile-Bridge Town-land
Ardnakella Ennistimon Town-land
Ardrish Ennistimon Town-land
Ardsollas New Mt. on Fergus Village
Arranview Ennistimon Frs. McNamara, jun. esq.
Ashgrove Ennis Mr. And. M'Mahon
Atlantic Hotel Milltown Malbay Mr. D. Anderson
Atterbury Six-Mile-Bridge John Abbott, esq.
Attyslany Corrofin Town-land
Aughanish Gort Signal Station
Aughanolish Ennistimon Town-land
Aughasba Corrofin Town-land
Aughrim Scariff Mr. John Reeves
Ayle Scariff Thady M'Namara, esq.
Ayle Tulla Thos. B. Woods esq.
Ayleroe Kildysart Town-land
Ballaghagliss Ennis Town-land
Ballaghcorrick Kildysart Christopher Bryan, esq.
Ballinacally Kildysart Village
Ballinacarra Ennistimon Town-land
Ballinacraggy New. Mt.-on-Fer. Town-land
Ballinagrave Ennistimon Town-land
Ballinahinch Scariff Cor. O'Callaghan, esq.
Ballinahinch Ennistimon John Daly, esq.
Ballinamona New. Mt. on-Fer. Mr. James M'Namara
Ballinclea Six-Mile-Bridge Town-land
Ballingaddy Ennistimon Town-land
Ballinlesshine Corrofin Village
Ballyalbin Ennistimon Michael O'Brien, esq.
Ballyaley Ennis Andrew Kerin, esq.
Ballyard Kilrush Town-land
Ballyarkney Kildysart Richard Barkley, esq.
Ballyartney Kildysart Seat unoccupied
Ballybeg Ennistimon Town-land
Ballyblood Tulla Town-land
Ballyboro Corrofin Town-land
Ballybran Scariff Town-land
Ballybreen Ennistimon Town-land
Ballybreen Tulla Town-land
Ballybroda Corrofin Mr. Gerald Fitzgerald
Ballybrohan Sixmilebridge Town-land
Ballycalla New Mt. on-Fer. Mr. Patrick Hickey
Ballycan New Mt. on-Fer. Townland
Ballycar New Mt. on-Fer. John Colpoys, Esq.
Ballycasey New Mt.-on-Fer. John Canny, esq.
Ballycorban Scariff Town-land
Ballycorey Ennis Town-land
Ballycorig Kildysart Town-land
Ballycorney Killaloe Town-land
Ballycrenane Corrofin Town-land
Ballycullinan Corrofin Town-land
Ballydivine Corrofin Town-land
Ballydonohane Scariff George O'Callaghan, esq.
Ballyduff Corrofin Mr. Thomas Browne
Ballyea Corrofin Town-land
Ballyevin Corrofin Town-land
Ballyglass Ennis Town-land
Ballygreen New Mt.-on-Fer. Town-land
Ballygrippa Ennis Mr. T. Faircloth
Ballyhigue Killaloe Town-land
Ballykeal Ennistimon George Lysaght, esq.
Ballykelt Kilrush Town-land
Ballykett Kilrush (V) Tho. Pilkington, esq.
Ballykilty New. Mt.-on-Fer. Robert Young, esq.
Ballykincora Corrofin Town-land
Ballylian Kildysart Town-land
Ballylidane Six-Mile-Bridge Town-land
Ballyloughlane Scariff Town-land
Ballylure Ennis Town-land
Ballymacooda Ennis Town-land
Ballymacraven Ennistimon Henry Thyne, esq.
Ballymacrogan Corrofin Town-land
Ballymakea Milltown Malbay Town-land
Ballymalloon Scariff Mr. T. Caulfield
Ballyminogue Scariff Town-land
Ballymorris Sixmilebridge Town-land
Ballymorta Newmarket on fer. Wm. Kelly, esq.
Ballymoylan Tulla Town-land
Ballymurphy Gort Village
Ballymurphy Ennistimon John Cahill, esq.
Ballyneety Six-mile-Bridge Village
Ballyogan Ennis Mr. Cons. Brody
Ballyonan Kilrush Town-land
Ballyortla Ennis Montrose Dulhunty esq.
Ballyportry Corrofin Town-land
Ballyraught Kilrush Town-land
Ballyregan Limerick John Boyle, esq.
Ballysheen Six-Mile-Bridge George Perry, esq.
Ballyslattery Tulla Town-land
Ballysteel Ennistimon Town-land
Ballytarsna Ennistimon Town-land
Ballytumulta Ennistimon Patrick Hynes, esq.
Ballyvalley Killaloe Rev. Dr. Parker
Ballyvaskin Miltown Malbay Town-land
Ballyvoe Ennis Thomas Kean, esq.
Ballyvorda Ennistimon John Lysaght, esq.
Ballyvoughan Ennistimon Village
Baltard Kilrush John Singleton, esq.
Baltard Hill Kilrush Signal Station
Banagher Corrofin Town-land
Banekiel Corrofin Mr. Charles M'Namara
Barntick Ennis Mr. Daniel Powel
Bath Ville Milltown Malbay Arthur Brereton, esq.
Beechpark Ennis Robert Kean, esq.
Belfield Scariff Mrs. Brady
Belkelly Scariff James Barry, esq.
Belkelly Eyres Scariff Mr. Dominick Hogan
Bellisle Castleconnel James Going, esq.
Bellmount Milltown Malbay William Butler, esq.
Belview Kilrush Captain Jewell
Belvoir Six-Mile-Bridge Seat unoccupied
Berry-lodge Miltown Malbay Francis Woulf, esq.
Billow-Ville Miltown Malbay Henry D'Esterre, esq.
Birch-field Ennistimon Corn. O'Brien, esq.
Birch-hill Scariff Town-land
Bishop's-quarter Ennistimon Peter Comyn, esq.
Black-head Ennistimon Town-land
Blenalega Miltown Malbay Town-land
Bohersallagh Corrofin Town-land
Boy-Dike Scariff Village
Breafa Milltown Malbay Town-land
Brick-hill Six-mile-bridge Town-land
Bridge-town Killaloe Village
Broadford Limerick Village
Brodagh Ennis Village
Brook-lodge Killaloe John Kent, esq.
Brook-lodge Miltown Malbay Mr. Patrick Frost
Brook-lodge Tulla William O'Connell, esq.
Brook-ville Ennis Charles Janns, esq.
Broom-hill Kilrush Robert Parkinson, esq.
Bunahow Gort William Butler, esq.
Buncraggy Ennis Hon. Col. Burton
Bunratty Six-mile-Bridge (V) Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Bunratty-hill Six-mile-Bridge Thomas Studdert, esq.
Bushy-park Ennis David Power, esq.
Cahir Scariff Mr. John Purcell
Cahiracon Kildysart Bindon Scott, esq.
Cahiramore Ennistimon Town-land
Cahirblonnag Corrofin Mr. Christ. O'Donnell
Cahircalla Ennis David A. England, esq.
Cahircrohane Kilrush (V) Signal Station
Cahirfadda Corofin Town-land
Cahirgall Ennistimon Town-land
Cahirgorman Corrofin Mathew Kenny, esq.
Cahirhurly Scariff Town-land
Cahirmakerilla Ennistimon Francis M'Mahon, esq.
Cahirmurphy Scariff Mr. James M'Namara
Cahirush Miltown Malbay Patrick Wolfe, esq.
Callaghan's Mills Tulla Village
Calura Ennistimon Town-land
Canal Lodge Castleconnel William Apjohn, esq.
Canrena Castleconnel Town-land
Cappa Ennis Richard Gregg, esq.
Cappa Kilrush John Tronsdell, esq.
Cappagerane Ennis Town-land
Cappahard Ennis Mr. Michael Swiney
Cappa-ville Castleconnel Town-land
Carban New Market Fer. James Creagh, esq.
Carherduff Ennistimon Town-land
Carhue Kilrush Town-land
Carhuekeal Ennistimon Town-land
Carn Corrofin Rec. and Vic. Kilfenora
Carnagry Mount Malbay Mr. Daniel Kelly
Carnamoher Corrofin Town-land
Carnane Corrofin Town-land
Carncalla Kilrush Town-land
Carnduff Milltown Malbay Town-land
Carnelly Ennis Geo. Wm. Stamer, esq.
Carnkeal Miltown Malbay Town-land
Carnmore Miltown Malbay Town-land
Carrigaholt Kilrush Geo. Nolan, esq.
Carrigery New Mt. on Fer. John O'Halloran, esq.
Carrigoran New. Mt. on Fer. Maj. Gen. Fitzgerald M.P.
Carrigpatrick Miltown Malbay Robert Crow, esq.
Carrobane Miltown Malbay Town-land
Carrocrahine Corrofin Town-land
Carrodota Kilrush William Daxon, esq.
Carroduff Miltown Malbay Town-land
Carrogare Scariff Town-land
Carromore Six Mile Bridge Town-land
Carrumore Scariff Mr. Denis Hogan
Cassina Miltown Malbay Michael Dalton, esq.
Castle-crina Six Mile Bridge Rev. William Butler
Castle-fergus Newmarket Fer. Daniel Powell, esq.
Castle-lake Six-Mile-Bridge Robert Gabbot, esq.
Castle-lodge Ennistimon Andrew Stackpoole, esq.
Castle-quarter Corrofin Town-land
Castle-town Ennis Frs. M'Namara, esq.
Causeway Ennis Village
Claghane Kilrush Town-land
Claghanes Miltown Malbay Town-land
Claghane-tiniva Miltown Malbay William Stackpole, esq.
Clanderlaw Kildysart (V) Geo. Studdert, esq.
Clare-castle Ennis Village
Clarefield Kilrush B. Cox, esq.
Clare-mount Ennis Jonas Studdert, esq.
Claretown Ennis Village
Clare Villa Ennistimon Peter O'Loughlin, esq.
Clarisford House Killoloe Lord Bishop of Killaloe
Clenagh Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Clifden Corrofin William Burton, esq.
Cloghanagour Ennis Village
Clonagown Ennis Mr. John Shaughnessy
Clonakilty Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Clonboly Ennis Mr. John Curtin
Clonbony Miltown-malbay Mr. Michael Shannon
Clonby Six Mile Bridge Town-land
Cloncahorn Kilrush Town-land
Cloncoule Ennistimon Town-land
Clondana Tulla Rev. Amb. O'Connor
Clondegad Ennis John Whitstone, esq.
Clondorney Tulla Town-land
Clondrum Miltown Malbay Mr. Edmund Mahon
Cloney Corrofin Rec. Dioc Kilfenora
Clonfeigh Ennis Mr. Charles Lysaght
Clonie Ennistimon Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Clonkerry Kildysart Richard Brew, esq.
Clonlahine Miltown Malbay Town-land
Clonlara Castleconnel Mr. Walsh
Clonlea Six Mile Bridge Vic. Dioc. Derry
Clonloghan Newmarket Fer. Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Clonmoney Six-Mile-Bridge Henry White, esq.
Clonnegad Ennis Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Clonomera Ennistimon Town-land
Clonroad Six Mile Bridge Village
Clonrush Scariff Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Clonteens Tulla Town-land
Clonty Scariff Town-land
Clonveigh Ennis Town-land
Clony Ennis Burton Bindon, esq.
Clover-hill Six Mile Bridge Mr. T. Kelly
Coolrea Scariff Mr. Patrick Slattery
Coolready Scariff Cor. O'Callaghan, esq.
Coolslike Castleconnel Town-land
Coore Ennis Mr. Michael Leadon
Corbally Ennis Thomas Sparght, esq.
Corcomroe Gort Rec. Dioc. Kilfenora
Corlea Six Mile Bridge Town-land
Corn-field Kildysart Westropp Ross, esq.
Corrofin House Corrofin Anthony Enright, esq.
Cottage Tulla Mrs. Arthur
Crag Ennistimon William Dwyer, esq.
Crag Tulla Patrick Molony, esq.
Cragabran Corrofin Townland
Cragaknock Miltown Malbay Mr. Thomas Shannon
Craganboy Corrofin Village
Cragane Miltown Malbay Mr. John Gorman
Cragbrien Kildysart George Stackpole, esq.
Cragleigh Ennis Thomas Pilkington, esq.
Cragroe Tulla Town-land
Cranaher Ennis Mr. James Kerin
Cratloe Hill Six-Mile-Bridge Town-land
Cream-point Miltown Malbay Mr. Matthew Heher
Creg Ennistimon Christopher Lysaght, esq.
Cregane Miltown Malbay Town-land
Cricket Lodge Miltown Malbay Joseph Crips, esq.
Cross Kilrush Mr. Daniel Gibson
Cross Corrofin Timothy Foley, esq.
Crossagh Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Cross-hymena Corrofin James Dunlap, esq.
Crovahan Kildysart John Tatlow, esq.
Crusderagh Scariff Mr. John Purcell
Crusheen Ennis Village
Cullabine Corrofin Town-land
Cullane Six Mile Bridge Thomas Steele, esq.
Cullenagh Ennistimon Town-land
Culteen Tulla Town-land
Curragh Ennis Thomas Faircloth, esq.
Currerue Gort Village
Dangan Tulla Richard Creagh, esq.
Dangan-makeigh Corrofin Village
Darra Ennis Joseph Lucas, esq.
Deer-park Six Mile Bridge Simon O'Donnell, esq.
Derra Six Mile Bridge Mr. John Carmody
Derreen Ennistimon Rev. Michael O'Brien
Derry Ennistimon Town-land
Derry-bryan Ennistimon Town-land
Derryfada Castleconnell Town-land
Derrymore Tulla Francis Gore, esq.
Derryowen Gort Christ. Lopdell, esq.
Desart Corrofin Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Desart Kilrush James M. Mahon, esq.
Donass Castleconnel (V) Sir H. D. Massey Bt.
Donogroge Kilrush William Monsell, esq.
Doolen Ennistimon Francis M'Namara, esq.
Doolick Ennis Francis O'Hara, esq.
Doonagan Miltown Malbay James O'Dwyer, esq.
Doone Scariff Richard Hart, esq.
Doone Ennistimon Town-land
Doorus Scariff Town-land
Dora-ville Miltown Malbay Edward Carrol, esq.
Dough Miltown Malbay Mr. Michael Gorman
Dowrie Ennis Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Drewsboro Scariff Ringrose Drew, esq.
Drim Ennis Rev. Doctor Hogan
Drimclihy Kilrush James O'Brien, esq.
Drinagh Corrofin Town-land
Dromcliff Ennis Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Dromcreehy Ennistimon Rec. Dioc. Kilfenora
Dromdivinane Corrofin Town-land
Dromfinglass Corrofin Town-land
Drominine Corrofin Town-land
Dromintober Castle-Connell Town-land
Dromline Newmarket Fer. Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Dromod Scariff Dennis Sampson, esq.
Dromoher Corrofin John Foley, esq.
Dromoland Newmarket Fer. Sir Edward O'Brien, Bt.
Dromone-Hill Gort Village
Dromore Ennis Jonas Studdert, esq.
Dromort Ennis Mr. H. M'Donnel
Dromquin Ennis Town-land
Dromullen Six-Mile-Bridge Town-land
Dunaha Kilrush Town-land
Dunmore-castle Kilrush John O'Donnel, esq.
Dunsallagh Miltown Malbay Townland
Durra Ennis Pierce O'Brien, esq.
Durra Kilrush Anthony Nolan, esq.
Eden-vale Ennis Geo. M. Stackpole, esq.
Emlagh Miltown Malbay Town-land
Enagh Six-Mile-Bridge Town-land
Enniscathy Kilrush Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Enniscronan Ennis Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Ennisla Corrofin Town-land
Erinna Castleconnell Maurice Fitzgerald, esq.
Erinna-House Castleconnell Thomas R. Going, esq.
Fair-hill Scariff Mr. Tobias Mara
Fairy-hill Ennis Mr. James O'Brien
Fankill Corrofin Town-land
Fannore Corrofin Town-land
Fantore Ennistimon Richard Blood, esq.
Farm-hill Newtown Malbay John Stackpole, esq.
Faro Miltown Malbay Ralph Morony, esq.
Feacle Scariff (V) Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Fea-grove Kilrush Rt. Hon. J. O. Vandelieur
Fermoyle Corrofin Town-land
Finavara Gort William Skerrett, esq.
Frinloe Newmarket, Fer. Town-land
Finnore Miltown Malbay Town-land
Finogh Killaloe Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Fintragh Miltown Malbay Town-land
Fishers-lodge Castleconnel Mr. Doyle
Fodery Kilrush Town-land
Fort Kilrush John Trousdell, esq.
Fortane-beg Tulla Robert Westropp, esq.
Fortane-more Tulla James Molony, esq.
Fort-Fergus Kildysart Mr. Evans
Fort-view Miltown Malbay Mr. Richard Cox
Fort-William Six-mile-Bridge Town-land
Fountain Ennis William Daxon, esq.
Franighter Corrofin Town-land
Freigh Miltown-Malbay Mr. Thomas Gorman
Frogmore-Lodge Tulla Henry Molony, esq.
Fruit-hill Ennis Anthony Hogan, esq.
Furnish-town Scariff James Molony, esq.
Gallow's-hill Six-mile-Bridge Town-land
Garranamona Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Garrane Kilrush Simon O'Donnell, esq.
Garrura Tulla Nicholas Comyn, esq.
Garruvelane Corrofin Town-land
Gaurus Ennis Mr. Paul Gannon
Gavelin Corrofin Town-land
Gillogue Castleconnel Town-land
Glashy Ennistimon N. Davoren, esq.
Glass-cloon Kilrush Thomas Kean, Esq.
Gleans Corrofin Town-land
Glen Ennistimon John Markham, esq.
Glen-culmkill Corrofin Town-land
Glen-dree Tulla Mr. Richard Reddan
Glen-dyne Miltown-Malbay Town-land
Glen-inagh Ennistimon Rec. Dioc. Kilfenora
Glenomara Limerick Thomas Arthur, esq.
Glen-quin Corrofin Mr. Michael Brodie
Glen-ville Ennistimon Rev. Richard Fitzgerald
Gore's-lodge Tulla Ralph Gore, esq.
Gortaganiff Ennis Town-land
Gort-corry Corrofin Town-land
Gort-cummer Tulla Town-land
Gorteen Ennistimon Town-land
Gorten-croghery Corrofin Town-land
Gower-hill Kilrush James Lillis, esq.
Gowar-hass Kilrush Richard Pilkington, esq.
Granahine Newmarket Fer. Mr. Tim. Donoghoe
Grouse-hill Miltown Malbay Mr. John O'Connor
Gunnane Castleconnell Town-land
Hags-head Ennistimon Signal Station
Haye-Park Corrofin Rev. Frederick Blood
Hermitage Ennis Robt. Keane Patt, esq.
Holly-park Ennis Francis Swyny, esq.
Holly-well Ennistimon George Comyn, esq.
Hurles-town Limerick Wm. Bentley, esq.
Jaspers-pound Ennis Town-land
Inagh Ennis John Cotter, esq.
Inch Ennis Mr. James Heher
Inchicronan Ennis Town-land
Inchiquin Corrofin (V) William Owens, esq.
Island Miltown Malbay Town-land
Island-more Corrofin Town-land
Ivy-hill Ennis Mr. Charles Killeen
Kealkill Ennistimon Town-land
Keighaska Corrofin Town-land
Keilkrine Corrofin Town-land
Keillenane Corrofin Town-land
Keilty Miltown Malbay Town-land
Kells Corrofin Town-land
Kielty Miltown Malbay Mr. James Shannon
Kilbaha Kilrush Town-land
Kilbally-boyne Kilrush Town-land
Kilbally-hone Kilrush Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilbaron Tulla Mr. Robert M'Grath
Kilboggoon Tulla Town-land
Kilcaragh Ennistimon Austin Kerin, esq.
Kilcarrol Kilrush Burton Bourke, esq.
Kilchrist Ennis Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilclaran Scariff Village
Kilclogher Kilrush Town-land
Kilconry Six Mile Bridge Rec. & Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilcorcoran Miltown Malbay Town-land
Kilcornan Ennistimon James Davoren, esq.
Kilcorney Ennistimon Vic. Dioc. Kilfenora
Kilculehane Miltown-Malbay Town-land
Kildimo Kilrush Arthur O'Donnel, esq.
Kilduff Tulla Town-land
Kildurass Castleconnel Mr. Dennis Hogan
Kilfarboy Miltown-Malbay Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilfedane Kildysart Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilfenora Ennistimon (V.) Rec. Dioc. Kilfenora
Kilfiernagh Kilrush Rec. & Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilfinaghty Six-mile-Bridge Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilfintinan Six-mile-Bridge Vic. Dioc. Limerick
Kilgorey Tulla Daniel O'Connell, esq.
Kilkeady Corrofin (V) Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilkee Corrofin Mr. C. Curtin
Kilkee Kilrush George Fitzgerald, esq.
Kilkishen Six-mile-Bridge (V) Thos. Studdard, esq.
Killaderry Limerick William Bentley, esq.
Killane Six-mile-Bridge Lieut. John Bridgeman
Killard Kilrush Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Killaspugmullen Ennistimon Vic. Dioc. Kilfenora
Killeilagh Ennistimon Vic. Dioc. Kilfenora
Killelly Six-mile-Bridge Rec. Dioc. Limerick
Killenabuoy Corrofin Village
Killernane Miltown Malbay Town-land
Killestry Killaloe Timothy O'Brien, esq.
Killeymer Kilrush Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Killimagh Miltown Malbay Market Town
Killinaly Ennis Town-land
Killinenagh Scariff Village
Killoen Ennis Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Killofin Kildysart Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Killogenedy Killaloe Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Killolla Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Killonoghan Ennistimon Vic. Dioc. Kilfenora
Killurin Scariff Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilmacduane Kilrush Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilmacree Six-mile-Bridge Town-land
Kilmaleere Newmarket Fer. Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilmaly Ennis Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilmanaheen Ennistimon Vic. Dioc. Kilfenora
Kilmihill Kildysart Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilmoon Corrofin Vic. Dioc. Kilfenora
Kilmore Kildysart Captain Hickman
Kilmurry-i-bricken Miltown Malbay (M T) Rec. Dioc. Killala
Kilm. M'Mahon Kildysart (V) Vic. Dioc. Killala
Kilmurrynegaul Six Mile Bridge Vic. Dioc. Killala
Kilnamona Ennis Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilneboy Corrofin Vic. Dio. Killaloe
Kilnesollogh Newmarket Fer. Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilnoe Scariff Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilnoe Tulla Thomas Sampson, esq.
Kilquain Ennis Rec. Dioc. Limerick
Kilraghtis Ennis Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilseily Tulla Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilshanny Ennistimon Rec. Dioc. Kilfenora
Kiltannan Tulla James Molony, esq.
Kilteraght Corrofin Vic. Dioc. Kilfenora
Kiltonanlea Newport Tip. Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Kilty Scariff Hugh Brady, esq.
Kinvarra Oranmore Village
Knock Ennis Mr. Timothy D'Arcy
Knockadrehad Castleconnell Brian O'Brian, esq.
Knockagee Gort Village
Knockane Newmarket Fer. Patrick M'Mahon, esq.
Knockane Corrofin Town-land
Knockanira Ennis Daniel Mulvihill, esq.
Knockbrack Ennistimon Town-land
Knockdrinna Ennsitimon Town-land
Knockfin Ennsitimon Townland
Knockglass Ennistimon Town-land
Knocklare Scariff George O'Callaghan, esq.
Knocknacarron Kilrush Signal Station
Knocknagaroon Kilrush Signal Station
Knocknareahy Corrofin Mr. James Tymons
Knockroe Six-mile-Bridge Townland
Lackamore Miltown-Malbay Town-land
Lahinch Ennistimon (V) Walter Davies, esq.
Lahinchy Ennistimon George Stacpoole, esq.
Lakefield Corrofin Mr. Edmund Hogan
Landscape Castleconnell Rev. Wm. Friend
Lattoon N. Mt.-on-Fergus Town-land
Leadmore Kilrush Town-land
Leckcarrow Ennis Town-land
Legard Miltown Malbay Town-land
Lemanagh Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Lickeen Ennistimon Town-land
Lifford Ennis Hon. Judge Finnucane
Lilleput Mount Malbay Charles P. Bolton, esq.
Lisafin Tulla Town-land
Liscannor Ennistimon (V) A. O'Loughlin, esq.
Liscullane Tulla Town-land
Lisdeen Kilrush Patrick Mahon, esq.
Lisduff Newmarket, Fer. Town-land
Lisharden Tulla Town-land
Lis-meehan Scariff John O'Callaghan, esq.
Lis-muse Kilrush Town-land
Lodge Six-mile-bridge Samuel Spaight, esq.
Loop-head Kilrush Signal Station
Loughborough Scariff Garret Molony, esq.
Loughburke Ennis C. & B. Lucas, esqrs.
Loughgreane Gort Village
Loughlown Ennistimon Town-land
Lough-wood Ennis Mr. Thomas Blake
Magher-in-raheen Corrofin Bindon Blood, esq.
Maghery Corrofin Town-land
Manus-more Ennis Mr. Thomas Lynch
Marle-hill Tulla Poole Henn, esq.
Mary-fort Tulla John O'Callaghan, esq.
Mary-ville Miltown-malbay Rev. M. Fitzgerald
Mary-ville Limerick William Finch, esq.
Maughera Ennistimon Town-land
Meelick Gort Village
Meelick Limerick (V) Chap. Dioc. Killaloe
Meenruss Scariff Town-land
Mill-brook Ennis Henry Butler, esq.
Mill-ford Miltown-Malbay James Fitzgerald, esq.
Mill-lodge Scariff Mr. James Flannery
Mill-mount Ennistimon Rev. Archibald J. Kenny
Mill-town Miltown-Malbay Town-land
Mill-town house Miltown Malbay Thomas Morony, esq.
Moas Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Mogowna Ennis Town-land
Mogullane Newmarket Fer. Rev. ---- Shaughnessey
Moher Ennistimon James Gorman, esq.
Mohera Six-mile-bridge Town-land
Molleskea Miltown Malbay Mr. D. Gorman
Monenana Ennistimon Town-land
Monreel Ennistimon Town-land
Mooghana Ennistimon Town-land
Moohane Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Morhiny Corrofin Town-land
Moriesk Ennis Col. Francis M'Namara
Mortaree Corrofin Town-land
Mount-cashel Six-Mile-Bridge Seat Unoccupied
Mount-catherine Castleconnell Richard Power, esq.
Mount-Jevers Six-mile-bridge Robert Jevers, esq.
Mount-pleasant Kilrush Joseph Cox, esq.
Mount-prospect Six-mile-bridge John Jevers, esq.
Mount-rivers Kilrush Thomas Steele, esq.
Moveen Kilrush Geo. O'Donnel, esq.
Moy Ennistimon John Finnucane, esq.
Moyadda Kilrush Town-land
Moyarta Kilrush Town-land
Moyasta Kilrush Town-land
Moycastle Ennistimon Mrs. Lysaght
Moyferta Kilrush (V) Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Moygallow Six Mile Bridge Town-land
Moyglass Milltown Malbay Town-land
Moy-hill Six Mile Bridge Town-land
Moy-house Ennistimon Col. Edw. Fitzgerald
Moymore Ennistimon Town-land
Moymore Tulla Mr. John O'Loughlin
Moynoe Scariff Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Moynoe-house Scariff Sir John Read, Bart.
Mullagh Miltown Malbay Village
Mullineen Corrofin Mr. Thady Brew
Munnagh Gort Village
Murty-clough Gort Village
Newbridge Ennis John O'Donnell, esq.
New-grove Tulla Mrs. Browne
New-hall Ennis John M'Donnel, esq.
New-park Ennis Patrick Mahon, esq.
New-pier Ennistimon Village
New-quay Gort Village
Newtown Castleconnell Andrew Walsh, esq.
Newtown Corrofin Village
Noghvale Corrofin Vic. Dioc. Kilfenora
Nuan Corrofin Town-land
Nut-field Ennis Robert Crowe, esq.
Nut-grove Tulla Town-land
Oak-field Castleconnell John Fennell, esq.
Oakland-Lodge Kilrush William Henn, esq.
Oat-field Limerick Francis Lloyd, esq.
O'Brien's-bridge Killaloe Village
O'Brien's Castle Ennis Seat unoccupied
O'Callaghans Mill Tulla Village
Ogonilloe Scariff Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Ogoon Tulla Town-land
Ollinagh Corrofin Town-land
Orline Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Oughtmanna Corrofin Rec. Dioc. Kilfenora
Paradise Kildysart John Scott, esq.
Park-lodge Castleconnell Town-land
Pollough Six-Mile-Bridge Town-land
Poplar Corrofin Connor O'Brien, esq.
Port Ennis Hugh O'Loughlin, esq.
Port-fergus Kildysart J. Evans, esq.
Poulbawn Corrofin Town-land
Pouliniska Ennistimon John Moran, esq.
Poulnagollour Corrofin Richard Blood, esq.
Poulroe Corrofin Town-land
Prospect Miltown Malbay James Going, esq.
Prospect-hill Miltown Malbay Mr. Francis Shannon
Prospect-hill Castleconnell George Studdart, esq.
Querin Kilrush William Borrough, esq.
Quilty Kilrush Town-land
Quin Ennis Rec. Dioc. Killaloe
Quin-poole Limerick Lord George Taylor
Quin-ville Ennis Edward Singleton, esq.
Racahane Corrofin Town-land
Raheens Killaloe Henry Brady, esq.
Rahemna Scariff Town-land
Rahona Kilrush Town-land
Ralahine Newmarket Fer. Boyle Vandeleur, esq.
Ralule Six Mile Bridge Henry Bridgeman, esq.
Ranagh Ennistimon Bourke Furnell, esq.
Ranaghan Ennis Town-land
Rath Corrofin Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Rath-bane Ennistimon Simon P. Creagh, esq.
Rath-bourney Corrofin Rec. Dioc. Kilfenora
Rath-foland Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Rath-kerry Ennis Town-land
Rathmacderrig Kilrush Town-land
Rath-maree Ennis Mr. Michael Bourke
Raycaha Corrofin Village
Rehy Kilrush Mr. Robert Kean
Rhea-vale Scariff Rev. Charles Reade
Richmond Corrofin Richard Brew, esq.
Rineroe Corrofin Mr. Francis Foster
Rinneen Ennistimon James Dwyer, esq.
Riverston Corrofin James Lysaght, esq.
Rock-lodge Ennistimon Capt. J. M. M'Namara
Rock-mount Ennis Mr. John Kelly
Rock-view Ennis John Kerin, esq.
Roslevan Ennis Francis Swyny, esq.
Rosmanaher Six Mile Bridge Town-land
Rosroe Six Mile Bridge Town-land
Ross Killaloe John Blake, esq.
Ross-anure Scariff Mr. Benjamin Gore
Ross-castle Six-Mile-Bridge Mich. D'Alton, esq.
Roxton Corrofin Rev. Frederick Blood
Ruan Ennis Town-land
Rushane Ennis Town-land
Ruslara Tulla Town-land
Ryane Kildysart Village
Rylane Tulla John M'Namara, esq.
Saint-Catherines Tulla Mr. George O'Callaghan
Sand-field Ennistimon James Lysaght, esq.
Sand-ville Miltown Malbay Richard Janns, esq.
Sandy-mount Miltown Malbay John Kerin, esq.
Sans-souci Ennistimon Rev. John Westropp
Scrappul Miltown Malbay Town-land
Sea-field Miltown Malbay Wm. Casey, esq.
Sea-mount Ennistimon Charles O'Callaghan, esq.
Sea-point Miltown Malbay Thomas M'Mahon, esq.
Shallee Ennis Town-land
Shanaballagh Corrofin Village
Shanavoe Ennis Mr. Henry Carroll
Shandagan Corrofin Town-land
Shandangan Six-mile-bridge Town-land
Shandrum Miltown-Malbay Town-land
Shane Ennis Town-land
Shannon-view Kilrush Simon O'Donnell, esq.
Shepherd-hill Miltown Malbay Terence O'Brien, esq.
Shepperton Newmarket Fer. John Wrixon, esq.
Shian Ennis Town-land
Skehana Ennis Mrs. Kerin
Sleiveen Ennis Town-land
Sleiv-nagry Ennistimon Town-land
Smiths-town Newmarket Fer. Anthony Sheehan, esq.
Smithstown-castle Ennistimon Richard Evans, esq.
Snug-borough Newmarket Fer. Robert Hewett, esq.
Snug-ville Ennis Edward G. Mahon, esq.
Spa-lodge Ennis John M'Namara, esq.
Spancel-hill Ennis Village
Spanish-point Miltown Malbay Rev. James Ellard
Spring-field Castleconnell Nicholas Clarke, esq.
Spring-field Six Mile Bridge Henry Wilson, esq.
Spring-mount Ennistimon Thady Brew, esq.
Sragh Ballyglass Town-land
Stone-hall Newmarket Fer. Thomas M'Mahon, esq.
Strasburgh Ennis William Huxley, esq.
Stream's-town Six-Mile-Bridge Richard Wilson, esq.
Summer-hill Tulla Mr. Giles Powell
Summer-hill Castleconnell Rev. Charles Massey
Summer-ville Ennistimon Walter Lysaght, esq.
Sunnagh Ennis Town-land
Sun-ville Six-mile-bridge John O'Halloran, esq.
Teiskagh Corrofin Town-land
Temple-maly Ennis Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Teneranna Scariff W. C. Purdon, esq.
Tiereda-castle Tulla Thomas Brown, esq.
Tincrana Killaloe William C. Purdon, esq.
Toam Tulla Town-land
Tomfinlough Six-Mile-Bridge Vic. Dioc. Killaloe
Tomgrany Scariff (M.T.) Sir Wm. Read, Bt.
Tonelegee Corrofin Mr. Mich. Shannon
Toonagh Ennis Mr. J. O'Brien
Toonagh Tulla Mr. John Miller
Toumullin Ennistimon Michael Stritch, esq.
Toureen Ennis John Kerin, esq.
Trumroe Miltown Malbay Chas. Mahon, esq.
Tullaghaboy Ennis Mr. Patt. Boland
Tullassa Ennis Town-land
Tullogher Kilrush Town-land
Tullycarriga Newmarket on fer. Town-land
Tullyglass Newmarket Fer. Town-land
Turloghmore Corrofin Village
Water-park Scariff Edmund Power, esq.
Water-park Castle-Connell John Massey, esq.
West-park Miltown-Malbay Tho. Morony, Jun. esq.
Willbrook Corrofin William Adams, esq.
Willow-bank Ennis Edw. B. Armstrong, esq.
Woodbine cottage Tulla Mrs. Arthur
Wood-mount Ennistimon Christ. Lysaght, esq.
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